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how to get rid of heartache

‘I feel like trapped in a nightmare.

Like Freddy Krueger ripped my heart out alive with his rusty claws…

But I’m already awake and Freddy’s not real.

What has never been more real is the pulsating pain.

I’m feeling it in my whole body – from my head to my toes.


Because she left me exactly one week ago:

The supposed love of my life.

I can’t think of anything else but the last words she told me:

<<We had an incomparable time, but I just feel less and less love for you. I want to break up with you. >>

What the hell made it end like this?

And more importantly, how the hell do I overcome this pain? ’

This, dear homies and gentlemen, is a journal entry from a frustrated man of the year 2014.

Who I’m talking about?


Yeah, that’s right.

While this may destroy your entire world view, there was a time when your model dating coach was in bottomless despair, shame and gigantic heartache.

And the fact that you clicked on this article shows me one thing:

You are most likely in the same dilemma, while you are plagued by the same question that tormented me back then…

How long does this f*cking heartache stay?

Today must be your lucky day, bro.

Because in this article, I show you:

  • What heartache pain has to do with the Grim Reaper
  • How to calculate the duration of your heartache to the day
  • Why your breakup has NOTHING to do with you
  • How to get rid of a heartache: 6 golden tips to get rid of your heartache pain once and for all

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How to get rid of heartache pain: Heartache = an undercover grim reaper?

It doesn’t matter whether you…

  • Swipe through old photos in your smartphone gallery
  • You see her walking along a street
  • Or if one of her posts on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat catches your face…

Every time it feels like Chuck Norris himself is giving you a roundhouse kick in the pit of your stomach.

You feel a hell of a pain.

Why that is, I’ll tell you now.

In countless studies, researchers come to a conclusion:

In lovesickness, the same brain regions are active as in REAL physical injuries.

You pinched your finger? Don’t worry. A splint and some horse ointment – after a few days the pain is gone.

You have a headache? No problemo. Take one acetaminophen, wait 30 minutes and your world is rosy again.

Are you lovesick? That’s also no… Okay, stop.

There is no antibiotic for this (yet).

The electrical impulses of your synapses tell your body 24/7 that it seems to be hurt, even though physically there is NOTHING wrong with it.

Want to know more about lovesickness and ways to over come it? Here is a detailed article,

>> Lovesickness – To Stop Resisting Is To Overcome, 3 magical ways.

Prize question:

How do 95% of most men deal with a heartache?

  • With the help of drugs and alcohol
  • By reading an AttractionGym blog post and implementing the tips in it

That’s right, bro.

Answer A.) is correct.

In dozens of liters they torpefy their walnut-like mud between their ears…

…while their drug tolerance continues to grow and they need more and more to pour themselves into a state of indifference.

Until they realize that it’s still there after all their distraction-attempts:

Their heartache pain.

Some of them see no way out and end up in newspaper headlines like this:

But you, bro, are different and have chosen answer option B.) for dealing with your lovesickness.


So now open your eyes wider than Mort of Madagascar and sit up straight.

It’s time to give you a final answer question on how long you really have to endure your pain and how you ban it from your head once and for all.

How long does heartache pain last?

How I Met Your Mother, Season 4 Episode 9: The Naked Man. ’

After Ted has been rejected by his supposed dream woman, Stella, in front of the wedding altar cold-bloodedly, he searches his friends for an answer to the all-decisive question:

When is the lovesickness over?

The answers:

Lily: ‘it takes about half as long as the relationship lasted.’

Marshall: ‘One week for every month you were together.’

Robin: ‘It takes exactly 10,000 drinks, however long that may take.’

Barney: ‘You don’t measure something like that in time, you measure it in steps: Out of her bed, over to the door and bam! You stand outside… next!’

These may all be interesting approaches, but somehow they don’t sound really scientific…

The renowned author and mathematics professor at Montana State University, Garth Sundem, has developed a formula for lovesickness.

M = Here you enter the number of months you were together

L = Here you classify your love on a scale from 1 (no love) to 10 (love of your life)

Nw = How many nights a week did you stay together on average?

Kj = Here you enter how many times per week you have contact NOW (this includes Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and contact to your family members).

E = On a scale from 1 (she broke up with me) to 10 (I broke up with her), you can enter who made the decision about your relationship in here.

