How To Make a Girl Love You? 9-Step Master Plan

You’ve decided that you want a Bonnie by your side.

But there are billions of women in this world… How can you know which senõrita would be an excellent match?

More importantly, how can you win her heart and get her excited about a relationship?

You’ll find the answers to these questions in this article.


  • How to make a girl love you: How you can find your potential Mrs. Right to seduce her by every trick in the book
  • If you do THIS forbidden thing, you can FORGET a relationship
  • How to master first dates and how this helps you to get the ONE
  • Why sexual speed is more important than emotional speed
  • 13 signs, by which you can tell if she wants a relationship with you (+ How to make a girl your girlfriend)
  • And much more advice to make a girl love you…

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Step #1: ‘How to make a woman love you?’ – Easy, do THIS

If you are focused on a relationship and run around with a big girlfriend wanted sign on your forehead, before you’ve even met a woman, it’s like perfuming yourself with garlic extract.

Because women will smell your neediness from a distance and let me assure you: This isn’t a pleasant smell.

If you want her so much… just her… forever and ever…

… then you’ll put her and yourself under pressure that will nip the fire of passion in the bud.

You have a choice:

  • Are you a BOSS who is sexually attractive enough – so, that women try to keep him?
  • Are you a begging dog that runs after women?

Who would you rather be?

A man who desperately wants a relationship is unattractive.

Don’t be too easy. Human beings have the fascinating characteristic that we only value things when we have had to work for them.

Everyone likes a challenge… especially women.

Step #2: Date like a madman instead

If you want to find a high-quality girlfriend, it’s unlikely that it will be the first woman you go out with.

You have to approach a lot of women, make out with a lot of them and sleep with a few to find one, who is a REALLY good match.

It’s advisable to put yourself in as many (appropriate) sexual situations as possible.

In this time of adventure, curiosity and the joy of experimentation, it’s more than likely that sooner or later you’ll meet this special woman who can’t only keep your interest alive, but who quickens your life.


Because success doesn’t just fall into your lap.

You won’t find her by sitting in your parents’ basement all day in a white undershirt eating nachos with cheese sauce.

And even if you do find her, you won’t be able to knock her socks off with the level of charisma you have right now.

It’s like a math homework assignment: The probability of getting an A+ without prior practice is negligible.

Another advantage of a schedule full of dates:

You’ll quickly find out what you like, what you don’t like and what you want to see more of when it comes to women.

And that brings us to…

Step #3: Realize what you are into

By the way, I don’t mean that you should only have one type of woman to focus on.

I don’t know a single successful seducer who does.

We are talking about essential personality traits that you want to find in a woman you call your girlfriend.

This is important.

If you’ve no demands, you don’t present a challenge. And when women say, ‘Men are so superficial,’ they mean exactly that.

Believe me, they’re so sick of these lowbrow, spineless guys.


  • Get to know yourself (as well as you can): We can never completely fathom ourselves. We are too complex for that. But if you meet a lot of women, you’ll eventually recognize tendencies, which personality traits you like and which you can exclude. You’ll also get to know your own weaknesses, which you can take into account when choosing your queen.
  • Think about your values: If your attitude towards life couldn’t be more contrary, then she’s not the right one for you. You don’t have to agree on everything, but there should be some intersection in the basic values that you think are important.
  • Make sure she treats you right: That’s a very important aspect. For example, I think it’s fundamental that a woman treats me with respect and tries her best to enchant me. For this reason I even expect her to make herself pretty for me.
  • Ask yourself if you really want a relationship: If you haven’t had many women, it’s better to change that first. Otherwise you have no comparison, which is why you can’t choose your partner with full conviction.

Step #4: Master the first date

Wow! Who is this sexy dude? Oh, right, that’s me…

The first date is a trailer of your personality. You give the woman a taste of what it’s like to spend time with you.

So, if your dates are average at best, you might as well forget it.

And this is another reason why it makes sense to go on as many dates as possible. You’ll get lots of practice that way.

You get less and less nervous before first dates and they get better and better.

But what is the fastest way to get from A to B?

Right, in a straight line.

To make sure that you become a straightforward and therefore a master in dating as soon as possible, I’ve written this article for you:

>> Ultimate First Date Guide for Men (21 Tips That Work)

If you give her an extraordinary date, she will become addicted to you and will happily dream at night of you putting a ring on her finger.

