9 Positive Ways to Make a Girl Jealous and Realize You’re the One


Women fighting right in front of you to end up with the best man.


Why are they fighting?

They want something that they can only get from one man.

That’s the power of jealousy.

And with great power comes great responsibility.

Jealousy in your relationship sucks on the other hand.  Click on the link if you are dealing with that problem now.

In this article you will get:

  • 9 ways to get her by making her jealous.
  • De #1 mistake you want to avoid. If you try to make her jealous like this, she will see you as loser.
  • How to transform your social media into a babe magnet. Women will start chats with YOU because of these jealousy principles.
  • How to make your crush fall in love with you.
  • How your personal kerosene can get your ex back or to let that one women fall in love with you.
  • More insights about jealousy…

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Before we start:

First, an important disclaimer before our female readers start pointing their fingers.

Looking at Google results, men are not the only ones looking up this kind of information:

See what I mean 😉

Alright. You are here for a reason. Which is to make women crazy about you due to your attractive character. Or even make them jealous when they can attract other men, but not you.

This is what you can achieve by further exploring this article.

Tip #1: The #1 painful pitfall to avoid

Read on if you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot while making a woman jealous.

You will get the tools to make that one woman jealous.

By applying these tools, you will get better and better at understanding how this emotion works.

Jealousy can grow… and subsequently collapse like a house of cards.

As a result, your attraction will sink through the ground as well.

The following happened to one of my dating coaches.

He knows the principle of jealousy very well.

On a first date he always mentions that he is dating multiple women at the same time.

Sometimes women react casually, more often they are agitated. At times they even accuse him of being a player!

My dating coach owns the fact that he is dating multiple women at once. It is who he is. Take it or leave it.

Girls notice this and understand that they cannot change his mind.

At first she is indignant, then she is attracted to him even more.

I will teach you how to do this in the next tip. It is however very important to avoid the following mistake.

This coach had another week full of dates… and while he was kissing a cute woman, he was spotted by the girl he dated the day before.

Of course, this arouses jealousy within women as well, however this can also go too far!

The next day he received an angry message from this lady on his phone.

By accidentally kissing the girl in front of his previous date, the positive jealousy that created attraction had turned into negative resentment.

For jealousy, a peak exists at which the attraction is the greatest.

If you move beyond that peak however…

You will get hatred.

I’ve illustrated this below, so it’s easy to understand.

There is, as you can see, a spike in jealousy. Everything is positive there and she wants nothing more than a fun WhatsApp message from you… She wants your attention… She wants to kiss you…

If you move beyond that point however, then you arouse negative emotions.

Jealousy turns into hatred.


I do have a great passion for seduction, seduction techniques and for self-development. We do however stand for honesty and positivity. Never use these techniques in a way that harms others or yourself.

Tip #2: Generate jealousy without any hassle

In this tip I will provide you with a psychological principle in which you automatically generate jealousy.

This way, you don’t have turn into a Dr. Evil.


Do remember the following principle very well.

Have it tattooed on your upper arm, so you’ll never forget.

The more you do your best, the less interest you will induce.

This principle seems contradictory, because in this article you will specifically learn to arouse jealousy. Women however will become less interested in you when you try too hard.

You could say that it’s similar to playing hard-to-get. The harder you try to play hard-to-get, the less hard-to-get you are in reality.

In the next tip we further explore how to be hard-to-get in an authentic way.

First it is essential to understand the psychological concept behind playing hard to get, because otherwise you will never succeed in making someone jealous.

So: the more you do your best, the less interest you arouse.

That is because making an effort is an indication of the amount of appreciation.

One example makes this very clear:

Imagine you start a nightclub.

You want your club to be crowded with people, so you promote the club with cool DJ’s, flyers and promoters… However, if you’re a smart entrepreneur, this is your #1 goal:

Ensure you’re promoters don’t shout “Please visit this club! Please???”

Instead, you quickly build a two-hour long queue in front of your nightclub’s entrance.

Visitors will see the desperate promoter as uninteresting. If he’s putting so much effort into getting people inside the club… then that means the visitors are way more fun than the club itself.

