7 Straightforward-Steps to Get a Date on Tinder (+ Breakdown)


… your cell phone rings.

You’ve got a match!

A boon and bane at the same time.


A boon because a new match equals a huge chance.

This beautiful lady you just matched with could become a hot one-night stand, a close friend with benefits, your next girlfriend or even your potential wife (depending on both your intentions, of course).

But as long as you don’t have a clue how to properly text with women, this chance can be gone faster than Usain Bolt can sprint a 100-meter run. In this case, your match can be easily perceived as a bane.

And while it’s shockingly easy to secure yourself rendezvous via text…

Are you still wondering how?

Then you’ve come to the right page, amigo.

Because today I’ll show you:

  • The Tinder opener to which you always get a response
  • Can’t get a date on Tinder? What you should NEVER do if you want to be successful on Tinder
  • A previously unpublished profile text, which you can adopt unchanged (and from which you’ll benefit massively)
  • Getting a date on Tinder: 7 tips and steps on how to win a date from your dream girl (including a detailed breakdown)
  • How you playfully turn the tables on her and make her invest like Warren Buffet
  • And many more tips on how to get a date with a girl on Tinder…

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The best way to get a date on Tinder: 7 simple steps

Step #1: Send her an unforgettable first text

Every conversation begins with an opener.

If you’ve set up your profile smartly, women will even regularly text you first.

(You want to know with what kind of profile you can achieve that? Then check out the last tip I left for you in this article.)

In most cases, however, you’ll have to take the lead as a man and text your matches first.

This is your chance to shine, bro.

Because with an original opener you can arouse her curiosity so she can hardly wait for your next text.

Quite “coincidentally” I’ve already put together an article for you with the most sophisticated Tinder conversation starters.

You can easily copy and paste any of these texts into your chats:

>> 16 Best Tinder Openers from Fieldtesting Women Just Can’t Resist

Noble as I am, I will show you how to proceed with a match where you have to text her first…

An opener that couldn’t be more clickbaity.

It implies that we know each other – and plays exactly with the feeling of “Oh shit, did I forget something?”

I follow up with a random fact that couldn’t be more rational.

However, behind this screenshot, there is a system that has been tried and tested for years.

Before I sent this follow-up text to my match, I did one thing in advance that is essential but underestimated by many men:

I checked her profile. THOROUGHLY.

According to my perfect judgment, this lady seemed open-minded and gave the impression that she might have a similarly crazy sense of humor like me.

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Therefore, I estimated my chances of a positive reaction to be quite high.

Of course, I was right…

Because she reacts positively to my opener, something wonderful happens at the same time.

She notices from my first texts that I’m not a run-off-the-mill Tinder dude with whom she’ll have deadly boring conversations.


Because I gave her a little taste of the nonsense she can expect from me.

The biggest mistake I could make right now would be to fall back into standard tiring questions like:

How are you doing?

Where are you from?

Nice profile. What do you do for a living?

With the opener, you want to take the first step towards an emotionally stimulating conversation.

Blandness is an absolute attraction killer.

Only if you make women experience emotions can you seduce them.

That’s the reason why my match reacts so positively to my opening texts, thanking me for the “reminder” I gave her.

Nice of her.

Getting dates on Tinder – Step #2: Initiate a juicy conversation

Alright, we texted her and she responded positively.

A solid start.

Now, it’s important to steer the chat purposefully into the direction of a number exchange.

In order to achieve this, we want to focus on 3 fundamental things:

  1. That the chat doesn’t get boring
  2. That our texts are making her feel something
  3. That she has to smile a lot when she reads our messages

This is to ensure that our Tinder match…

  • Does her best to make us feel enthusiastic about her
  • Cares more about us than we care about her
  • At best, asks us out on a date first

I’ll explain in a moment how exactly you get her to invest more in you and do her best for you.

But first, let’s look at the third text I sent her.

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She thanks me for the instructive information I gave her in my second text – which, of course, she means ironically, because my text was anything but relevant.

I know that too, which is why I’m so generous and respond with a “You’re welcome.”

After that, I ask her if she wants to learn anything else.

Because she hasn’t learned something really relevant and insightful from me in any way, I continue the ironic conversation between us.

This creates a kind of an inside joke, as we both seem to have a weakness for ironic humor.

