How to Flirt With a Girl On WhatsApp: 11 Examples to Hook Her

You’ve done it: her number is in your phone. Now it’s time for some WhatsApp flirting and getting her on a date.

Only you’re not so sure where to start.

No problem. That’s why in this article I will give you 10 flirting tips (with examples!) with which you can easily chat with girls on WhatsApp.

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After reading these tips, you’ll know exactly what to do to enchant her with your messages and emojis!

The most common mistake when flirting with a girl on WhatsApp

You want to impress her via WhatsApp, but you’re afraid to mess things up.

This causes you to play it safe. You don’t want to scare her off, right?

And that’s exactly where you and hordes of other men go wrong.

For fear of saying the wrong thing, you stick to the familiar, but unfortunately, the boring stuff.

  • ‘What do you do for work?’
  • ‘What did you do last weekend?’
  • ‘What do you do for fun?’

These safe interview questions make her lose interest. Not only has she answered these questions hundreds of times, the questions make her feel like she’s talking to her grandmother rather than an attractive man.

No wonder she’s losing interest.

You make her feel nothing but boredom.

Do you want to be a successful flirt on WhatsApp? Then you want to excite all her emotions and keep the conversation going without it feeling forced.

And I’ll tell you how to do that in this article.

Let’s get started right away!

#1: How to get a girl on WhatsApp

Many men try too hard to be “cool” and “fun”.

They want to be liked by her. So their whole thinking and doing is, ‘How do I make her like me as much as possible?’

The problem?

She recognizes that you are not yourself. You’re trying way too hard.

This acting game is quite a turn-off for her.

So unless you happen to be her type, chances are she has no desire to meet up with you.


Fortunately, this problem is relatively easy to solve.

Instead of thinking, ‘What should I do so that she likes me?’ you want to be thinking, ‘Do I really like her enough?’

With this attitude, the performance pressure immediately falls off your shoulders and you can be yourself again.

Is this easier said than done for you?

Then I have another wonderful practical tip for you!

Playfully push her away from you with innocent teasing.

This way she senses that you are not completely wild about her and will try harder to win you over.

Here is an example of a tease on WhatsApp:

I just made delicious pancakes!

Pancakes are not quite stacked perfectly symmetrically

-2 for Eline

For fun messages like this, see the following article:

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#2: Stop asking boring questions

Almost every man who hasn’t taken a seduction course with us makes this mistake:

They behave like cops.

These men don’t handcuff the ladies, no, they conduct interviews as if they had to write a police report.

Where are you from?


What kind of school did you go to?

Grad school

What was your education?

Um… Care assistant?

You can understand that for most women this is not exactly an engaging conversation.

Yet for many women, this is the average flirting experience on WhatsApp.

Now no doubt you are already having better conversations, you are trying hard to get better with women by reading articles on dating.

But your conversation should probably also become a little more attractive to the ladies.

And you can do that with this tip:

Transform your questions into statements.

Do you feel the need to ask a question?

Then don’t ask: ‘Where are you from?’, but say: ‘You strike me as someone who grew up in the countryside among chickens and cows.’

Then it can go two ways:

  1. She says: ‘Huh… How did you know?’
  2. Or she will say: ‘Hahaha, where did you get that idea?’

No answer is right or wrong. What matters is that you have a way to move the conversation forward naturally.

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#3: Impress a woman with a compliment

Women really hate this.

And this is exactly what the majority of men do when flirting on WhatsApp:

They compliment her appearance.

  • ‘You are so beautiful’
  • ‘Your eyes are beautiful’
  • ‘You have such beautiful legs’

“Huh! But why is that Daan? This is all very positive, isn’t it?”

True. It is indeed positive.

But she has also heard it a BILLION times before!

A lack of stimulation is not the only thing wrong with these compliments.

Apart from the fact that you now prove that you are the same as the rest, you also show that you actually don’t understand her at all.

After all, you’re complimenting something she has little to no control over.

You really have sparkling eyes

Thank you, I just bought them at Walmart

Most of her looks were not chosen by her. So even the most beautiful woman doesn’t really consider her looks an accomplishment. (Unless she worked very hard on her makeup, outfit, or fit body.)

Therefore, such compliments don’t really excite her emotions.

So what does work well?

Compliments on things she has clearly worked hard on.

Does she use fancy words?

So, remind me never to play Scrabble with you

Is she very driven?

It’s cool what you’ve accomplished, but I actually find your drive much more sexy 😉

Does she make you laugh often?

Haha, I think it’s really nice how playful and funny you always are

A special and unique compliment on her appearance will also go down well.

But she’ll have forgotten that in no time.

A compliment on her personality, on the other hand?

She’ll carry that around with her for months, maybe even years.

Let’s continue with more  WhatsApp flirting tips.

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#4: Keep WhatsApp flirt momentum going

This is a big reason why you are likely to lose her interest on WhatsApp:

You don’t keep the momentum going!

What do I mean by this?

In general, we men are not good texters.

We are pretty businesslike when it comes to texting. We get to the point and we often only send a few messages before we put our phone away in our pocket again.

The problem?

This way of texting is disastrous for your success with women.

If you always reply to her messages after an hour or more, you will never have a chill conversation.

In fact, you’re kind of living alongside each other.

So you will rarely give her the special feeling that you are a guy with whom everything ‘just always goes so easy’.