On the other hand, if people are happy to wait for over an hour to enter a club, that club must be legendary! People don’t like to wait in a queue, however people would rather attend an epic party instead of a mediocre one.

The keyword here?


In the next tip I reveal how to make people jealous in an authentic way.

Tip #3: The movie star effect

The main secret of men who automatically arouse jealousy is that they feature two ingredients.

These ingredients are:

  • Scarcity
  • High value

The below example makes this perfectly clear:

Often I see people queue for over 24 hours in order to obtain the newest iPhone. It is a psychological investment that is proportional to their appreciation of the product.

Nobody however queues for 24 hours when the local supermarket adds a new type of chocolate to its assortment.

This is due to the following reason:

The iPhone has high value, the chocolate doesn’t. The iPhone’s high value is derived from another psychological layer…

Chocolate is easy to obtain. An iPhone (especially during the launch of the newest iPhone) is scarce. The iPhones sell out quickly, and during the first months you’re one of the few that owns a brand-new iPhone.

Well. I think it’s nonsense too. Truth is that people are crazy enough to sometimes camp in front of the store.

The lesson:

You naturally arouse jealousy when you are someone of high value and scarcity.

This is the main reason why a movie star like Ryan Gosling doesn’t have any difficulties in arousing jealousy within a woman.

Making a woman jealous is natural for Ryan Gosling. Because he is of high status, his time is limited and there is only one Ryan Gosling in this world. Even when it’s only been a day since he’s sent her a text, she’s already fantasizing that other women are probably hitting on him as well.

In other words: he possesses the perfect mix between high value and scarcity. And that’s the main reason why it is so important to live in a mindset of abundance.

Therefore, always make sure to think from a mindset of abundance instead of a scarcity mindset. In turn, jealousy will be a natural phenome. A few examples of this mindset:

  • Don’t regularly check your phone to see if you’ve received a text message from your crush
  • Stop worrying “if everything will be OK between you and your ex”
  • Assume someone is already attracted to you, instead of trying to figure out if she likes you

This is a radical change of thinking. This mindset will change your attitude and your actions. You will feel freer, will talk with cute women more often, and suddenly other ladies will notice this as well. Jealousy follows naturally and without even trying.

Tip #4: How I took revenge on my ex and got her back through jealousy

Do you want your ex back?

Do you want to make her envious of you?

Or make that one specific woman you’ve already liked for a while jealous?

Read on. Because I was in the EXACT same situation as you’re in now.

Around seven years ago, I got dumped.

And to be fair: I didn’t really care about the relationship anymore, it was already ending.

I was thinking of breaking up.

But she beat me to it… I was dumped by HER


It’s ridiculous what happened next…

Because I wanted her back immediately. Rationally I understood how weird this was, however emotionally I longed deeply for her.

She haunted my head every day.

I longed 110% for the sex and intimacy we had.

And the previous month, when she was still all mine, I didn’t really care about her at all.

Weird how your brain works sometimes right?

Fortunately, I knew:

We have mutual friends, so we will cross paths soon again.

So I did the following:

Became a BETTER version of myself.

But really: a MUCH BETTER version of myself


To make her jealous.

Whatever the cost:

  • Each morning I woke up at 6 AM in the morning to exercise
  • I started working even harder to achieve my goals
  • I was more productive than ever
  • I finalized stuff that had been on my bucket list for a long time
  • I ate healthy and took great care of myself.

Purely motivational: once she sees me again, I want her to regret breaking up with me.

I want her to beg me to take her back.

So when I saw her again… She could see the power I was emitting.

A lot of guys do this wrong:

They allow themselves to be ‘eaten’ by their emotions, because they want her back so badly.

To the point they drown in their own thoughts, emotion and sorrow.

While having such feelings…

The energy that awakens and is boiling up from deep down…

That your whole body DESIRES her…

Use that!

Bro, it is your fuel.

Fuel? It’s pure kerosene.

I ended up in bed with her, and it was one of the weirdest experiences in years.

However when the deed was done, the situation felt like usual again…

She was pretty, but the relationship was over, and I again realized that we actually didn’t belong together.

