How to Get Women (Think About You Continuously) – 7 Tips

In this article you’ll learn:

  • 7 Tips to get the women you like
  • The #1 most important quality for success in all areas of life
  • No success with women? How you become a social superstar
  • Why more is possible than you think
  • How to get women to like you: What women REALLY want
  • How to sharpen your flirting skills like a samurai sword
  • And many more tips on how to get the women you like…

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Okay, I can’t deny it any longer.

I have supernatural powers.

My balls are made of steel and my penis can rotate, vibrate and penetrate at the same time.

My X-Ray view doesn’t only allow me to look through walls and clothes. No, no, my friend.

Every woman I look at with these, immediately takes off her panties and bends down for me, even if we’re in the middle of the dance floor.

My biggest strength? Humility <3.

But all this was certainly not always like that. In fact, I’ve worked hard on myself. Very hard…

And I remember exactly how huge self-doubt can be when a man doesn’t succeed with women. You’re always wondering:

  • “Am I that ugly?”
  • “What am I missing?”
  • “What am I doing wrong?”

On my glorious way from a desperate virgin to a sophisticated gentleman and part-time fuckboy, I’ve been able to gain many eye-opening insights.

I can’t give you all of them today, it would go beyond the scope of this article. But some of the most useful insights I will share with you here, so that your penis starts to rotate as well.

How to be successful with women

Do you get a lot of matches on Tinder? You got a lot of women around you? You might even have a girlfriend?

The hard truth is that that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good with women.

I would even go so far as to say that 90% of men are between “being a disaster” and “so-so…”.

Most of them get to know women through work or friends. If they don’t fuck it up completely, they even manage to get one of these women on a date.

She doesn’t want to be alone anymore, and he’s a nice guy…

Et voilà: A new relationship has been established.

It’s a stroke of luck and has little to do with skill.

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This is how you succeed with women

So being successful with women doesn’t necessarily mean having a girlfriend.

“Being successful with women means being proactive.”

  • You take your love life in your own hands.
  • You don’t need anybody to introduce you to a woman.
  • When you see a woman you like, you know exactly what to do.
  • You do what needs to be done, even if it’s a risk.

This you get to know many women, leave a bomb impression and can decide to what extent you let a woman into your life.

Then you will understand: Getting a girlfriend is super easy.

But we aren’t there yet.

There are reasons why you clicked on this article. That’s why I’m going to give your success with women a kickstart with 7 effective flirting tips.

Tip #1: Be proactive

This is the most important skill for success in life; be it with women, at work or anywhere else.

Proactivity means: Taking responsibility and acting accordingly.

It’s pathetic…

Unsuccessful people are convinced that the world is unjust.

Men tell themselves that it’s because of women that they’re single, “because they only like assholes anyway”.

Women complain that all men are assholes…

And I watch the spectacle from a safe distance, calmly sipping my freshly prepared green tea and smiling at the excuses people come up with.

A proactive man never complains about the circumstances, but always sees himself as the main responsible person.

That doesn’t mean you blame yourself for everything, by the way. Blame and responsibility couldn’t be more different.

The dictionary describes responsibility as:

“The duty to ensure that the necessary and right thing is done.”

You may not know what the right thing to do when it comes to women, though.

Then your first responsibility is to admit that to yourself.

Anything else would be like being constantly defeated in table tennis and choosing to call everyone else a cheat.

You just haven’t figured out the technique yet, and that’s okay.

  • One rag always blames others.
  • A badass takes responsibility.

Of course, you can still read the next tips, even if you’re a rag. After all, they’re freely accessible. However, they are then a waste of time for you.

The following tips are for men who want to expand their own sphere of influence instead of complaining about externalities.

Let’s. Fucking. Do. This.

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Tip #2: Don’t limit yourself

I used to believe I didn’t stand a chance with women.

I devoured dozens of books on the art of seduction and came to the firm conclusion that this would work for others, but certainly not for me.