I play an ironic joke on her – she kicks back.

>> What Should I Say to a Girl – 17 Best ‘Tricks’ to Spark Awesome Conversations.

Our like-mindedness directly creates a sense of connection between us.

You’ll see that in the screenshot of the next step…

Step #3: You + her = U$

Now watch this, bro. This move is CRUCIAL for your success on Tinder.

From now on, I send my Tinderella messages about her and me together.

Very simple and damn effective.

Be aware that many men would have fallen back into boring interview questions by now.

As a result, their matches have to hold back their nausea because they’re tired of being asked the same questions for the hundredth time.

Your Tinder chica when you ask her “What do you do?” after a promising conversation start

We’re different, my friend.

And create an incomparable feeling of togetherness with our matches.


By formulating statements in which we do something TOGETHER with our lady.

We use these 3 words in particular:

  • We (“We should start a rock band together.”)
  • Together (“We should drink liters of espressos together and then hyperactively take a trip to the next amusement park.)
  • Our/Us (“With your charm and my charisma, our children would surely be angelic beings.”)

Practice time:

Stop reading for a moment – let’s activate your synapses! If you do this exercise, you’ll automatically use the “we” form more often in your next interaction and benefit from it.

The last thing I did was asking my match what else she would like to learn from me.

She responded with a humorous text:

Now, before you watch me respond to her, here’s what I want you to do:

Close your eyes and think about how you could use her reply to formulate a “we” statement.

How can you paint a story about the two of you and “learning how to fly”?

What could you do together?

Don’t proceed until you’ve come up with a solution.



Maybe you had a little trouble coming up with something.

>> 71+ Questions to Ask a Girl on Tinder That Will Make Her Open Up to You.

But trust me, the more times you create a statement like that, the easier and more spontaneous it’ll be. Scout’s honor.


I answered her as follows:

Give us two hours together and you can do it, too.

No matter how stupid that sentence sounds…

She can’t help but imagine me teaching her how to fly (which is more than banal).

A date is much easier to plan if she has often imagined doing something with you, no matter how stupid your “we” statements are.

How does my match react to my message?

You’re about to find out…

Step #4: Anyone who says that your profile text doesn’t matter is shamelessly lying to you

Your profile pictures are more important than your profile text.

That’s a fact.

Your profile text is more important than spending money on cam-girl shows.

That’s also a fact.

Perhaps you’ve heard from one of my competitors that profile texts don’t matter too much.

Or… you’ve seen at least once a miserable Tinder bio on the profile of a chica bonita.

If your profile text looks like this, it’s better for you to use NO description at all…

Because it’s doing you more harm than good.


Because you seem like any other guy on Tinder.

But what if you chose a profile text that…

  • Makes her smile?
  • Can be easily used as a conversation topic or conversation starter by her?
  • Makes you immediately look more attractive in her eyes?

Pro tip:

Do you have a hobby that makes you seem very masculine or laid-back? Maybe even one that’s a bit extreme? Then use it as a third or fourth profile picture. More profile picture tips can be found in this article I wrote for you.

In this bio, I mention for example that I allegedly won the gold medal three times at the SWC (Spooning World Championships).

You wonder if every woman finds this funny?

Hell no.

Does it still make a lot of women giggle?

Hell yeah.

Does this make it easier for your Tinder match to text you first (or at least talk with you about it)?

Hell yeah x2.

So, make sure your profile supports you. This way, your Tinder life will be much more enjoyable.

>> How To Court a Woman Successfully? 7 Tips to Make Her Fall For You.

Step #5: An easy method to make your text more memorable

Use the following method to ensure that your messages are effective.

More effective than any texts she gets from the average Joe.

Is the method easy to understand?


Is it easy to use for everyone?

Not necessarily.

In any case, you’ve already seen the method mentioned in this article 3 times on your display.

Can you spot them?

Scroll up to find them.

(So that you don’t see the solution right away, I’ll throw you a snapshot of a spicy lady underneath.)

What are you looking for over here, rebel? Look at the previous screenshots first!

Okay, I’ve given you enough time now.

Here comes the solution.

What do these three text passages – marked with a yellow box – have in common?

“Uhmm… they’re all genius?”

