7 Options to Get a Girl’s Attention (Using Both Passive and Active Attraction)

How To Get A Girl's Attention

You’re at a place with numerous attractive women.

Whether this is a bar, a sports club or any other venue is of no significance. Because one thing is clear:

The women don’t pay any attention to you. They mind their own business as if you don’t exist. Even when they pass you or standing close to you.

You wonder:

How to get a girl’s attention?

Because in the end you are physically there and wouldn’t mind to catch some attentions of the ladies, right?

You’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you:

  • The tri-factor how to get a girl to notice you
  • DECODED: Why some women notice you and others don’t even look at you with their ass
  • The #1 sabotaging lie that 99% of all dating coaches tell you
  • How you exude more male dominance than Khal Drogo with a simple posture hack
  • How to get a girl to fall for you
  • What a sniper shooter has to do with it grabbing a girl’s attention
  • How to exploit social media to grab the attention of the most attractive women
  • And much more attention-grabbing tips…

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How to get girls to notice you

Friday night.

After a stressful week at work, you decide to go out with your bros.

‘Today I want to meet a swell lady,’ you think as you rub your hands together determinedly.

Your homies give you a confident nod.

So, you strut into a club.

And lo and behold, it looks like it’s your lucky day…

Each area is packed with spicy señoritas who have dressed up as if they were competing in a Miss Universe contest.


Your goal is clear:

You want to attract the attention of all graceful beauties.

Your strategy:

Odd Fortnite-dance-choreographies.

But no matter how much you focus on coming up with the most blatant dance moves…

…your plan fails more miserably than those gentlemen’s:

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However, in contrast to these gentlemen, you aren’t even noticed by a single woman.

You seem more invisible than Casper the Friendly Ghost

Goddamned… how much you think about it – another way, you could get more attention just don’t come to your mind.

Approach them? But what if you get rejected?

That would be way too embarrassing, you agree with each other, while ordering the next round of shots.

At the end of the night, there’s only one thing left to take home:

A high blood alcohol level.

When you wake up the next morning with a hangover in your bed, you get contemplative…

  • Why didn’t even one single lady look at us?
  • Man, why do we men always have to make the first step? Isn’t there a way to get women to start a conversation with me?
  • How do I catch attention in a natural way… without coming across as try-hard?

Well, amigo?

Do you recognize yourself in some aspects of this little fable?


Then congratulations.

Because today you’ve come across the probably most effective tips on the internet, with which you can effortlessly attract the attention of women.

The attention formula decoded: Why she doesn’t notice you

Many men have the misbelief that their attractiveness cannot be influenced.

They think that they’re either perceived as attractive men and thus gain female attention, or they don’t – as if their fate was set in stone on the day of their birth.

But nothing is less true.

After years of coaching countless men, we at AttractionGym became aware of one thing in particular:

The chances of you attracting the attention of a senorita…

…is calculable.

It is basically derived in three essential factors:

  1. Perceptibility
  2. Impression
  3. Availability

What I mean by P-I-A exactly, I’ll explain to you now.

Tip #1: Tri-Factor needed for a girl to notice you


This factor is entirely your responsibility.

Finally, you can decide how much you want to stand out, for example by dressing specially.

You can look classy like a Hollywood star, average like a run-away Joe or filthy like a hobo…

The last two things you obviously (and hopefully) want to prevent. How you manage the former, I’ll tell you later.


Every woman has her own judgment – which means that different women perceive you differently.

Every lady has her own preference in choice of men.

While one chica goes for tough-looking biker types and detests smart-looking suits, it can be the other way around with another.

You can decide how you want to present yourself and filter which type of señorita you would rather attract.

For example, if you walk around like a punk with a high-styled mohawk, painted nails, and a leather outfit…

… you GRAVELY increase your chances of making a positive first impression on women, who also like to polarize in a punkish way.


Watch out, brochacho.

No dating coach in the world can guarantee you to 100% that you will be approached by a woman every night.

However, you can increase your chances enormously if you do the following:

Offer her a scenario where it’s easy to approach you.

Let me give you an example:

If you are surrounded by an entire football team, her inhibitions about approaching you are most likely almost insurmountable …

On the other hand, if you stand in a quiet area of the club with an open body posture and alone (or a few friends), you are practically serving yourself to her on a silver platter.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Now that we’ve cleared that up, it’s time to…

… entering the matrix of attention.

>> 12 Subtle ways to Impress a Woman and Get Her Full Attention.

I will give you – as promised – 5 practical tips, which you can already use this evening.

Let’s go!

Tip #2: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall…’

I have a confession to make…

You’ve been lied to for months – no, years.

Dozens of self-appointed dating coaches are still serving it up:

A fairy tale that is far away from any reality.

