Catch These 28 Subtle Signs to Know If She Likes You

You’ve known her for a while, but is she into you? Learn about 28 signals girls give when they like you.

Whether you met her on an app, went on a date, or just know her from work or the local store…

How do you know if a woman likes you or if she’s just being nice?

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The following 28 signs will finally give you clarity.

Before you start with the signals

Be careful not to place too much value on one signal.

Because one signal is not enough.

  • Maybe it was a one-off
  • Maybe she’s just being nice
  • Maybe she behaves like this with everyone

That is why you always want to look at the big picture.

Only when you see multiple signals in your interactions with her can you speak of a pattern.

Is that behavioral pattern present?

Then there’s a very good chance that she likes you, lucky guy.

Bonus: 7 Body language signs she likes you

To start with, I made a special video for you with one of my girlfriends.

Here you get 7 important body language signals that she likes you.

She often doesn’t even realize she’s doing it!

#1: She wants to be close to you

This is a simple one, yet a lot of men are oblivious to it.

A woman that likes you wants to be near you.

She’ll have several ways of doing this:

  • At the gym, she’ll start all sorts of floor exercises right in front of you.
  • She (slowly) dances her way towards you in the pub.
  • She’s almost sitting on your lap during a date.

These are all signs that a woman is trying to make it easier for you to make a move.

She won’t take the next step herself.

After all (in our culture), it’s a man’s job.

Does she make it easy for you to approach her?

#2: When she starts comparing her hand size to yours

This may sound harmless, but it is a strong flirtation signal.

Comparing hand sizes.

Look, in our culture, it is pretty rare for a woman to take the initiative.

Taking initiative is our responsibility.

So, if a woman wants you to make a move, she’ll make it as easy as possible for you.

A pretty common way of doing this is by comparing hand size.

Does she ask to compare hand size?

Then the chances are high she likes you.

#3: She doesn’t let the conversation go silent (The ultimate does-she-like-me test)

Are you having a conversation with a woman and you don’t know if she likes you?

Do the following: say only what is necessary and drop pauses.

Does she reignite the conversation over and over?

Then she secretly wants you to continue the conversation because she likes your attention.

#4: She emphasizes her feminine shapes

Women know what men like her body.

That’s why women will intuitively emphasize their best qualities when they like someone.

There are many ways she’ll do it:

  • She’ll play with her hair
  • Bite her lip
  • She’ll cross her arms to make her breast more exaggerated

These signs may come across as a bit stereotypical in this day and age.

However, these habits are done unconsciously.

Don’t get me wrong, this list is far from definitive (each woman has her style of showing off), but the flirtation signal is clear.

#5: She’s bored

This is a VERY important flirt signal for when you’re texting a woman.

Have you been chatting from time to time?

Then it’s very likely you’ve received a message along the lines of:

“I’m bored”

I hope you understood what this message meant, otherwise I’ll tell you now.

If a woman tells you that she is free or bored, it means she wants to see you!

Never miss this opportunity!

#6: She holds on to eye contact

This is a tricky one as it relies highly on the context.

Eye contact is very ambiguous and can be interpreted in a thousand ways.

That’s why most men automatically see it as ‘non-flirting.’

Don’t repeat this mistake; it will cause you to miss out on opportunities!

Does a woman look at you longer than usual?

Take this as a flirtation sign and increase your interest in her by 5%.

If that 5% is received with open arms, chances are, she likes you.

In the worst case, if the 5% does nothing, you haven’t lost anything.

In addition, you may see each other from a distance, and then as you make eye contact, you immediately look away.

This on its own doesn’t mean much.

But if you look at her again afterward and she looks back, it is a clear signal she likes you.

#7: She meets up with you

I NEVER understood this signal growing up.

When I was still a young lad, I would meet up with female friends and didn’t think twice about making a move.

I thought, “we’re just friends. If she wanted more, she would’ve asked me out on a date.”

But I didn’t realize that that WAS the date and that she was waiting for me to make a move.

If a woman likes to spend time with you, it’s a sign she likes you.

However, it is always a possibility that you are just a very good friend.

If you think that’s the case, read this article:

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#8: She just wants to ‘chill’ in the evening

As someone who sadly was a master in ‘platonic’ female friendships, learn from my mistakes.

When a woman texts you after sunset (with no apparent reason) to come and chill, she’s most likely down to do naughty things with you.

Luckily, I am now the most famous dating coach in the Netherlands, and I can protect you from the same mistakes 😉

#9: She laughs a little too loud at your jokes

This one is simple.

If a woman laughs a bit too hard ate your lamest jokes, then it’s likely one of two things:

  • She has a bad sense of humor
  • She wants you to like her

#10: She likes your T-shirt

This rarely happens, but just in case, I MUST tell you about the next signal.

If a stranger on the street, in a bar, or wherever you are tells you:

Hey, you have a nice shirt

Then you need to pay close attention to what happens next.

Does she walk on? Then she really just liked your shirt.

Does she stay next to you? Then she likes you!

In this case, seal the deal and start a conversation with her so you can exchange numbers.

