9 Ways to Flirt with a Female Friend Without Making It Weird

how to flirt with a female friend

You’ve known her for a while.

The two of you hang out a lot.

And now you are in love with a female (best) friend?

But perhaps she sees you as just a friend.


Could this be a hopeless case where you become a permanent occupant of the friendzone?

Or could there be a possibility to date your girl friend?

What if I told you that the latter is true?

This is what I will show you:

  • 9 Tips: How to flirt with a girl friend. In every situation
  • How to prevent women condemning you to the friendzone for the rest of your life
  • 7 Flirt phrases, to wrap her around your finger easier than tying your shoelaces.
  • How to make her feel attracted to you effortlessly (don’t be surprised if she asks YOU out on a date)
  • My free toolkit that will get you get you a step closer to a girlfriend
  • Many more friendzone-avoiding goodies and ways to flirt with a woman you already know

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Tip #1:  The 5 Friendzone Mistakes I Already Know You’re Making

I know something about you.

Why you are still just friends with that female friend you like…

…instead of partaking in the good ol’ Netflix and Chill.

I know you want her eventually.

I also know exactly what you should do to flirt with a female friend, in order to make her your girlfriend or a long term booty call (or something in between).

Show me your hand palms.

*Reads your hand palms intently*


By reading your hand palms I know you make at least one of the 5 following mistakes:

  • You are not touching her, out of fear to get #MeToo’d harder than Harvey Weinstein (even though touching is actually a good thing)
  • You are not teasing her out of fear of getting roasted alive
  • When you are talking with her you use a tone of voice that sounds like she’s a princess that belongs on the throne
  • You’ve had so many deep conversations that you could write a bestselling biography about her
  • The way you interact with her is more predictable than Immanuel Kant

Or maybe you’re even afraid to come close to her out of fear that she might think you are a creep.

So first make sure you are in contact with her regularly.

Then avoid the 5 mistakes I just showed you.

Now it’s time to explain how you flirt with a woman you already know.

We start with one of the most critical tips.

Tip #2: How to flirt with a girl friend

I can keep circling around this tip.

But there is only one reason why you are still just a friend to her, or keep getting thrown in the friendzone-prison.


It’s because you keep circling around her.


  • It’s not your looks
  • It’s not the amount of money you spend on what you call ‘dates’
  • It’s not because you are super interested in her

It’s actually very simple.

It’s because you are not creating sexual tension with her.

Making sure she likes you and thinks you’re kind and sweet… Great.

Comfort is necessary with a girlfriend or when flirting with a woman.


You cannot make her feel attracted to you this way.

That’s why it’s so important to do this one thing if you don’t want to end up as ‘just friends’.

That one thing is the creation of:

Sexual tension.

You can do this in a very simple way.

Of course there is more than one way to do this (and I will give them to you). But this one way is so powerful that you can give every conversation a sexual undertone.



You interrupt her mid-sentence to give her a compliment.

“Oohh, interrupting her…Am I allowed to do that??”


Because if you don’t want to end up as just a friend, you’ll have to.

This is part of masculinity and dominance, something that is wayyy to much for this article.

Okay, I’m getting off-topic.

So, you interrupt her and give her a compliment

Something like this:

“Hmm, quite funny… I never noticed this before but you are actually kind of hot.”

Afterwards tell her to continue her story as if nothing happened.

There is a possibility that she may be upset a little, maybe she’ll thank you for it or maybe she’ll comment on it.

Doesn’t matter. It’s about you telling her so casually as if it’s no big deal, and then act as if nothing happened.

You might think this will hardly get her excited, because you were so casual about it. 

However, low key things start to heat up.

And if you give her compliments like this more often she will melt faster than snow in a desert.

For 20+ more flirt lines download my free flirt lines cheat sheet here

But be careful.

You don’t want to hand out these compliments like Santa on Christmas eve.

By doing this they lose their power and you’ll become predictable in her eyes, and eventually boring.

That’s why I will share 5 more conversational techniques on how to flirt with a female friend.

But first an important tip that will make her see you as a potential lover.

Tip #3: You want her closer? Create distance!

You know them.

Those fairy tales where an average man and a woman know each other.

The man is in love with the woman and wants to conquer her.

The woman however, has a crush on some tough guy and sees the man as just a friend.

The man makes a few attempts to woo the woman. But no matter how much he tries, he is left hanging like an unanswered high-five.

The man sees that it’s all in vain and decides to leave, to make his own path.