S = Somewhat trickier: Rate your self-esteem on a scale from 1 (I hate myself and deserve to die) to 10 (even God has nothing on me).

When you have entered all values, you can calculate how long your heartache will last in months – at least according to Professor Sundem…

You can check out this article on how to effectively stay out of the pain,

>> 7 Ways to Free Yourself of The Pain.

My opinion?

The formula is a nice gimmick, but it assumes that you won’t do something PROACTIVELY to overcome your pain.

With the right tips, you can overcome a breakup – even from relatively long-lasting relationships in the SHORTEST amount of time.

“Sounds promising, Dan. But what the f*ck does shortest time mean?”

Excellent question, bro.

I don’t know you and I don’t know how your relationship ended.

What I can promise you, however, is that you will get rid of your pain significantly faster than the subjects of any study of this planet, as long as you apply the tips I show you.

Have a fear of women, I gotta these tips you will ever need to overcome this fear,

>> 5 Steps to Quickly Overcome Your Fear of Women.

But before I give you these, there is one thing that is absolutely necessary:

To realize why your great love broke up from you in the first place.


Because this way you learn from the mistakes of your past relationship and the chances of being dumped in your next relationship decrease tremendously.

So, let’s find out.

Were you always the best man you can be?

On our blue globe, there is a special form of male Homo Sapiens that does a thing as soon as they enter a relationship:

He stops doing his best.

But this type of man isn’t aware that this step was the most FATAL decision he could have made for his relationship…


Because from that moment on his lady starts to look for men who can offer her what he neglects…

Cross your heart, bro – how about you?

Before your relationship or at the beginning of your relationship you probably did some of these things:

  • Variety: You have tried to breathe new life into your relationship by taking out your chosen one originally
  • Flirting: Even when you got together, you seduced your great love by teasing her and offering her fantastic sex – you knew exactly how to turn her on.
  • Self-Upgrade: You didn’t stop working on your big goals and visions; your health was also important to you, so for example you went to the gym to keep yourself in shape.
  • Facet Richness: You have made sure that you show your lady several facets of you.
  • Spontaneity: ‘Pack your suitcase and have your sunglasses ready – tomorrow we’re off to the airport. ‘ – crazy actions have always brought you together.

Millions of men neglect these things once they have touched the vagiloni of their girlfriend material with their lulu for the first time.

How about you?

Have you changed…

…or do you NOT fit together anymore?

Let’s remember the intro of this article again.

I was abandoned and felt terrible.

The reason for my flame at that time:

We had an incomparable time, but I just feel less and less love for you. I want to breakup with you.’

For weeks after the end of our relationship I puzzled over what had gone wrong until I came to a realization.

The result:


Yeah, that’s right.

I know this may sound a little unusual…

I had continued to make an effort during the relationship to bring in variety.

But what had increasingly changed between me and my lady were our ideas about our relationship.

Want to know how your relationship is doing? check out this article,

>> 11 Tellings questions that show you the state of your relationship.

She wanted to become more and more serious and was already secretly longing for a man who would bring her children – while I couldn’t even dream of it.

Because I used to be relatively gifted at completely ignoring the views of my grace and not talking openly to her about them…

…she saw me as less and less suitable match until the love feeling disappeared completely.

For the past Dan it used to be enough for a woman to fall head over heels in love with her if she was spontaneous, sporty and hot.

She could even have been a member of the Ku Klux Klan – if a woman met my three criteria, I fell for her – as inexperienced as I was.

Today, however, a woman can turn me off enormously just because of fundamental views that are against my values.

By the way, the ex from my story is now a mother of two, while her third one is on the way and happier than ever before…

How to get rid of emotional heartache/ of heartache after a breakup: A step-by-step guide

Ok, bro.

You have now received an answer to the question of how long lovesickness lasts.

Yes, I know it was a vague answer and you may have wished for an exact time as ‘resolution of the mystery’.

But what I can give you 100% SPECIFIC advice on is this:

How to overcome of your heartache pain.

With the tips I am now referring to, you will get rid of your pain faster than Usain Bolt can run a 150-meter race.

It’s time to end your pain ONCE AND FOR ALL – here is you heartache medicine:

My free Transformation Kit.

You got this, player!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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