10 Proven Ways to Become More Attractive

Dan de Ram

15 Oct 2020 by Dan de Ram

You’re standing at the bar tensed up with a beer in your hand, watching a woman dancing to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ while thinking, ‘Ok, she’s way out of my league…’

On an attractiveness scale of 1 to 10 she’s a solid 12… At least!

She’s dressed sexy classily, has long legs and probably already modeled a few times…

And you?

You’re completely average. Yeah, sometimes you even think you’re slightly under.

Why should a hot girl like her ever hook up with a guy like you? You think you’re never going to get a girl like her.

You turn around, wash down your frustration with a sip of beer and don’t let your mates notice.

Thus, today you’ll get:

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You know what?

You’re wrong about everything.

It’s at this very moment that men are successful with women who look worse than you do.

I can understand if you don’t think you’re attractive enough and want to know how to unleash your full attractiveness potential.

Your great-great-great-grandfather has already asked himself how to be attractive to the opposite sex. Almost everyone wants to discover the secret of attraction.

Today we’ll finish the research your ancestors began. We’ll examine the individual layers of the Onion of Attractiveness with microscopic accuracy.

How important is your appearance to women – what attracts women to men?

Science shows again and again that character traits such as humor, intelligence, affection and empathy are considered more important than appearance when it comes to choosing a partner.

Nevertheless, women still rave about Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling or that one hot guy from work…

How superficial are women really? What do women find attractive in men?

The truth is: They’re less superficial than we men, but more superficial than they pretend to be.

Anyone who claims that looks don’t matter should be tied up and tickled for two minutes by Elmo until he retracts his heretical words.

A good, attractive appearance combined with badass self-confidence and the CORRECT flirting techniques will make you a real magnet for women, an attractive male.

“But I can’t do anything about my looks, Dan.”


What makes a guy attractive – good looks?

While you can’t turn into a George Clooney if you look like Quasimodo after a Crystal Meth cure, there are a lot of things you can do to fundamentally improve your appearance.

Here’s a list of qualities that women find according to science (source: Why Women have Sex – Cindy Meston & David Buss):

And now you might ask yourself: How many of these characteristics can be influenced?

One, two?

*MEEEP* Wrong answer.

All of them, my friend!

Well, a symmetrical face is genetically very predetermined, but even here you can help with cosmetic surgery.

You can’t increase your height much either, but I have a few hacks for this as well that make you look bigger immediately.

You can get a lot out of yourself.

How to make yourself more attractive: 10 simple hacks

#1: Grow a beard

Men like typically feminine qualities such as curves, firm breasts and a juicy bottom.

Women like the typical masculine appearance of men.

This is the principle of polarity. When you hold two opposite magnetic poles together, they attract each other.

What immediately makes you look more masculine is a kingly beard.

A study by the University of Queensland shows that women find men with light to heavy stubble most attractive.

Does this mean that men without beards or with long beards have no chances at all and die as virgins?

Not at all.

But most men look much better with a light beard.

You have less hair on your face than a newborn baby?

I used to have the same problem. Neither my grandfather nor my father has a distinct beard growth and since nothing has changed since I was 20 years old, I gave up hope…

But then I was finally rewarded for my efforts…

What I did to make my beard grow? You’ll find out later.

#2: Take care of a deeper voice

If your voice is too high, you won’t be taken seriously.

Imagine Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with a squeaky Mickey Mouse voice. Do you think he would still be the highest paid actor in the world today?

As with so many things, a deep voice requires the necessary training.

At first you may sound like a cheap copy of Sylvester Stallone, but over time you get vocal chords like chains of armor that give your voice a cheese-rasping sound.

If you practice hard, you can join the dwarf gang in The Hobbit soon.

#3: A trained body

Do I mean by that you should look like a bodybuilder?

No, for most women that’s already too much muscle mass.

However, if you have a very boyish body that would make you a great drag queen or carry so much body fat that you can’t see your feet…

… then you can significantly increase your attractiveness through regular training and a diet that suits you.

If you aren’t familiar with this, I have a few tips for beginners:

Pro tip:

Never skip leg training!

I constantly get compliments from women for the fact that I have a proportional body unlike most men.

Yes, women pay attention to legs, even if you don’t see them in the club.

#4: Boost your testosterone levels

This hormone is mainly responsible for a male appearance.

Testosterone stimulates beard growth, muscle growth and provides a male voice and a square-edged facial shape. These are qualities that women are totally crazy about.

Scientists also blame the male sex hormone for an increase in self-confidence and happiness.

Now, before you stick a needle in your buttocks and inject an elephant dose of testosterone, let me show you some natural ways on how you can raise your testosterone levels significantly.

With these methods I finally grew a beard:

#5: Seem taller

Your puberty is over, your growth joints in your bones have closed and from now on you’ll grow at most in width?

