Keeping Her Interested by Being Interesting – 3 Timeless Tips

Dan de Ram

14 May 2020 by Dan de Ram

“Dan, I’m beginning to lose faith in women…

I get to know a woman, take her out on one or two dates and then it happens:

She’s loses interest in me.

I put a lot of effort into my texting, dates and conversations to really get to know her.

But she seems more and more absent with each additional minute that passes. I just don’t know what it is.

How the hell do I keep a girl interested?

Messages like these keep on sliding into my inbox.

And that’s exactly why I will show you today:

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Awakened her interest? Check! How to keep her interested?

Bro, whether you’re presently dating one or more beautiful women…

… or are even currently in a relationship with a chica bonita… You don’t want your lady to lose interest in you (as is   the case with our email amigo).

After all, you want to enjoy epic experiences with a woman who is willing to give her best for you and don’t want to be condemned 24/7 to bitter loneliness with your right hand.

Regardless of whether your current goal is…

If you have no idea how to awaken interest in women (and keep it), you’re going to be…

Doesn’t sound like a bright future…

That’s why in this article I will give you 3 tips to keep her lovingly by your side.

  • No more losing interest
  • No more flaking


In conclusion, after applying the tips in this article, you will already have awakened enormous interest in you in your chosen one.

Today, you and I are going one step further.

With the help of 3 simple tips, I will show you not only how to keep her interested.


Moreover, in this blog post, you will learn how to become IRRESISTIBLE to your mademoiselle, so that she fights for you.

“What are we waiting for, Dan. Spill!”

I like your ambition! ;P

Let’s jump right in..

*Cracks his knuckles*

Here they are:

Tip #1: Don’t give her attention all the time

Most men consider it a genius idea to contact women non-stop to keep her interested.

“How are you?”

“What are you doing?”

“How was your day?”

“Did you sleep well?”

“What did you have for breakfast?”

“How’s your iguana?”

“What is he doing?”

“How was his day?”

“Did he sleep well?”

Even if their beloved doesn’t answer them, they try their luck (sometimes even for months !).

When they notice their messages aren’t exactly the sh!t to win their lady, they try the following:

They stalk them like the NSA to mark every single photo of her with a ‘like’ on all social media platforms.


Regardless of whether you’ve already been on one or more dates with your ma’am, or are even in a relationship with her…

When you give a woman your full attention unconditionally, without her giving you any attention in return, something is seriously wrong.

You’re hereby sub communicating:

“You’re my goddess and I’m lucky that you’re part of my life.

Nothing in this world has a higher priority for me than your excellency.“

Not exactly a beacon of confidence, is it?

You put her on a pedestal and subordinate to her as if you were a trampled maggot.

From your señorita’s perspective, your attention is not worth anything either.

After all, she has to do nada to get it.

As soon as she notices this fact, you run the risk of becoming her personal puppet, with whom she can play around as she pleases.

What? You want to know how to achieve the opposite?

Get your chica to give her best to get a fraction of your attention?

Then do the following:

Shift your focus.

Set new priorities in your life:

Because if your life isn’t only based on the existence of your chosen one, something magical happens:

Due to you having epic things going on next to her, you automatically tend to pay less attention to your flame.

For example, you text her much more sporadically and save your stories for real-life encounters with her, the arranging of which has become the main purpose of writing for you.

Besides, you don’t have 365 days a year for her.

You’re a busy man following bigger purposes.

Once you have time for her, you will, of course, give her your full attention during your date.

But as soon as you go back to your schedule-filled, everyday life, you rein in your contact with her.

After all, you can’t answer her within milliseconds if you’re about to jump through a ring of fire while riding a dolphin.

“Isn’t that how I lose her, if I text her more sporadically?”

No, quite the opposite….

This will create SPACE for her to MISS you. And space for her to become interested in you.

In the hours or days when you don’t have time to discuss the health of her iguana via text, she thinks back to the fantastic experiences she has already had with you.

Once you contact her, her euphoria towards you is even more gigantic.

You’re making her feel like…

Tip #2: Bless her with memorable moments

She nestles up against my shoulder and gives me a tender kiss.

We sit on a wooden bench.

Right in front of us:

A majestic panorama that is unrivaled.

