22 Examples of How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Girl

How to keep a conversation going with a girl

You’re having a conversation with a hottie. She’s anticipating what you’ll be saying next.

And nervously you’re thinking:


*Crickets chirping*

Deadly silence… What now?

No worries, bro!

Because this article will bring you:

  • How to keep a conversation going with a girl
  • 17 must-have tips to have epic conversations with women
  • How to hold a conversation that sparks her attraction and interest
  • The #1 method to create unlimited conversation topics
  • 21 tried and tested sentences that you can use straight away
  • And much more tips how to keep a conversation going…

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No more awkward silences

Some time ago, a client told me how he was unable to keep his conversations going.

He sent me the following

Recently at the gym, I made a pick-up attempt that I screwed up quite convincingly. It went something like this:

ME: ‘Hey, weren’t you at Body Attack frequently last summer?’

It was quite the risky opener because it might come across as if I had been watching her – but I already had some follow-up teasers in my mind about love handles that needed to disappear before summer and such.

HER: ‘Yes, until October. Did you manage to stay active during the winter months?’

I had not expected that she’d respond with a question. I didn’t want to answer too seriously about my continued winter work-outs, because it might seem a bit showing off; on the other hand, I also couldn’t come up with something light-hearted on the spot.

After an awkward silence, I was able to give a stuttering answer and quickly retreated into the changing room. This was a girl that I really liked, and who had even approached me three times in the gym before the above happened. After this disaster, I immediately booked your training.”


So. Fucking. Relatable.

That’s why this article will teach you how to keep a conversation going with a girl, using many different tools, so that you’ll never be at a loss for words again.

Tip #1: Keeping a conversation going

Let’s start at the beginning.

I could give you all the example sentences that you’d want…

(And don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty to keep a conversation going.)


These example sentences are FUCKING USELESS if we don’t solve the root cause of your problem first.

In my eyes, improving your ways around women is a charismatic skill.

And charisma is never just one simple sentence; that would easily make you come across as a gamey ‘pick-up artist’ instead of an attractive man.

Because after all, what is the root of your conversations that die in silence?

One word: stress.

You’re too focused on negative stuff in your head:

  • What to say?
  • How to keep a conversation going?
  • What to do when the conversation falls silent?

By doing that, you create a feeling of having to do something, a focus on achieving something.

Science tells us this generates a shitload of cortisol, which harms your cognitive abilities and consequently, on your performance.

And really, I’m a guy who loves high performance.

If someone is a big fan of taking action for the full 100%, it’s me.

But not while holding a conversation.

If I’ve worked for 14 hours on any day, the last thing I’d need is to have to keep a conversation going in the evening.

No one tells you that you have to do shit.

She doesn’t.

I don’t.

You don’t.

Change your focus. And you will change your conversations.

I understand this part was quite abstract, so I’ll give you some examples of both fun and boring conversations.

Tip #2: Good questions to keep the conversation going

Probably the biggest mistake when it comes to having more fun in your conversations…

… is the following.

Quiz time.

What’s the biggest mistake in the following type of questions:

  • Did you have a nice weekend?
  • Any nice plans for the coming days?
  • Do you come here often?

Aaaaaand… Your time is up!

So did you figure it out? What’s wrong?

Yup, you’re right – all these questions are fucking boring and standard.

But the fact that these questions are ‘boring’ isn’t the biggest mistake.

The biggest mistake is the fact that these questions already push your conversation partner into a certain direction.

But where exactly does that direction lead you?

It leads you to a dead-end, where someone can only reply with two possibilities.

The only thing you will be hearing is either:




And this is how your conversations magically turn into deadly silence.

Therefore, my advice is to never ask closed-ended questions, whether in real life (dating, clubbing, daytime) or online conversations.

This advice is so accurate that you actually will want to get it tattooed on your forearm.

But you know what? That might just be a tad bit too extreme.

Pro tip:

That’s why for online conversations I’ve made you this neat little Texting Toolkit, ready for you to digitally tattoo it on your mobile phone. It contains all kinds of tips, rules and sentences for texting and online dating apps like Tinder.

Get your Texting Toolkit for free here.

