The Real Secret to Being Happy and Single – 5 Discoveries

How to be single and happy

Being single is not always easy.

We’ve all been there. You lie in bed at night and think:

“Hmm… it would be nice to have a woman next to me who loves me…”

It’s a common feeling. Even your favorite dating coach and part-time fuckboy Dan de Ram has it sometimes.

But before you jump into a relationship with an green 7 ft tall Orc just to avoid being alone, you should consider staying single.

How to be single and happy, you ask me?

In this article you will get:

  • Perks of being single: 7 pros and cons
  • Do THIS and you will ALWAYS stay single
  • 5 Tips for guys with a single life to have the sex life like a porn star
  • How you avoid the friendzone skillfully
  • The 4 steps to become the man women fight for
  • And much more for a happy single life…’

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The 7 Pros and Cons of Being Single

Disadvantage #1: Loneliness

Speaking of Orcs…

Singles are often seen as Gollum. A completely lonely being living in isolation.

Sometimes that’s true.

Your friends have a great relationship or are happily married…

… and you’re sitting at home alone doing a Lord of the Rings movie marathon.

Your evenings don’t have to look like this when you’re single (although Lord of the Rings is epic…)

When you are lonely, you probably feel miserable, and you don’t really want to talk about it.

The situation is serious.

At that point you’re tired of being single, I imagine.

According to this study, loneliness is a risk factor for your mental and physical health.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that when you are single, there are countless things you can do to live an epic life.

If you ask me, that are some huge benefits of being single.

What these things are and how you can use them to become highly attractive to women, you are about to find out later.

Disadvantage #2: The sex life of a monk

We all want sex.

And lots of it, if possible.

Society thinks it’s hard to get laid when you’re single.

“Being single means not having sex until someone comes along who finds you nice enough to save you from your sexless existence.”
– The mainstream idea

This is merely a collective limiting belief that does not have to be aligned with reality.

Although the number of single households has increased significantly over the past 20 years, people actually have MORE sex.

So you don’t have to live the monk life just because you are being single.

Later I will show you how you can have the sex life of a porn star as a person living the single life.

Disadvantage #3: You constantly have to listen to the same ol’ crap

The annual ritual at Christmas:

Your grandma turns to you at the kitchen table and asks:

“So, you got a girlfriend now or what, my G?”

A little embarrassed (and confused about her ghetto slang) you say:

“No, Grandma…”

And you hope that that’s the end of it.

Not a chance!

The rest of your family joins ol’ granny’s rant. Instead of giving valuable tips, they don’t get much further than this:

“The right one will come along one day.”

Here at AttractionGym, we don’t believe in that nonsense. (We believe in taking maddafakking action. Just a side note…)

Anyway, society finds it acceptable that people portray you as some kind of loser just because you don’t have a girlfriend. You always have to listen to bullshit, and are somewhat force to justify yourself.

Why Being Single is Better: The Perks of Being Single

With all this pressure, how to enjoy being single?

I’ll tell you.

Let’s leave all this negativity behind and go straight into the benefits of being single.

There’s more sunshine, than you might think.

Advantage #1: You have time to work on yourself

This is one of the biggest advantages:

You have time to invest in yourself.

And there will be a great evolutionary pressure on you to do so.

When you’re in a relationship, your genes are happy. Your survival and reproductive instincts are satisfied.

For this reason, many men become lazy in relationships, and their little comfort zone makes them soft and rusty.

They forget about their long-term vision, and enjoy the short-term pleasure.

But that will slow them down massively in the long run.

The reason why only few men invest: you have to sow before you can reap.

Because I love harvesting good shit, I invest a lot of money in coaching myself.

So what do I mean by working on yourself?

Oh man, it’s a broad topic. That’s exactly why I wrote an entire article about it.

Check this out:

>> 10 Simple Things That Improve Your Life TODAY!

Advantage #2: Sexual freedom

Is it only possible to have regular sex, when you are in a relationship?

Of course not.

You can fuck any woman as long as she wants to be fucked by you.