Step #5: Sleep with her first (instead of desperately searching for words to make her fall in love)

You’re not here to be her coffee buddy. Nor her texting buddy (so, also stop looking for tips on how to make a girl love you by texting – this won’t be as effective as what I’m about to tell you)

So, before you decide, you should first share your bed with her.

In my opinion, this is the most natural thing in the world. And yet I know it’s an unpopular opinion.

“If it’s the right one, you wait with sex.”

Spare me this nonsense…

Most men think they have found the perfect woman, but they’re often blinded by sexual desire.

If you’ve slept with her several times and she still delights you right after orgasm, then it’s quite possible that you really like her.

But often men go ‘You and me hihihi – let’s have a relationship pls’, then fuck her and realize afterwards: ‘Oh shit, I don’t think I’ve any feelings for her.’

That way you become a heartbreaker. Uncool.

If it should happen accidentally, don’t worry… it happens to the best of us. But if you care about women, you should at least try to avoid this.

And you can do this by being honest and making it clear to the woman that the chemistry must be right for you before you even think about a relationship.

And good chemistry also includes good sex.

>> 15 tips you need to know before sex.

Step #6: Don’t get involved with her until she gets involved with you

Okay, you had good sex. But wait. It’s still not time to make a decision.

Ask yourself (preferably after sex, to be sure that your dick doesn’t answer, but your brain does): ‘Does she make me happy?’

If the answer is ‘damn and how!’ you’re getting closer.

Just because she meets all your criteria and makes you happy even after orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the one.

I’m not saying that love is rational. But I’m saying that you shouldn’t blindly trust your emotions.

Most men get so caught up in the idea that they’re in love that they don’t even question whether they’re just a little horny, in a good mood or overly emotional.

Take time to explore your TRUE feelings towards her.

And please…

As long as you only meet her sporadically and she hasn’t given up the idea of a relationship, don’t you dare stop dating other women!

And you don’t have to feel guilty about it… Why would you offer a woman something she’s not offering you?

A friend of mine asked her current lover, “Do you want to go on dates with anyone else?”

He replied, “Well, if you want to, you can do it. But I’m not going to do it.”

She said ‘okay, cool!’ and went on dates with other men.

No, no, no.

Unfortunately, I don’t have his contact information, otherwise I’d knock some sense into this gentleman.

Step #7: Master the 3rd date

You already have two successful dates behind you and feel comfortable with each other.


However, you must now make it clear to her in a smart (and not needy) way in which direction you want what is between you to move.

You can achieve this by having a memorable third date:

>> 8 Tips Guys Wished They Had Before Their Third Dates

Step #8: Pay attention to her signs

Women like to play the ‘I let myself seduce’ role… even if they are the ones who want a relationship with you. That’s why a woman won’t usually ask you by instinct to be her boyfriend.

Instead, she will give you signs and hope that you recognize them.

Fortunately for you, I’ll reveal these signals to you today, so that you no longer have to worry about what she’s after with you:

  • She cooks for you
  • She wants you to meet her friends
  • She wants you to meet her parents
  • She wants to get to know your friends/ parents
  • She gives you presents
  • She ‘mothers’ you
  • She can’t stop looking at you
  • She keeps trying to set up new meetings with you
  • She gets jealous if you talk about or with other women
  • She marks her territory (by storing some of her stuff at your apartment)
  • She wants to kiss you in public and/or hold your hand
  • She tells you how comfortable she feels with you
  • She asks you subtle questions to find out if you’re still seeing other women

If your chica bonita does a handful of these things, you can take it as a clear sign that she wants to be your girlfriend.

And then there’s only one thing you have to do…

Step #9: Make it official – the easiest way

Women are evolutionarily programmed to want to have a relationship.

So, at the end of the day, it shouldn’t be difficult to make a woman you’ve regular sex with your girlfriend.

If you go on many dates with her and have sexy times with her, she will usually be the one who wants to make something serious out of it.

An affair usually automatically becomes something serious if you let it.

Again, if you don’t want that, you should take the necessary steps not to hurt the woman.

But if you want a relationship with her, the simplest way is to make time your ally.

As long as you have exciting dates and good sex with the woman of your choice, get to know her circle of friends and her everyday life more and more and create a deep connection to each other, it’s just a matter of time until it’s simply clear that you are together.

And if you really want to carve it in stone, just ask:

“How would you like it if I introduced you as ‘my girlfriend’ from now on?”

And boom… you’re with her.

And the game changes completely.

But this we’ll discuss in another article.

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Sayonara, bitches!

Dan de Ram

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