(In a few moments, I will give away my rule that ensures that your conversation partner will ask you more questions.)

But firstly…

Tip #3: Better conversation questions – examples

So what questions CAN you ask your conversation partner?

Well, the best thing would be…

*drum roll*


Say what?

Don’t worry bro; I’ll get back to this topic in tip #4.

When you ask her questions, it’s better to ask so-called open-ended questions.

So, instead of asking:

“Do you have plans for this summer?”

You want to ask an open-ended question:

“What are your plans for this summer?”

“How will you spend your summer?”

“What made you pick that specific location?”

You’ll notice that open-ended questions will result in much longer answers.

  • A “what” question usually gets you a short answer.
  • A “how” question will result in slightly better answers.
  • A “why” question usually returns the most elaborate answers.

Still, that’s no license to respond to all her sentences with:


That will make you sound like a little toddler.

Even worse, asking too many questions is counterproductive to keeping a conversation going.

This is because people usually shut down when confronted with too much interest from another person.

See, if you ask the other person 5 questions, the other person will hardly have space to ask you another question.

Just like what happens when you physically get too close to someone and then back off one step – the exact same thing will happen in your conversations.

So what you want to do is giving your conversation partner more space to ask questions back.

And for that reason, you should stick to the following rule:

Only ask her questions after she’s started asking you questions.

And right now, I’m sure you’re thinking: Easier said than done.

And I’ll admit it, this rule is tougher to apply during real-life conversations.

However, you’ll notice that this rule is quite easily applied online because you’ll have more time to think about your messages.

And now you might be thinking…

“Very cool, Dan! But… if I’m not allowed to ask questions, what the hell should I be saying?!”

I’ll answer that in the 4th tip.

Because learning a few reusable sentences is kinda nice, and you’ll get more value out of it…

If you’re looking for a ton more questions to keep the vibe going. Here’s an extensive list with everything you’re looking for:

>> 145+ Must-Have Date Questions to Vibe Deep into the Night

Tip #4: The one conversation topic that’s good for endless entertainment

Do you frequently talk about work or hobbies?

Or do you enjoy debating politics?

Although you’re allowed to talk about those topics just a bit, they’re definitely not the optimal conversation topics.

Usually, they’re too serious and too standard.

Still, most men discuss these topics with women during dates, and even while clubbing.

“So… Who did you vote for?”
– Man to woman in club, 3:42


Yes sure, any topic could work on a particular woman. For example, I’ve dated a woman who is currently standing for election.

And of course, I could endlessly discuss politics with her.

So there’s always an exception to the rule.

But in general:

You can easily let your conversations run more smoothly and say the things to keep a conversation going longer, just by simply choosing better conversation topics.

Like these:

>> Conversation Topics List – the 19 Hottest Conversation Starters

Tip #5: Crazy conversation topics are the best


You’re at a family reunion.

You’re talking to uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Some other family members of which you don’t even know how exactly you’re related. And every time they ask you:

“How is work / your study going?”

Or what your grandparents probably do if they’re still alive:

“Do you already have a girlfriend??”

At some point, you’ll have answered these questions so freaking often that you’ll simply repeat them on autopilot. For the 17th time at the reunion, you hold the same monologue about your work.

Just how you’re probably able to find your workplace or school blindfolded. You repeat the same action so often that it becomes an automated job. And that’s why you want to steer away from standard conversation topics.

Because you activate the same mechanism in her mind.

And for that, she’ll put you in the category ‘just like the other men.’

That’s why you’d rather want to discuss somewhat stranger topics.

Unusual but fun stuff to discuss.

This will awaken people from their standard routines.

How to do that?

I like games.

There was a time in my life when I played too many games, but nowadays, I prefer the social game.

One example:

On dates, I might challenge women to share embarrassing moments.

This truly is a source of an endless amount of discussion material.

So that you’ll always have ways to keep a conversation going.

You challenge her to share something that slightly embarrasses her – slightly, it doesn’t have to be her worst mistake ever.

After she has shared this slight embarrassment, you’ll share one of yours.


Make sure you already know what to share, or else this won’t work.

