Get Your Wife in the Mood Tonight – the Only 8 Tips You Need

Sorry, not tonight. I’m not in the mood”

It’s not the first time you hear this.

In fact:

Your girlfriend (or wife) is never in the mood lately.

Now what?

In this article you will learn:

  • 8 Tips how to get your wife/girlfriend in the mood
  • The most crucial mistakes most guys make (and how to prevent or solve those when it’s already too late).
  • Why you shouldn’t only watch action movies (and also don’t limit yourself to chick flicks).
  • How to make her sexually addicted to you (again)…
  • And way more…

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Help! My wife is never in the mood anymore

All day long you have been waiting for the night to fall…

You and your wife haven’t had any sex lately. She’s never in the mood. So tonight it’s THE NIGHT to finally do something about this sexual drought.

You can’t wait to finally take her to the bedroom…

But, once you are both lying next to each other, one thing becomes painfully clear:

She is a lot less enthusiastic than you are.


She turns away from you while she delivers one of her frequently heard excuses:

  • Sorry, I have a headache.”
  • Not today honey, I’m way too tired.”
  • Or the most original of all: “I just don’t feel like it today.”

It’s as clear as the open blue sky:

The sex life of you and your partner is even drier than the Sahara in the middle of a hot summer.

Full of frustration you scribble yourself over the head.

You just don’t get it at all.

Back in the day, both of you had some lovely adventures between the sheets.

What happened in Tutankhamun’s sake to her mood?

How to get your wife in the mood?

How can you increase the libido of your wife so she will happily share the sheets with you again?

Dear reader,

Today you will get all the answers.

I will learn you exactly how to make your girlfriend or wife hot for you again.

I will do this with no less than 9 simple tips.

But beware:

Only reading the tips won’t make you change her mind.

You will have to actively apply the tips to regain the sex drive she once had.


Read the tips carefully and apply them immediately.

When you do this, your wife won’t be able to wait any longer to have some fierce, passionate coitus with you.

In fact,

Follow these tips directly and there will be moments when SHE will be even more in the mood for sex than you are.

If you know how to please a woman the right way (which most men don’t) she will be eager to sleep with you time and time again.

But, before we go into that, I want to warn you for the most painful and embarrassing mistakes men make with their wives when it comes to sex.

It is exactly these mistakes that lead to your wife not being in the mood for sex.

Hopefully we can make sure you will prevent these mistakes at all cost.

And, in case you already made one of these errors: we will fix this today, immediately.

Read on quickly… we will now begin with the first tip to get her into the mood.

Tip #1: Prevent THIS horrible mistake at all costs


There is a disease that ruins all your chances with women.

When I’m coaching, I always warn my students for this particular disease…

This disease has already ruined dates, relationships and tons of potential one night stand’s for many men…

(And no, I’m not talking about AIDS).

“Dan… what is this disease you are talking about?”

It’s called:


The Logic disease is a very scary one.

Logic is the archenemy of picking up women.

Many men fall victim of “logic” not only when picking up women… but also when a woman is not in the mood for sex.

The average Joe tries to use logic to convince his girlfriend or wife to have sex with him.

He uses arguments like:

  • But sex is good for you!”
  • But we haven’t done it for so long!”
  • But science says that sex reduces stress so we have to have sex NOW!”

Listen up my friend.

Your wife or girlfriend is not in the mood for all your logical arguments.

This is because the female brain works very differently than the male brain does.

The male brain is wired for logic and rationality. The female brain, however, is much more stimulated by emotions and feelings.

So, remember this:

Don’t use logic to get your girlfriend aroused.

Logic is a disease. Logic is the enemy.


You want to stimulate her emotions and feelings to make her in the mood to sleep with you.

I will explain in a minute how to do this exactly.

First, it is imperative to ask yourself some hard but very important questions

Tip #2: How to get your wife in the mood again

I got some good news and less good news for you…

The good news is:

The fact that your wife/girlfriend is not in the mood does not always have to be your fault.

“Oh… that’s great. So, what’s the less good news?”


The less good news is this:

If your wife is NEVER in the mood… it’s probably your fault.

I know.

This is not fun to hear.

But luckily there is something you can do about this.

First, you want to ask yourself some hard, painful and confronting questions.

This is also not that much fun. I know.

Yet these questions are important to find out where things went wrong between you and your wife.

You see,

With a lot of men, a certain pattern erupts in their marriage or relationship.

In the beginning, wifey is still madly in love with you and you have all the sex in the world…

You are still irresistible toward one another.

But later, the love between you two slowly dies like a candle. Instead of having legendary sex, the two of you are just laying next to each other like bored starfish.

To solve this, you have to ask yourself these hard but necessary questions:

  • Where did things go wrong?
  • When was the first time she wasn’t in the mood anymore? Why was that?
  • Is there something I’m doing that’s making me less attractive than in the beginning of the relationship?
  • How would I feel if I would stand in her shoes?

Look carefully… where did it go wrong in the past?

Learn from these mistakes. Don’t make those mistakes anymore.

In the last tip I promised you a way to effectively stimulate her emotions, to make her more aroused for you.

