The Art of Dominating a Woman in Bed in 5 Tips

how to dominate a woman in bed

For women, men are a mystery. For men, women are a mystery…

Especially when it comes to sex.

What do women want in bed? What arouses them so much that they can’t get enough of you? What makes a woman get so wild and passionate that she lets the dirty little “bitch” inside her out instead of just lying underneath you like a starfish?

Men have probably been asking these questions since the beginning of mankind. And it’s no wonder, because let’s face it:

Sex is a deal-breaker.

If the sex is good, the woman is addicted to you. If it’s bad, sooner or later she will seek sexual fulfillment elsewhere.

But don’t worry, bro. There’s something women crave but very few men can give her: To be dominated by a man in bed.

  • 5 Tips to be her wildest dream
  • How to dominate a girl in bed both animalistic and loving
  • How to create a women’s biggest fantasy in bed
  • How to become the sex partner she voluntarily wants to revisit over and over again
  • Verbal ways to dominate a woman in bed
  • The best tricks to be extremely rough with hurting a soul
  • More dominant insights for the bedroom…

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The five simple sex tips you’ll learn in this article unleash the dominant side of you, so you can give women what they dream of at night and wake up wet.

How to dominate a woman in bed

At this point, it is time for a disclaimer:

This article is highly controversial.

Many women hate your ultimate bro for publishing it. Other women praise him, because their husband/boyfriend/lover finally makes them happy.

Some even reach out to me on Instagram, because they hope that I will give them my attention…

But this article is NOT for these women. It was written exclusively for men who know very well that they are not dominant enough in bed.

Besides, these sex tips do not apply to every single woman in our solar system! Tastes are different and that is a good thing. There are women (though not many) who prefer to play the dominant part, as well as women who are absolutely only into vanilla sex.

But a lot of women get incredibly horny when a man is dominant. They are biologically programmed to do so.

Of course, they would never admit it, but deep down, many women find the ultimate sexual fulfillment when they surrender to a strong and dominant man.

And when I speak of “strong and dominant”, of course I do NOT (!) mean that you should mistreat and seriously hurt women. If you are looking for that, get off this blog and never come back.

It’s more about finding the fine line between “animalistic & wild” and “loving & tender”.

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Tip #1: Psychological Dominance in Bed

Most men don’t have the slightest idea about that. They study the anatomy of a vagina by heart, and research the most unusual finger techniques. They make a science out of how far and at what angle the finger should be inserted into the female sex organ to ensure optimal stimulation.

What they do not understand: Without psychological dominance, for women, it’s like seeing a gynecologist. And it’s damn unsexy.

If you want to be dominant, you have to be the person who takes the initiative. The person who decides what happens, when it happens and how it happens.

To do this, of course, you have to know yourself what you want and develop a gut feeling for what the woman longs for. But don’t worry, that’s exactly why I wrote this article. I’ll give you some support in bed, so to speak (it’s up to you if you want to visualize it).

Let’s get to the first, elementarily important lesson: Don’t ask for permission.

(I know, a crazy statement in these times of #metoo…)

This is the opposite of being dominant. When you ask someone for permission, you put that person above you.

A dominant man sees sex as a kind of role-play in which he can try things outside the norm.

Then how are you supposed to know if she’s ready for something or not? Simply by initiating it and paying attention to her signals.

If she signals that she doesn’t like it, drop it and go back to what you were doing before without making a big deal about it. In God’s name, please DO NOT continue… this is called being a creep.

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Tip #2: The Right Mindset for Dominance in Bed

To be a sexually dominant man, the right mindset is important. This determines your dominance at least as much as the dominant positions, sex toys and words you bring in.

Attitudes you should have:

  • I love being in control and being the boss
  • I’ll do whatever I feel like doing
  • She loves to give up control
  • She loves being dominated by me
  • It is her deepest desire to satisfy me and to be satisfied by me

You radiate these attitudes through your actions and your body language. This makes them get wet before it even starts.

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Tip #3: Verbal ways to be aggressive in bed

Men are primarily aroused by what they see; women are aroused by ALL their senses.

Most men make a fatal mistake in bed: they are as quiet as mice.

Many think it is stimulating and sexy not to talk in bed.

Or, after years of silent and lonely masturbation in a darkened room, they have developed the belief that it is strange to make noise during sex.

But that is not true! The opposite is actually the case:

Men who don’t talk in bed are hard for women to assess. They don’t know what you are up to or whether you like the way they are touching you right now. That makes them insecure.

Let me make one thing clear once and for all: if you don’t make noises in bed, you’re wasting your potential.

I used to be the silent type myself until I realized the power of verbal domination.

How? Let me tell you the story…

At that time, I was still relatively inexperienced sexually (“only” 20 different sexual partners). I went to a club and rocked back and forth to a song by Sean Paul. Suddenly, I was fascinated by the hip movements of a model from Hong Kong.