Oftentimes, she won’t immediately know what to share, so you’ll have to ‘lead by example’ and share something not-so-cool about yourself. This could be the fact that you used to be a gigantic nerd like I was (and still am).

The cool thing about mastering social games like these is that it will give you a framework to continue a conversation, without having to remember 873,156 sentences.

The only condition to this game is that the vibe should already be right.

For example, you could do this when you’re both having your second drink on a date or a night out.

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Tip #6: The Nextflix Principle

Nobody likes to watch boring movies and series.

(unless you’re with a girl and not planning to actually watch the movie of course)

So for Netflix to become successful, they had to master the art of making interesting content.

And we can learn a lot from that.

Especially because their secret is dead simple.

It’s emotional stimulation.

Basically, a single episode from a random series will include:

  • Love and sex
  • Extremely dangerous situations
  • Conflict, betrayal, and lies
  • Epic parties

Why does this work so well?

Because all these topics stimulate our emotions.

A fight scene where the hero almost dies will make our hearts race.

So when you talk to a girl, be her Netflix.

Talk about stuff that is exciting. Things that make your heart beat faster.

Situations so crazy, they make your cheeks blush.

For this simple reason:

Whenever you are crazily excited about something, changes are huge that she will experience the same rollercoaster.

And that’s what makes your conversations anything but boring.

Tip #7: Stop asking questions, do this instead

When you’re about to follow the aforementioned rule, then you need something you can say to a woman.

But what?

Well, the downside of asking questions is that you ask your conversation partner a lot of…


Solely asking the questions can quickly become a lazy way to put the responsibility of contributing to the conversation with the other.

You might say:

“How was your day?”

The hidden message however, the subtext of what you’re saying, is entirely different.

What you’re actually communicating is:

“I don’t know what to say, so I ask you a boring question in order to cover for the silence.”

This is communicating with weak intentions.

And it is therefore everything but an alpha characteristic.

Because you are only thinking about yourself. With this strategy, you’re only benefitting yourself during the conversation, instead of also contributing to the same conversation.

I’m sorry to say this…

… However, if you possess this mindset right now, then that’s a very shabby mindset.

We do have several principles for both hitting on a woman as for more charisma.

One of these AttractionGym principles is:

From poverty, you focus on what you can get. From wealth, you focus on what you can give. So stay away from a stingy mindset.

Rather, take responsibility for a fun-filled conversation. And take leadership.

You can do this by giving.

This ensures that your focus moves away from your little ego; instead, you’re more concerned with making other people feel good.

This might sound esoteric; however, that is not really the case.

Let me provide you with a technique in order for you to use the giving mindset in your conversations…

Tip #8: Ways to keep your conversations going

Let’s convert the psychology of giving into a technique right away.

This ensures an optimal link between your thinking and your actions.

This approach is the only way of authentic seduction. Because your thoughts and actions are in line.

The technique:

Instead of asking questions to a woman, you leverage her greatest curiosity.


Everyone always wants to know…

“What do other people think about ME?”
– Everyone

Of course, no one will admit that.

However, when you hear your name within a busy environment, then you can’t help to prick your ears and listen to what people have to say about you..

Am I right?

That’s why you want to provide her with a little piece of this information.

The question is:

What do you think about her?


You are not supposed to be too honest now and confront her with ideas you have, such as her possible lack of ambition, or the gaps under her eyes! Keep it playful and light.

I will give you an example on how to turn a boring question into an exciting observation.

Do you like to travel?”


You can do better. I will give you a practical example:

Tip #9: How to let her contribute to the conversation

Let’s take the same question as mentioned above.

“Do you like to travel?”

And now, we convert this question into an exciting observation:

“I don’t know why I’m thinking this… I do have an intuition about you… hmm, yes! You are the type of person that… Someone that is a real-world traveler. I think that if I would suggest jumping on a boat tomorrow to sail to Argentina to learn Spanish there, you would definitely do it.”

Your observation doesn’t have to be 100% right at all.

The point is that you share your thoughts with her.

Because how many answers can she give you on the above-mentioned wrong question “do you like to travel?”.

Just “yes” or “no”. Only if you’re lucky, she will give you some more information.