How can a man like me simply walk up to a beautiful woman and seduce her? IMPOSSIBLE.

A year later, I still hadn’t approached a woman or had a date…

(Even though I dove deep into the matter of seducing women and inhaled everything I could find on “how to approach women”, to “flirty conversation” to “what are women attracted to”).

I had reached such a low point that when I saw a beautiful woman at Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, I thought to myself: “It doesn’t work anyway, but I’ll just talk to her now. I’ve nothing to lose anyway.”

After all, she didn’t know me and we’ll probably never run into each other again anyway, at least I thought so.

With every step I took towards her, my heart was beating faster and I kept thinking, “You’re such an idiot. You’re going to make a fool of yourself,” but I kept going.

When I got to her, I put on the best “I want to throw you on the bed and rip your clothes off” look I could muster and stretched out my hand to her.

I remember it like it was yesterday: It was in spring, so she wore leather gloves, which she took off very elegantly and feminine, to take my hand and look at me with the same look…

I thought to myself: “WOAAAH! Ok, stay cool, Dan”, and after a short conversation we exchanged numbers.

When I moved on, I was convinced that this was just a lucky strike and that women aren’t like that.

The next day I received a message from her, which looked like this:

Hey Dan. It’s me. 😉

(I hadn’t expected this in the least, but it was a pleasant surprise).

Hello, gorgeous stranger. How are you?

Very well… I wanted to text to you all day. I still had to think about our meeting. What are you doing later?


We met the same evening and played “Lego” in my 108 square feet student room, if you know what I mean.

Stupid as I was, I still thought it was a lucky strike, but I opened myself up to the thought that it isn’t completely impossible for me to seduce women.

A time followed in which I achieved more and more successes that made it impossible not to believe in me.

I began to realize that not only is it impossible to seduce women, but that the possibilities are endless.

Open yourself to the idea that more is possible than you currently assume.

This mindset is reflected in self-confident behavior and increased motivation to take action.

In the beginning it will feel as if you’re just telling yourself that, but in time you will come to accept it as the truth.

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Tip #3: Strengthen your self-image

It’s a serious problem…

Most people have a negatively distorted self-image.

I guess I don’t have to explain why that isn’t attractive to women, do I?

Although everyone wants strong self-confidence, you rarely meet people without self-doubt.

This is because they do nothing actively to strengthen their self-image.

And I don’t mean reading books or watching videos or telling yourself things.

How to achieve REALLY self-confidence, I’ve written this in this article:

>> 12 Exercises I Used to Become More Confident Around Girls

There are 4 areas where you can work DIRECTLY on your self-esteem:

  1. Your financial situation
  2. Your physical fitness and health
  3. Your social life
  4. Your love life

At AttractionGym we mainly deal with the latter, but you should also get the other three points under control.

You don’t have to have a body like a Greek god and you don’t have to have a bulging money bin à la Scrooge McDuck. It’s all about CONTENTMENT in all these areas.

It’s harder to feel awesome when you’re sick or poor or lonely.

Speaking of lonely…

Tip #4: Become a social superstar

For many, the problem isn’t that they don’t succeed with women, but that they don’t succeed with people in general.

Back then, I locked myself in my room with the blinds down and played through “The Legend of Zelda – The Windwaker” for the third time, seriously wondering why I’m bad with women.

Of course, I had a few like-minded buddies, but I didn’t have any real badass friends who invited me to parties and introduced me to women.

If you find yourself in a similar situation to mine at the time, I’ve some advice:

Fuck women for two months and take your social life to the next level.

Go to parties, organize game or movie nights, visit events and be interested in other people.

Flirting isn’t something you do only with women, it’s an attitude to life.

Become the social pimp who talks to all the people at a party, takes them in a humorous and playful way and spreads a good mood.

If you’ve an intact social life, you constantly meet new people. Including many women you can seduce with the help of the next tip.