I confidently reached out my hand to the Asian beauty. After a few dances and sophisticated conversations, I made her leave the club with me, saying:

“If you promise to keep your hands to yourself, we can hang out in your hotel room now.”

Since I am very experimental, I wanted to see if I could turn her on so much with my words that she would not be able to keep her hands off me.

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I sat down next to her on the bed and immediately went all-in by saying:

“You’ve been thinking about my hard cock all night, haven’t you?”

It felt extremely unnatural to me at first… But to my surprise this sentence made her moan slightly. She seemed to enjoy it. I kept going:

“Just the thought of my hard cock makes your tight pussy wet, you can’t fool me.”

She began to tremble, breathing deeper and pressing her legs together tightly.

The whole thing ended with her beginning to touch herself to my words. After I told her to come for me, she had an orgasm that made her scream…

And all that without touching her!

That was mindblowing for me, which took my sex life to new heights.

But what exactly can you say? What does a woman want to hear in bed? There are several possibilities.

You can order her to do something:

  • Kiss my neck
  • Look at me
  • Take my dick deep in your mouth
  • Bend over for me
  • Kneel before me
  • Look how wet you are for me

You can order her to say something:

  • Tell me to fuck you harder
  • Moan for me, baby
  • Ask me to spank you
  • Tell me how good you feel when I fuck you
  • Tell me how good my dick feels inside you
  • Tell me you love my dick
  • Beg me to lick you

You can tell her what you are going to do:

  • I’m going to fuck you slowly at first and then very hard
  • I’m going to make you come and there’s nothing you can do about it
  • I’m going to take you from behind and fuck you harder and faster and deeper

These words are so dominant that there is a high probability that a woman will get a desire for sex just by reading this article (and I will take the comments of women below as proof of my courageous statement).

They stimulate the cinema inside her mind. Why else would women read 50 Shades of Grey?

Once you fuck her mind, her pussy is all yours.

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Tip #4: How to dominate a girl in bed (physically)

As already discussed, it is the deepest desire of many women to be dominated by a man. A particularly effective way to give her what she desires so much is physical dominance.

With each new sexual experience, I realized more and more how much it turns women on when they are physically dominated by a man. But I owe my absolute breakthrough to the movie “300: Rise of an Empire“.

I was sitting in the cinema with some of my friends and got a MASSIVE BONER watching a certain scene: The Athenian General Themistocles (an alpha male, as it is written in the book) meets the beautiful general of the Persians. Although they are enemies on the battlefield, they have sex during “peaceful” negotiations.

It was a kind of sex I had never seen anywhere else before (you certainly don’t see that in Hollywood movies). Since they were enemies and actually hated each other deeply, both were very aggressive and dominant. Themistocles took her from behind, grabbed her hair and fucked her mercilessly.

I remember looking over to my friends to check if they were turned on as well (#nohomo hehe).

The scene made me so horny that I couldn’t wait to see my girlfriend at the time. All I thought after the movie was: I’m gonna fuck my girlfriend so hard today.

When she came over, I was already so horny that I could hardly control myself. I grabbed her, pressed her firmly against the wall, turned her around and pressed my already hard cock against her ass. After I kissed her passionately, I threw her on the bed and took her from behind while I pulled her hair…

It was the hottest night we’d had so far.

A lot of women are into physical domination and it’s your job as a man to deliver.

Things you can do:

  • Press her body against the mattress
  • Take her hand and put it on your dick
  • Hold her hands above her head or behind her back so that she cannot move
  • Pull her hair (grab a whole tuft of hair by the root so that it doesn’t hurt)
  • Slap her on the butt
  • Throw her on the bed and/or turn her over
  • Choke her (watch the amount of force you use)

Note that it should be clear to her without question that behind this dominance lies tenderness and love. If you’re only interested in dominating her, she’ll soon realize that. And then it’s game over for you. And rightly so.

Never forget: you are not only doing this for yourself, but also (if not more) for her pleasure.

It is important that she must be turned on before any physical dominance.

In a completely rational state, nobody likes to be dominated. It is up to you to get her turned on first.

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Tip #5: How to be rough in bed without hurting her

The ultimate method of demonstrating physical and psychological dominance at the same time is to tie her up.

This is the highest form of submissive surrender. In this state she is totally subservient to you. It requires a lot of trust and connection (literally).

I have a bondage cross that I can hide under my mattress and many of my sexual partners LOVE it.

Pro tip:

You don’t have to buy handcuffs, shackles or ropes to make her yield to you. Take your T-shirt, wind it and tie it around her wrists. In 50 Shades of Grey the protagonist uses his tie for this, which, of course, works as well.

Go out and dominate

So, here you have it. Five tips for unforgettable sex how to dominate a woman in bed

Far too few men make use of them.

One last request:

Use them responsibly!

Feel invited to share your experiences or questions in the comments below. I am curious.

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Love, Peace and Rock’n’Roll,
Dan de Ram

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