7 Tips To Flirt With a Woman (Make Every ‘Trick’ Redundant)

For thousands of years, men of different ages, ethnic backgrounds and religious orientations have been racking their brains over a crucial question:

What’s the perfect trick to ‘conquer the ladies and make the competition eat dust’?

But why is that?

Why do countless men brood day and night over the subject of ‘the perfect trick?

They think that with the right technique they can get a woman to go home with them in the blink of an eye.

They see it as a kind of secret code that needs to be discovered.

Today we will reveal the secret… and why it’s perhaps your biggest obstacle to have success with women…

Besides that you learn:

  • How to flirt with a girl in person: 7 tips that will help you never need a trick with women again
  • 2 flirting techniques which help you to make her long for sex with you
  • Simple flirty things to say to a girl that will help you to make her fall in love with you without having to manipulate her
  • Flirt with body language? Why what you don’t say is decisive for your success
  • And many more tips on how to flirt with a girl face-to-face…

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Before we start, we must clarify something important.

The tips you get from me in this article are extremely effective. However, if you’re looking for manipulative tricks here, you’ve come to the wrong place.

All the tips for flirting you get here have a purpose:

To leave the women you meet happier than you found them.

Only if that is your goal, the advice in this article unleashes its full potential.

Got it?

Cool. Let’s go.

If you’ve got no idea what women want…

Most men think that they need two things to seduce attractive women:

  • A brimming account
  • A flawless appearance

This is a very sparsely stocked flirtation arsenal.

These things are very desirable in themselves, but only if you don’t pursue them with the main motivation to impress other people.

If you try to impress women with your money and your looks alone, they can smell it from ten miles away. Against the wind…

If you’re like me, then one day you want to enter a relationship with a woman with whom you can have children and enjoy a fulfilling partnership.

For this you need things that are more impressive for women than a six-pack and a Ferrari.

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To seduce all the hot chicas bonitas in the world, you need a basic understanding of female psychology.

For most men, a woman’s head is an impenetrable jungle of question marks.

The principle is relatively simple:

Women want to FEEL something.

If you really want to drive a woman crazy about you, it depends on:

  • How many DIFFERENT feelings you can trigger in her
  • How INTENSIVE she feels these emotions

Well, let’s see how you can make that happen.

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How to flirt with a woman: 7 tips that make every trick look ridiculous

Tip #1: Activate ‘boss mode’

The average Joe manages to talk to a woman now and then, but then the conversation turns more and more towards ‘nowhere’.

The reason?

Joe stays passive and does…

He simply doesn’t succeed in taking the next step that would be necessary to seduce the woman.

This is due to the following two reasons:

  1. He only focuses on triggering positive reactions (compliments and smiles) and thinks the cat is in the bag and he can lean back. The woman will do the rest for him…
  2. The positive reactions of the woman give Joe a huge ego boost. He is addicted to the feeling he gets when she laughs at his jokes or hangs on his lips with interest. That’s why he doesn’t dare to tease the woman, lead her to another place or try to kiss her.

The problem with that is:

As soon as a woman realizes that you aren’t taking any risk of getting rejected by her, you become uninteresting for her.

To prevent this, you must make sure YOU take the next step.

Here are some examples of what this next step might look like:

  • When you text, YOU suggest a meeting
  • If she responds well to your touch, YOU do the first kissing attempt
  • When you’re on a date together, YOU lead her to a place where you can have fun

The woman doesn’t reciprocate your advances?

Don’t panic. As long as there is attraction between you, this is what you should do:

Relax, make a joke about it and try again later.

If she laughs and obviously enjoys your presence, everything is fine.

YOU take responsibility for making the most of the time you spend together.

You’re the boss.

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Tip #2: Nonverbal communication

According to science what you say is only about 20% of your total communication.

The remaining 80% is non-verbal.

These non-verbal signals include:

#1: Intense eye contact

Strong eye contact can also (and especially) without words trigger powerful sexual tension.

Practice making intense eye contact with women.

Of course, it’s important to find the right balance between keeping eye contact and breaking it so that the woman doesn’t feel creepily stared at.

#2: Body contact

A buddy once told me he seduced a woman in Tango class.

During training, the two often did partner exercises in which they had to make a lot of physical contact. Through the many touches the two got used to each other quickly and finally ended up in bed.

What I’m trying to say is:

You can make a woman incredibly hot just by touching her. Let her know through physical contact that you’re sexually interested in her.

Make it a habit to touch all the people you communicate with occasionally.

You don’t do this as a technique or to impress them, but simply because it’s a part of your way of communicating.

In this article I show you how exactly you can touch a woman so that she feels good and wants more of it:

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#3: Your body language

This point would go beyond the scope of the article. I’m just saying:

Learn how your posture influences your psyche and your effect on others. This influence is most likely bigger than you think.

Tip #3: Abstain from alcohol

Maybe your first impulse now screams ‘Never!’, but this tip is worth gold.