This way you will get your wife or girlfriend in the mood again.

I will explain this further in the next tips…

Tip #3: Do not limit your relationship to action movies or chick flicks

Imagine you planned a weekly film night with your wife or girlfriend.

Lots of fun of course… however, your taste in movies differs enormously from hers.

YOU love action movies, like the James Bond movies for example.

(I got you bro, I’m a huge Bond fan too).

SHE however, she is not in the mood for a 007 film.

In fact: she hates action movies in general.

She is the typical woman that loves romantic comedies, dramas and those awful chick flicks…

It’s no fun for her to watch an action movie each week…

And you don’t want to watch a slimey chick flick every time…

So now what?

Exact. This cute girl is right.

If your tastes differ so much, the best idea is to watch an action movie the first week and a chick flick the next.

That’s what we call “compromising”. Simple as that.


When it comes to sex, most guys won’t compromise at all.

For Average Andy sex is only about HIMSELF.

Most men don’t care about the needs of their girlfriends at all.

They assume that everything HE likes, SHE likes as well.

The result?

She gets frustrated. Your girlfriend/wife is never in the mood anymore.

Each time the sex consists of the same boring old 5-minute routine which leaves her empty and unsatisfied.

Then, the Average Andy screams:

“I don’t understand sh*t about women” or: “why can’t she just be as horny as me all the time?”


These kinds of remarks make me dispirited, dear reader.


Women actually like sex a lot. With the right kind of actions you can get women in the mood fast.

Before you read the next tip, you should read about what makes your girlfriend sexually attracted to you.

Here’s an article on sexual attraction:

>> Sexual Attraction – 15 Things She Wants You to Know, But Will Never Tell You

Tip #4: What THESE magazines can teach about women

When I was young, I read a lot of magazines. From these magazines, I learned an interesting lesson about psychology.

There were countless interesting magazines for boys like me. Take, for example, those weekly magazines about cars, sports or history.

“And of course the Playboy, right?”
– The clown with unoriginal jokes.

Yeah… Playboy was also fun…


I just knew you would go for the Playboy joke…

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes, the magazine department!

When walking by the magazine department in stores, I always saw something quite remarkable when looking at the section with women magazines…

A lot of the covers of those magazines were decorated with headlines like:

  • Tips to totally drive him crazy between the sheets!
  • Thee 10 best sex tips!
  • The 5 most exciting sex toys!
  • Bizarre facts about sperm you don’t know yet!

Damn. A lot of these magazines were even more sexual than Playboy itself.

These magazines made one thing very clear to me:

Women are obsessed with sex.

This is something a lot of men don’t realize.

Women even enjoy sex MORE than men, IF you do it right…

For men sex is like this:

He humps her a couple of times, grunts a little bit, he cums and then falls asleep.

But for a woman? For a woman, sex is something magical.

You can see how a woman enjoys sex when the feeling of sexual ecstasy takes control over her, eventually leading her to a mind-blowing orgasm.

“Well Dan… to be fair… I haven’t experienced that ever with a woman during sex”

That could be true because most guys don’t know how to properly arouse a woman or even get her in the mood at all.

In the next tip, I learn you how to make your woman beg you for sex…

Tip #5: Give her the foreplay she always dreamt about

There is a reason why pro soccer players like Ronaldo or Messi warm up before a match…

Without good preparation, you have less chance to win…

Also, proper warming up reduces the nasty chance of you getting an injury during a match.

For most men, warming up before sport is very normal…

But when it comes to sex?

When it comes to sex a lot of guys skip the warming up to immediately start “the match”.

Skipping the warming up will lead to a libido decrease of your woman/girlfriend.


When it comes to sexual arousal, us men are just like a simple light switch.

Just one simple click and we are ON.

The way to sexual arousal for a woman is very different. Women are more like a dim switch.

A dim switch is turned on slowly but steadily, up until the point the light shines the brightest.

You have to keep this in mind during sex.

Take your time.

Even better!

You have all the time in the world.

Stop hurrying things up by sticking in your dick right away like the little horny f*cker you are.

In every book with sex tips for men, there is a huge emphasis on the importance of foreplay.

Take for example the SexGod Method from Arnoud Van Veen.

I highly recommend this book if you want to learn more about how to give women great sex.

What’s interesting about the book is that Arnoud does not pay very much attention to the subject of penetration.

Almost half of the book is dedicated to the importance of good f*cking foreplay.

In fact:

According to the book, the acts of fingering and oral sex SHOULDN’T be seen as acts of FOREPLAY.


Because fingering and oral sex are the most important things when it comes to female arousal. They are so much more than foreplay, they ARE the CORE of GOOD SEX.


Ian Kerner, writer of the book “She Comes First”, provides research in this book that proves that only around 18 percent of women can orgasm by penetration alone.

You NEED your tongue and fingers, boy.

Build up the sexual tension slowly. From now on, your foreplays should at least be 40 minutes long.

Give her all your attention.

During the foreplay, your girlfriend or wife should be your main focus of attention.

Tease her. Play with her. Don’t give her everything at once.

