How To Make Her Laugh – 10 Tips Girls Do ‘Not’ Want You To Know

In this blog post you learn:

  • You’ve been lied to: Why it isn’t important to make a woman laugh
  • How jokes can hurt your attraction
  • When humor is your savior in need
  • How to make a woman laugh the right way
  • Humor basics that even professional comedians forget
  • Much more ways how to make a woman laugh…

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Do you have to make women laugh to get her attracted to you?

Probably the most sought-after woman in the world at the time, has revealed the #1 dating secret, with which you can easily seduce any woman:

“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”

Very good advice, Marilyn…

It’s that simple! Did y’all hear that, people? Just make a woman laugh and she’ll fall in love with you.

After all, you’re such a funny guy, so why wouldn’t she want you by her side and have hot sex with you every day?

Okay, I think my sarcasm is starting to leak.

Even though I think Marilyn Monroe is an intelligent and charming woman, she shouldn’t have given advice to men on how to seduce women.

Better leave this to the professionals, darling. But let’s have a cup of coffee as soon as I finish building my time capsule. Check’s on you though.

Pointing the finger at Marilyn would be wrong. A lot of women advise men:

  • “Just be humorous.”
  • “Make her laugh.”
  • “Always let her feel positive emotions with you.”

But as a former permanent prisoner in the friendzone and proud leader of a virgin army, I say “STOP!”

Enough bad dating tips. Haven’t enough men had to listen to sentences like:

“I see you more as a friend”  


“Haha you’re funny, you’ll definitely make another woman happy”

Making a woman laugh is the fastest way to be liked by her.

Being liked can be useful to win her heart, but it isn’t necessary.

Think of the men who are probably most sought after by women: Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth,…

If you analyze them, you quickly realize that they aren’t exactly jokers.

I’m not a fan of black and white thinking. There’s definitely something to Marilyn’s statement.

Bad mood is absolutely not sexy and with humor you can indeed collect a lot of charisma points with women.

But before I teach you HOW to do this, I see it as my duty as a dating coach to confront you with the hard truth first.

The Clown Trap

You know that movie Goodfellas?

If not, let me tell you that it’s a recommendable classic from the 90s.

In one scene it reveals the CLOWN TRAP:

Tommy makes the whole table laugh, but when Henry makes the comment “You’re really funny!” the mood suddenly and noticeably changes.

Tommy’s obviously pissed:

“Funny how? Funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I’m here to fucking amuse you? What do you mean funny?”

And he’s right: That’s exactly how a man who constantly jokes around looks to women. Like a clown who’s just there for their entertainment.

Worse, he looks like a needy puppy.


With his constant jokes he sub-communicates that he’s trying everything to get their validation.

Some men literally bombard women with witty lines, role-playing and teasing remarks. And because the señoritas burst out laughing, they think they’re doing everything right and are on the right track…

This is an illusion I call the “Clown Trap”.

I know it’s fun to fool around, but it’s damn unattractive.

It makes you look like a dog who, if he could speak, would probably say the following:

“Look what I can do! I can even roll around my axis. If you throw a ball, I might even bring it back!”

A sexually attractive man doesn’t have to prove himself. He’s aware of his attraction and plays with it.

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I myself have been in the clown trap for a long time.

Anyone who knows me knows that it’s easy for me to get the attention of women.

I’m very entertaining and any man who tries to compete with me for this attention goes down like the Titanic.

There is a way to steal women from me anyway, which I’ll of course not reveal to you here.

But what I can advise you is this: Never try to keep up with my jokes and entertainment.

It just makes you seem like a man desperately trying to engage in conversation.

Why am I telling you all this?

It’s about making you realize that I’m a charismatic and funny guy by nature (or maybe not?).

Because the truth is: It hasn’t helped me with women at all!

When I started to take control of my love life and actively meet women, I never had problems getting numbers.

I even got them thrown left and right.

The women had every reason to be. I provided them with positive emotions and made them laugh constantly.

Of course, you want to see a person like that again.

So, I had at least 3 dates a week for a year!

And 90% of the time, it was just one kiss-less, sexless first date…


I just didn’t get it.

“The women were so enthusiastic when I suggested a date… What the hell am I missing?”
– My brain went

It took me a long time to realize what I was doing wrong.

How I finally realized my faults?

I met a real womanizer who later became one of my best friends.

He’s slept with more women than any human should be allowed to.

What I noticed about him right away was that he was fucking boring.

He talked to women about their studies, about other countries and hobbies, while I told one woman again that I’m a porn star and an official member of the Power Puff Girls.

I said him:

“I always thought that women shouldn’t be bored,”

He countered something that opened my eyes:

“Hahah I think even if you were boring on purpose, you’d still be more entertaining than most men. You seem to forget the dull conversations women usually have to have.”

Aaaand that’s exactly what I implemented. This isn’t something I would recommend, but for three months I went on dates and was intentionally boring.

The result?

Hardly a date without a make out and more and more one-night stands.

My view of the world has been shaken up. But when you consider how sexual tension is created, it’s no wonder I had so many unsuccessful first dates…

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Laughter and sexual tension

I know, it’s confusing.

You’re probably wondering WHY humor can ruin your chances with a woman.

Well, on the one hand, this subconsciously puts you in the “entertainer’s drawer” instead of seeing you as a masculine and sexual man who regularly shows up in her sex fantasies.

On the other hand, it destroys sexual tension.

There are two different reasons why people laugh:

  1. Because something is REALLY funny
  2. To relieve tension

Laughter is therefore not necessarily the result of amusement, but is often a subconscious response to tension. It lets the air out of her like a needle in a balloon.

And this isn’t what you want!

At least not if your goal is to create sexual attraction.

Sexual attraction is based on tension. Laughter is based on a relief of tension.

