3 Ways to Date a Women You Like The Way She Secretly Wants

Attention: The following article is not for readers who are looking for politically correct, mainstream tips that DON’T produce results. If you’re someone who feels easily triggered or attacked, you now have the chance to simply close this tab.

I warned you.

You’re still here?

Congratulations. You don’t seem like a spineless milk face.

This makes you one of the selected men who can benefit from my golden dating tips.

Feel tapped on the shoulder, and buckle up.

Because in this article I share 3 of my most effective tips with you, which, from today on, will give your rendezvous more spice than a Carolina Reaper.

I‘ll show you:

  • What to do on a date with a girl: What you can learn about original dates from cinema attendance figures (how and you profit from it)
  • The principle of movement: How a simple hack can make your dates unforgettable
  • A valuable lesson from Fifty Shades of Grey (Spoiler: This is NOT another dominance tip)
  • How to make ‘embarrassing silence’ your wingman, and why you should even seek it
  • And many more dating tips…

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I get it, bro.

You have a date (or are planning to schedule one).


Maybe it’s your first date with her, maybe it’s your second, third, or fourth.

Maybe you’ve been seeing each other for a while now and you’re even in a relationship or married… Who knows?

And you want to know how to add a bit of spice to your rendezvous.

No. You want to know how to make it PERFECT. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have googled for tips.

But for you to succeed, you must first know one essential thing:

Every date follows the same laws of nature.

Whether it’s a tinder date, blind date, speed date, face-to-face date, or whatever the hell it is…

Every romantic meeting is like watching a movie.

If the movie has a tense and engaging storyline, you want to watch it to the end.

If, on the other hand, it’s too one-dimensional – like a comedy in which poorly paid amateur actors always make the same jokes – then you should make sure that you leave the cinema as soon as possible. No matter how good the popcorn is.

Do you have any idea what I’m getting at?

Great. Your IQ seems to be at least 69! I’m sure your parents would be proud of you.

Just to make sure we’re surfing the same wave:

Yes, on your dates you want her to finish the movie with you and watch the sequel (in plain language: kiss you, maybe have sex with you, and look forward to the next date with you).

But, for you to succeed, you must first and foremost know how to make your rendezvous interesting.

Otherwise, she will either banish you to the dark shadow realm of the friendzone, or (if you have been dating for a longer time / are in a relationship or married) she will lose her interest, attraction, and respect for you.

The latter ends at some point in a sacrilegious act: cheating.

And, in many cases, you even deserve their side leaps.

>> Sex on First Date: A Step-by-Step-Guide from ‘Hi’ to ‘Take Me Home’.

Sorry not sorry.

But before you panic and hyperventilate, let me give you a consolation.

As long as you follow and apply the following tips on your next dates, none of the dilemmas mentioned will await you (at least the risk is kept to a minimum).

Are you ready?


Tip #1: The key to an Oscar-worthy date (read this carefully if this is your first date with a girl)

Prize question: Where does the average dude go on his dates?

Exactly. He’s meeting his date in an overpriced restaurant, where he rigidly opposite her and stares into space.

Maybe he’ll get over himself by the end of his date and unpack his most glorious move…

He tries in vain to kiss her, while she turns away from him.


In amazement, he cycles home alone.

And, as if that wasn’t enough cringe for a day, he gets this message the same evening.

It’s his date…

Hey, it was really nice talking to you. But I just didn’t feel a spark… I wish you the best anyway.

Ouch x2.

Hollywood has destroyed the perception of our reality! Pick any random love flick, and see what the director thinks a great date looks like…

He’s taking her to the movies. He yawns and puts his arm around her. She smiles at him, and because they both have to laugh at the same scenes, they passionately stick their tongues down each other’s throats.

And also:

They go to a five-star restaurant. He brings her a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates (this gesture was advised by his great-grandmother Alberta).

He behaves extremely well, and his date is showered with compliments. He accompanies her home and is invited into her apartment for a ‘hot coffee’.

Cool story, bro.

But, if you really plan to build up attraction between you and your lady, these two ways are your ticket to the friendzone (or to a breakup – at least if future dates between you and your partner look so exclusively one-dimensional).

(If you are still wondering what’s so wrong with these date ideas, then I strongly advise you to check out this article.)