This sentence is very direct, somewhat exaggerated, and not politically correct in any case, but it’s true.

Later, I’ll give you some tips on how to have sex…

…without having to give up your single status.

Advantage #3: You are a free bird

Being single, you’re not only SEXUALLY free…

… but also LOCALLY.

You can travel for a long period of time without jeopardizing a relationship.

In 2018, for example, I lived in Colombia for half a year.

Had I been in a relationship at the time, I would have most likely stayed at home.

Traveling is not only a way to get to know other countries. You’ll meet a lot of spicy senõritas as a single pimp.

Advantage #4: You can strengthen your bromances

I have a buddy that I used to be great friends with.

I’ve known him since elementary school and let me assure you: we had damn good times.

His nickname was “The Snake.”


Because he was a sly one, when it comes to women.

Take this story, for example:

One day my phone rang around midnight, and he asked me to pick him up from a festival. He told me the name of a bridge where he would wait for me.

When I got there with my car, I could hardly believe my eyes…

A woman wearing a skirt was sitting on the bridge railing, “The Snake” was holding her tight, standing between her legs and making thrusting movements…

“Are they having sex?” I asked myself.

He noticed me, zipped up his pants and opened the passenger door of my car.

“Hey Dan! Can we take her with us?” he asked with the dirtiest smile on his lips I had ever seen.

“Sure, get in” I said, trying not to burst out in laughter.

They sat down together on the back seat of my car and the whole ride I could watch her through the mirror giving him a blowjob.

“That god damn Snake…” I thought, somewhat proud of my homeboy.

And we experienced stories like that all the time.

Great times.

But then it happened…

He found himself in a relationship.

+ R.I.P. Snake

You never heard a word from him again and when you did meet him, he was the most boring person in the world.

He didn’t drink any more alcohol, was probably vegan, didn’t make any rough jokes and his crazy manner was blown away.

Nobody liked him anymore.

But he rose again from the dead.

After 2 years he was single again and very much the same old snake.

It took some time until he found his way back into our common circle of friends, but he succeeded.

Women, fun, movie-like memories…

until he got another girlfriend.

He swore:

“This time I won’t let our friendship suffer, no matter what my girlfriend says.”

I almost believed him.

Of course, he basically died again.

Now… it doesn’t have to be that extreme for everyone. A lot of men manage to maintain their friendships despite their relationships.

But if you think you can do that to the same extent as when you’re single, you’re more naive than a toddler who still believes in the tooth fairy.

5 Tips – How to Enjoy Being Single

Now you will learn how to seduce women effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter if you want to keep one and thus your single status comes to an end, or if you want to enjoy some no-strings-attached-single-sex.

Tip #1: Take 4 simple steps to become an attractive single man

Do you want to have great women in your life?

Maybe you have standards like:

  • She must be pretty
  • Have a body like a porn star
  • Be smart


But, uh…

If you want to conquer a high-quality-chick, you better make sure that you are high-quality yourself.

Ideally, you’re even more attractive than she is.

You can do this by becoming the best version of yourself.

“You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are.“
– Wayne W. Dyer

It’s easier than you think. You can do it in 4 steps:

  • A man needs a mission: Choose a passion and get damn good at it.
  • Toughen up your body: Studies show time after time that sport makes you more attractive.
  • The only real career goal: Get a job you’re passionate about.
  • Pimp your Style: I used to be firmly convinced that looks are not important (which is of course nonsense). Recently I have improved my style significantly and I get much more attention and positive feedback from the ladies.

That’s how you become a man that women fight for.

If you want to know more about how you can do this, read this article:

>> What Makes Women Attracted to Men? 11 Irresistible Qualities

Tip #2: The most important tip to appeal to women

Approach anxiety is a much bigger problem among men than one would assume.

Maybe that’s because men don’t like to talk about it.

As a dating coach, how to overcome your fear of approaching effectively is something I deal with on a daily basis.

It is from utter importance that you overcome that fear.

As a man it is YOUR task to take the first step.