And how can she reply to the above-mentioned observation?

“Haha, why do you think that?”

“Ohh, I have always wanted to visit Argentina. / Latin America is not for me.”

“Do you have a boat? And can you sail? I do like/don’t like to travel by sea.”

“I already speak Spanish! / I’ve always wanted to learn the Spanish language. / I would rather learn Russian.”

“Yeah, I actually do like to travel, how about you? Are you eager to travel?”

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And I can go on and on like this.

The main point is to create this so-called Velcro effect.

The one side is soft with fabric, and the other side is covered with little hooks.

When there is too little fabric, nothing will get hooked.

This way, you provide her with a lot of conversation material to keep the conversation going.

As well as ample opportunity for her to be more involved in the conversation.

Therefore, it is handy to leverage many different phrases of seduction. Available for download, here are 23 example sentences to use in your interactions.

Another quick win for you:

Tip #10: Make her talk about herself

“Dan, tell me more about yourself. I actually know so little about you.”

She sat across me while she sipped her coffee and suddenly dropped the question. She was a cute blonde and it was the third time I saw her. It was quite funny that she asked me this. Because she spent quite some time with me already. In fact, our second date got a little out of hand and she stayed for 24 hours.

The thing is, when she was about to leave, it turned out she was gonna meet some friends who I happened to know. I hadn’t seen those people in a while, so offered to invite them over to my place. They came over, my place became a party scene and everyone ended sleeping over. On the ground.

Well, except for the girl of course 😉

So after meeting me in a bar, having a second date where she spend more than 24 hours with me, she still felt she knew very little about me?

How could that be?

The answer’s simple.

When I talk to girls, I focus on HER, not on my story.

I admit, I write a lot about myself. But in my conversations? There I talk mostly about her.

Let me explain why.

Most men talk WAY TOO MUCH about themselves.

This is a huge mistake.

You want people to talk about themselves with you. Why? Because people LOVE talking about themselves.

There’s even a study linking the act of talking about yourself to the release of dopamine in your brain. Your brain has the same chemical reaction to talking about yourself as to having sex and gambling.

Another advantage is that when she’s talking, you’re not. Why is that an advantage? Well, because you can’t say anything wrong then.

That’s as much a joke as it is great advice.

Of course you should focus on becoming an interesting and attractive person to spend time with.

But until you’re there, keep this in the back of your mind.

So next time, talk less about yourself. Make her talk about herself. Let her talk about what she loves about her last holiday to Europe, why she wants to become a teacher, and why she thinks hockey players are weird.

You’ll find out having conversations is way easier this way and people start to like you more.

Don’t overdo it tho

This advice needs some nuance.

First, when you just met a girl – I’m talking about the first 3 to 5 minutes – you’ll have to do most of the talking.

During the first minutes, a girl barely knows you. She might be shy. So often it’s your responsibility to lead the conversation and do most of the talking.

But after those first few minutes, you can relax.

Also, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell anything about yourself.

Some of my students make this mistake. They take this piece of advice to the extreme. As a result, their conversations become very weird.

A good conversation goes two ways. So it’s normal to talk a little about yourself.

But still, most men talk way too much about themselves. 70% of the conversation is about them. This balance is off. The point of this advice is to go to 30% or something around that.

Tip #11: NEVER use this word

A simple, quick, and effective tip.

When you study the psychology behind conversations and you’re getting better and better with seducing women…

Then you start to notice that words have a certain value.

For example, I teach the dating coaches I train to not constantly say the word “uh”.

Because “uh” is a known example of a filler word.

And it removes the power from your speaking.

Remember this:

When you say “uh,” you’re actually communicating the following: “I’m not sure in what I’m saying to you right now.”

That is confrontational.

As a dating coach, this of course, is not done; however, it is also unattractive in your casual, daily conversations.

Admittedly, it took me years to remove this specific word from my system.

It is, of course, fine to sometimes say “uh.”

But when you use this after every 3 sentences, it will cost you attraction points. She won’t consciously notice. However, it still affects her unconsciously.

Why do I say this?

Because there are words with positive and negative impacts.

Let’s further explore how to influence other people positively.

