How to French Kiss Someone For The First Time – 5 Secrets

Maybe you’ve had some remarks that you’re not the best kisser women have ever had.

Or perhaps after kissing women you notice a slight disgust from them.

Chances are, you’re looking for some pointers how to kiss like an expert.

More to the point: How to French kiss like a true tongue magician.

It this article you’ll learn

  • Learn how to French kiss someone for the first time
  • How to kiss steps: How you perform a masterful French kiss
  • My two simple hacks, which since their discovery have charmed countless women
  • Why the hell tongue acrobatics have been a major part of our lives for thousands of years
  • What your eating habits have to do with disastrous kissing

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You look deep into each other’s eyes.

You feel your heart beating in double time.

Your hands start to sweat and the sexual tension in the air almost explodes.

She smiles at you as your faces slowly approach.

And then it happens…

Your lips touch.

Your brain celebrates a joy orchestra in which endorphins play the leading role and dopamine is the conductor.

That’s when your fuses blow.

You can no longer control yourself and press your tongue into her mouth in a flinging motion.

“F*ck, does that feel good”
– You think.

After your kiss it’s time to say goodbye to your date.

With a big smile between your cheeks, you stroll back home.

‘She’s amaaaazing. I can’t wait to see her again,’ you tell yourself as you retire to bed.

Next day.

Enthusiastically you wish her a good morning.

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But somehow something seems to be wrong. Before your date, she used to answer you at the speed of light.

What’s up with her?

A few hours later you send her a voice message.

She listens to it, but again doesn’t answer.

The next day you try you luck again – but this time you call her.

A reaction?


After you sent her several desperate voicemails, you finally get the eagerly awaited answer.

Hey, it was really nice talking to you. But… I don’t think we should see each other anymore.

Holy f*ck… ouch.

You expected everything – but this answer?

Not even in your worst nightmares.

What went wrong?

But she doesn’t give you an answer…

Listen, bro.

If everything was fine before you kissed, chances are…

you’re a terrible kisser.

In fact, your lady can lose her entire attraction for you, if you don’t know how to kiss right…


Before you jump out of windows of huge building complexes:

Take a deep breath and go through these tips

Because in this article you learn:

Why the hell are we kissing with our tongues anyway?

In order to answer this question, we have to take a short trip into the past.

Back then, when we humans looked quite ape-like, we used our tongues for two main purposes.

  1. As a food catapult: We ‘minced’ food for our offspring by masticating it them and giving them the mud via tongue acrobatics.
  2. Search for a partner: When we kiss with our tongue, we exchange more than 80 MILLION bacteria with our partners within 10 seconds – sounds disgusting, but it’s inevitable for a healthy offspring. Subconsciously we are (till this day) looking for a partner who has different bacteria than we do. What we use to determine whether the bacteria are different enough for us, is the taste of the ‘foreign’ saliva. Because we inherit two broad repertoires of bacteria to our offspring, they are ‘blessed’ with twice the resistance to different bacteria.

What you probably noticed on your own while (French) kissing is the fact…

… that it can make you addicted (as, by the way, countless studies like this one prove again and again).

You sometimes feel like you’re drinking salt water while making out.

Your thirst for more increases immensely.

That’s due to the happiness hormones your brain produces while kissing.

Dopamine and endorphins.

It’s therefore even more important that you can control yourself while kissing and don’t tend to scare her away completely by doing this:

5 ruinous French kisses, which extinguish her attraction for you within milliseconds

Ruinous French kiss #1: The 5,000-watt washing machine

A life without washing machines is hardly imaginable in our 21st century.

Doing laundry has never been so simple.

But when it comes to your counterpart’s throat, I have to tell you something:

In fact, there are stylish things called toothbrushes.

This means that you DON’T have to lick her tongue, as well as the rest of the inside of her mouth, clean with your tongue (sounds crazy, I know).

Fascinating, isn’t it?

The washing machine is probably the most common mistake men make when French kissing.

They whirl their tongues wildly down the throats of their chicas as if they were dehydrated camels that need a good swallow from a water bucket to avoid passing out.

Added to this are uncoordinated movements of the tongue which almost cause their mademoiselles to gag…

Doesn’t sound very romantic, does it?

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Ruinous French kiss #2: The stiff pirate hook

Ay, ay, sailor!

During this French kiss this sailor rakes his tongue into the throat of his chosen ones.

And he does this in such a sticky manner that his chosen ones can no longer move her gustatory apparatus at all.

He practically fills her mouth with his entire tongue.

