5 Tips to find a girlfriend and get her crazily attracted to you

The apocalypse seems to have broken out.

No matter where you go, you see them everywhere.

You go shopping, they come across you holding hands in the street…

Walking in the park, you catch them making out on the benches…

At the movies you can see them sharing a giant bowl of nachos…

And if you turn on the TV, they jump out at your face…

From Marshall and Lily in How I Met Your Mother to Sheldon and Amy in The Big Bang Theory.

Even among your friends the virus seems to take shape… because even the strangest coot has someone at his side.

There is no escape.

I’m talking about…

Clyde had his Bonnie, Romeo his Juliet and even f*cking Kim-Jong-Un has his flame, Ri Sol-ju.

You feel like you’re the only goddamn person on this planet who can’t seem to find a girlfriend…

… and is condemned to eternal lonely foreskin acrobatics.

Maybe you’ve had a few dates here and there in the past – but it has NEVER really worked out between you and one of your dates.

Maybe because…

  • She friendzoned you
  • She wasn’t your type
  • Because there was simply no attraction between you

The only result you’ve been able to achieve so far:

An increase in insecurities inside you.

“Am I not good enough – don’t I deserve a girlfriend?”

“Is it my fate to die alone?”

“Am I so ugly and unattractive?”

“Maybe I should become homosexual.”


Whatever self-doubt is weighing on you right now, bro.

With this article I bring you light in your dark hopelessness of being single.

Because today I show you:

  • How to find YOUR girlfriend: A step-by-step guide on how get to know beautiful women in any everyday situation
  • How you can find a girlfriend online and take out gorgeous girl easily via texting
  • My #1 date ideas that trigger a ’When can we meet again?!’ inside your dates
  • Effective conversation techniques revealed: How you make her fall in love with you through simple phrases
  • My three-step guide that transforms you into a sex god
  • And many more tips on how to find a (new) girlfriend…

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Tip #1: Bring more señoritas into your life

Let’s not kid ourselves…

Most men have ZERO demands when it comes to their choice of partner.

They seem to have a crush on any woman who has firm breasts and nice buttocks.

But listen, brochacho.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling relationship and not just for superficial one-night stands…

…then there must be a decisive thing harmonizing between you:

Your personalities.

Otherwise, your relationship will be as long-lasting as a mayfly.

I mean, imagine being in a relationship with Kate Upton.

From an aesthetic point of view, she is without doubt a dream woman. A true 12/10 – you are certain about this.

Everyday life with her, on the other hand, is… different than you imagined.

You have a penchant for going hiking while she wouldn’t touch a boot even in her dreams.

She wants to plan each day three months in advance, while you are already longing for the next last-minute trip.

You cultivate a black humor, while she doesn’t get 50% of your jokes while she looks at you in disgust the other 50% of the time.

In summary, you fit together just as fantastically as cheese and Nutella.

It just doesn’t seem to work out…

To prevent such a dilemma, it’s INEVITABLE to find out which character traits you appreciate.

So, I highly recommend you to grab a blank A4 and make a list.

Record exactly which traits you value in a lady and which traits don’t match your value system.

Doesn’t sound that fun, huh.

But this is the only way to become aware of your boundaries.

To give you two possible value example:

  • ‘I find it attractive when she is humorous and self-deprecating.’
  • ‘I stay away from women who are disrespectful and intolerant towards other people.’
  • ‘If a woman treats me like dirt and is not willing to chat her behavior, I’ll break off contact without batting an eyelid.’

When you’ve done that, you might wonder:

“That seems to make sense, Dan. But WHERE and HOW the f*ck am I supposed to meet women anyway?”

And that’s exactly why I have written these three step-by-step guides for you to learn. So that you know exactly how to approach women in any situation:

  • Approach women on the street: From ’Hi’ to date in 5 steps
  • Approach women in the club: 10 golden tips
  • Where to meet women? 15 amazing places + 1 secret tip

(articles online soon)

After this, you should be able to sponge numbers of beautiful women with ease.

Pro tip:

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you when I say that you can also find a girlfriend online. However, to even have the ghost of a chance to stand out from the mass of online profiles I’ve written this article for you:

>> 7 Tinder Profile Tips to 10x Your Matches (Even if You’re Not Brad Pitt)

Tip #2: Upgrade your texting skills

Once you start getting spicy señoritas’ numbers, you’ll want to use them primarily for this…


The snapshot of a thick veined meat whip brings every woman to cloud nine.

Ok, I’m kidding.

Using dickpics is at best the most effective way to scare women away.

And that’s probably not one of your goals (unless you’re insane).

Of course, you want to convert most of your numbers into dates.

Because only this way you get to know your acquaintances and can inspire them to have a relationship with you.

But how the hell do you do it?

After all, you can make a chica down below drier than a grain of sand on Mars in milliseconds by bombarding her with abysmally poor messages.

Most men seem either needy, creepy or simply too boring when texting.