Tip #12: DO use her favorite word

When you apply this too consciously, it comes across as unnatural.

However, when you use this playfully, then it’s oh-so brilliant.

As the famous Dale Carnegie wrote:

A solid tip:

If you say this too thoughtfully, you might come across as forced and fake.

You don’t want that.

What I noticed after having more than ten thousand conversations with a woman (which sounds a lot, however, if you approach 5 women a day at minimal, for a number of years, you will get there) is to call her name in a super exaggerated way.

Pro tip:

The most genius way to do this is to learn both her maiden name(s) and last name also. Imagine, you figure out here full name is “Lindsey Frances Loren Taylor”

By suddenly saying, “Lindsey Frances Loren Taylor !” in a strict but playful tone, like her father would do, you immediately add a good dose of emotion to the conversation. Of course, she will recognize the tone of how her parents used to address her strictly.

Additionally, it is weird that someone addresses you by your maiden name(s) and last name. Guaranteed this will make her laugh.

For the next tip, we travel to Colombia…

Tip #13: How to completely screw up your conversations

Recently, I was in a Colombian tourist bus, forced to eavesdrop on the conversations of my fellow passengers.

A Spanish dude was sitting next to a British lady.

Clearly, she likes him.

Still, he keeps saying weird phrases:

“I feel like I’m stinky” (the bus was returning from a hiking tour with a lot of steps, Guatape.)

“Nah, you’re fine.”

“Tell me one thing right now that you haven’t told anyone else.”

“That is such a get-to-know-you question.”

“This silence was really awkward right?”

“For me, it wasn’t awkward at all.”

“Oh, uh okay.” [accompanied by a long story on the awkward or non-awkwardness]


I felt sorry for him.

His ball was right in front of the goal, and she, as the goalkeeper, positioned herself as far away from the goal as possible and provided him with all the directions to score.

But like in a cartoon, he missed the shot and kicked himself for the head. The other tips will make sure you will hit your target with absolute precision.

Let’s go.

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Tip #14: How to conquer your fear of the conversation dropping dead

If you’re afraid of having awkward silences during your conversations…

Then these tips will help you immensely.


This is challenging.

Because do you know what the best method is to conquer fear of heights?

Do 10 bungee jumps in one week.

Preferably directly out of a helicopter.

So if you’re encountering situations in which you experience a fear of keeping the conversation going, I recommend you to do the following:

Go speed dating.

Because within a short amount of time, you’re having a chat with ten or even twenty different women.

Is it awkward?

No worries, after 3 minutes you can start over with a new woman.

Crappy conversation?

Shortly you will be talking to another woman.

When this is something new for you, it won’t be easy. It is however, GOOD for you.

Of course, it is useful to have already prepared a couple of fun questions to shoot at her. I’ll give you these in a bit.

Tip #15: The reason why you’re having annoying short conversations

Yesterday I was coaching a client through Skype.

He is attending our VIP program and we have an agreement that he sends me an overview of his weekly progress each Sunday.

These are his goals:

Approach 4 women a day and at least 3 times a week. On Sundays, he sends me a message about his progress.

His question from our last conversation:

I do address women and do have some nice short conversations… nothing really lasts however!”


After this statement, I could have said 20 things to him…

  • That he should make more statements.
  • That he should talk more about himself.
  • That he should remember more interesting sentences he could use.

Never make assumptions however.

So I dug a little deeper:

“Who leaves the conversation first? Does she finish the conversation, or are you cutting it short?”

It turned out that he was the one that finished the conversations and said an early goodbye.

His challenge for this week is:

Stand your ground and stay, ensure that she is the one to finish the conversation.

This forces him to stand as strong as a firm planted tree.

This forces you to stand your ground with both feet and not to press the ‘eject button” that causes you to boomerang yourself out of the conversation as a direct result of fear.

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Tip #16: Use your phone


I don’t mean that you should nervously grab your phone when the conversation drops.

And you start acting like you just received an important message to which you should immediately reply.

You can do better than this.

What I mean is that you prepare yourself.

Make sure you are capturing cool photos about stuff you do and experience in your life.

Partying. Festivals. Sports. Presenting. Friends. Holidays.