Most of the time, the infamous pirate hook is only the prelude to the 5,000 watt washing machine.

It might surprise you…

…but even gorgeous women sometimes use that ‘move’ passionately.

In the conviction that these wild movements create more pleasure.

However, they aren’t aware of what huge of a turnoff this can be for their counterpart.

After all this ‘move’ doesn’t sub communicate a lot sensitivity.

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Ruinous French kiss #3: The soaking wet sponge

Have you ever watched your senile neighbor’s bulldog catching a ball full euphoric and bringing it back to its master, drooling?

As if your neighbor squeezes the ball dripping with saliva into your mouth – that’s what this French kiss feels like.

Countless men feel they must give their ma’am a refreshing experience by causing a bacterial explosion in her mouth.

They accumulate saliva and stretch their tongues cramped between the lips of their dates, whereupon their chica can literally gargle the liquid like a cup of Listerine.

In doing so, they give a whole new definition to the term ‘disgusting’…

…and it’s anything but sexy…

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Ruinous French kiss #4: The caustic human drain

You probably already know this phenomenon from your school days.

This one teacher leaning over your shoulder to explain something to you.

And then it overcomes you:

His lousy breath.

A mixture of Harz cheese and orangutan droppings.

Thank you very much for the solution, Mr. Smith – but did you have to burn away my nose hairs with your bad breath right away?

Now imagine that someone wants to seduce you with this eau de toilette (in the truest sense of the word) by French kissing you.

Your mouths merge – including the decay-smelling stink bomb of her tongue.

Yeah, you probably don’t want to finish this movie in your head…

What do you think the chance is, that you can create strong attraction while having bad breath?

That’s right.

The only thing she will do if French kiss her like this, is to report you for bodily harm.

After all, she will never grow nose hairs again…

Which is certainly not your goal.

Ruinous French kiss #5: The overwhelming puke

Ever tried to stuff an Angus steak in a whole piece in your mouth?

If so, you probably have noticed the following:

Because the piece is way too big for your mouth, it causes gag reflexes.

The steak shoots out of your nose because you just can’t get it down.

You almost break your jaw while half of your steak is still sticking out of your mouth unchewed.

So, what do you do next time instead to avoid this struggle?

You cut your steak into bite-sized pieces.

Same principle applies to French kissing.

Many men shoot their tongue between the lips of their kissing partner like a bullet of a revolver.

Instead of playing with each other’s tongues softly and smoothly, they immediately stick their tongue into the throat of their beloved in full splendor.

So deep, until their tongue reaches the top of their chosen one’s skull.

It isn’t unusual for a lady to have her morning breakfast coming up after this…

How to kiss right: 3 simple steps on how to French kiss a girl well

Alrighty, brochacho.

Now that you know which kisses will lead you into eternal solitude, I show you how to stimulate your lady with your tongue correctly.

Step-by-step and foolproof.

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How to French kiss a for beginners – Step 1: Preparation

Before you even dare to go on a date, make sure you showered and brushed your teeth carefully.

Pro tip:

You can find tongue cleaners in every drugstore. You’ll hardly believe your eyes how much dirt is still on your tongue even after brushing your teeth.

If you use a mouthwash afterwards, you’re at least odor-wise optimally prepared for your date.

Of course, you should also bring chewing gum (in case she smells bad or you’ve been drinking garlic tzatziki during your cooking date).

Another crucial thing to take in mind is this:

Your lips.

More precisely SOFT lips.

And how you get them, I show you now:

Using a damp toothbrush, you can first remove excess skin from your lips by gently wiping back and forth over them with it.

When you have done this, pick up a lip balm (for example, ChapStick) and apply it lightly.

These two things are true GAME-CHANGERS when it comes to kissing.

Since I have been giving my lips extra care this way, I have received more and more compliments from dozens of women on how soft and kissable they are, compared to all the lips they have touched before.

However, before you kiss your lady, you should make sure that your lips are relaxed.

Most men tighten up once they kiss their date.

However, this tension is directly transferred to the kiss.

In addition to this, you should also swallow your saliva before kissing the lady of your heart.

So, your kiss doesn’t turn into waterfall.

Got it?


Now it’s time for the kiss.

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Step 2: Stretch out your ‘hand’ for tongue dancing

First tilt your head to make some space between you and your señorita.

As you may know, some women don’t like French kissing.

So, what you do here, is the following:

Test the waters.