I’m still not sure if they’re either going to begrudge you the success you deserve or…

… whether it’s a marketing strategy to encourage even less ‘beneficiaries’ to buy their third-string products…

But from now on you know better and use your new knowledge to increase your results enormously.

The claim…

“Your looks don’t matter. You just have to be confident – and with a little practice you’ll wrap the hottest women around your finger at some point.”

… is absolute BULLSHIT.

Yes, self-confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a man can possess.

And it may also be that women, compared to men, are more likely to respond to attractive behavioral patterns than to physical factors…

However, it borders on absolute insanity to claim that you have the same chances with a beauty as a well-groomed and stylish man when you look like a Quasimodo who’s just moldering away.

I mean, you probably won’t go to a job interview wearing tennis socks and flip-flops either.


Because you make a much better impression with a professional appearance.

It’s not different with women.

On the other hand, if you do this…

  • Eat 24/7 unhealthy McDonald’s trash
  • Never exercise and let yourself go completely
  • Don’t care about your clothes and still wear the cotton sweaters your great-grandmother knitted for your 12th birthday
  • You rarely shower and give a f!Ck about your hygiene
  • Let your hair grow in all directions and look like you’ve made love to a wall socket
  • Barely brush your teeth, while they’re now more yellow than Spongebob
  • Don’t care about your organs and drown yourself in alcohol every evening after work

…then you sub communicate one thing above all:

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You can maximize your success with Women RAPIDLY by improving your appearance.

Take proper care of yourself (if you don’t already do so), eat healthier and adopt an attractive style.

So that you have a guide right on your hand, I’ve written you this simple step-by-step guide, in which you can find out how to make a stylish and attractive appearance at any time from now on.

If despite all the changes in your appearance you are still convinced that you are ugly, I highly recommend you to read this blog post. Am I Ugly

Chances are you aren’t as unattractive as you might think…

Tip #3: Girls notice your stance – How to get an attractive posture


  • Jeff Bezos
  • Donald Trump
  • Vladimir Putin

… the most influential and respected people in the world have one fundamental thing in common, among others:

They always have a badass posture .

This isn’t a coincidence.

After all, an upright posture is not only essential to prevent slipped disks.

It’s rather a hack for instant self-confidence.

If you…

  • Keep your shoulders back and relaxed
  • Pull in your abdomen
  • Put your weight mostly on the balls of your feed
  • Straighten your head as if a string was attached to the top of your skull, pulling you upwards
  • Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart

…you’ll not only look as bossy as James Bond.


You feel the same way.

In fact, there is a correlation between your posture and your state of mind.

Countless studies seem to leave no doubts about this.

Like this one of the American professor and doctorand, Andy Yaps:

He approached 88 volunteers on the street and asked one half of them to adopt a reserved posture for one minute (Group A), while the remaining 44 were to adopt a confident, open posture (Group B).

While some stood there with their arms crossed, others were asked to stretch out their arms. In return, Yap promised them four dollars.

Afterward, however, he ‘unknowingly’ handed them eight dollars. With this action, he wanted to find out whether the participants would point out his obvious mistake.

The results were astonishing…

Only 38% of the test persons from group A cheated, while in group B the figure was a proud 78%.

Long story short: A certain posture triggers feelings of dominance and power in people – which in turn influences whether we are willing to take more risks, for example by lying.

Moreover, women will notice you faster if you move like a boss.

With an open body language, you sub-communicate to her:

Yo, chica! I won’t rip your head off if you talk to me now. I’m open to conversation and feel social.”

And that’s exactly what you want.

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Tip #4: You won’t catch women’s attention if you forget this

At our bootcamps we encounter them again and again:

Men who are afraid of what other people think of them and therefore…


They have conditioned their brains to classify their actually normal speech volume as ‘shouting’ and are therefore harder to understand than the mumbled lyrics of Lil Pump.

Accordingly, when we go to a club with them, they are often confronted with the following problem:

Not a single woman understands what comes out of his mouth.

Sometimes the ladies don’t even notice that they have been approached.

The reason for this self-sabotage of our participants is often hidden in their childhood.

They often enjoyed a strict upbringing in which it was bad to be loud, so they had to contain their speech organs.

The consequences, however, will f!ck their lives, if they don’t begin to speak louder and clearer.

No one will ever consider them male or authoritarian if they don’t even dare to turn up their volume of speech.

So, if you want to attract the attention of women, I warmly recommend that you speak as follows:

  • Speak loud and clear (a great exercise is to record yourself with your mobile phone to check how loud you are actually speaking)
  • Make sure that at the end of the sentence you go down with your tone of voice and don’t speak as if you’re constantly asking questions (even though you’re talking about straight facts/ are doing statements)
  • Speak SLOWLY: Many men speak in double time speed as if they were Eminem – because they want to get over with their interactions as quickly as possible,

You want an example?