And now imagine that you are an attractive woman who gets dozens of flirting attempts everyday…

At some point, you reach the point where you can only get rid of the desperate dudes through blocking them.

Your inhibition threshold to block a man after a lousy message is frighteningly low.

And in order to prevent you from becoming a victim of this, I’ve written you this article in which I tell you how to get her interested in a date by sending her original messages:

>> The 9 Keys to WhatsApp Flirting + Easily Stealable Texts

Tip #3: Take her out on memorable dates

  • Approach women?
  • Exchange numbers?
  • Date planned?

Original date ideas ready? Eeehhh… what?!

Let me tell you something.

The first date is like a preview of future experiences with you.

It’s like the teaser of a movie.

If the clip doesn’t hook you, you won’t spend a single penny on the strip.

But if it’s epic, you can’t wait for the release date of the movie.

The same goes with the first rendezvous.

If you take her out on a run-in-the-mill date, she won’t expect anything spectacular for future dates.

You seem as replaceable as any Average Andy she’s gone out with in the past…

… and who she dumped cold-bloodedly.

And that while you know for sure, that you’ve got to offer her more than any guy she met before…

Through a unique first date you can create a powerful feeling in her:

Longing for more.

If you offer your chosen one an original first date, she will want to watch the ‘full movie’ – go out on further dates with you.

“Makes sense, Dan. But I can’t think of an original date idea right now – do you have any?”

Tzzz… bitch please.

I have already written down some of our best date ideas for you.

>> Ultimate First Date Guide for Men (21 Tips That Work)

Tip #4: Give her a dose of ’connectedness’

Most dating coaches seem to like to mislead you.

They preach to you, for example, that in verbal communication the only thing that matters is HOW you say something.

The result?

What do you do in your spare time?”

I like feeding my turtles.”

Cool. How many you got?”

Three and a half.”

Oh – and what else?”

Excuse me… I’ve to go to the bathroom.”

…she said and before she jumped through the bathroom window.

If you want to win her heart, it’s important to inject a crucial secret ingredient into your conversations:


This way you can create an intense feeling of connection between you (to clarify eve more: make her hopelessly in love with you).

But this wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t show you exactly how to manage that from now on.

That’s why I’ve prepared two options for you:

  1. Ask her unique get to know questions to get to know her on a level that most people never reach.
  2. Use one of these topic to awaken the excited little girl in her (even if she seems colder than ice)

Tip #5: Mount an orgasm orchestra

Of all the chickies you’ve dated so far, she stands out.

She shares the same passion for stamp collecting, has a soft spot for expressive dances in the forest and even shares the same humor as you do…

Congratulations, brochacho – you seem to have found a great match.

But even if all your dates were fantastic and she writes you regularly how much she misses you…

She’ll be satisfying her sexual cravings in the long run with another guy if you’re a clumsy gross motorist in the bedroom.

After all, sex plays an essential role in every happy relationship, as countless studies show.

Once again: It’s surprisingly easy to stand out from the average dude.

These three things make your sex a breathtaking experience full of intense orgasms:

  1. Hot dirty/sex talk
  2. Variety through dominant sex
  3. Touching her properly

However, start with one thing first before you move on to the next. Otherwise, you’ll overtax yourself with techniques…

It’s like wakeboarding. Master one step after the other and implement gradually more steps.

“Sounds good, Dan. But at what point should I actually have sex with a woman if I want to make her my girlfriend?”

Excellent question!

My recommendation:

As soon as possible.

Ideally after the first to fifth date.

Again and again I see guys shying away from taking the next step with their potential Mrs. Right.

They sometimes wait months (!) before they sleep with her.

And this while their chose ones do it doggy with another man, (which nobody can blame them for if their admirers are too hesitant).

So don’t be afraid to challenge your chica bonita to a game of Snu-Snu (= Sex for all non-Futurama watchers) if you feel strong sexual tension between you.

How to make her your girlfriend

After you’ve had regular wild sex and memorable dates, it should be anything but difficult to make your chosen one your girlfriend.

It’s rather a question of time who addresses the elephant in the room.

The more experiences you share together, the more involved you become in the life of your counterpart.

Until ’entering a relationship’ becomes almost a logical consequence.

Usually, women are the first to ask you about it:

“We’ve been seeing each other for a while now… What are we?”

In some cases, however, she may not ask you or you may be uncertain about how she responds to a ’You’re my girlfriend now! answer.

In these cases, you can use the ’Play it safe’ method.

After an emotional high, during a romantic moment of a date or after sex (when she is in your arms), you ask her:

“Hey, [her name], how would it feel for you if I introduced you as my girlfriend from now on?”

Et voilá, if she reacts positively, you have got yourself a new girlfriend and if she reacts negatively, you have not received a strong rejection.

After all, it is only a ’mind game’.

The final piece of the puzzle

Alright, Casanova.

“How can I find a girlfriend?” shouldn’t be a myth-enshrouded question for you anymore.

So, it’s time to go out and take action!

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