19 Tips How to Pick Up a Girl – Get Her Easily

how to pick up a girl

So you want to be the guy picking up girls?

You want what the other guys can, but you can’t do yet.

In this article, I will teach you exactly how to pick up a girl.

For a one-night stand, just messing around with or a long-term relationship.

It’s all in here:

  • 19 tips on how to attract a girl
  • How to overcome your approach anxiety FAST
  • 3 hacks to have more success with girls right away
  • How you make her verbally, physically and, through your behavior, wildly attracted to you
  • How to pick up a girl on Tinder with countless example sentences
  • My free tool to guarantee your success in seducing women
  • 3 special tips on how you seduce a girl in school
  • Many more tips…

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Tip #1: How to ensure you always approach a girl successfully

Listen carefully.

This is the beginning.

I know you want tips on how to pick up a girl. But if you don’t talk to girls, you can forget about picking them up.

That is why I am going to prepare you, in this tip, to be able to talk successfully to girls time and time again.

Starting a conversation with a woman begins with an opening sentence.

From my own experience, it appears that a compliment always works the best with women.

But I also understand that it is difficult to come up with something specific when the average girl walks around in a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans with holes in the knees!

In that case, you want a standard sentence that works in every situation. One you can fall back on.

However, not a sentence that only superficially relates to her appearance.

This sentence is:

“I find you have a great vibe about you.”

Have you just found your favorite opening-line?


If not, no worries: I got you.

Here’s an article with 19 examples of opening-line. Read it and pick the ones you like the most:

>> Conversation Topics List – the 19 Hottest Conversation Starters

Alright, now here’s a warning about the biggest mistakes you can make when talking to girls.

Tip #2: How to avoid making the biggest mistakes when talking to girls

You have your opening line ready.

You have memorized all the steps.

You have found the woman you want to talk to.

Nothing can go wrong, you think….


There are countless mistakes that you can still make while talking to women.

And each of these “errors” ensures that the conversation will never really get off the ground.

I want to save you from these mistakes and unfortunate experiences. To do this, watch the video below:

Before I tell you, in the following tips, how to seduce a girl after talking to her (verbally,
physically and with your “moves”), I  want to prevent you from making a big mistake.

One big mistake that I see many men make, that causes them to suffer even more long-term anxiety when talking to girls.

Oh wait, I am forgetting something:

Tip #3: How to seduce girls on dating apps

You may be thinking:

“Nice Dan, I’m a master now in talking to girls on the street or in a club, but I’m not making any progress with your important tip about leaning in when I want to seduce a girl online.”

Don’t worry, my dear bro.

Also, on how to seduce a girl online, I’ll not let you hang.

However, online dating is a profession in itself; I could make a complete course just for that.

Wait, I did that…

Think of:

  • Your dating profile
  • Your profile text
  • Chat messages that work and that don’t work (I have a tip for you later regarding this topic)

And download my Texting Toolkit, with 5 Texting tips for various situations that you can use instantly in your chats.

Get it here, it’s free!


Now how to prevent you from continuing to suffer long-term anxiety when talking to girls.

Tip #4: How you deal with rejections like a boss

This is extremely important.

Many men, continue to suffer from long-term anxiety when talking to women.

Because something is not 100% right in their mindset.

Look, since you want to know how to seduce a girl, you must also accept that you are occasionally rejected.

Know that it is not a personal thing, but the chemistry between the two of you simply isn’t there.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in or how good your seducing-skills are. Somewhere it is decided that it shouldn’t click between the two of you.

Remind me to write a special article about fear of rejection in the comments below…

What matters is that you become comfortable with rejection.

Tip #5: The 3 confronting reasons why you can’t pick up a girl

Many men do this wrong.

And I mean MANY men.

You probably recognize the following mistake, in others or in yourself.

Namely, that men make excuses and everything that goes wrong is not their fault but caused by an external factor:

  • I’m too late BECAUSE the train wasn’t running
  • I can’t talk to that girl BECAUSE she hasn’t got a sweet smile
  • I can’t seduce the ladies yet BECAUSE I have to be rich, handsome and muscular

This is, of course, totally ridiculous.

It’s time to face reality bro.

I understand that you read this article because you want to know how to seduce a girl.

You don’t know completely how it’s done, or what you do doesn’t succeed.

Anyway, you’re looking for help.

Nothing wrong there, I have also invested a modal income in my personal development.

I know it will pay off hugely.

But the real reason that you don’t know how to seduce a woman, is not a lack of skill. It is simply because you have not taken enough action yet to develop the necessary skills at all….

Or you’re not paying enough attention to yourself….

Or you don’t present yourself as a sexually attractive person….

These three, I’m going over with you now:

You are the “lazy dude”

Lately, in a Skype-coach conversation:

The person said that he found self-development and seducing women extremely important in his life. He would like to get in touch with women but found it difficult to justify it with the time he had available.

Ok, good I thought, and I asked him to share his screen, so I could take a look at…….

  • His Internet browser history
  • The latest watched YouTube videos
  • And, if he had no problem with it, his last purchases

And everything became crystal clear.

His Internet browsing history was CNN.com. and all kinds of entertainment websites.

His latest YouTube videos all showed cats and fun compilations.

The latest purchases were all focused on self-development.

Okay I’m lying…

One YouTube video was ours.