“Look, Dan!”, she points, with her index finger, to a castle that lies on a tiny island in the middle of a lake.

A few hours ago, we were munching on some snacks at a campground near Graz.

And now, arriving at the Ojstrica viewpoint in Bled (Slovenia), we philosophize about how to take over the world.

We are both on cloud nine and feel enormously connected to each other.

For four months.

And this even though we’re not even in a committed relationship.

I’m interested in her, and she’s enthusiastic about me.

Listen up, muchacho.

You don’t have to go on a two-week road trip with camping overnight, sleeping under the star-like I did to keep a girl interested in you …

Rather, it’s the essence behind my road trip with which you can win her heart:


Imagine yourself in a relationship with an attractive woman.

At the beginning of your relationship you share incomparable experiences.You’re on holiday in Gran Canaria, where you water-ski together towards the sunset.

You regularly travel to various festivals and celebrate your ‘spiritual kinship’. And ‘going to the gym together’ has been part of your agenda since you fell in love.

But after a few months it happens.

Your lady’s getting more and more lazy. Travel with you? No, she has lost her spirit of adventure.

She prefers to fool around on the couch. Preferably with a fatty pizza in one hand and a canned beer in the other.

She hasn’t seen the gym for weeks, which is more than evident from her new ‘life rings’.

Sex? Dispassionate. You rub your genitals together for about ten minutes and then fall asleep.

Sometimes, you even voluntarily pass on it.

After all, you lack variety.

What do you think?

Does that sound like a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Certainly not.

And despite this, countless men bring exactly this attitude towards their chosen ones, while they wonder why their ladies lose interest in them.

No human being on this planet wants to have a partner at their side who is stagnating lifelessly.


So, if you want to keep a woman interested and in love, do the following instead:

Ignite the spirit of adventure in her and…

Tip #3: The most effective way to keep women’s interest


No other adjective describes the average American better.

And to show you how I came to this frightening realization

… once again, I’ve spared no expense and effort to create an eye-opening illustration with old AttractionGym precision for you:

You know what I think the scariest thing about this chart is?

Apart from sleeping, the average American spends most of their entire life working – which, by the way, they often detest – and spend almost 3.5 (!) hours soullessly squatting in front of the tube every day.

Three hours and 19 minutes a day equate to 23 hours and 13 minutes a week, which is about 93 hours a month and about 1,116 hours a year!


I once calculated how often I go on dates. The number came suspiciously close to the frequency that the average American watches TV.

But bragging aside.

The danger with television is in the way it influences you SUBCONSCIOUSLY.

It blunts you and incites you to stop trying your best.


The fact that you can experience a rollercoaster of emotions at any time with the simple push of a button reduces your motivation to create epic experiences in REAL LIFE to immeasurable heights.

The pink mud between your ears CAN’T separate between images and actual experiences.

That’s why, for example, in a triple-A horror movie, you feel  enormous tension in each of your cells.

“And what have you been doing today, darling?”

“Watching some Netflix.”

“What else?”

“Nothing?! That’s it…”

Does that sound like the type of man that countless women want to fight for?

Not even remotely.

Don’t get me wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with watching Netflix from time to time, watching a blockbuster movie with your chica in the cinema or having a trash movie night.

However, if your life consists solely of turning on old Sesame Street episodes, your ‘pathetic lifestyle’ alarms should ring deafeningly.

Do yourself a favor to keep a girl interested

Shoot yourself into a never-ending positive spiral.

Use the petty tube time to advance your journey to your most attractive me, an I 2.0, an attractive man, who…

“Sounds good, Dan. I feel a little overwhelmed, though.

I don’t know where to start and I don’t know how to start to become this man…”

No problemo, muchacho.

For this very reason, I have prepared a free kit for you.

With this Kit, you will learn step-by-step how to become a sex worthy man who PROACTIVELY takes action and creates the life he wants to live.

You learn how to seduce your mademoiselle and how to win her over.

As of today, you can add a picture of yourself to the term ‘chick magnet’ in the dictionary. Because if you apply the tips in this kit, it’s almost impossible not to become one.

And with this transformation, you, sir, know exactly how to keep a girl interested.

Are you ready to revolutionize your love life?

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Have fun with it!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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