17 ‘Subtle’ Signs Most Men Miss That Tell You a Girl is Interested

How To Know A Girl Is Interested In You

You’re sitting in front of her.

She wears a navy-blue satin blouse, along with skin-tight leather leggings that accentuate her bootylicious butt, and as if that wasn’t enough, her lips were stained with bright red lipstick.

This lady drives you crazy. There’s nothing you’d rather do then taking her home.

There’s just this one thought holding you back, which makes you more insecure than a claustrophobic elevator…

“Is she interested in me?”

Well, listen! Because in this article I’ll show you:

  • How to know a girl is interested in you: 17 subtle signs that reveal her REAL attraction to you
  • Why most men are incredibly ungifted in reading a woman’s flirting signs
  • How you become an interest-reading master
  • The #1 mistake men make when they ‘detect’ flirting signs
  • My secret formula to make her crazy about you
  • More insights when a girl finds you interesting…

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Reading her signs of interest is crucial

Goddamn it, how helpful it would be if you could read her mind.

You’d know:

  • If she cares about your conversational topics
  • How she REALLY feels about you
  • Whether she’s interested in kissing or even going home with you

That would be a valuable gift, but we just can’t read thoughts.

It is particularly handy if she’s into you, and even craves for you to make the next move, while you don’t realize it and hinder yourself through self-sabotaging assumptions.

If she continually gives you signs, whereas you neither recognize nor act on them, 10 out of 11 cases, she’ll break off contact with you faster than Usain Bolt can finish a 100-meter race.


But before you smash your mortal body against a wall out of frustration, listen. And listen closely.

Because in the rest of the article I will make you an expert in knowing if a girl is interested in you.

Detecting flirt signs = A gift of nature?

The fact that most men are incredibly bad at reading a woman’s signs isn’t by chance.

In countless studies like this, the following astonishing facts about the human brain have already been established:

  • Men have 6.5 to 7 times more grey matter in their brains than women
  • Women have 9.5 to 10 times more white matter in their brains than men

What the hell does that mean in English?

Grey matter is that part of our coral-colored walnut that is responsible for processing information.

White matter, on the other hand, is the crucial part that connects our brain in a synoptic way.

Roughly speaking:

Less white matter = evaluation of information and less ‘connecting the dots’ (such as flirting signs).

This fact wouldn’t be as dramatic if a woman’s flirtation signs wouldn’t be so subtle.

It’s not surprising that most men don’t realize if a señorita is actually interested in them.

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How to tell if a girl is interested in you: The biggest mistake men make

Soon I’ll take you on a fantastic journey to the land of subtle flirt signs.

But before I do, I don’t want to hide a decisive clue from you.

I see many men completely ignoring one thing.

Please be different and do the following:

Zoom out and view the listed signs in a broader context.

Does she like me? 17 signs a girl is interested in you

If you recognize ONE flirt sign on a date, this does NOT AUTOMATICALLY mean that she is flirting with you.

However, the more flirt sign you see, the higher the chance that she is indeed interested in you.

Comprendre, amigo?


Perfect. Let’s go!

Sign #1: Fumble-action

  • She drums the table with her fingers
  • She plays with her hair
  • She fiddles with her chain
  • She trips with her feet
  • She grabs the drinks list, a candle or a serviette and fumbles with it

And the list continues.

These can be classic signs of positive excitement and nervousness.

She doesn’t know if you like her and wants to impress you.

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As with other signs, the context of the sign is the ‘Alpha and Omega.’

Therefore, pay attention to the rest of her body language

If she taps her fingers on the table, it can also be a sign of impatience, for example, if you tell her a boring story.

This is an excellent example of why you should never be too obstinate about one flirt sign. Otherwise, you might get misled.

Sign #2: She shows you her palms

It’s almost impossible to sit opposite someone with that posture if you don’t trust that person.

Does she gesture with open palms during your chat about turtle farming, so that her pulse veins are directed upwards?

With that, she high likely wants to tell you the following:

She feels safe with you.

That’s why she unconsciously shows you her unprotected pulse veins.

This lady trusts you not to slit her wrists cold-blooded…

Keep it up!

Sign #3: She touches you for no good reason

An obvious sign.

Of course, some women are too shy for that.

Therefore, a great sign of her affection is when she touches you ‘for no reason.’

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Sign #4: She crosses her legs

You’re sitting opposite one another, and she crosses her legs?


She’s not going to run away from you in a split second.


In this knotted starting position, she would probably kiss the ground with her lips if she would try to run from there.

So, she finds you interesting enough to spend a few more minutes with you. 😉

Good job, bro!

Sign #5: Her feet point at you

Are her feet pointing towards you?

Bueno, you got her attention.

If this isn’t the case, and her feet are not directed towards you, she might not be in the mood of talking for too long with you.