Be proactive with this.

When you’ve shot the photos, you collect them within a single folder on your phone.

Ensure you have a reason to show her one of your pictures. After you have shown here the photo, start scrolling through the photo folder and tell her the stories behind the images.

Oh, he is my best friend, I met him during…”

“Haha! this was during a party I went recently. You’ll never believe what happened there.”

You can do the same by showing her, for example, your Instagram profile. In my case, this is a bad idea, as my profile is filled with women.

Another benefit of capturing your life means you will have a great collection of photos to use on dating apps like Tinder. Find out here how to leverage the most out of your pictures:

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Tip #17: Girls are bitches and trust me, you want them to

Expect girls are going to be bitchy to you.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.


“But Dan, you mean to tell me I should let bitchy girls just walk over me and not say anything about it? That I should let them disrespect me?!”

Well, yes and no.

Let me first explain WHY girls can be rude sometimes.

It’s not because they’re mean creatures from hell.

Imagine you’re a hottie dancing in the club. Around 90% of the men there want you. So what do they do? Well, first they drink gallons of beer looking for courage. And after their sixth beer, they found some. It’s time to take their chance now.Drunk as a skunk they approach her and blare a pick-up line in her ear.

And every girl experiences this around 10 times a night. The beautiful ones even more.

So what do you do then?

Thank them for their brave approach and have a nice conversation?


If girls would do this, they’d have to spend their whole evening talking to mostly creepy and weird dudes.

So she will throw you a rude, mean, or bitchy remark.

Such remarks might anger you. But I recommend keeping your temper in these situations.

It’s simply her defence mechanism. You should be happy that she fought of all the douchbags.

But understand this:

It doesn’t by definition mean you don’t have a change with her anymore.

Do you get angry, defensive, or apologetic?

Then you failed.

You just showed her you don’t have confidence and can be thrown really easy of your tantrum. Not attractive.

Some typical examples

A typical response from girls is the next one.

You approach them or say something risky and she responds with:

“Do you say this to every girl?”

Other common examples are:

  • “If you think this works on me you’re stupid”
  • “You have a weird shirt [or whatever you’re wearing]”
  • “Oh, are you THAT kind of person?”

Now let me tell you a secret, especially for you noobs out there.

Pay attention to her body language and tonality.

Because often times she is simply flirting with you.

And that means you’re in!

Only when you clearly see she is trying to be harsh or kind of insult you, that’s when she is really being bitchy. And that’s what we’re talking about now.

So how do you respond then?

You have multiple options.

The easiest one is often to just ignore it.

Option #1: Ignoring

You failed right away by getting defensive.

So you don’t necessarily need to respond in a clever way. As long as you respond indifferently, you’re good. So you can also just ignore her remark and move on to another conversation topic.

Another good option that can be used many times is exaggerating.

Option #2: Exaggerating

Almost always you can dodge girls’ remarks by using humour by agreeing with her and then exaggerate it.

For example, you’re in a bar talking with a girl and she says “are you hitting on me?”

You can reply with:

“Yes, in fact I want to marry you and have our honeymoon planned tomorrow”

Tip #18: Drink one beer less

Recognize the following?

You wake up after a night of crazy partying.

You remember you met an amazing girl and decide to text her.

Of course you read my article about how to flirt with girls over text. So you know it always helps to refer back to something from your encounter with her. An inside joke for example.

There’s just one thing…

You have NO IDEA what you actually talked about.


Okay, we’ve all been there. So I won’t judge you. However, for your results with girls, it’s a good idea to drink a little less next time.

It will also DRASTICALLY improve your conversations with girls.

What happened to my conversations with girls when I stopped drinking

In the past, I’ve done a few no-alcohol challenges with friends. For a few weeks or months, we wouldn’t drink anything.

Every time we realized it’s way easier than we thought, and every time we realized how much our conversation with women improved.

I’ll give you some advantages.

By the way, I’m not saying you should drink absolutely zero alcohol. Does one drink help you relax a little on a date? Go for it. I’m talking about the advantages of drinking 1 to 3 beers instead of 16 here.

