Top 10 Surprising Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

So you want to know how to successfully kiss a woman’s ass? How to neglect your own needs? Which massage oil is the best and not too sensitive for her nipples?

Then, my friend, check out any other dating advice site.

Here you’ll learn how to show your girlfriend that she indeed is your queen by deeds. Not because you are hoping that she will love you more, return the favor, or tell her friends what a loving man you are.


You do it, just because she deserves it.

What you get today:

  • 5 Ways to make your girlfriend blissfully happy
  • 5 Tips how to surprise your girlfriend in the bedroom
  • How to pamper someone the RIGHT way
  • Why most men think they’re spoiling women, but actually fail to impress her even slightly
  • Much more pampering insights…

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What men often think about pampering women

“Won’t this become this like transactional thing? Where I give her something and she thinks she has to do something back?”


It’s just because she deserves it.

It is not completely unwise to spoil a/your woman occasionally.

No, not just in bed.

Oh, you’re a sex god? Congratulations, that seems useful. But making her feel special outside your bed is even more important.

(Since I can smell your disappointment: Don’t worry, we’ll have a few words about sex later too)

A woman is like a human being, you know… And human beings need attention.

You can’t make her feel like your queen just once a month, only to banish her afterwards to a gutter where there is no love and no tenderness.

It doesn’t work that way.

If she doesn’t get any attention from you, don’t be surprised when she gets it from somewhere else.

But I know that you want to avoid that. You would like to give a certain woman the best time of her life, otherwise you would not have clicked on this article. I know… I’m a genius.

So today we’re going to talk about how you can blow her away (metaphorically speaking) in such a way that she will never forget it.

Today is not about the small things women expect from you on a daily basis. Today is all about the spectacular things you can do to make your gf happy, so she thinks twice about sleeping with the postman.

“Dan, my girlfriend would never cheat on me. Why are you so negative right now?”

First, that’s what the men who were cheated on have said as well.

Second, if you still have no suspicions after reading this article, then yeah, your gf is faithful:

>> 15 Subtle Signs of Cheating: Finally Find Out The Truth

Third, I am not negative, I am realistic. Let me show you why…

Why it is Important to Make a Girl Happy

While others were running a “Family Guy” marathon for the second time, I was busy (A) making women moan my name, and (B) going through the recent studies and statistics.

Both taught me what works in relationships and what doesn’t.

For example, studies show that if you perform an arbitrary act of love/attention/kindness, you are more likely to get it back. The whole thing can lead to a spiral of giving, in which both partners do more and more good to each other.

And let’s be honest: In how many relationships does that occur today?

I know many couples that look like they don’t grant each other anything, or even wish their partner the worst.

If that’s not shaking you up, consider this:

It is difficult to design reliable statistics, but most of them indicate that 40% of people cheat.

I am not a mathematician, but I can objectively say that this is A LOT.

But there’s no reason to cry about it. It’s what people do, and it can happen to the best.

However, if you want to avoid this as much as possible, you will succeed by keeping the relationship fresh through small gestures.

But if you want to be a top-level lover, you need the big gestures as well.

That is to say:

  • Surprise her (and no, not only on her birthday)
  • Impress her
  • Go on exciting dates with her

If you think you don’t need all that, just think about the 40%.

A small side note about the last point: 

No, taking your girlfriend to a bar isn’t exciting. Especially if you’ve done it dozens of times already.

It can be tricky to come up with exciting dates ideas, which is why I wrote a full article with 35 examples.

Check it out here:

>> 35 Exciting Date Ideas: How to Have an Unforgettable Date

5 Original Ways to Pamper Women


Now that I’ve beaten some realism into you, it’s time to show you how to pamper your girlfriend.

Note that this is not some list written by a 16-year-old intern. Through each of these things I have already made women very happy. So they were tested and classified as “foolproof” (although I’m not quite sure about #4 yet…).

Surprise #1: Breakfast in bed

Actually, it’s the worst idea in the world.

You will have breadcrumbs all over your bed, and let’s not pretend that sitting in bed is comfortable.

