15 Tips to Charm a Woman so She’ll Give You Her Heart

how to charm a woman

In this article I’ll tell you the most important tips with which you can successfully conquer a woman’s heart. These are tips that I’ve discovered, tested a thousand times and perfected over the last ten years…

In this article you learn:

  • How you always successfully approach women
  • How to charm any woman? The 6 best techniques for charming a woman
  • What attracts girls? The 5 main qualities of attractive men
  • The #1 reason why most men will never be successful
  • A method to kiss her at any time and without getting rejected
  • And many more tips on how to charm a woman with words (+ over text) …

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Anyone can successfully charm women, provided…

I’m going to give you hope here: No matter how bad you are, anyone can be a womanizer if they commit to it 100%…

… and, of course, approach it smartly!

Many dating coaches will only teach you techniques and copy-paste sentences to charm a woman, but that ultimately doesn’t ensure lasting success.

That’s because you’re not really changing profoundly, just playing a role.

Books teach you how to build up self-confidence and find your inner masculinity. But if you have zero experience with women, this isn’t the ultimate solution.

The key to success lies, as so often, in the middle. You must master both aspects:

  • Practice great copy-paste sentences and proven techniques to build experience and self-confidence
  • Consciously engage with your inner self to solve problems and build your self-esteem, making you authentic and genuine.

That’s why you’ll find in this article both practical tips for winning over women and the ingredients that make you truly attractive.

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>> 7 masculine traits to attract women like crazy.

How to approach a woman? The #1 tip for memorable conversations

One of the most frequent questions I get is:

“How do I approach a woman?”

Indeed, approaching women is often very nerve-racking. Therefore most men are desperately looking for the perfect first sentence.

Now I can give you a tip: There are no good or bad opening lines. Just a few that aren’t so good.

Because when you approach someone, it’s more important how you say what you say and not so important what you say.

Are you speaking with a giving energy? An energy that says you’re here to give her a good time?

Then you’re on the right track.

But when you speak with a taking energy, things often go wrong. Then you communicate:

“I hope you like me… I’ve so little to offer…”

But how do you get the right energy?

First, you have to warm yourself up socially! Start with the smallest step you can take. Pay a compliment to someone, whether it’s a man or a woman.

Build it up slowly. Make sure you’ve fun with it!

As soon as you feel as if you’ve always been indifferent to the opinions of others, you can start flirting.

In most situations, a simple first sentence is the best. Don’t complicate it. Example:

“Hey you! What’s your name?”


“Hey, who are you, you look awesome. I’m [NAME].”

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My story

Years ago I was an introverted nerd. I spent all my free time playing video games like Diablo II or Call of Duty

Then I met a pretty girl that I suddenly fell madly in love with. Let’s just call her Gertrude for privacy and entertainment reasons (that’s not her real name, but her real name isn’t actually much better).

Every night I dreamed about what our future together would be like…

For two years we met almost regularly and had long conversations about God and the world and the profound things in life.

We were just friends. But naive as I was, I thought:

“One day she’ll realize I’m the one for her.”

Then something happened that I’ll never forget…

I took a buddy (let’s just call him “walking penis”) to a house party she was invited to.

The three of us talked for hours, but my buddy said very little.

All he did was tease her occasionally and make silly remarks …

At some point, the walking penis simply took Gertrude by the hand and said:

“Come with me!”

She followed him without batting an eyelid and gave me a quick glance which communicated:

“See you later!”

I followed them unobtrusively and noticed that they had made themselves comfortable on a large trampoline in the garden. There they were now lying closer together for 30 minutes than I would have liked at that time.

A little later we decided to go home again.

Once outside, the walking penis told me:

“Hahah oh boy, I fingered her on the trampoline!”

I tried desperately to act normal – he didn’t know I liked her.

But inside, I collapsed. It was like a punch in the face… by Mike Tyson!

How was that possible?! It was so unfair… and he didn’t even know her for long.

That was the moment when I decided to learn how to seduce women at all costs.

And that’s why I’m here now, coaching other men so that they can finally take control of their love lives.

Today I would like to hug Gertrude. Without her, I wouldn’t be here and do what I do best.