Here in America, alcohol is often called ‘liquid courage.

If you drink every time you’re out and about to approach women, it will slowly but surely kill your self-confidence.

Subconsciously you’re asking yourself:

Can I flirt with a woman if I haven’t had a few drinks?”

And that makes you feel like shit.

Many men try to get so much liquid courage that at the end of the night they can articulate themselves worse than a moose on LSD.

If you’re the only one not staggering around and spilling beer, you’re miles ahead of your ‘competitors’ in flirting, because your senses are razor sharp.

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You’re more quick-witted, more controlled and you seem more intelligent.

Besides that, every time you approach a woman sober, your confidence grows.

You’re becoming more and more aware that you don’t need alcohol to loosen up.

So, try to avoid alcohol as much as possible if you want to take flirting seriously.

(If you’re sitting at the bar at 2:00 a.m. with a gorgeous woman and enjoy a drink, then I’ll of course not tear your head off.)

Tip #4: Ally with her friends

Most men focus only on the woman they want to seduce without paying attention to the friends she’s with.

This is a fatal mistake.

No matter how great the woman may think you’re – if her friends don’t like you, they will do everything they can to make sure you don’t end up with her.

Unfortunately for you, 99% of the time your beloved is more interested in the opinion of her friends – even if she likes you.

After all, she just met you.

Therefore, basically give everything to band together with her friends:

  • Greet them
  • Remember their names and use them
  • Talk to them from time to time

Once you’ve won her friends over, they may even help you seduce your mademoiselle.

Tip #5: Give her a reason to come with you

If you want to bring a woman home, you have to give her a reason.

It doesn’t have to be something incredibly creative. It could be the simplest reasons:

  • You want to mix fresh smoothies with her
  • You want to cook something with her
  • You’re having an afterparty
  • You want to go for a walk with her to enjoy the silence of the night and get to know her better

The woman can guess where this is going, but the important thing is that you don’t lie. If you talk about an afterparty and lead her into an empty room, then the whole thing becomes just pathetic and embarrassing.

The main point is that the woman doesn’t have to tell her friends and herself the next day that she only went home with you to get laid.

She needs a story that is more innocent than kittens sliding down a rainbow.

“He only wanted to show me his self-painted pictures, but then we got along really well and somehow one thing led to another. Finally, we ended up in bed. It was an amazing night.”

This way you minimize the risk for her to be seen as a ‘bitch’ in front of her friends or to be labeled as ‘easy to have’.

This doubles the chances of her going home with you.

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Tip #6: Turn the tables

You’ve probably already noticed that forbidden things have an almost magical attraction for us humans. For some reason, we love to do things that aren’t allowed.

Instead of enjoying paradise and letting the apple hang, Adam and Eve must pluck it and bite into it.

Forbidden things are seductive.

A good example of this are flings in relationships. The fact that sex with someone other than the relationship partner is prohibited makes it immediately twice as attractive.

You should keep this attraction of the forbidden in mind.

Playfully give your date the feeling that nothing should happen between you. You’ll be surprised how this will affect your attraction.

In concrete terms, the situation is as follows:

  • Try to set her up with other guys:

For example, you can say:

Look, that one over there. He looks really cool. I bet you’d make a dream team.”

  • Tell her that nothing can happen between you:

“Hey, I hope you’re not getting your hopes up, but we’re not having sex tonight.”

The genius of it is two things:

  1. You address the subject of sex, which directly plants corresponding images into her head.
  2. You turn the tables on her and make it look like she’s trying to seduce you.

Tip #7: Make her feel special

No woman wants to be just a notch in your bedpost. Everyone wants to feel special.

Recognition is one of the core human needs, just like hunger or thirst.

So, a woman needs to feel that she has a special role in your life.

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This means on a practical level:

  • You give her your full attention when you meet.
  • You tell her what you think is special about her.
  • You let her know why you like her.
  • You show her why you couldn’t have what you both have with any woman.

For example, you can say something to her like this:

“There’s something special about you that you don’t find in a lot of women… With you, I feel like I can be completely myself and take off the mask I sometimes wear with others… It feels wonderful.”

This gives the woman the feeling of having a special connection to you. She feels understood by you on a deep level.

To your memory:

Again, you should always be honest and not lie to her, just to win her over. This kind of dishonesty is pathetic.

Bonus tip: Focus on yourself

It’s not just your ability to flirt.

You will have a truly irresistible attractiveness to women especially when you’re happy with yourself and your life.

Hence my advice to you:

Make sure you lead a balanced life.

  • Build good friendships and strong family relationships
  • Take care of your body
  • Get a meaningful job and dedicate yourself to hobbies that make you happy

The happier and more confident you feel, the less you will feel that you need a ‘trick’ to get a woman excited about you.

I got a little something extra for you for that.

My free Transformation Kit

This is the only ‘trick’ you need.

And now, young padawan, go out and make the ladies happy. You owe them.

Your homie and dating Jedi master,
Dan de Ram

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