He embarks on a big adventure and:

  • Learns a lot about himself
  • Creates his own vision about life
  • Becomes the best version of himself
  • And somewhere along the way he slays some three-headed dragon with a freckled tail, using only a prison shank made out of a toothbrush.

After this heroic adventure the man is reborn and returns home.

The woman and the tough guy are in the middle of their wedding ceremony at that moment.

But just before she can say “I do” the man enters with a bright light behind him, as if he is the one.

The woman turns to the man and sees this scene unfold before her eyes.

She falls in love with the man on the spot, dumps the tough guy and jumps into the lap of the man like a little koala…

And they lived happily ever after

Yeaah, like that’s ever gonna happen  *cue all star by Smash Mouth*

But there is some truth to this fairy tale.

Especially when the woman sees you as just a friend.

Because at the moment you don’t yet have the qualities she’s looking for.

It doesn’t matter how often you attempt to flirt with your female friend.

…At that moment, flirting with her just doesn’t work.

That’s why I will now give you the tips to develop the qualities in yourself. Making her jaw drop for you

By the way, if you are truly locked deep down in the friendzone, then I have thé way for you to escape it later in this article.

Tip #4: Become the version 3.0 of yourself

Just like the man in the fairy tale, embark on your own adventure and become a Super Saiyan.

Start with putting your own health as your highest priority. Start working out and eating healthy. Also go for a make-over while you’re at it so you’ll always crush those first impressions.

>> 5 Solid Ways to Make a Good First Impression (That Girls Love)

>> 10 Tips – Dress to Impress for Men (Ladies LOVE This)

Expand your social circles by making new friends and becoming more sociable:

>> 23 Easy Ways to Be More Social with Women as an Introvert

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Teach yourself how to arouse, excite and attract a woman by reading the following articles:

>> 7 Unexpected Flirting Tips and Hacks to Become Irresistible

>> Seducing a Woman Over Text – 7 Examples of Building Tension

When you stand before her once again, after creating version 3.0 of yourself, you will be on top of her list of interesting men.

By the way, at the end of this article I have a powerful tool for you. One that will help to flirt with that girl friend you like.

To make sure that the female friend you try to flirt will notice you, I will give you another tip.

If execute this tip well, then you will have to put in way less effort to flirt with that female friend. It will almost as if she starts flirting with you.

Tip #5: Make sure you date other women (and make sure she knows)

This will make sure that she’ll notice you.

That she’ll become flirtatious towards you.

That she will tug your sleeve because she wants to date you badly.

You do all of this by dating OTHER woman

Later in this article I will let you know how to do this in a subtle way.

For now it’s important that you start dating other women. You want to make sure that you plan at least 2 dates a week.

Go to the Google Play Store or the App store and download Tinder or another dating app.

And make sure you’ll go out on a date twice a week in addition.

This way you quickly meet a lot of women and also learn their “ways”.

You see, at this moment I assume that you are still somewhat lost around women.

But when you go out on a date at least twice a week, you will feel very comfortable around women in no time.

And if you add my flirting tips your arsenal, your flirt skills will skyrocket with the speed of light.

And all this new found experience can be used to flirt with that girl friend you so desire.

To help you out with this, I recommend you have a look at my free Transformation Kit.

Get it right here!

Tip #6: The 5 conversational techniques to make your conversation more exciting and sexual

Have you ever had those friendzone-like conversations that seem to go nowhere.


Do I have something nice for you.

The 5 ways to give every conversation a sexual undertone, as promised.

This situation might seem all too familiar for you:

You have been talking to her for hours/days/months on end.

And now you know nearly everything there is to know about her…

  • Her favorite vacation destination.
  • How many siblings she has (and their names).
  • Her favorite indie rockband
  • Her problems at work( and because you are so nice you also try to solve them for her)
  • Why her previous relationship ended
  • What her prince charming should look like

Good for you.

You might think that I will now tell you not to talk about these subjects.

That you should be groping her verbally from the first moment, as other might say.

You might be thinking the following:

”I will give her sexual compliments from the start. I will talk about what I like and if she doesn’t like it, she can take a hike!”                                                                  – The next #MeToo award winner


Because if I’ve known a woman long enough, I will talk about these topics with her just like any other friendzone guy.

There is one major difference however.

And it’s a fallacy of many friendzone-princes:


”I will get to know her first, and only then I will start to sexualize.”            - The friendzone-king


That’s where you’re wrong brobeans.