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Tip #5: This will make you charm her

The average Joe, bitterly courts for attention of other women, usually behaves like this:

Either he dances like a wild bonobo on the dance floor, while he panicky looks at the reactions of the women (who ignore him).

Or he lacks any courage and gets drunk at the bar with his other desperate companions, while he hopes that one of the fine mademoiselles approaches him…


Both strategies are less effective than the #metoo campaign.

That’s why I present you a secret wonder weapon to lure women like moths to the light.

It reads as follows:


More precisely:

Focus solely on having as much fun as possible and inspire women to join it.

Make you and your homies laugh by

  • Telling each other crazy jokes and stories or showing each other third-string memes
  • Dancing around stupidly while you focus on YOU instead of any women
  • Challenging each other (for example, play ‘If I were you‘; a challenge could be that one of you introduces himself as a porn actor to a complete stranger…)

It is especially helpful if you know exactly what you and your Bromigos find funny.

This is one of the easiest ways to get into a state of euphoria and create a massive ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ ‘aura’.

If you laugh your ass off and are in an incredibly good mood, you won’t only inspire women to approach you and your group, but also cool guys to experience even more fun.

>> Best Way to Start a Tinder Conversation if You Want More Dates.

You become a people’s magnet.

Tip #6: Don’t be a sniper

There’s one variable most dating coaches often miss out on in their advice (or aren’t even aware of)…

Maybe they give you some halfway useful advice on how to seduce a woman and how to deal with her friends…

But they don’t show you how to create passive attraction.

Attraction that you don’t create through active flirting, but in a much more subtle and effortless way.

Let me explain what I mean by that:

A lot of men in the club look like sniper shooters.

They scan the environment like a terminator and don’t exchange a word with anyone until they see a chica bonita they like – whereupon they sprint to her.

Yeah, if you go this route, I’m sure some people at the club will notice you…

… in a NEGATIVE way.

This makes you look like a desperate try-hard who couldn’t scrape together enough money to go to a brothel.

After all, all they see is a rabid monkey swinging from one woman to another.

After all, they don’t know that you only want to improve your skills in becoming more social.

You can create much more attraction through a much more natural demeanor and stand out POSITIVELY to others.

You succeed by flirting with the entire club.

I’m not saying you should hit on the bouncers or the cleaning lady.


There is a difference between flirting and seducing.

Seduction often aims at a sexual outcome, whereas flirting is a social attitude.

>> 22 Flirty Text Messages (+ Examples) That Will Make Her Want You More.

Flirting is all about building up interpersonal tension playfully.

So, here’s what you do:

  • Greet the bouncer, the counter staff, the cleaning lady
  • Give high-fives to anyone you meet in the club or on the dance floor
  • Give compliments – even to women you don’t necessarily find ‘hot’ or guys who wear an interesting outfit (a ‘Yo, Bro. Cool Shirt!’ is guaranteed to be appreciated)

That way you seem like you know the entire club, which in turn sub-communicates the following essential thing:

Social proof.

”Soci- What?”

Easy, cowboy.

Social proof is a concept from evolutionary psychology and means that everyone pays attention to how others react to you.

When you get high-fived by everyone in the club and you are constantly seen in the presence of laughing women, other señoritas get the impression:

“Hmmm… apparently he’s going down well with other women… there must be something about him.”

And through that you can even gain attraction for women you didn’t even talk to yet.

Tip #7: Use Social Media and text messages to get her attention

Now that you know the concept of social proof, it’s time to take it to the next level.

In our modern 21st century, you can use all popular social media and your smartphone to do this.

Through your posts or creative messages you can give other women easily insight into your life.

And when your profiles are full of…

  • Group pictures with friends
  • Pictures with other women
  • Pictures from different journeys
  • Pictures of your passions (like playing guitar or doing squads in the gym)
  • Pictures of any unusual activities (for example from a diving trip or a bungee jump)

… you’ll attract their attention IMMENSELY.

If she thinks you’re interesting but is too shy to talk to you in real life, she can reply to your stories on the social platforms, leave a comment or send you a direct message.

It’s also much easier for her to approach you in the club if she already ‘knows’ you and has an icebreaker (and can, for example, approach you about your sailing trip).

However, your posts shouldn’t EVER be created for the purpose of impressing women. Because that would come across as artificial and simply ridiculous.

After all, you want her to be attracted to you for your real values and lifestyle – not for any fake scenes.

Catching a girl’s attention is only half the battle

Ok, bro.

Now you exactly know how to get a girl interested in you .

However, you should be aware of this fundamental thing:

If you’re one-dimensional and only know how to ‘attract’ women but can’t seduce them…

…you’ll stay a lonely masturbator…

Because only if you understand how to charm a girl properly, you can form the love life you want.

But this wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t show you how to do it step by step.

For that, I have my free downloadable Transformation Kit for you.

Get it here.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment as soon as you have tried the tips from this article (or the document).

I look forward to your stories!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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