Shortly after, the relationship was over, however this time it felt OK for me as well and I did not make myself crazy anymore as a result of my desires towards her.

Tip #5: Seduce that one woman by flirting with all women

Once you understand this principle and start to integrate it in your daily life, you will notice that making women jealous takes less effort.

Many guys do not understand the difference between the following two terms:

Seducing and flirting.

What I often see is that guys seduce all the woman they are in contact with like a robot.

They apply the learned techniques and theory perfectly.

But they are just doing, and doing, and doing.

They are seducing all the women they meet.

To arouse jealousy however, and to seduce the one woman you really want, you have to understand that flirting and seducing are not the same.

You can flirt with any women.

Even your not-so-very-attractive neighbor.

Flirting is just a game, without a concrete goal such as getting her number or getting a date.

It’s pure entertainment and makes the other person feel good.

Seducing on the other hand does have a goal: you want her number or to get her on a date.

An additional effect of flirting however…

… is that you need to leverage flirting in your daily life.

Count on it that women will notice.

They are constantly on the lookout for the next catch.

They understand that you are able to build an emotional connection with all women.

And if she doesn’t show any intention towards you now, she realizes that she might lose you to another women.

The flirting mindset is very applicable during going out. You immediately address some ladies when you enter the club, make some small talk at the bar and continue to build momentum during the night.

How to further apply this in your daily life:

  • Have a little chat with the cashier at the supermarket and start adding some jokes
  • When a girl is sitting in front of you on the train or bus… say hello and ask where she’s going. Tease! (Make sure you immediately start the conversation, otherwise it is maximum awkward)
  • Provide a random female coworker with a cup of coffee. Make some small talk and move on with your work.

Do you understand the effect this has on you?

By flirting with everyone, you have to do way less seducing.

Your attraction will grow naturally. And you project this. People, women will notice.

Without putting any additional extra effort in it.

Do you want to know all the ins and outs about flirting and seducing? Feel free to check out the following article on how to become a professional flirt:

>> What is Flirting? Become A Professional Flirt With These 9 Tips

If you have a Facebook, Instagram or any other type of social media account, the following tip will make you very happy!

Tip #6: The power of social media you WANT to leverage

Exploit the next lesson about women to the max if you want to arouse jealousy.

Women are the biggest stalkers of all time. Period.

Provide them with only one finger. And be sure she will fingerprint everything there is to know about you.

One of the participants of our seducing courses doesn’t have a common name. Finding him on Instagram is easier than boiling water.

He asks all his Tinder dates the same question: did you look me up on social media?

100% of the women says ‘yes’.

To make this clearer: 0% says ‘no’.

He knows this.

And that’s the reason he fully set up his profile as a women magnet.

On the other hand, look at the social media profiles of the average men:

  • Staged pictures
  • Complaining, complaining, complaining
  • Flaunting with accomplishments

Let me ask you a question… Do you know the 30th Law of Power?

“Dan! What the hell has this to do with social media?”

Well, you are missing out on something great if you don’t know Robert Green’s ‘48 Laws of Power’.

As well as valuable information regarding leveraging your social media for passive seduction.

I will give you a summary of this law:

LAW 30: project your accomplishments as effortless.

In the background you want to work as a beast. Always becoming better. Practice makes perfect.

When it’s time to reveal your accomplishments publicly, they should seem effortless.

Never tell about the effort you’ve put in your accomplishments. Be mysterious about your methods. Don’t talk about the obstacles you’ve encountered.

You want to apply this law on social media.

You want to organize your social media profile in the following way…

What I always say:

You are the nerd that accidently ends up in awesome situations.

“Ohh, damnnn. How did I end up in such a situation again”. That is what you want to imply in the pictures you post.

Let’s get practical. How do you accomplish this?

Focus on having fun. Really do have a good time. Don’t pose your pictures with some hot chicks, that’s so obvious.

Focus on something entirely different. Something genius you’re doing while some girls “accidently” end up in the picture as well.