And yet women love it.


Don’t ask me why.


Ah, you don’t give up, do you?

Okay, here’s my explanation:

Most people detest the first half hour of their day. Sometimes getting up seems impossible – especially when you are wrapped up in a warm blanket like sushi.

With your eyelids glued together, you have to think about breakfast. After all, Uncle Jeremy said that it is the most important meal of the day.

I don’t know about you, but it’s not fun. Therefore, it is nice when someone does this job for you voluntarily.

The fact that you can enjoy breakfast from the comfort of your bed is a huge bonus.

What I am trying to tell you is: Get up 15 minutes before your queen, and prepare a healthy breakfast on an oversized wooden chopping board. Oh, and don’t forget the fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Wake her up through a kiss on the forehead, and surprise your girlfriend with your masterpiece.

She’ll love it.


If you need some easy-but-delicious food inspiration, there’s a killer recipe in tip#10 of this article:

>> Surprise Your Girlfriend? 18 Creative Ideas that Trump Spending Money

Surprise #2: Turn your bathtub into a spa experience par excellence

I don’t remember what compelled me to do this either, but one day I had the brilliant idea of preparing a hot bath for my girlfriend at the time.

But it wasn’t just any bath.

No, my friend.

It was the best bath of her life.

And this is not my own humble opinion, but literally what she told me.

Here is how I did it:

  • Let water into the bathtub (without this step it will not work…)
  • Pour in any chemical substance that smells good, softens the skin and creates bubbles (women love bubbles)
  • Light up candles and spread them around the edge of the bath
  • Present your creation to her, and lead her into the tub
  • Press a champagne glass into her hand (with champagne or orange juice)
  • Turn on soothing music (whatever is soothing for her)
  • Let her enjoy it by herself for a while
  • Join her later 😉

So simple and oh so effective.

Surprise #3: Anyone can give her a massage, but can you do THIS?

Anyone who clicks on a ‘How to pamper women’ article probably expects massage tips.

Massage is so strongly associated with pampering that some people think the two are one and the same thing. But you are wise enough to know that there are several ways to spoil a woman.

However, you hopefully also know that a massage is an excellent way to pamper a woman.

So the fact that you’re expecting tips for this isn’t so bad.

Serious question though:

Do I look like someone who gives out massage tips?


I’ll make an exception today. Here are 5 first-class massage tips:

Create the right atmosphere

Music, candles and scent can easily be underestimated by men. All this is simply not so important to us. But women like to take the time to build a small “feel-good empire”.

Take this job from her and make an effort.

This will pay off, because the more comfortable she feels just by the atmosphere, the less you have to do yourself.

Take care of massage oil

Only amateurs massage without a substance that prevents your hands from feeling like sandpaper.

If you are an active man who does a lot, your hands are anything but soft like a baby’s bottom. And as a man, I think that’s the way it should be.

(Wearing gloves in the gym is not a solution).

But luckily for us, there is such a thing as massage oil. Or, if you are smart, you use coconut oil, which anyone should have at home anyway.

(Also suitable for anal sex. <3)

The power of gentleness

I know we all love it when someone kneads our tense muscles properly. But this is not supposed to be a sports massage. You’re not her chiropractor, you’re her lover.

So provide erotic stimulation.

You can achieve this by massaging GENTLY.

Never underestimate how effective this can be.

Test it by rubbing your index and middle finger firmly over the inside of your forearm…

Doesn’t feel very good, does it?

Now do it very gently. Soft as a feather…

Goosebumps? Then you are doing it right.

The perfect build-up

Of course, you can squeeze a little harder sometimes. But there should be a build-up.

From gentle to intense and from innocent to sexual.

Start with her neck and shoulders, and if you slowly work your way towards her breasts and pussy, that can be nice too.

The sexual massage

Ending it with a sexual massage is great way to surprise your wife.

Not many men are good at this. In fact, many do not even know that such a thing even exists.

Try to get involved with “Tantra massages” or, to be more specific, with “Yoni massages”. From articles and books to videos, you will find all kinds of stuff.