You can do this by gently inviting her to tongue acrobatics:

  • Open your mouth a little more than your sexy counterpart: Hereby you invite her to open her mouth wider as well – so that there’s enough room for your tongues. If you touch lips, you can also open your mouth in one smooth movement and thus hint at the idea of French kissing

  • Lick slowly over your madam’s lips and see how she reacts

  • Playfully give her lips (or your lady’s tongue if you’re closer together) a light push with your tongue while kissing. Then kiss her normally again and wait and see if she ‘reopens’ your ‘thrusts’ with her tongue.

Is she accepting your invitation to a tongue dance?

If so, proceed with step 3.

If this isn’t the case, repeat step 2 from the beginning.

She doesn’t accept your invitation even after several attempts?

Well, then your lady obviously isn’t into tongue dancing…

Never mind.

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Step 3: Dance the French kiss

Hell yeah.

She French kisses you back.

Time to squeeze that raggedy-ass piece of meat into her as fast as you can.

Okay, I hope you realize by now (especially after reading the ‘ruinous French kiss’ part of this blog), that you’re not exactly turning your girl on with this move…

Instead, start slowly with small touches and let them become progressively more intense.


Relax your tongue as well as your lips.

  • Slip your tongue over her lips for a moment.
  • Touch with the tip of your tongue hers

Your tongue dancing should be a game between the two of you, where you both contribute equally.


If you just pierce her throat with your tongue, but don’t give her any room to confirm it, she’ll enjoy it as much as a claustrophobic person at elevators.

Or how would you feel if someone shoved a broom in your mouth and whirled it around wildly in it for minutes?

It’s good that we talked about it.

After a gentle fumble around a little, the time has come:

Your tongues are ready for a little more action.

“Sounds good, Dan. But what exactly can I do with my tongue to create attraction?”

Excellent question.

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As you may have noticed, the ruinous French kisses have one thing in common that distinguishes them from a brilliant kiss:

They lack sensitivity.

And how you bring in more sensitivity, I show you now through different French kissing techniques:

  • #1 – Tongue circling: By gentle, stroking circular movements around your lady’s tongue, you stimulate countless nerves at the same time – which makes her muuuuucho
  • #2 – Suction: Your señorita stretches her tongue further? Then start by sucking it gently (or even kissing it) and give her the most incomparable feeling she has ever experienced at kissing.
  • #3 – Tongue push: With a gentle push with your tongue against hers – without any further acrobatics; tease her by giving her less than you could. The urge in her for a wilder make-out rises to a new level.
  • #4 – Lip biter: Light nibbles on her lips create a phenomenal feeling. Slight ‘pain’ increases as in dominant sex where you scratch and bite, lust and awakens stronger sexual tension…
  • #5 – The no-kiss: Again and again I catch them doing it → Most men can’t stop kissing. Yet they aren’t aware that they erase an essential thing through their 5-minute non-stop fiddling around: Sexual tension. By taking breaks, you give your ma’am more space to want more. You also increase your chances of having sex. Why? Because you build up more sexual tension and only release it when you’re in a place where you can have sex.

In addition to these French kissing techniques, there are two other components that will help you turn each of your French kisses into memorable moments:

  1. Your hand movements: Kissing itself is only about 50% of a good kiss. The other 50% you fill with your hand movements. Run tenderly through your madame’s hair, along her arms, her back and her bottom. Push her away slightly and pull her back to you. Every further touch increases the desire for more.
  2. Her breathing: Your lady’s breathing tells you in which intensity she wants to kiss you. When she literally gasps for breath, she’s very aroused. If you now playfully pull her away from you by her hair and give her a break, you’ll drive her crazy about you. A relaxed breath, on the other hand, indicates that she’s longing for a tender kiss.

“I see. How do I end a French-kiss properly though?”

You can:

  • For that certain ‘What-The-Fuck-Effect’: Pretend that nothing happened and just continue with your date, that will stir up your lady and give her a tingling in every single cell of her body
  • Driving the dramatic track: Gently grab her by her hair and pull her away from you; the dominance in this move increases sexual tension immeasurably
  • Slow down with your tongue until you finally remove it from her mouth and end it with an ordinary kiss on the lips; when you then look deep into her eyes while keeping your lips close to hers, you increase the feeling of connection between you tremendously

The easiest way to (French) kiss countless beautiful women

You’re well on your way to French kiss like an expert.

Now it’s time to practice and perfect your skill.

So that you can make hearts melt by just the tenderness of your kisses.

But to practice, you’ll need a test subjects.

Women with whom you can spend passionate quality time and on whom you can even try out your new skills.

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See you on the other side.

Your bro,
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