Thanks, bro, but what I’m trying to make clear to you is…

… they’re ALL exaggerated.

Gigantic exaggerations.

They’re completely exaggerated in terms of their spelling (“BIG spoon “), quantity (“when I was 2,5”; “99,98% of the time”) and content.

I could have delivered the same content WITHOUT exaggerations.

So instead of…

  • “I learned it when I was 2,5” I could’ve chosen “Yes, I can”
  • “I’m always the BIG spoon” I could’ve chosen “I hate being the little spoon”
  • “At least 99,98% of the time” I could’ve chosen “usually”

Do you realize how bland the conversation would have been if I had only responded rationally?

Perfect. Then you can use this method right away in your next chat.

Step #6: How to get her to invest more than Warren Buffet

With the help of this tip, you can get her to fight for you.

Through my profile text, I increased the chances that she’s talking about “spooning”.

And she asked me playfully which spoon I prefer to be.

Now, I’m assuming you know what spooning actually is but I’ll leave this here just to be sure.

In 90% of the cases, the man lies as the “big spoon” behind the woman and gives his lady a secure feeling as if he were a warm wall.

Occasionally, you can of course lie in front of your chica. For example, if you have a weakness for feeling warm breasts on your back.

My Tinder match asked me which spoon I usually like to be.

As you can see, I told her I’m always the BIG spoon.

Whereupon she responded:

Well. I like to be the big spoon too

Where are you from btw (= by the way)?

There are now 169 different ways how you can answer here.

We choose the path that makes her prove herself to you.

Women don’t have to prove themselves to me. Nobody HAS to prove themselves to me. The reason she wants to prove herself to me despite this is a consequence of my teasing messages.

I’ll tell you in a minute how you can even give your texts a teasing note.

>> Is She Playing Hard to Get? 5 Telling Signs (+ How To Definitively Find Out).

But first it’s time to respond:

Instead of being intimidated by her and texting something spineless like “Ah, okay, sorry… it’s fine, we can take turns…”, I respond:

We’ll n e v e r workout if you want to be the big spoon.

A simple but effective text.

This way, I signalize that I have my own boundaries (even if it’s a playful context) and that I’m not afraid of losing her (which in turn subtly signalizes her that I have several options regarding women and that I’m not dependent on her).

My Tinder match apparently doesn’t want to lose me:

If I were the small spoon 0,02% of the time we would spend together, that would be fine for her.

Sweet of her.

Pro tip:

If you occasionally put some hurdles in the way of your matches (playfully), which they have to overcome, you display an attractive, masculine behavior. You seem to have a backbone.

And that’s how you get tons of attractiveness points.

Step #7: Getting dates on Tinder – THIS is how you succeed

So far, I haven’t exchanged many messages with my lady.

But because I’ve sent the right messages so far, I’m not far from her number (and a date).

Let’s take a look at how the conversation goes on:

As I can already feel that my match isn’t averse to go on a date with me and as I genuinely enjoyed the conversation with her so far, I tell her about my momentary intentions.

I let her know that I can imagine taking her out.

As you can see, she responds positively.

She even qualifies herself telling me that I SHOULD take her out saying she is the cool girl she seems to be for me.

To intensify the teasing tension we already built in this conversation, I text her another playful (but challenging) text:

After this badass response from her to my badass text, it’s time to secure the date.


It’s the details that made the decisive difference here.

Because as you may have noticed, I didn’t ask her for her number.

I rather lightheartedly demanded it from her and turned the number exchange into an action we do TOGETHER.

Let’s discuss the details via WhatsApp.

Many men make the mistake here of doubting whether they’ll get her number.

They text something like:

Can I maybe have your number? I’d rather text on WhatsApp (iMessage or whatever) with you.

Objectively speaking, you might not see much difference.

But still, both texts cannot be more different than day and night.

The man who literally asks for her number is unsure whether she would give him her number.

However, the man who lightheartedly demands her number assumes that she wants to share it with him.

He assumes she wants to go on a date with him, probably because he’s used to women wanting him.


And so, you’re now 7 tips richer or 7 steps or a combination of tips and steps…

Whatever. Now you know how to actually get a date on Tinder.

>> 7 Tinder Tips for Men: 2020 Guide for More Matches & Dates.

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How to secure your Tinder date

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Your bro,
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