I don’t suppose there’s much we can do about that.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to turn a 5’7’’ tall boy into a 5’9’’  tall broth of a man.


I have two methods for that:

  1. Buy shoes that make you appear taller

Boots or men’s shoes with light heels add at least 1 inch to your height. If you wear insoles, you can add another inch.

  1. Pay attention to your posture

The wrong posture not only looks funny, but in extreme cases it can even make you up to 2 inches shorter. Many men stand so hunchbacked that they look smaller than they are.

What helps is to imagine that you’re being pulled up on an imaginary rope tied in the middle of your skullcap. Let it pull you up strongly, but get on your heels, otherwise it won’t look very masculine.

This way you should always walk, stand and (that’s where the biggest challenge is) sit.

#6: Make sure you smell good

That’s a point that I totally underestimated earlier.

Smell is extremely important to women, although they may not always be aware of it.

It tells them if your immune systems are compatible.

For example, I think my little sister smells abnormal. When she comes near me, I have to hold my breath.

My buddies can’t confirm that, though.

“What are you talking about Dan, she doesn’t stink at all!”

In this case, evolution ensures that I don’t find my sister attractive, so I don’t sire unhealthy Gollum children with her.

Thank you, evolution!

I’m not the biggest fan of perfume for that reason. I want my natural pheromones to show a woman that we would be a great match.

However, if you want, you can apply a GOOD perfume (get advice from female friends) discreetly. It’s important that you don’t overdo it.

But more importantly:

This brings us to another important point: Bad breath.

I once had a damn attractive Norwegian girl in my house. I saw her on the street, and I just had to talk to her…

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At that time, I was still at the very beginning of my dating journey and was therefore quite surprised that she agreed with me at all.

When I closed my bedroom door behind me, we kissed immediately.

A mistake…


She had really bad breath. That was the biggest turn-off I’ve ever experienced on my own.

(That didn’t stop me from sleeping with her, but it was really bad!)

If that was already so bad for me, then you can assume that it’s three times as bad for women.

How to avoid bad breath?

#7: The right expression

Let us come to an interface between appearance and behavior.

A person can read many emotions in the face of other people. Do you feel insecure and uncomfortable? Then this is reflected in your facial expression.

I’ve written an article on this subject that will teach you the most attractive flirting looks in detail:

>> Understanding Micro Expressions + 5 facial expressions that women find irresistible < online soon

It improves your social interactions if you always have a light, subtle smile on your lips.

This subcommunicates qualities that are very important for women:

#8: Laser eye contact

Don’t stare at her like you were Jack the Ripper in his prime.

Keep calm but controlled eye contact, breaking it off to the side every now and then. It’s important not to ruin the tension. Ideally, she will break off eye contact first.

You can find out more about it here:

>> Eye contact when flirting: 5 decisive tips < online soon

CORRECT eye contact has beneficial functions:

#9: Make yourself at home

Now we come to the innermost layers of the Attractiveness Onion.

There’s something that’s reflected in your body language, eye contact, posture, voice and facial expression, whether you like it or not: INNER WELLBEING.

I had a coaching in Amsterdam last week. One of my clients obviously felt uncomfortable, which was understandable:

We were in a club and he had never approached a woman on the dance floor before.

Of course, I knew how to help him overcome his fear.

Nevertheless, the reactions of the women weren’t promising.

Two even asked me if everything was ok with my uncle (that was our little role play) because he didn’t look like he’s feeling well.

No matter how hard you try to make that impression your discomfort will somehow flash through.

What you can do in this case is to think of the club as your living room. After all, you feel comfortable at home, too.

I let my coaching participant sit on a couch with both arms spread out on the backrest, with his legs apart. He should additionally focus on the thought that all people are only here for his entertainment.

Thereupon he should go two rounds through the club and act as if he were Caesar walking through his own realm and proudly looking at what he has achieved.

His facial features relaxed and he seemed more confident all of a sudden.

Now he finally had the effect on women that he wanted.

#10: Inner peace

Once again, I’ve saved the most effective feature for last.

In my experience, this is the #1 most attractive quality a man can possess.

Women want a man who is calmer than they are.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Like a rock’?

Well, that saying comes very close to the innermost male attractiveness.

Women will constantly test you for this quality, get ready.

If she loses her nerve, blames you for things you never did, or doesn’t take you seriously, just think:

“Okay, whatever.”

If she says something stupid, raise one of your eyebrows and stay calm.

In relationships there will be drama and she wants to make sure that you won’t lose your nerves completely.

That way you’ll be calmer than Buddha on weed:

Become more attractive with the right flirting techniques

Even the most attractive man goes away empty-handed if he doesn’t know how to trigger emotions in a woman that will drive her crazy about him.

I know a lot of men who look damn good but have absolutely no clue how to seduce women.

It’s a skill that can be learned.

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See you on the other side!


Dan de Ram

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