You want to know what to do with your fine madam instead?

Then open your eyes wide now.

The key to phenomenal dates is…

>> 7 Kissing Tips and Techniques to Become an Amazing Kisser.


Both physical and emotional.

Both in your body language and in your conversation.

“Motion creates emotion.”
– Tony Robbins

If you’ve already known me already for a while, then perhaps you know that no one broods as deeply about seducing women as I do.

Therefore, it will probably not surprise you that I am showing you this diagram to illustrate my point:

As you can see, it would be damn unnatural to go to your house after a movie date. After all, you haven’t experienced much.

It’s different on a date with a lot of motion.


Because you will experience different environments, creating the feeling of a shared adventure.

So, choose several date locations between which you can lead her.

For example, take her for a walk first, then go for a latte macchiato in a café, maybe play a nice round of 3D mini golf afterward, and have cocktails at a rooftop bar.

If your apartment is then ‘by chance’ nearby, it is not a ‘bold step’ to invite her there. It’s just the next location…

In the following diagram, you can see what such a date can look like in detail:

Oh, yeah, you may be wondering what I mean by ‘fooling around together.’

Most men are boring on their first date. They have serious conversations and behave like they’re on a f*cking job interview.

The result?

They spend their nights alone with a handkerchief and a tube of petroleum jelly…

So, to give your date that certain kick, it’s better for you to do something to loosen things (meaning, you and your señorita) up. By taking this step, you are sub-communicating to her that you can be spontaneous, funny, and a little crazy.

For example, suddenly tap her on the shoulder and run away with a ‘Pff, got you. Your turn!’ Stop abruptly as you go to the next location, and perform a 10-second waltz with her. Unannounced, lift her up with both hands, and swing her playfully around.

With these little things, you can create one thing above all else:


And the more memorable your date is, the sooner she wants to see you again (and the sooner she develops feelings for you).

Simple mathematics.

Pro tip for first dates:

Make sure you don’t meet at your first date location; instead, meet about a 10-minute walk away from it. The advantage is that the walk will help you to get rid of your initial nervousness, and once your mind is more relaxed, it will be much easier for you to seduce her.

By the way, if you are looking for original date ideas, check out this article I’ve written for you:

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Or, if you’ve been seeing each other for a long time or are in a relationship/married:

>> Surprise Your Girlfriend? 18 Creative Ideas that Trump Spending Money

Have fun discovering, trying out, and profiting!

Tip #2: Awaken the Grey inside

Many men underestimate the power of the underlying principles of Fifty Shades of Grey.

“But Dan, this is just some perverse and far too corny book for women. You can’t read this…”

Yes, the book is too kitschy and exaggeratedly corny for my taste.

However, it wasn’t a worldwide bestseller for no reason (it sold 125 million copies and was translated into 53 languages within the first 4 years of publication…).

Countless women find this chunk of a novel to be highly erotic.

To think that you have no valuable lessons to learn from that book is more than naive…

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to read it; I’ve already done that for you.

To give you a summary:

A young, mysterious billionaire – full-time entrepreneur and part-time SM fetishist – (Christian Grey) meets an ordinary student (Anastasia), who is supposed to interview him. It’s the beginning of an intense affair, in which the young student gradually finds out more about Mr. Grey’s dirty secrets.

And without saying anything else about the plot (or the catastrophic filming), we come straight to one of the most valuable lessons from the book.

There is a passage in one of the chapters where Mr. Grey says Anastasia shouldn’t bite her lips.

At first glance, it seems like a strange remark.

She asks him why she should refrain from doing so.

His answer?

Because it makes him jealous. He wants to be the only one to bite her lips.

Now you’re thinking:

“Pfff… Dan, that’s really cheesy – who the hell talks like this in real life?!!”

If you recognize yourself in this question, it’s because you tend to look at the interaction between men and women LOGICALLY.

Don’t get me wrong. Being able to think logically is an important quality and seems to be one of your strengths.

However, among other things, strong logical thinking causes you to act rationally.

So, you may also tend to spit out dry sentences in interactions with women:

“What do you do in your spare time?”

“I like to pet my dwarf rabbit.”

“Cool, how old is it?”

“Three years old.”

Nice, and how long have you had it?”

