7 Steps to Get a Girl in Bed Without Offending or Loosing Her

In this article you learn:

  • Seduces in bed: From “Hi” to sex in 7 reliable steps
  • How you touch women sexuallywithout looking like a sex offender
  • How to tempt a girl verbally: 3 sentences to seduce her with your words (Shakespeare would be proud)
  • How to take her home with you being brutally honest (and why lies are unnecessary and pathetic)
  • What are women attracted to? What you can learn from “50 Shades of Grey” about the sexuality of women (and what is often forgotten)
  • How you make sure she wants to see you again after sex
  • And much more flirting tips for guys…

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By now I’ve written about almost every dating related topic:

Lovesickness, approach anxiety, body language, eye contact, … – name your challenge and in all probability, we already have an article about it.

One topic I’ve always particularly enjoyed writing about is sex.

But for many men, my sex articles are completely irrelevant.


Because they can’t get women into bed.

The reasons for this?

They don’t know how it works.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

All my wonderful tips on how to bring a woman to orgasm are therefore useless.

But whether you’ve less sex than a woman has hair on her balls or you just want to learn how to get women sexually attracted to you…

…today you get a reliable step-by-step plan.

So, grab your balls until you sound like Michael Jackson, put on your reading glasses and go through this article carefully.

>> How to Tempt a Girl: The Complete Guide to Seduce her.

And after that? Go to a club or bar, apply my tips from A to Z and make a woman so happy that your neighbors complain.


How to get a girl in bed in 7 simple steps

Step #1: Become more dominant

If a woman isn’t attracted to you, she won’t sleep with you.

There’s no way.

Everyone ought to be aware of that. At least I hope you do for your sake.

But not everyone is aware of HOW to trigger this feeling in women and certainly not how to get a woman in the mood.

Have you ever read the book 50 Shades of Grey?

If so, I think you’re a genius.

Not because it’s a literary masterpiece, but because this goddamn book tells you a lot about what women find extremely sexy.

>> The Art of Dominating a Woman in Bed in 5 Tips.

Just look at the sales figures of this piece:

It has been sold over 125 million times. And that’s 2015! I couldn’t get more recent figures, but who cares – the bottom line is:

It’s kind of a big deal.

And this even though the book is worse written than the articles of our competitors.

But tastes are different.

What can you learn from this book?

Certainly, that women dream of dominant men.

More specifically of strong and competent men who know exactly how to arouse a woman.

No woman imagines the average Joe driving her to work in his Nissan Micra, kissing her goodbye on the cheek and then playing X-Box at home while she brings home the money.

If you want to get a woman into bed, then you should strongly consider working on your dominance.

In this article you learn how you can do this:

>> How to Be a More Dominant Man and Set Your Woman On Fire

Step #2: Find the perfect balance

At least now you know that women have a weakness for dominant men.

But that’s only half the story.

Women want the COMBINATION of a BOSS and a GENTLEMAN.

I don’t have to tell you that it doesn’t go down well with women to be 100% gentlemanly – you’ve probably noticed that yourself.

But combined with your dominant side, being nice to women isn’t a bad plan.

Christian Gray isn’t a violent psychopath who tyrannizes the protagonist.


He is eloquent, charming, quiet, intelligent and … (who would have thought it?) NICE.

He uses his pronounced social skills to manage a multi-billion-dollar company.

This requires tact and empathy – qualities that a one-dimensional wannabe alpha doesn’t possess.

One way to achieve the perfect boss gentleman balance is honesty.

Next time you’re in a conversation with a woman, listen deep inside yourself and only say what you think is true.

And then watch what happens and deal with it.

That’s what I said to a sweet chica bonita the other day without any sense of shame:

“I’m a bit nervous because I don’t want you to think I’m too direct but every time I look at your lips, I can’t help it.”

It’s not smooth talk, not a perfect pickup line, not some elaborate flirt technique…

but simply the truth.

This makes you vulnerable and instantly appear more confident.

How she liked it?

She could relax and trust me more. We kissed on a park bench and afterwards played “Lego” at my house.

Honesty isn’t only a heroic virtue; it also works damn well with women.

Voilà – two reasons to never lie again.