If you got her number but have no idea what to text, check out this article:

>> Asking a Girl Out Over Text – 9 Ways She Can’t Reject (+ Examples)

#11: She’s looking for a reason to make physical contact

Any excuse to touch you:

  • A playful high five
  • A push on the arm
  • Or even a game of thumb wrestling

These are reasons for you to pay attention.

Does she only do this with you?

She likely has a crush on you.

#12: She changes her style for you

Women will gladly help you with flirting.

Does the flirting process take too long for her?

Then she might ask you what your type is.

What kind of clothing do you like, what hairstyles, what you find sexy, etc.

If you see her next time and she adjusts her style to your taste, it’s a sign she likes you.

#13: She uses spies or talks to your friends/ colleagues herself

Another obvious sign:

If one of her friends asks you if you like her/ if she asks your friends if you talk about her, then….

Chances are she likes you.

#14: She invites you to something practical

When a woman asks for your help with something simple like giving her a lift or boiling some water, and she is SUPER grateful….

Then it’s a strong signal she likes you.

#15: She gets your number from someone

Although rare, it can happen.

You receive a text from an unknown number, and it’s your crush.

Hey, this is Sarah. I got your number from Peter cause I wanted BLA BLA BLA

It is, of course, possible that she wanted to talk to you without any hidden intention (to invite you to a surprise party, for example), but there is a possibility she wants more than what she says.

#16: She falls asleep mid-conversation

If a woman wants you to speak with her, she’ll do the following:

She will start a WhatsApp conversation with you and suddenly stop messages in the middle.

This will then give her a good excuse to write to you the morning after.

This way, she can chat with you every day.

#17: She says she dreamed about you

This might be the clearest signal in the entire article.

I’ve never encountered a woman that said she dreamt about me without wanting to see me as well.

So, if she tells you that you’ve been in her dreams, you know what you got to do.

Make a move!

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#18: She brings up events

Another classic “subtle” way to see that she likes you.

If you guys already know each other, she may bring up events to check your reaction:

  • New movies in the cinema
  • Upcoming music concerts
  • Nice/cool cafes and restaurants she wants to try

She’ll mention these things to see how you react.

If she likes you, she’ll look for a positive reaction so she can then invite you to come along with her.

#19: She shares songs, photos, quotes, stories about love

A not-so-subtle flirt signal.

Sharing all sorts of romantic content.

It’s all a “test” to see if you think the same way about her.

It also shifts the conversation from small talk to something more romantic.

#20: She borrows your clothes

A woman who wants to be more than friends will gladly borrow clothes from you.

A hat, scarf, a sweater.

All this just so that you’ll have a reason to come pick it up.

And if she is cunning, she’ll spray your clothing with some of her best perfume.

#21: She ‘forgets’ her stuff at your house

It is rarely by accident that a woman leaves some of her stuff at your place.

A lady that likes you will ‘forget’ her scarf or gloves, just so that she’ll have a reason to come by again.

#22: She wants to share an Uber with you

When a woman likes you, she’ll ask to share a ride with you after a night out at a bar or house party.

Especially if you’re the ONLY ONE she offers this to.

This signal grows even stronger if she asks you upstairs for a nightcap.

#23: She missed her last train, bus, or tram

Safety is very important for women.

After all, they run a much greater risk in the dark than we men.

Missing the last train home is therefore not so easy.

Did it still happen?

Then she’s probably looking for an excuse to stay the night.

#24: She says that she used to have a crush on you

If a woman from your past admits that she was into you, then she is doing more than small talk.

A lot of men get distracted by the past tense.

And interpret her signals as if she is saying “I’m no longer into you.”

But that is the wrong mindset.

If a woman didn’t have an eye on you at that time, she would’ve never mentioned her earlier crush on you.

#25: She gives you an opening

Women know how needy men can react when they open the door for them to step in.

That’s why they’ll NEVER accidentally do so.

That shirt looks good on you.

What a beautiful watch you’re wearing *while grabbing your hand*.

Hey, it’s pretty late and I’m so tired. Cool if I sleepover at yours?

These are all pretty obvious signs that she’s into you.

#26: Out of all the people in the room, she primarily looks at you

Are you ever with your crush surrounded by a crowd?

Then pay attention to what she does when everyone is laughing.

In those funny moments, we prefer to look at the people we like most.

It is a strong sign that she’s into you if she’s looking at you while she’s laughing.

#27: If she asks about your love life

Even though this doesn’t count for every woman, it does count for most of them.

When a woman asks about the status of your love life, she often hopes you’ll answer that you’re single.

#28: She is flirting with you (Important)

When a not-so-shy woman is flirting with you, you’ll notice it.

Sadly, I’ve met way too many guys during my coaching sessions that are oblivious to how women flirt.

And that don’t know how to flirt themselves.

When she’s flirting with you, but you aren’t giving her the same vibes back, chances are you’ll likely:

  • End up in the friend zone in a flash.
  • That she’ll lose interest in you.

The main ingredient for sexual attraction is flirting. And without that attraction, you’re nothing more than a good friend.

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Good luck.

Your bro,

Dan de Ram

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