 “Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

… she said, as she climbed out of the toilet window shortly afterward and decided firmly that she would never go on a date with such a ‘dull malaka’ again.

The End.

Bro. If you want to avoid things like this happening to you, then, instead of just babbling RATIONALLY, it’s better for you to ask yourself:

“Does what I’m doing trigger any emotions?”

“How do I make her feel?”

The Fifty Shades of Grey example is NOT about ‘biting the lip’.

Rather, Christian subcommunicates his strong desire for Anastasia, which seems so strong that he’s even jealous of her teeth.

After all, ONLY he should be allowed to bite her lip.

Does he trigger feelings in her? Hell yeah.

Which feelings? Anastasia feels dominated, desired, and incredibly attracted to him by the shameless way he expresses his desire.

>> Keeping Her Interested by Being Interesting – 9 Timeless Tips.

It may sound crazy to you, but, for women, the greatest sexual trigger, possibly even the greatest aphrodisiac is…

a man who can arouse emotions in them.

Now, you’re probably wondering what practical steps you can follow to achieve that?

I have good news for you.

I’ve already written an ultimate guide in which I dive into the depths of the ‘flirt rabbit hole’ with you.

If you’ve ever wondered things like…

  • Why does she always choose such as$holes and not me?
  • How is it that serial killers get love letters from admirers?
  • Can I be attractive without turning into a blunt tard?

…you’re finally getting answers.

You can find the article here:

>> What is Flirting? 9 Tips to Become A Professional Flirt

Tip #3: Make ‘awkward silence’ your wingman

Let me be honest with you, amigo.

You can have the most creative date ideas and be as good at flirting as you like…

But, if you’re clumsy in your seduction, her desire to see you again falls toward the Earth’s core.

Doesn’t sound like the perfect date, huh?

“How can you be good at flirting and simultaneously suck at seducing – aren’t those the same thing, Dan?”


Somebody’s reading between the lines. I like it.

Let me give you a flirt-101.

Flirting is part of seduction.

By flirting you succeed in amusing yourself and making your lady feel teased and playfully challenged.

All nice things.

With them you create a charismatic impression.

But to create raw, powerful, and unrestrained attraction, mere flirting ISN’T enough.

If you really want to make a lady crazy about you, it’s essential to reveal your masculinity to her.


It’s very simple. Just as we often feel more attracted to a feminine woman, a feminine woman feels more attracted to a masculine man.

This doesn’t mean that you should grow a full beard, go to the gym five times a week (although it certainly won’t hurt you), and get a shot of testosterone in your wrists.

Masculinity encompasses many aspects.

One of its most powerful is this…

The ability to build up tension AND endure it.

Imagine you are talking to a beautiful woman and suddenly a moment of silence comes into your conversation.

You look deep into each other’s eyes. A feeling of tension arises.

You feel it all over your body. It makes you more nervous and jittery. You wonder:

“What am I going to say?! Ahh, this tension feels unpleasant… F*ck, she must be wondering why I’m staring at her so wordlessly now. Sh!t, she will surely leave soon if I don’t think of something to say… Come on, say something… quickly, so that this embarrassing silence finally stops!”

Well, does this situation look familiar?

Are you avoiding silences as best you can?

Then, I’m going to shake your reality.

These quiet moments, which you may find damn unpleasant, are GOOD for your conversation.

No. In fact, they’re ESSENTIAL for seducing women.

In those moments when you look into her eyes without saying anything, you create the necessary space for tension.

Sexual tension.

I can remember dozens of dates in which I took women home despite a dull date idea or bad teases.

But, I can’t remember a single date in which I took a lady home WITHOUT sexual tension.

So, seek silences instead of avoiding them.

>> 5 Ways to Create Sexual Tension She Can’t Resist (+ Examples).

The sexual beast that lurks in your chicariñha will thank you for it.

Secret tip: Enter a bromance with me

Alright, brochacho.

Now you’ve got 3 effective tips that will give your dates a gigantic success boost.

You know how to make your rendezvous memorable through the principle of motion and how to trigger strong emotions in your chica bonita and create strong attraction between you.

If you use all of these tips with confidence, it’s impossible not to benefit from them and spend fabulous quality time with your flame.

Great, right?

I know, I know…


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