Because her legs have taken a stand to make it easier for her to get away – if she actually walks away or not, you will see – but in a combination of more signs of disinterest, you might want to get her attention back fast. 😉

How? You will learn later in this article.

Sign #6: She initiates contact with you

Another parade example of a sign for Captain Obvious.

But some men just don’t seem to understand it, or act on it.

Does she write or call you from time to time?

*Claps hands*

This, my friend is a positive sign.

Of course, it’s also essential, HOW she writes and speaks to you.

Are her texts/calls…

  • Logical and emotionless
  • OR flirty and warm?

Of course, some women like to play hard-to-get and show little interest in you.

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Sign #7: She compliments you

“You look really good today.”

Hmmm, what could she mean by that?

I’m not quite sure, but maybe – and I really mean perhaps – she wants to tell you the following:

She likes you.

She can’t be any clearer.

Sign #8: She interrupts eye contact with you by looking down

Welcome to a wonderfully subtle sign.

If your grace occasionally breaks eye contact with you through looking down, she signals:


This sign can imply that she can’t handle the tension between you two and has to break occasionally.

It is often followed by a blush.

Whatever you’re doing, keep going!

Sign #9: She licks her lips

Erotic, huh.

Through this expression, she subconsciously signalizes that she wants to kiss you, or at least she thinks about it.

Also, good indicators:

  • She applies lip gloss or palm
  • She looks at your lips more often

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Sign #10: She smiles

A smile is easy to fake.

But if she smiles at you naturally with a little sparkle in her eyes, she wants to show you:

“Hi, I think you’re pretty adorable!”

Especially if her eye area wrinkles during smiling (like on the left photo), you can be quite sure that her smile is genuine.

Sign #11: She searches for your closeness

This sign is a good indicator of how comfortable she feels with you.

Pro tip:

To test how comfortable she feels with you, you can try to get closer to her.

If she reacts tensely, take a step back, and continue your conversation just like you did.

‘I’m not ready, YET,’ is her hidden message behind it.

Sign #12: She laughs at all your jokes

Yup, I mean at every joke.

Even at your flat third-string jokes about rabbit farts.

In the eyes of your miss, everything is gold.

To state the obvious:

She thinks you’re fantastic.

Sign #13: She emphasizes her appearance

A woman who likes you is often not averse to use her secret weapons.

One of them:

She knows how to draw attention to her well-shaped body.

You pick her up, and she looks as if you’d take her out for the Oscars?

She wears (again) a skin-tight skirt on your date?

Thumbs up, you’re in the running, muchacho!

Sign #14: She behaves shyly

If a girl thinks you’re spicy, she can act shy towards you.

In this case, she is so impressed with you that she takes on a passive role.

She listens to your words with open ears but hardly gets a sound out because she likes you so much that she is overwhelmed by her feelings.

It’s important to turn to other signs.

After all, she can also behave this way because:

  • She is inherently reluctant
  • She has no interest in you and thus wants to contribute little to the conversation

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Sign #15: She keeps deep eye contact with you

“She can’t take her eyes off him.”

It’s not for nothing that there is this cheesy phrase that even your great-grandmother knew.

With deep eyes, your chica can literally undress you.


Pay attention to how tense her face looks. Prolonged eye contact does not always have to be of interest.

She can also hold them close to you for a long time because she is trying to intimidate you.

Therefore, her micro-expressions, her most subtle facial expressions, are your ‘signpost.’

Sign #16: She ‘returns’ your touches

While you tease her, you grab her by the shoulder.

Meanwhile, she laughs, touches you, or even gets closer to you.

A woman who is interested in you aspires to your touches.

One trap a lot of men fall into here is that they touch her inflationary.

“Is he really getting so less female attention that he has to touch me that often?”
can be a thought, that then swirls around in her mind.

So, what you want to do is to bottle your touches. Touch her instead, if she ‘earned’ it. For example, if she told you something you liked.

Sign #17: She focuses on you

As soon as your lips open, she gets calm.

This is her chance: She can swallow every word you say.

She often looks deep into your eyes while she can hardly hide her smile.


With this secret formula, you will cast a spell on her

Perfect, bro.

Now, you know 17 subtle signs on how to know a girl is interested in you.

As I explained from the start, a subtle sign alone is NOT reliable itself.

The truth lies in the clutter between several signs she reveals to you. The more flirt signs you know, the faster you can decipher her attitude towards you.

To expand your expertise, I’ve written two more articles for you.

With these, you’ll dive even deeper into the secrets of female body language than James Cameron could ever do with his Deepsea Challenger:

-> 27 Subtle Flirting Signs from a Woman You MUST Recognize

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Subtle flirt signs?

You’ll soon be able to see them even in a half-sleep.

However, if you lack a crucial ability, it doesn’t help you to recognize all these subtle signs…

You also NEED to know how to act upon them.

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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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