How you always have memorable conversations

The second most frequently asked question I get is:

“Okay, Dan, I approached her, but our conversation got really boring…”

The first big mistake that most men make is that they have an interview conversation.
This is where men go through all standard questions:

  • „Where do you live?“
  • „What is your profession?“
  • „What are you studying?“
  • “Do you have any hobbies?”

And so on…

But you know… this is neither memorable nor attractive.

You have to let her feel every emotion except boredom.

Women are emotional beings and you should use this to your advantage!

Turn standard questions into statements like these:

“You’re really a village girl.”

“You seem like a typical lawyer… someone who keeps criminals out of jail.”

“I have the feeling that you’re the type of girl who loves spending her weekend with her stamp collection.”

This way you tease her (which makes you 200% more attractive).

Then it’s your task to forget all masculine logic within the conversation.
There’s no need to have a common thread in the conversation or to exchange logical information.

Think of a conversation as a playground full of funny nonsense that you can try:
And for that we use the TCH formula:

  • (T) ease
  • (C) hallenge
  • (H) umor

If everything you say fits into one of these three categories, you’re on the right track.

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How to charm a woman to sleep with her

Ok, now you had a nice talk and spent some time together. But how do you get to kiss her now? And then how do you take her home?

The biggest mistake that most men make, and one that you certainly won’t make (again), is this:

They don’t touch the woman at all during the entire interaction.

Then it’s no wonder they have trouble kissing their chosen one…

In fact, the probability that a kiss will occur this way is about 0.0001%.

And if you suddenly put your hand on her shoulder after an hour without physical contact, it seems rather strange…

The trick is to establish yourself from the beginning as a person for whom physical contact is quite normal.

Just start by touching socially accepted places, such as her shoulders.

Slowly increase the physical contact then.

Dance a little with her, take her hand and put your other hand on her hip.

So, increase your touches gradually and make kissing her a simply next logical step.

>> 12 kissing techniques to make her crazy.

The 5 ingredients of natural attraction

There are a few things you should master to have exactly the success with women that you’ve always wanted to have.

These are the things that make the difference between a nice conversation and an awesome one,.

Believe me, if she says she thought it was nice, you’re fucked. You don’t want her to just say “nice.

Ingredient #1: Masculinity

Many of us Western men have forgotten what it means to be a real man. Society has taught us, especially in recent decades, that it’s sexist to treat women differently from men.

I’m the first to say that there should be equal rights and equal payment for all. However, we seem to have forgotten that there must be a certain polarity in the relationship between men and women.

Men and women are EQUAL, but also very DIFFERENT.

A woman wants a man she can admire. A man who guides her, who makes decisions for her. A man who knows what he wants and is committed to it.

Ingredient #2: Flirt

Just impressing her with your masculinity isn’t enough. You have to flirt with her.

Flirting means that you’re playing with each other. It’s a game between you, where you challenge and tease each other.

Sometimes don’t give her any more attention, so that she’s no longer sure whether you like her or not, only to give her more attention afterwards.

Nonverbal communication plays a decisive role here. Of course, it’s also important that not only shit comes out of your mouth, but HOW you say something, which kind of posture you take and how you look at her is even more important.

The better you become in nonverbal communication, the less important what you actually say becomes.

Want to become a flirting expert?

>> 9 tips to become a professional at flirting.

Ingredient #3: Don’t be Smeagol

It’s often the case that a sense of achievement is very important when you start flirting with women.

You would like to have a girlfriend or real success with women. This makes you needy.

Then you think you need a woman’s validation.

There’s nothing more unattractive to a woman than a man who wants her too much and is therefore needy. A woman can smell these things against the wind from 5 miles away!

Some men seek constant approval in a conversation with a woman. They constantly try to find common ground between them and the woman always agree with her.

We call such a person a Smeagol. These men behave exactly like Smeagol, who really needs the ring. He’s addicted to the ring and thus turns into an ugly monster called “Gollum”.

Your job isn’t to hide the fact that you’re Smeagol, but to make sure that you don’t need women from the start. There are several solutions to this:

  • Generate an abundance of women.
  • Go deep inside yourself and find out why you need this woman and if you can reduce these needs or fulfill them in another way.
  • Going out with the mindset “I enjoy the party” instead of going on “the hunt”.