>> From Dating to Relationship: 5 Natural Steps to Make Her Yours.

But if you never talk to her, then you can be as honest and dominating as you want, so…

Step #3: F@cking talk to her

Don’t believe the feminist pseudo-truths.

There are differences between men and women, especially when it comes to dating.

When a woman sits alone at a bar counter, it takes less than five minutes for the first dude to approach her.

Do you know what happens when an attractive man sits alone at the bar counter for an hour?


I know one man who gets approached by women all the time, BUT…

He looks like a Greek demigod: Tall, handsome, muscular, very masculine features, …

If you don’t look like him (like me and 99.9% of all other guys), then you MUST approach women.

“But, Dan, I’m afraid…”

B!tch please. Every normal man has responsiveness – some more, some less.

There are only a handful of psychopaths who have no inhibitions whatsoever, or people like me who have simply approached so many women that it’s like breathing for them.

But these are exceptional cases.

It takes courage to approach a woman.

And if you can’t even build up enough courage to approach her, you don’t deserve her. Sorry, but that’s the way it works.

“But, Dan, I don’t know what to say…”

Why do you always have to make everything so complicated?

Just walk up to her with a smile, look into her eyes, put your hand out to her and say

“Hey, I’m [your name].

Yeah, it’s that simple.

You don’t need stupid pick-up lines she’s heard five times anyway. Or creative openers that make her laugh but end up coming off as too harsh.

>> Daygame – the Lost Art of Approaching Beautiful Women Without Creeping Them Out.

There’s no magic spell that can cast an instant spell on her.

But you won’t need that anyway as long as you implement the first two tips.

Step #4: Seduce her with your touches

This study shows that people are more likely to follow your suggestions and find you more likeable when you touch them.

And this is by far not the only study that ascribes great importance to physical touch for interpersonal communication. Scientists seem to be extremely unanimous on this point.

These touches are even more important if you want to get a woman into bed.

The question is:

How do you touch a woman sexually so that it neither comes across as creepy nor overly friendly?

Here are two things you should be aware of:

  1. Unimpaired well-being
  2. Gradual increase

It’s important that a woman feels comfortable with your touch.

If she doesn’t, you should definitely take a step or two back and give her the space she needs.

My #1 tip against a sexual harassment lawsuit:

Never take the next step when you notice a woman isn’t feeling it.

By the way.


If she feels comfortable in your presence, but you don’t increase the touches, then you won’t get far either.

So, start by touching her at the shoulder or elbow.

Then you can gradually decrease the distance between you so that your legs almost touch each other while your upper body remains at a distance.

Pay attention to signs of her body language. She shows no signs of rejection? Good, then take the next small step.

Until one day you end up on the sofa of a nice cafe with her. Or in a corner on the dance floor of a club.

A kiss shouldn’t be something big that you have to overcome to get to, but simply the next logical step.

From here you can slowly start a kind of foreplay.

But don’t overdo it. Because the staff won’t like to see that. I’ve seen it all…

Then it’s time to take her to your place (or hers). Oh yes, sex in public is also a fine thing, but this is something for another article.

How you lead her to your home?

Hooo hooo, cowboy! Not so fast.

Two important steps are still missing.

>> List of Facial Expression (With Examples) + The 5 Looks Women Find Most Attractive.

Step #5: Seduce her with your words (+ 3 example sentences)

Although it’s possible to seduce women without words, it would be foolish not to use the power of verbal seduction.

Because you can turn a woman excessively on just by saying the right things.

“Eyo babyguuurl, let’s get the hell outtaaa’ here, what do you say?”

Uh… no.

This isn’t going to work.

You only become a master seducer when your words are poetic.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare, but I can’t recommend sentences that are too clumsy. William would turn over in his grave…

Of course, there are a lot of ways to add some poetry to your sentences.

I’ll now give you 3 example sentences (which you may steal) and explain WHY they sexualize the conversation.

“When you kiss someone, do you kiss the upper lip or the lower lip?”

That’s “just a question,” at least that’s what she’ll think. But it’s less innocent than she thinks, because you’re going to stir up her inner cinema.

It’s also a great way to find out how far you’ve progressed with the conversation. If she reacts coldly, then you know she’s not ready to kiss you.