The same principle applies to your online dating photos. Visit the below link for seven Tinder profile tips to 10x your matches:

>> 7 Tinder profile tips to 10x your matches (even if you’re not Brad Pitt)


Situations that are perfect for these kinds of pictures:

  • Dress up parties
  • While doing voluntary work
  • While giving a presentation to a large group of people
  • Exploring nature with other people
  • While performing outdoor sports

Women see this and think:

“Wow cool, I want to do that as well”.

They get envious of your life and also want to experience the life you’re living.

And the only way to do that is to be with you.

Tip #7: Queue other women in front of her

If you want to re-attract a woman, or conquer the heart of that one special lady, but you are too eager once she shows any signs of interest, you will probably lose her forever.

Do you know the following feeling?

You want something badly.

The newest smartphone, some very exclusive training course, that one special women.


But you’re not able to get it, because it is sold out or there is some other obstacle.

Deep inside however you know you want to have it.

That feeling starts to gnaw.

First very subtle, however after a while you can no longer endure the taunting itch.

Eventually you will move heaven and earth in order to get a hold of it.

You probably know the feeling. Women experience it as well.

You can leverage this principle as a specific tool to make women envious.


Do not instantly reply to a woman once she sends you a text message.

But do respond openly to other women on, for example, Facebook or Instagram…

… in a way she can “accidently” see this.

Her thoughts:

“What the hell, does he notice me? Should I put more effort in him?”

Most likely you will start to notice she starts begging for your attention more and more.

Be careful not to jump all over her as soon as she starts to provide you with little of her attention.

First act positively, but also a bit cold.

Provide her with a little bit of hope, but let her also work some more for you…

Dependent on the amount of effort she is making, you can show more interest. And eventually reward her with a date.

Do you want to jump all over her during the date?

Because now she’s within your reach.

Better now than never, right?


You want to continue the same way as during your chat conversation.

Not like a blunt prick…

… but enthusiastic and positive, yet distant.

By the way, check out the below article on first date tips to make the date a guaranteed success:

>> Ultimate First Date Guide for Men (21 Tips That Work)

Tip #8:  One simple trick to make her so jealous she can’t take her eyes off you

Are you familiar with the following situation?

You are on a date with a lovely lady.

But she’s not showing any signs of interest:

  • She’s constantly checking her smartphone
  • What’s happening around her is more important than you are
  • When you ask her a question, she provides you with replies such as “Yes”, “Haha, don’t know”, “No”

This happened to me years ago…


“This is the right time to employ that one trick” is what I said to myself.

From that moment on I noticed a drastic change in the behavior of my date.

She was much more interested in what I had to say…

… She was asking me questions…

… And her body language pointed directly at me.

You’re probably asking yourself why this arouses jealousy and why she’s increasing her efforts…

Well, because she now understands she’s not the only girl you’re dating and she might lose you to another women.

The trick:

  • Do have Tinder installed on your phone and “accidently” show her this (it’s even better if you receive Tinder messages during the date)
  • Text some other girls (or even your mother) before the date, so you will receive their replies while on the date
  • Make sure you to have pictures on your phone with other women you can accidently show her
  • Look at your phone from time to time with a smirk on your face, as if you just received a great message from another girl

A bit of luck is necessary here.

Small signals towards her that cause massive effect.

The power of jealousy.

Tip #9: What I RECOMMEND and DON’T RECOMMEND you to do

Real tricks exist to make her jealous, you manipulative trash.

They require the weird combination of charism and creepiness to perform consciously.

These tricks do have a real foundation, and you can read more about it here

It is however possible to arouse jealousy in a natural way.

As explained in this article, there are ways that arouse jealousy in an attractive manner.

And that is what we, as AttractionGym, stand for.

By being an attractive and authentic person, women WILL get jealous.

And by the means of jealousy, you will generate attraction.

You don’t need fake tricks for that.

It will come naturally.

You don’t have to ACT as an attractive human. BE one.

To become the most attractive version of yourself, I’ve got the free Transformation Kit for you!

Leverage the kit in combination with the tips offered in this article.

And you’ll see women start to fight for your attention.

Or you’ll suddenly receive a text message from that one special lady you thought slipped away.

See you there.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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