>> 5 tips for having a smooth conversation.

Ingredient #4: Deep connection

Okay, you don’t just want a one-night stand with a willing woman from the bar?

Then a deep connection is one of the most important factors. It determines whether she wants to see you again and whether or not it comes down to a relationship.

Many men are actually quite good at building up a connection, but they lack the other ingredients mentioned above, so they always slip into the friendzone.

Connectedness means that you’re on the same wavelength with her and can talk to her about interests and things you have in common. Showing your own vulnerability and opening up to her is also part of it.

Masculinity and flirting give her a feeling of sexual attraction, but the connection gives her the feeling that you’re special, that she really knows you and that you’ve many things in common.

When you combine a deep connection with masculinity and flirting, you master the golden formula.

There’s a great danger that if you follow wrong advice from bad wannabe coaches on the subject of “how to flirt a woman“, you’ll develop into what we call Mr. Pickup-Dude.

While these men work very hard on their masculinity and flirting techniques, they forget that things like connection or honesty are at least as important. By doing so, they end up boycotting their own success.

Remember: No honesty = no connection and no connection = no interested women, sex or relationships.

Ingredient #5: Practice makes perfect

You won’t get far with the help of theory alone.

You have to practice with real women and this often requires a lot from you. For example, overcoming anxiety.

In the beginning, you’ll often be rejected. This may hurt at first and seem like a bust.

Let me tell you once and for all:

Failure doesn’t exist!

Consider this:

  1. To be successful, you need experience.
  2. To gain experience, you have to fail now and then.

Every time you fail, you get a thousandth closer to your goal.

Give yourself a pat on the back because you’re a man of action! An inspiration to others!

I always made the biggest progress after going through so much shit that I came to the point where I thought: “FUCK IT, fuck all the fear and resistance. I know what to do and I’m going to do it NOW.”

And I see the same with the students in our coaching sessions.

When something clicks in their head and they say “FUCK IT”, they’re uninhibited and the best things happen. Put yourself in the “FUCK IT” state of mind.

The F.L.O.W. method

Everything you can read above is part of our F.L.O.W. method, which we teach men in detail.

  • Fun
    Learn how to develop the right attitude to amuse yourself and others rather than focusing on results.
  • Leading
    Become the alpha man who leads her and whom she simply must like as a woman.
  • Oppositional emotions
    Flirt with her and let her feel all emotions except boredom and insecurity.
  • (Self-) Worth
    Get rid of Nice Guy syndrome and don’t be a Smeagol.

The tip to triple your success

I’ll tell you what you can do right now to put your personal development on the fast track

But first I would like to tell you a short story that I experienced a few weeks ago.

I was at a house party. It was probably the most boring party ever.

There was very little alcohol, no music and the 15 people who were present weren’t exactly the biggest party people.

While entering the room I saw a woman and without a moment’s hesitation, I walked up to her and said, “Hey! Who are you?”

We talked for an hour about all kinds of things until a Spanish guy joined us.

I noticed that he wanted to take up the battle for the lady, but despite his great lines he had no chance.

After a while I decided to turn my attention back to my friends and I left them alone with the Spaniard.

I said and smiled at them as I left:

“Hey, I’m going to have a quick chat with my friends again. Take good care of them/”

In the following hour our eyes met from time to time, but we both did our own thing.

At some point the Spaniard left and I saw the girl going in the direction of the toilet.

My instinct told me that there was something between us and I went to the kitchen, which was near the toilet.

When she came out of the bathroom, I acted quickly, took her hand and pulled her into the kitchen. Before I even got to kiss her, she pounced on me and kissed me passionately.

She said:

Wow, that’s so special. I’ve been single for a year now, and I go on dates now and then, but now I’m getting to know you, and you’re so… different. For the first time in years, I feel like someone’s really looking at me!”

How did I get her to say those things?

Yes bro, this is the result of mixing the elements of attraction. The right ingredients at the right time will create a fantastic moment between her and you.

Honest and authentic attraction that’s intense and pure. A real connection between two people and a fantastic experience for her and for you.

It’s what we all want.

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