Pro tip:

Banish any uncertainty from this question. Ask it as if you were going to kiss soon anyway and you just want to check which lip she’d prefer.

Women like directness – provided you have social intelligence and know when directness is appropriate and when not.

The next sentence will be even more direct.

“If one more word leaves your lips, I can’t help but kiss you.”

She’ll then probably look at you in bewilderment and try to read off your gaze to see if you’re serious.

But you don’t care. You just keep looking calmly into her eyes and don’t even blink.

If she then says something, it’s of course your intention to kiss her.

Pro tip:

This sentence is extra powerful if you just interrupt her. It demonstrates ice-cold self-confidence – something women find irresistible.

So, if you’ve done everything right so far, you should kiss now.

With the next sentence we stimulate her inner cinema so much that she’ll only think about sex with you.

“You’re lucky we’re in public right now.”

I know this phrase sounds a bit “rapey” at first sight, but if you’ve already strongly stimulated her sexual desire, it’ll drive her crazy.

For more lines that work. Simply have a look at my 12 Lines That Always Work.

Which you can get here for free.

NOW is the time to take her home.

Step #6: Take/ lead her to you (+ 3 example sentences)

Most of the women I sleep with I simply invite to my home via texting.

This works best for me.


What could be better than ending a date or an evening at a club with a female companion?


I can’t think of anything either.

But beware:

Even if you knock her off the socks on the date, you can still do some things wrong with this step.

In fact, this is the step where you need to be the most confident.

But I’ve a method for you that really works.

Important here is the right mindset.

Leading her to your home isn’t the end, but the extension of the date.

This mindset makes it easy to move the date to your apartment with confidence and ease.

How you can initiate this shift? Here are 3 excellent example sentences:

“Hey, I bought fresh fruits, let’s make some delicious smoothies.”

“I got a new stereo that makes a really cool sound. Let me show you.”

“Have you ever tried virtual reality? No? Perfect, then it’s about time.”

Side note:

These sentences should be TRUTHFUL. If you promise her virtual reality but lead her into an empty room with only a mattress and a pack of condoms, things will end badly. Lying to get a woman into bed is pathetic.

Alright, alright, alright…

You’ve already kissed, turned on each other and now she’s even with you. Super dope!

But what now?

>> Conversation Topics List – the 19 Hottest Conversation Starters.

Step #7: Once you get to your house…

Don’t get me wrong.

There will be situations where you enter your apartment with her, close the door behind you (sometimes you can’t even get that far) and then you immediately fall over each other.

But that’s rather the exception.

In most cases you’ll have to take a lot of time now to make the woman feel as comfortable as possible.

There are five things you can do for this:

  • Give her a tour of your apartment: The better she knows your apartment, the safer she’ll feel
  • Turn on some music: Why do you think that people in supermarkets, elevators, hairdressing salons, etc. usually play music, if not to make people feel more comfortable?
  • Wine always helps: I don’t think I need to explain this point 😉
  • Make yourself comfortable: You feel more comfortable on a comfortable couch than on a kitchen chair
  • Use your words: Say something like “Make yourself at home” or “This is a very peaceful and quiet area where I feel very comfortable”.

Now you should make her feel right at home.

The foundation is poured and on this you should now build an extensive prelude.

A lot of men make the mistake of thinking, “Well, I’ve given her enough time…”

Well, if you don’t care that she wants to see you again, then you can go all in now and chances are she’s open to it.

>> How To Make a Girl Want You Back: 7 Foolproof Steps.

But why would you subscribe to a woman for just one night in the first place? What if you want to do it more often because it was damn good?

It’s all so ill-conceived…

So, make sure she wants to see you again by taking your time with the foreplay. That way the sex will be more intimate, more intense, longer.

The bonus tip that makes everything easier

Women will feel uncomfortable about having sex with you if you feel uncomfortable.

The more relaxed, free and shamelessly you can talk about sex – as if it were the most normal thing in the world – the more a woman will feel comfortable showing you her sexual side.

Alright, bro. Now you got them: 7 steps to get a woman in bed.

Use them wisely, responsibly, and with pleasure.

My Transformation Kit.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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