7 Powerful Ways to Make a Girl Crazy About You (Again)

In this article you learn:

  • If you make THIS mistake, it’s impossible for a woman to fall in love with you, even if you’re better looking than James Franco
  • Make her crazy for you: If you apply THESE 7 tips, she wants nothing more in life than to be yours
  • What many men forget when it comes to sex and love and how you stand out from the average dude effortlessly
  • How to make a girl crazy for you by texting: If you say THIS you’ll make a girl want you
  • My #1 flirt tips to truly earn the love of a woman
  • And many more tips on how to make your crush go crazy over you…

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What’s up, pimp?

Maybe this sounds familiar to you… There are some women who have you under their spell more than any other women you met so far.

So much that a meaningless one-night stand wouldn’t be enough for you… No, you want her. You want her bad.

You want her to be head over heels in love with you. The thought about a potential rosy future already gives you a pleasant shiver down your spine.

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And I can understand you. Oh, there’s almost nothing better in the world than having a woman being all over you…

Yesterday I received an e-mail. After the bro had revealed his whole life story to me, he asked me a question at the end:

“How do I get a girl to fall for me?”

Well, this is a huge question I could write whole books about, but for reasons of expediency, I limit myself and present you… 9 tips to make her gaga about you.

But first:

How to make a girl go crazy about you: There are three types of men…

Every (heterosexual) man loves it when a woman only wants him. But there are different motives.

If you restrict yourself to the most common cases, you can say that there are three different types of guys who seek advice from me on this.

  1. The Friendzone Junky

This kind of guy pleases everybody while leaving out himself. He just wants a girlfriend, but most women take advantage of that with terrifying brutality.


  • Cooks for them
  • Keeps negative emotions away from his chosen ones
  • Sacrifices himself for them in a fully chivalrous manner

In most cases he ends up in the friendzone and only gets to see her pussy in his dreams or when she wants to send me nudes, but accidentally selects his contact…

The way I write about this type of man right now, may seem like I hate him.

But that’s not true. I even feel a lot of empathy for guys of this kind, since I used to fall into that category as well.

So, I can understand you being part of the group and think to yourself, ‘Enough of this, I finally want to sleep with so many women that I can’t keep up counting them.’

That’s perfectly okay. I think everyone should go through this stage.

Are you in a friendzone of a lady right now?

Good news, bro – I wrote you an article where you learn how to overcome it ONCE AND FOR ALL:

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  1. The Cold-Hearted Player

This is often the phase after being a Friendzone junkie, but some are born that way.

The player wants to sleep with as many women as possible. Nevertheless, he’s a human being and humans crave tenderness (yes, you can admit that).

That’s why he’d like to have a couple of women burying themselves under a blanket with him on a rainy Sunday with songs from Coldplay in the background, instead of leaving immediately after sex.

  1. The Dogged Relationship Type

If you’re thinking now, ‘Why would you need dating tips when you already have a girlfriend?’, then you’ve obviously never been in a relationship…but more on that later.

The dogged relationship guy is the guy who desperately tries to save a relationship that’s slowly but surely falling apart.

He invests more in the relationship than his girlfriend / wife. You belong to this group?

Then it’s understandable you want to make her crazy about you again, bro. Keeping the passion high for a long time is probably the biggest challenge in a relationship.

I’m glad you’re here.

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Why girls don’t fall crazily in love with you

There are reasons why women don’t fall in love with you, my friend. If you did everything right, you wouldn’t be here.

But the mistakes you make vary from man to man. The perfect son-in-law makes different mistakes than the cold-hearted player, who in turn makes different mistakes than the dogged relationship type.

In this article I’ll tackle your wish to make her fall for you (again) from all angles, so that you have a universal guide that will get you out of the shit like Tiger Woods golf balls out of a ditch.

Tip #1: Be a rare bird

Let’s start simple and easy. Take a minute to think about this:

Which women have fascinated you so much that you had to think about them all the time?

I’m going to take it as read that these were no ordinary women. And I bet they weren’t exactly unattractive to other men, either.

And I go even further: Bet it didn’t happen too often that a woman fucked your head so much that you couldn’t forget her?

You can usually count the number of women who have done this on one hand.

Well, how do you attract a desirable, extraordinary woman? Right. By being desirable and extraordinary yourself.

But how do you do it? How does one become a rare bird in a world of competition?

Can you do it overnight? No.

Is it possible for everyone? Yes.

A rare bird is a man who is in control of his life. Whether in his career, among friends or in his love life (I’ll help you with that), even if it’s not always uphill, in the long run he seems to grow constantly in all areas.

You don’t have to look like James Franco, but if you want to become a rare bird, you can’t do without these 2 things:

  • Willpower
  • Enthusiasm

Once you’ve got these two qualities, you’re already different from 90% of other men.