Advantage #1: You’re way more on point in conversations

Sure, sometimes it takes a little longer to get in that social vibe where you talk freely. But when you get to that point, it’s almost like being a social superman. You’re wittier, you pay more attention to what she says and you register a lot more social cues like her emotions and facial expressions.

Advantage #2: You actually remember your conversations

Not only does this help you send better texts the day after, it also helps you to learn and grow.

This one is pretty simple. If you want to become better with conversations, you have to practice a lot and learn from it.

But it’s hard to learn from your mistakes if you can’t remember them.

Advantage #3: You’re always “on”

Peter is a friend of mine who does very well with the ladies.

His secret?

He works at festivals. His job is to talk with people about the dangers of drinking and driving. Here’s in his own words how this made him a good conversationalist:

“Of course we can’t just go to people and be like “Hey, drinking and driving is bad! Don’t do that!” That doesn’t work. No one wants to get told what to do at a festival. You have to approach people in a fun way, become their friends, and only then ask their opinion about drinking and driving.”

Now obviously a job where you have to talk a lot makes you a better conversationalist.

But there’s more…

He also says that working sober in a party-like environment grants him the always “on” perk.

This makes him very different from most people. What do I mean by this? Well, most people’s brains have 2 settings.

Their brain is in the first setting from Monday till Friday. It’s the setting that talks about work and has serious opinions about politics and the stock market.

Then at Friday 5PM, they crack open a cold one to switch their brain to its second setting: The all-fun-and-let’s-celebrate the weekend setting.

Peter can switch to this “state” immediately. Because he’s so used to it in his work, he doesn’t need alcohol to get into a social vibe.

Most people do. And it’s why drinking is the norm in a lot of social situations. When you stop doing this, the beginning might be a little hard, but soon you learn to flip your social-switch in a second.

Oh, and apparently it has some health benefits 😉

The final 4 tips

Alright, we’re almost done finishing the great guide of knowing what to say.

And that’s why you’re now getting 4 quick tips to prepare yourself for your future conversations thoroughly.

Tip #19: Get relaxed with tedious silences

Silences are often so tedious…

Because you are freaking out over them

As soon as you start to relax more, you will notice that everything is okay.

Breathe in…

…. And breathe out.


Tip #20: Remember 10 example conversation lines

When you at least remember a couple of interesting questions from the top of your head.

And you leverage some of the 23 example sentences.

Then you’ll have a fallback mechanism in place during your conversations.

So prepare yourself well.

Tip #21: The best way to get good with conversations extremely fast

There’s one thing you can do to become an expert conversationalist extremely fast.

And it’s simple.

Take a job where you have to talk a lot.

My first suggestion? Sales. A few friends of me for example promoted charity organizations on the streets as students. They approached people (often hot girls) and tried to make them support charities.

This job has a few huge advantages:

  • You have to talk. A lot.
  • You’ll get some serious sales training from coaches and experienced colleagues. And a lot of this can be used in daily conversations as well.
  • All of your colleagues are extremely social. And it’s contagious. You get much better at conversations just by spending time with them.

Oh, and you can make some nice money on the job too.

Not bad right?

Another option is bartending.

I have never met a bartender who wasn’t social. Those guys have banter and the craziest stories.

Anyway, especially if you’re young, I highly recommend giving these jobs a try. And even if you’re older, it can’t hurt to try working a job like this 1 or 2 days a week.

Tip #22: There is only one way to improve significantly…

and that is by doing it more.

Listen, you can read all the blogs on this topic in the world.

You can watch all of my 100+ YouTube videos.

And you will probably learn a lot by doing this.

There is, however, only one type of men that is successful with women.

And these are the men that take action:

  • So, start a lot of conversations with different women.
  • Embarrass yourself.
  • Get rejected.
  • Look the awkwardness straight in the eyes the moment you fail to keep the conversation going.
  • Grow a thicker skin, and you will notice it all doesn’t really matter much.

For a good start, as well as for daily motivation directly in your mailbox, check out the Transformation Kit below.

This package ensures you get the tools to immediately take action and start living it instead of only reading about it.

Keep (the conversation) going.

Your brother in arms,
Daan de Ram

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