If you combine the slow place of foreplay with 100 percent focus on her pleasure (I repeat: HER pleasure, not your schwanz)…

…then she will beg you every week to please make some passionate love with her.

You want to be able to make your wife not 100%, but 200% horny. But it will take you some learning to get there.

Here are some more tips to help you achieve this as soon as possible:

>> 7 Tips to Make Women So Horny They Booty Call YOU

Tip #6: Don’t be an old dog with no new tricks

Apart from the fact that most men know nothing about pleasuring women, there might be another reason why your girlfriend/wife is never in the mood…

To explain this reason, let’s talk about movies again like we did in tip 3.

Think about your favorite movie.

You like this movie a lot. You have seen it multiple times.

But what if I told you that, as from today, this is the only movie you can watch ever?

The rest of your life you can ONLY watch your favorite movie…

I guarantee you that after a while this movie becomes a lot less fun to watch…

You begin to dislike this movie a little bit more every time you watch it again…

Up until the point that your will straight-up hate this movie with all your heart.

Which isn’t that weird, of course.

A lack of variation will result in you becoming completely bored by the movie that once was your favorite.

Well… for sex this isn’t that different.

Lots of men play the same movie over and over again with their partners

No wonder your wife is never in the mood when your bedroom adventures are the same every time.

She KNOWS what she can expect…

Each time you will get more and more predictable…

She doesn’t want to repeat the same trick over and over again… there will be a time when she will have enough of it.


Make sure to have some variation in your sex life.

Don’t limit yourself to the same boring routine every time.

Applying variation to your sex life is actually rather easy.

For example:

  • Have sex at a different place than usual
  • Vary the pace
  • Vary the positions
  • Go for some dirty talk
  • Introduce sex toys
  • Have a spontaneous quickie once in a while
  • Find out what her sexual fantasies are and make those true
  • Make her find out what your fantasies are and make those true
  • Change the atmosphere around you (vary with the lights, put on some (different) music)

Pro tip:

Wanna become a sexual beast?

Of course you do.

Pleasing a girl in bed is a broad topic, though.

That’s why I wrote a full article about it, read it here:

>> How to Please a Woman in Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

Do you want more tips about what women want in bed and how you make your sex life interesting?

Damn, you probably still want to get your wife or girlfriend in the mood right?

Then please continue reading…

Tip #7: Planning is banging

“No, not tonight. Perhaps we can do it in the weekend again…”

Sounds familiar?

If your wife keeps postponing sex then this little trick might help.

Plan in your sexual adventures.

I know what you think:

The idea of scheduling sex might sound a bit funny.

However, science shows that couples that made arrangements on when to have sex had intercourse more frequently than couples that didn’t do this.

So instead of hopelessly trying to get your wife in the mood each night, you can better try to plan in when to have some sweet intercourse.

This scheduling has two benefits:

  • First, both of you can pick out a good moment that’s most convenient to have sex on (and when you are both most likely in the mood).
  • You both have something to look forward to.

You learned in tip 5 that it is very important to increase sexual tension to arouse a woman.

By planning in the sex, you can increase this tension each day until the “sex day” approaches.

This will lead to a mutual increased desire for each other.

So, what to do if your woman postpones the sex the next time?

Don’t go against it.

If she postpones the intercourse until, let’s say, this Sunday night.

Then wait until this Sunday night.

When the day is finally there you can give her an experience, she will never ever forget.

Tip #8: Work on your relationship

If you can really learn to apply this tip in real life, you will drastically increase your girls’ libido.

You know that the biggest reason for low libido for women is bad sex in a relationship.

However, sometimes the problem lays somewhere deeper.

Larger problems within the relationship can be the cause for a decreased sex drive.

If that’s the case, you can try all you want to be better between the sheets but it won’t help you at all.

By coaching both men and women it became clear to me that sexual problems can be deeply rooted in unsolved relationship issues or other challenges.

For example:

  • You had several fierce fights.
  • She doesn’t trust you (anymore).
  • She doesn’t find you or herself attractive.
  • You cheated.
  • She doesn’t feel an emotional connection with you.
  • She experiences a lot of stress within the relationship.
  • You just got a baby (so she doesn’t feel like it or she does not like her own appearance).

No matter what the challenge is: it’s time to do something about it.

You see,

Many men think they won the “Game” when they finally got a girlfriend.

But boy are they wrong.

The truth is this:

Even within a relationship, you keep seducing your girlfriend.

9 out of 10 relationships fail because one of the two partners does not put anymore effort in the relationship.

In that case it’s important to not only improve your sex life, but also to improve the relationship itself.

The routine might be killing your relationship little by little.

Don’t take your wife for granted. You should always work to make her happy, by surprising her for example.

If you need some inspiration, here’s an article on how to surprise your girlfriend:

>> Top 10 Surprising Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Time to get to work…

Now you know how to get your wife in the mood again and avoid break-up.

Apply these tips directly and you’ll be one step away of the best result…

If you want to make sure your wife is ALWAYS in the mood, no matter when or where, here’s the last step:

Downloading my Transformation Kit.

It includes all of the best tips for making yourself the most attractive boyfriend ever.

And guess what? It’s free!

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I wish you a happy (sex) life dear reader!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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