They’ll also help you build an intact circle of friends and a remarkable career. These are important indicators that you’re a rare bird.

Maybe now you’re thinking, ‘That’s all well and good Dan, but can’t I just stay the way I’m and still seduce women?’

Yeah, you can. I see it again and again that men are successful with women after one of our coaching sessions, even though they aren’t in control of their lives.

But: You make it unnecessarily harder for yourself. And why shouldn’t you want to grow in all areas of life?

Look at it from the another angle:

It’s easier to sell a box of diamonds than a box of cow patties.

If you want to sell shit successfully, you have only two options:

  • You lie about the content of the box (lying is pathetic and has never paid off in the long run)
  • You learn how to become a damn good salesman (= seducer) (for example from me)

Ideally, you’re a damn good salesman, selling diamonds instead of shit.

So, if you want to make women fall in love with you, then it’s important to put your ego aside and ask yourself:

“Would I be dating myself if I were a hot woman?”

If the answer is ‘no,’ then consider:

“What can I change about my life to make me a happier, more successful person?”

Think about your career, your looks (fashion and fitness) and your circle of friends.

Of course, you’ll find lots of tips on other articles on our site.

But well, now that we have the personal development session behind us, we come to the methodical HOW-TO why you’re here.

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Tip #2: Hot & Cold

How you can make a hot woman like Katy Perry crazy about you? Well, she tells us in her song: ‘You’re hot, then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no…’

And now think again about your own experience:

Which women are the ones we men want the most? Which women make us really obsessed?

Is it the women that anyone can have? Yeeaaaah… probably not.

Is it the totally unapproachable beauties we can’t even get in our dreams?

Not quite. I mean, you adore them and you’re interested… but the women who drive us crazy are the ones we can ALMOST have.

It’s the women who give us mixed signals. She gives us affection one moment, only to take it away the next.

These are women who have a higher addiction potential than crystal meth and are therefore more dangerous than a loaded gun.

You know why Game of Thrones is so fu*king exciting? You don’t know what’s going to happen. Your favorite character can die right now. If you knew how this whole thing would turn out, the show would be half as interesting.

But instead of wondering, ‘Does Tyrion Lannister die in this scene?’, you think:

Does she fucking like me or not?”

The Hot-&-Cold principle also works for women. If you keep her in the dark about whether you think she’s super great or not by sending mixed signals, you take her thoughts so much that she can’t fall asleep at night.

The most effective method of sending mixed signals is a principle called ‘Push & Pull’.

Push means to metaphorically (!) push a woman away from you. Pull on the other hand stands for affection. Combine both and they become a powerful Yin and Yang of attraction.

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Sample sentences:

“I must say, you’ve a wildly interesting style. A perfect combination of homeless and sexy.”

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in the last 30 seconds.”

Push & Pull is most effective when you use your body language. You can do this by using a pull technique and then a push technique.


  • Pull her close to you
  • Look deep into her eyes
  • Smile at her
  • Kiss her


  • Push her away from you
  • Turn away
  • Look away

Combine your body language with words and your attraction becomes so powerful that all I can say is ‘good night’.

Tip #3: Assume that she’s into you

Let’s hold on to one thing once and for all:

You’re the best man on the planet.

It’s now (hopefully) known to everyone that self-confidence is important for seducing women.

A self-confident man is as attractive to women as a woman to us who looks like Jessica Alba, only with larger breasts and a more perfect bottom.

But never make the mistake of thinking that now you can stop increasing your self-confidence once you’ve won a woman over.

In fact, it’s even more important once you’re in a relationship. You need to demonstrate your confidence daily.

Many can fake it at first, but eventually the woman finds out that you had a mask on and then the relationship starts to crumble.

Therefore, avoid this mistake by building up real self-confidence from the outset.

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How you show her you’re a catch

To prevent a woman from forgetting how awesome you are, it helps to remind her regularly.

Sample sentences:

“How sweet, you’re so crushing on me.”

(After you kissed her) “That’s all you’re getting for today.”

By suggesting through sentences like this that you’re the ‘prize’, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’ll spare myself a long explanation. It’s simply a matter of playing the part of ‘the best man in the world.’

The result?

She’ll eventually act like she’s dating the best man in the world. Every single experience that confirms this, she’ll perceive more consciously, and will disregard any that refutes this.

And if you want to drive her completely crazy, just play the role of the ‘man who stays cool, no matter how much a woman desires him’.

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That’ll drive her wild.

Tip #4: Brainwash yourself

It isn’t enough for me if a woman is just hot. She has to show a number of interesting and for me important character traits, so that I find her awesome. I’m not superficial.

Is that the truth? Yes, that’s the truth.

Was I always like this? No.