And if you want success with women, you want to be that guy!

The best part?

It’s not even hard to become that special guy for her.

You want to answer her messages DIRECTLY sometimes.

This is because at these times she has her phone fixed and there is a good chance she will answer immediately.

Can you keep this up for 10 minutes? Then it is almost like a mini date.

However, don’t always try to hold on to the emotional momentum.

Then you become too predictable and it loses its charm.

#5: Don’t be logical, but emotional

Your logical male brain sabotages your love life.

That may seem a bit shortsighted, yet this motto contains a lot of truth.

Logic stops you from getting a girl on WhatsApp.

We men are generally a bit less socially developed than women.

When we guys have a conversation, we place a lot of value on what is said. Thus, we will not say “useless” things. Something always has a point.

With women, it works differently.

Women who hold a conversation because it feels good. It’s like jazz, nice and chaotic changing the subject and even the most insignificant thing is relevant.

Due to this contrast in conversation, most men are bad with women.

Especially when it comes to chatting with girls on WhatsApp.

After all, when a woman asks a question, we answer truthfully.

We think this makes sense.

But a woman doesn’t give a shit about logic when having a conversation, only about experiencing emotions.

Don’t you give her those emotions? Then she loses interest.

For success with women, you want to shift the emphasis from being “factually correct” to “playing and stirring emotions”.

Suppose you are in conversation with her and hear that she is into knitting.

What would be a playful and fun response?

Something like this:

Oh, funny. Then next date you can bring me a scarf so I don’t catch a cold 😉

Is this logical?

No. But it is fun! And hella good WhatsApp flirting.

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#6: Balance your emojis and increase your appeal

Emojis are super important for seducing women on WhatsApp. Indispensable.

But if you don’t use them properly then emojis are also the easiest way to scare her off.

So it’s all about nuance.

Where does this huge contrast in consequences come from?

It’s simple.

WhatsApp is missing the non-verbal. She can never state with complete certainty what you meant by your message.

Are you being sarcastic? Are you angry? Or do you mean it flirtatiously on WhatsApp?

In those questionable cases, an emoji can clarify the intent behind the message.

At the same time, too many emojis are fatal to your appeal.

One emoji too many and you are feminine or childish.

So how do you get the balance right?

By adhering to the following 3 principles:

  1. Only use emojis when the message of your message is not 169% clear
  2. Use punctuation and capitalization
  3. Use correct grammar

If you follow these 3 principles you will come across as playful and mature. The best of both worlds!

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#7: Make her seduce YOU on WhatsApp

Many men have little choice when it comes to women and, as a result, quickly come across as pathetic.

She senses this. After all, it shines through in your WhatsApp messages.

You give her too much attention.

You send reminders too quickly.

You want to meet up too soon.

This causes her to drop out. She feels overwhelmed and your pushiness repels her.

Preventing this desperate vibe is incredibly easy: Don’t make her your number #1. Focus on your own life.

Go to the pub with your friends. Learn to play an instrument. Go read a book.

Show that there is more to you than just her. That makes you a lot more interesting and she feels like she has to do her best to impress you.

Kill two birds with one stone!

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#8: Ignore some of her messages sometimes

If the conversation is going well, she’s probably bombarding you with salvos of messages.

Our logical male brain wants to reply to every one of those messages.

But that often ruins your attraction.


If you answer each of her messages truthfully, it leads to a mega long story that is often boring on top of that.

Plus, it shows too much interest. After all, a woman you liked less would be less likely to give you that much attention.

What do you do when a woman sends you a huge amount of messages?

Answer only her WhatsApp messages you like.

Are none of her posts particularly engaging or does replying simply take too much time and words?

Share something low key from your own life.

Damn, I just found really cool loot in Diablo II

Or if you’re not a nerd like me:

Holy fuggg I love Stracciatella ice cream

Will you get a crazy good answer this way?

Probably not.

But you are thereby lowering the bar for what is “good enough” and thus strengthening the connection.

#9: How to ask her out on WhatsApp

Many men turn asking her out on a date into a kind of business proposal.

Moreover, they ask her out on a date out of the blue.

Thus, the date proposal feels too serious and “wrong”.

This immediately sets off alarm bells for her.

Often, an average text will look like this:

‘I do think it would be fun to grab a drink with you, how about next week?’.

This combined with the bad timing makes the message an awful mood killer.

It may not necessarily be over, but it does not look good.

It’s much more effective if you ask her out in a light-hearted way that ties into your conversation.

Is she unable to? Then the blow is also easier to take.

Suppose she likes to do baking.

Then say this:

Do you ever bring freshly baked cookies when you go on a date with a nice guy? 😉

Then it is not immediately a loaded proposal, but just a nice way to gauge whether you are going to see each other (again).

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#10: Let her flirt with you on WhatsApp

Time to bust an ancient myth.

You see, I get emails too often from men who misjudge this next situation.

What situation?

When women tease you.

Too many men experience teasing as bullying. They feel attacked.

But that is 99% of the time not her intention!

It is in fact the same as back in the day on the playground:

Teasing boys, is asking for kisses.

So she’s flirting with you, mate.

So take the opportunity and tease back.

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#11: Get irresistible flirting on WhatsApp

So, with these 10 tips you can easily flirt with a girl on WhatsApp

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Your bro,
Daan de Ram

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