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Tip #5: Learn what women want

There are two misconceptions that millions of men around the world mistakenly believe:

  1. Women like gentlemen.

No, my friend.

It doesn’t matter what your mother says, what’s in her Tinder description or what happens in Hollywood movies.

The reality is different.

I once thought that you have to be nice and sweet to women and I got hit in the mouth emotionally so often until I finally realized it:

Women don’t go for sissies. They look for masculine strength in a man.

If you always do everything for them and constantly nurture their feelings like an egg to hatch, how much strength does that exude?

  1. Women like assholes.

This is the other side of the coin.

Honestly, assholes are more successful with women than pussies.

But what self-respecting woman would voluntarily get involved with a pig without empathy?

Unfortunately, there are many wannabe dating coaches who claim that you absolutely have to be the “alpha male” who shows no feelings and puts women in their place.

But women want a strong man, not a macho one.

It’s good that you’re working on your masculinity, but you aren’t succeeding in this by suppressing women and blocking your emotions.

How you do this authentically and effectively, you can find out here:

>> 7 Ways to Get a More Masculine Edge (to Balance the Feminine)

Tip #6: Sharpen your flirting skills

I’m a person who sees the world through rose-colored glasses. I love nature, I love people (mostly) and I love our meaningless existence.

There are few things I hate.

However, I feel a strong aversion to clichéd phrases.

Maybe that’s because my mother is a walking dictionary of idioms and has constantly raised me with them.

In any case, there is one that she has told me over and over again that is actually true; clichéd as it may sound.

It says:

“Practice makes perfect.”

If you don’t practice, how the hell are you going to get better with the ladies?

Very few men actually practice flirting. Why?

  • Some people have too big an ego and think they don’t need it.
  • The others don’t dare to take the first step.
  • And then there is the group who aren’t even aware that success with women is LEARNABLE.

There are 4 different places where you can practice your flirting skills:

  1. In your circle of friends
  2. Via online dating
  3. On the street
  4. In a club or bar

To practice flirting among friends, I can only recommend it if you have a certain amount of common sense.

Of course, you shouldn’t practice sexual eye contact with your cousin’s girlfriend.

But there are some things that you can try out with friends and that are…

  • Teasing remarks
  • Humor
  • Microexpressions
  • Posture
  • Deep voice

You can really let your hair down when you date online. You won’t find a more anonymous training ground with more women.

The advantage is that you can practice from anywhere. Besides, you’ve even less to lose by the given anonymity.

So you can experiment a little bit with more extreme openers and ballsy flirty things to say.

The disadvantage is that you need an excellent profile and already a lot of knowledge about female psychology to be successful there.

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Approaching tempting girls on the street during the day is perfect for beginners. You confront your fears (in online dating these fall away) and since so few men dare to approach women in everyday life, it’s easy to get their attention and honest respect.

One is sometimes rejected a little harder, but women are usually much more friendly and open than in clubs.

Clubs and bars are, in my opinion, unbeatable if you want to sharpen your flirting skills like a samurai sword.

It’s not easy, especially for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily take women home the same night.

Besides, there are many attractive women in one pile and you don’t have to walk around the city for hours, as is sometimes the case during the day.

I always refer to seduction in clubs as SPRINTING and on the street during the day as JOGGING.

For a sprinter, jogging is pure relaxation and he gets it done, even if he has never practiced it.

>> Conversation With a Girl: 5 Tips for Smooth Flirts (+Examples).

However, sprinting isn’t necessarily easy for a jogger. It may be that he still has to practice it to be able to play at the top.

Well… I would say

Tip #7: Use memorized lines

That’s a tip I wouldn’t give to advanced students.

Authenticity is extremely attractive.

However, seduction can be extremely chaotic. Anything can happen, get in your way and make you nervous.

However, if you’re equipped with excellent pickup lines, you can relax because you don’t have to worry about what you can say to a woman now.

Only when you’re relaxed do you’ve the opportunity to be authentic.

And the opportunity to get women

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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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