A lot of people dodge it and say things like:

  • “Why should the man always have to make the first move?”
  • “Dan, how do I make a woman approach me instead of the other way around?”
  • “I don’t talk to women. I let them talk to me.”


Women like courage.

How much courage does it take to be attractive to women? There is certainly no upper limit, but you should have at least enough courage to say hi to them.

So the most important tip to approach women is:

Be brave.

She’s not gonna rip your head off… and even if she did: Better to die like a brave wolf than to live like a scared sheep.

But in all likelihood, NOTHING will happen.

How do you overcome your approach anxiety?

By talking to women.

Sorry, but there’s no way around it.

Make it as easy as you can by asking five people for directions.

The next day you ask five pretty women for directions.

The next day you ask five pretty women for directions and add a compliment.

And so on…

Build it up slowly, but confront your fears.

This really is the base.

Women will never find you attractive if you succumb under fear.

And they have all the right for that!

Now, you might want to know exactly how to start a conversation with a girl the right way.

Here’s an article with everything you need to know about it:

>> 47 Icebreakers To Smoothly Start Conversations with Any Girl

Tip #3: Tired of being single? Avoid the Friendzone cleverly

Do you already know a great woman?

Are you involuntarily friends with her?

Do you want her, but she doesn’t know how lucky she is?

Then it’s because you behaved like her brother.

No wonder she sees you as a “friendly” bro.

To show her that you think she’s hot from head to toe, you’ll have to stop acting like a buddy.

Let’ say you’re out with her shopping, and she asks you what she looks like in that black dress.

Then say:

“You know, you’re really pretty in this thing, but without the dress, it’d be 10 times better if it was up to me.”

And then you suddenly move on to an innocent subject.

For example:

“Anyway, what are you doing for dinner tonight?”

Pro tip:

If you want to avoid the Friendzone from the beginning, make sure you treat her like a potential sexual partner, and not like a bro.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to know how to rip this beautiful dress from her body, read this article:

>> Get Out of the Friend Zone & Into Her Lover Zone – 7 Magic Moves

Tip #4: Just ask

Sometimes it’s ridiculously easy to get what you want.

All you have to do is ask.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just asked random women out?

Then you’re not the only one.

Two researchers asked themselves the same question and conducted a study on this.

It proceeded as follows:

The test persons first had to introduce themselves to a stranger of the opposite sex.

“Hi, I’m [name], this may be a bit unusual now, but I just saw you walking and I think you’re very attractive.”

They then had to ask the following question:

“Will you go on a date with me this week?”

The study shows that if you use this method, you have a 50% chance to get a “yes” (if the woman is single).

Let that sink in.

Half of your attempts will result in a “yes”…

It’s probably a lot more than you thought.

It even says so in the Bible.

“For he that asketh receiveth;”
Matthew 7:8

Tip #5: Start your single life transformation today

There is a widespread misconception I can’t stand:

“You should accept the way you are.”

Not only friends and family say this, but also some self-proclaimed flirt coaches.

For me, this sentence is the same as saying:

“You should definitely not grow as a person.”

People who say these things have no idea how hard it can be for some men.

I know it, because (1) I myself was a disaster once and (2) I am in contact with dozens of men every day.

A lot of single men suffer.

They have lost the love of their lives, are rejected by every woman, have not a drop of self-esteem or even want to give up on love completely.

For them it’s hard to be single and happy.

And then people tell them:

“Just accept the way you are”…

Well, maybe you shouldn’t accept the way you are.

Most likely you tried that anyway, but it didn’t work.

Maybe the feeling of a lack of self-esteem is a sign that you should change something radically.

And you can do that.

How to be single AND happy

Humans can improve themselves to a degree that we cannot comprehend.

I have been a dating coach for over 10 years now. I have seen drastic transformations with my own eyes and could tell countless stories…

I cannot promise you that I will be the man who can best accompany you on your way to becoming a sexually attractive single man.

But what I can promise you is that I won’t bullshit like “just accept who you are.

From me you will get simple, practical, and repeatedly tested tips that you can implement immediately and enjoy the benefits of being single.

Get my Transformation Kit for free, right here.

May you do well!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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