Because let’s be honest: We men would even sleep with a hot woman if she had the worst personality ever and is secretly a serial killer.

However, flirting works much better if you have high expectations of women. That’s why I brainwashed myself to think that a woman has to have more qualities than just good looks.

Well, if it’s a serious relationship I’m looking for, I’ve these high standards indeed and without any brainwashing! But even with one-night stands it’s effective to have high expectations.

Why? Two reasons:

  • Her good looks are less intimidating because you’re looking for other qualities.
  • You seem like a desirable man who can afford to be picky.

This is where preparation comes into play. Step one:

Sit on your buttocks and write down five characteristics that you find attractive in a woman.

Done? Okay, on to step two:

In a conversation with a woman, casually mention that these things are important to you.

And now we come to the most important part. Step three:

For example, if she says:

“Geez, I’m not reliable at all…”

Don’t answer ‘It’s okay’.

No. Very wrong.

You’re a man of standards you’re proud to live up to.

Say something like:

“I guess this isn’t going to work out between you and me…”

Smile while saying that! If you say it too seriously, she’ll think, ‘Fine… bye.’

But if you say this with a smirk, she’ll think ‘I’ll show him that he still wants me’ and fights for you.

And that’s exactly what you want to achieve. Besides, it’s kind of cool to make a hot woman feel like her looks leave you cold.

That’s how you differentiate yourself from 99% of other men.

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Tip #5: Show her the other side of the coin

Another way to distinguish yourself from other men is to show her the other side of the coin.

What do I mean by that? Most men want to be perfect and afraid of confrontation. They only tell a woman occasionally and with extreme caution if something doesn’t suit them.

I understand that too, but there’s a certain dishonesty in leaving something you don’t like unspoken. Women don’t really know where they stand for you or if they’re doing the right thing.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Reward her for doing something you like.
  • Punish her if she does something you don’t like.

I can already hear the feminists and noble white knights roaring behind their displays: ‘That’s outrageous! How sexist!!!’

Take it easy…

This happens in just about every social setting every day. If someone does something you don’t like, you either say something about it or pay less attention to the person.

When someone does something you like, you’re happy and more willing to do them a favor, aren’t you?

So, this is all normal and natural. But why do I go into it so explicitly?

For one simple reason: Many men don’t do it in a balanced manner.

The cold-hearted player punishes a woman too much and rewards her too little. With the friendzone junkie and the dogged relationship guy, it’s the other way around.

A woman wants a man with both sides, so she knows where she stands.

If you don’t show the other side of the coin openly, she’ll lose respect for you. As a result, she’ll either break up with you or (and I think that’s even worse) take control of the relationship.

I don’t know if you’ve looked at other relationships, but when I see how some women treat their boyfriend…

…I would rather be single with conviction.

But how do you prevent being used as an emotional tampon?

No one likes to be held up, exploited or taken for granted.

So, if a woman isn’t paying enough attention to you, then it’s time for you to (metaphorically speaking) hit the table and make it clear what you expect from her.

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  • Tell her what you like
  • Reward her when she does so
  • Tell her if you don’t find her behavior attractive
  • Don’t text her occasionally for 2-3 days to make her aware that your attention shouldn’t be taken for granted

Tip #6: Don’t be an asshole

I’ll keep this tip short because I know you aren’t an idiot. But after all these points, it still needs to be said…

Many men think that women like assholes and therefore treat them intentionally like a piece of shit.

Just because they’ve a weakness for certain qualities that assholes often possess, doesn’t mean you should trample on their feelings.

My point is, don’t be an idiot.

Use that little bit of empathy you have to think about how something might appeal to a woman.

These are things you shouldn‘t do:

  • Don’t brag about how many women you’ve slept with
  • Don’t sleep with her best friend
  • Don’t tell her lies just to get her in bed.
  • Don’t sell her to a Romanian brothel…

So, now that that’s out of the way, we can move on to the most important tip…

Tip #7: Become a sex god (+ How to make a girl miss you like crazy)

If you’re already using all the tips I mentioned above and she’s still not crazy about you after sex…

…well, then you may have to admit that you aren’t exactly a stud in bed.

But don’t worry, my friend. You aren’t alone in this.

There are few men who are exceptionally good in bed. How do I know that? Women tell me when they’re sweaty and exhausted in my arms after sex.

Two years ago, I thought I was pretty good in bed too…

…until I started to deepen my knowledge and techniques. After that I realized that I was average… at best.

What I noticed was that as soon as I improved considerably in bed, women suddenly felt a pathological need for me, although everything else was the same.

>> The Art of Dominating a Woman in Bed in 5 Tips.

It’s no secret that good sex is important to win a woman over, but it’s still underestimated.

My opinion is: It isn’t THE most important factor, but an absolute GAME CHANGER.

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