Because it will feel more awkward to sexualize the conversation with every increasing minute…

Both ways won’t increase your chances.

So what will??

This will:

You can have your typical friendzone-conversation.

With one nuance to it.

Every few minutes you’ll have to make a playful/sexual remark.

You can be the most boring friendzone guy that ever walked this earth for all that matters…

…As long as you sprinkle some sexuality over the conversation.

To do so, you could use any of these 5 techniques:

  • To exaggerate yourself in a non-sexual way
  • Accusing her of being a sexual aggressor (Yes, #MeToo her straight back)
  • Storytelling
  • Formal-flirty statements
  • Over-the-top statements

This will make sure that your conversations are ‘just fun’ on the surface. But you will build a lot of (sexual) tension in the underlying layers of the conversation.

This might make some bystanders laugh at you for having friendzone-conversation. After which they have to pick up their jaw from the ground out of disbelief when they see you kissing her 5 minutes later.

Tip #7: How you prevent being seen as friendzone-material

Some wisdom from high school.

However, it’s not what you think.

People who know me a little better probably think I will talk about indoctrination and wasting time once again.


This time something totally and unexpectedly different:

This is about how your image can ‘stick’ to you.

You see, I entered high school as a f*cking nerd.


That’s me, Dan the f*cking nerd


The problem with high school is that it just like a little village

People know exactly who you are.

Did you have this cool guy in class that was constantly flirty towards all the girls in class?


And if he wasn’t flirty for a day, all the girls would rush to him because they missed his attention so much.

That’s because the girls expected him to be flirty towards them because of his image

But if you are everyone’s bestie, people often have a hard time accepting it when you try to be cool and/or flirty.

“Pff, know your place kiddo”

People long for consistency. From themselves but also from others.

So why am I talking about this?

It’s because this mistake is not only made by pubescent whippersnappers through the years in high school.

But also man make this mistake in the span of one night.

See, if you stand in a dark corner of the club, quietly by the bar with your beer protecting your belly…


Then it’s really difficult to switch gears.

To wrap the most beautiful woman around your finger like a boss *POW POW POW*.

Since people long for consistency from others and themselves.

This is the reason why I teach men how to act like flirty womanizer that’s always ready to go from the first moment.

You can be the typical Mr Nice Guy… and please everyone.

Or you can be a womanizer of whom everyone expects to flirt like James Bond

For me, it’s an easy choice.

Know that your brain (and those of others) is oriented to be consistent. That’s why you will go through life as one of these two people either way.

Making no choice means that you stand still, passively waiting like I used to do.

The right choice means that you get more action, have a stronger identity and of course flirting with that female friend.

And if you are knees deep in the friendzone after all, then I have the perfect solution for you right here.

Tip #8: How to escape the friendzone like Houdini

When you are truly stuck in the friendzone, this will be your solution.

You may have done it before…

In a little harness tightly wrapped around your legs (and other body parts), you climb you climb a steep wall by means of those colored handles.

With each step you put your feet down accurately, and place your hands in such a way that you stand firm.

Step by step you reach the top.

Down below is your support.

He is holding the line in case you slip and fall.

This is analogous to climbing out of the friendzone-well.

Step by step you have to make clear to her that a regular friendship is not what you want.

But you have to make these steps by yourself.

I cannot pull you out of the friendzone-well.

You have to take action yourself.

You have to take each step yourself.

You have to make the climb yourself.

All I can do is keeping the line tight so that you will never ever fall back into that dark chasm that is the friendzone.

>> Get Out of the Friend Zone & Into Her Lover Zone – 7 Magic Moves

However, all of this is only possible if you really use the tips given in this article.

If you keep circling around your female friend and take no action, all will have been for nothing.

And to prevent just that, I have one more powerful tool for you.

Take that first step right now by using my free tool

It’s important not to wait any longer.

The longer you wait, the deeper you’ll fall in the friendzone and the harder it will be to start flirting with her.

Now you know what to do by following all the steps.

Now you know how to behave towards your female friend in order to start flirting with her.

Now you can take action to create momentum.

In order not to lose your momentum, I made a free Transformation Kit for you.

This Toolkit is filled with flirtlines and techniques to be more flirtatious in your conversations. Making clear that you are not friendzone material.

A complete toolkit to make sure that you know how to flirt with your girl friend and make her your girlfriend.

Download it for free below.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

Stop awkward conversations
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