And this is the opposite of sexuality…

Learn to feel comfortable in silence and to keep eye contact. It’s most arousing for women. You demonstrate strength, self-confidence and the ability to handle pressure.

These are qualities that women seek in men.

The power of humor

Now if you think that humor is useless for seduction, you have cut yourself big time… with a chainsaw!

There are situations in which it gives you a clear advantage.

I noticed this at the latest when I seduced women with whom my womanizer buddy had no chance.

All I want to achieve with my points made above is that you consciously deal with jokes.

Pay attention to the reaction of women. Do they become more aroused or do they laugh in a more platonic way.

Be careful where your humor comes from. Are you joking because you can’t handle the tension, or do you do it because you REALLY think it’s funny.

Avoid being a clown who’s only there for their entertainment.

As long as you keep an eye on these things, you can joke around all you want.

These are situations in which you use a joke to give yourself an advantage:

  • WhatsApp or online dating: Unfortunately, you can’t demonstrate that you can hold tension via smartphone. Therefore, you have to take over the role of an entertainer if you want to keep the attention of women (who are texted by the way by countless men).
  • Tense mood: You just had a fight or something happened that ruined your mood? Perfect opportunity to relieve the tension with a joke.
  • If she’s nervous: She’s a rather shy girl who gets nervous when it gets sexual? In that case the tension might be too strong for her, so you don’t want to overstrain her. Here it may be smart to reduce tension through amusement.
  • If she’s careful or skeptical: Suppose you approach a woman on the street and she looks at you as if you were a crazed psychopath out to rape her. Humor can make her understand that you’re a normal guy who doesn’t intend to harm her in any way. Only then will she defrost and you can flirt with each other.

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How to be funny to a girl: 5 simple techniques

It’s not easy to teach somebody humor. But with these 5 techniques even someone with as much humor as a wet potato sack can succeed.

Every professional comedian knows these principles and yet they’re often forgotten, which leads to the chirping of crickets and bales of straw carried by the wind instead of loud laughter.

#1: Feel her sense of humor

What makes one laugh so loudly that tears come to his eyes and he gets a free six-pack workout, leaves the other mute…

Why is that?

Because there are different kinds of humor:

  • Irony
  • Sarcasm
  • Hyperbolic
  • Dark
  • Parody
  • Self-irony
  • Pervert
  • And many more…

If you want to make her smile and laugh, it’s up to you to find out which of these species excites her so much that she can no longer keep her cool.

Personally, I love dark humor.

When everyone is shocked and wondering if what I said is morally acceptable, I’m amused.

I once approached a Latvian woman on the street. We talked about my job and I joked that I can’t tie a real knot and it’s a miracle that no child has died with me.

She laughed out loud and added that I should then leave the kidnapping to her.

Match made in heaven!

The jokes got so dark, I don’t even want to put them in here…

Would they have worked on a shy, well-behaved church mouse?

Probably not.

Worse, she would have probably left the conversation disgusted.

So, find out what she responds to positively.

“But I want to be myself, Dan!”

I totally understand. But it’s a mistake to limit your personality to a certain kind of humor.

Personality is an infinite spectrum.

There is a funny, serious, angry, gentle, grotesque, charming, etc. version of you. Why not present her with the authentic version that REALLY is you and that she likes? This is the secret to successful jokes to tell a girl.

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#2: Running gags and inside jokes

These are the most effective jokes for flirting.


Because they connect you.

No one else can laugh about it – it’s like a secret that only you two know about.

You can always refer to it, which will immediately remind her of your connection.

They are THE words to make her smile and think about you.

You wonder, how that looks in practice?

I approached a woman named “Skyla” at a train station in Barcelona. Within a five-minute conversation we created the inside joke that I was her pimp.

She was about to go to Vietnam, so I quickly got her number and moved on.

With my first text, I made use of our inside joke:

So, I reminded her of the fun conversation we had and at the same time of the cool guy who talked to her.

Pro tip:

Save all running gags and inside jokes between you in the contact information when you exchange numbers. That way you’ll never forget them and avoid accidentally texting “Come make me some money” to another woman.

#3: Plot twist

I can’t express my aversion for jokes without a plot twist.

A joke without a surprising twist is like being drunk without making stupid decisions.

The sad thing is that even “professionals” do it wrong. Most of the sketches from the most famous former “Viners”, like Lele Pons, Amanda Cerny or Lance Stewart, who now besiege Instagram and YouTube, are unfunny for one simple reason:

There’s a twist missing.

Check out this clip and see how much the human brain is waiting for a surprising turn and how much funnier the video would be then:

This is a parody. The clip makes fun of call waiting loops by showing what could happen behind the scenes in an invented scenario.

It’s entertaining, but it doesn’t make you laugh out loud. The joke bar is charged, but unfortunately doesn’t get discharged.

What is missing is a plot twist. Something that happens at the end that nobody expected.

For example, a boss who comes into the room and is shocked that his employees aren’t really working, but then shrugs his shoulders, says “Oh, fuck it” and plays along.

Or something like that. You know what I mean.

You can also use twists when flirting to make the charged joke bar explode between you.

A well-known role-play in the pickup scene is to marry a woman.

This is effective, but in all probability, she has already heard all this.

However, you can add a twist that makes the role-play between you not only funnier, but also more special.

For example, I once said to a bartender:

“A rosy future awaits us! We’ll get pompously married on a beach. All our friends will come and shower us with gifts. Then we’ll enjoy our honeymoon, where we’ll beget our first child. Seven more to come. They’re wrecking everything in our designer apartment and it’s too much for us. We fight all the time and get divorced. The end.”

She had to laugh and replied:

“Well then? What are we waiting for?”

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You’re on the right track!

May the Force be with you,
Dan de Ram

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