Your wife has probably never been pampered that way.

Surprise #4: Eat her out like there’s no tomorrow

If we’re talking about pampering women, oral sex is part of the deal – at least in my book. And I hope in yours, too.

There are only a few women who don’t like to be eaten out.

The majority don’t like it because they have only had men who were not very good at it. And the rest are so called “aliens”, who do not live on this planet.

It’s very simple: if you want to be a good lover, you must be able to please her with your tongue.

Got it?


-> How to Please a Woman in Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

I’ve written many articles about how to really satisfy women (like THIS ONE), but while we’re at it, I can give you 3 bonus oral sex tips.

Locate her clit

The clitoris is also called the “lust organ”. And justifiably so!

According to Wikipedia, it has about 8,000 nerves and sensory cells. That’s twice as much as your penis has.

You should take advantage of this scientific fact, and stimulate her clitoris with your tongue, which is very well suited for this because of its nature.

From experience, I can admit that it is not always easy to hit the clitoris perfectly. Every pussy looks different.

But fortunately, Prof. Dr. Dan Vagiloni Ram has once again made time for you.

Can you see this little pearl-like thing?

Right, that’s the clitoris.

Well, strictly speaking, that’s not entirely true. It extends inside the vagina to the G-spot.

Anyway, lick THERE. That’s right, this beautiful little pearl. That is going to make her very happy.

Often, you will have to spread her labia slightly with your fingers to make her clit appear perfectly.

And then there’s just one thing you have to do…

Be a breath of wind

Lick her GENTLY at first. So gently that she can hardly wait for you to lick her more intensively. Basically, you can’t start out too gently. Sometimes I really take 5 minutes to only touch her clit with my tongue just to make her lust for more.

Find out which movements make her really hot, and do EXACTLY that. Usually, these are slightly snapping tongue movements from bottom to top, but often it is necessary to gently suck on her clitoris.

Don’t give her everything

Even if she gets licked better than ever before, and gets closer to orgasm with every second…

keep her there for a little longer.

Lick her less intensively again, or even stop completely for a short time.

I know it sounds paradoxical, and often it seems as if she doesn’t want anything more than for you to continue in the same way or even more intensively.

And yes, you could do that now, and push her over the edge by giving her a very solid orgasm.

It’s definitely a way to make your girlfriend happy.

But if you want to drive her completely crazy, and set off fireworks in her brain, you take your time. You play with her a little.

Smart move!

Surprise #5: Surprise your girlfriend with a “spontaneous” trip

Why did I put the word “spontaneous” in quotation marks?

Because it will only be spontaneous for her.

YOU are a top-notch lover, and therefore you HAVE A PLAN.

A buddy of mine took me for some clay-pigeon shooting one day.

But did I know we were about to do that?


He wanted to surprise me for my birthday, and I had no idea where he was taking me.

Was this trip boring?


Well, if I was already excited, then you can bet your (unborn) child that a woman will look forward to what’s coming BIG TIME.

The mere fact that she doesn’t know where she’s going is exciting enough.

But if you lead her into an empty room with nothing but a mattress on the floor, she will doubt your mental state.

You’re a boss, so you have planned something special.

Think about:

  • A penthouse suite
  • A treehouse
  • A hot air balloon ride

Be a little creative. The more spectacular it is, the more she can brag about it in front of her friends.

Alright, alright, I hear you: You need examples, right?

Here’s a list of 39:

>> 39 Fun Things To Do Your with Girlfriend That Will Make Her Happy

Now you know how to make your girlfriend happy

… and how romantic I am.

You know 5 tested and effective ways to show her that she is your queen.

Pampering women has never been this easy and special before.

Profit from it and surprise her in a way she has never been surprised before. Never underestimate how lazy most men are.

That way the probability that she will cheat on you when she crosses my path is much smaller.

Because the more valuable you can make her feel, the more valuable she will find you.

Now, if you want to become irresistible to her right from today, I’ve got something cool for you.

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May you do well!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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