But anyway.

When you want to learn how to seduce a girl only thinking of it or having it as a goal is not enough.

I can also set the goal that I want to climb Mount Everest.

However, if I never take action, I will never reach the top.

So, if you want to seduce girls and get girls in your life, you must take action.

You want to live your goal.

You’re the “Before guy”

You want to seduce women.

Girls in your life for dating or for messing around with or one that you want to make your girlfriend.

And I assume you want pretty, nice and good-looking women in your life?

If not, that’s fine too.

But know that the beautiful, friendly, and fun girls are looking for someone similar.

And if you live your life slovenly, you don’t fit their image.

When you don’t have yourself in order, seducing girls will not succeed.

They sense that you don’t give yourself enough attention and they understand immediately that you will not be able to give them enough attention.


  • Go out with your buddies or make new friends
  • Pursue your passions, for example, your hobbies or sports
  • Do a job that really excites you
  • Go live by yourself
  • Take care of your body. This is very important! I will come back to this in a moment.

And no, I don’t mean the following:

First a six-pack, tight shirts, and wide pants that feel skinny because of all the muscles that you have aren’t necessary at all (this big pitfall I will discuss with you later).

What needs to be done, is that you put your own life in the first place.

You want to improve the quality of your life.

How do you do that, you say?

Everything is explained in this article, so check it out:

>> 10 Simple Things That Improve Your Life TODAY!

You’re her “BFF”

Seducing girls and having girls in your life are different things.

For example, a friend of mine who likes men has a lot of women in his life.

But he doesn’t seduce them.

He’s just a friend to them.

For him that’s fine.

But what about you?

I can understand that you want girls in your life, but not that you want to be their umpteenth “friend”.

And when you hear her say that you are like a brother to her… then you’ll know for sure:

You are sunk up to your neck in the friendzone.

Once you have landed in the friendzone, climbing out is nearly impossible.

Are you in the friendzone with a girl?

Houdini yourself out of it in an easy way. You should read this article to learn exactly how:

>> Get Out of the Friend Zone & Into Her Lover Zone – 7 Magic Moves


Prevention is better than cure.

And to make sure that you no longer end up in the friendzone with a girl, I have the perfect tips for you later.

But first you must understand this:

Tip #6: The tool to change your reality immediately

You want to seduce girls, but did you let one of these three reasons walk?

Then you want to remove it immediately, but methodically.

A drastic switch from one to the other is often not the long-term solution.

Transforming needs to be done step-by-step.

That’s why I made this free Transformation Kit.

You can use this package to start your transformation and become better, step-by-step, at picking up a girl.

With one click on this link, you will receive it in your mailbox.

Tip #7: The 5 methods to pick up a girl + pros and cons

This is important.

Finding a place where you feel comfortable to seduce girls.

This way the whole process will be a lot easier.

Because namely:

One is a Star Wars fan…The other adores Star Trek.

It is the same with seducing girls.

It can be that you feel more at ease in a loud nightclub.

Or perhaps you are the type of person who happens to seduce his dream woman during his train ride to work or study.

You may also want to get in touch with women from the comfort of your own home using a dating app.

Everyone has his own niche.

And choosing the niche that suits you has lots of benefits.

If you feel good where you are, you radiate this to women.

And girls like to be around people with whom they feel comfortable.

I’m going to go through five ways with you, where you can seduce girls.

And later I have several tips for you on how to specifically seduce a girl at school.

During the day

Seducing girls during the day is not an option that many men see as viable.

However, it is very effective.


  • You come across women during the day who you will never meet at night
  • It immediately shows what type of guy you are
  • Women are more accessible


  • To talk to a girl on the street, you have to have “balls”
  • Over 1000 ways to make it awkward
  • During the day, people are busy with their own things

Then there’s another option for you, namely….

At night

People are going out to socialize.

Everyone looks around to see if there are hot-looking people around.

Therefore, this is the perfect way to get in touch with girls.


  • It is more the norm to approach strangers at night
  • Everyone is in a social vibe
  • You come across women at night whom you otherwise would not meet


  • Body language is a huge factor
  • The male/female ratio is often unbalanced
  • It is a harsh environment. Mistakes are punished more severely

Now here’s a more traditional but fruitful approach:

The social environment

No interest in talking with complete strangers and starting from scratch?

Then you can meet girls in your circle of friends or at the local club where you are registered.

There must be a number of girls in these circles of friends or in the circle of your local club. And also friends have girls with whom you can get in touch.


  • You come into contact with the same girls more often; this creates a bond
  • You know these girls, so there is no problem of the fear of talking to girls the first time
  • You probably have something in common and that is a great start right away


  • The entire group of friends often know everything about each other and what happens
  • If things don’t work out between the two of you, it can be awkward to keep seeing each other
  • You only have a small number of girls in your group

You can also be a little bit more creative:

Dating activities

You don’t have to do everything by yourself.

In most places, like cities, dating activities are often organized.

A great place to meet girls.


  • Everybody who’s there has the same goal
  • There’s often no need to approach someone
  • Often revolves around more serious contact


  • Often the less fun types who see this as the last resort
  • Extremely short time to get to know each other
  • It is often about more serious contact

And very important nowadays:


Certainly, between the ages of 20 to 30 this is a goldmine.

There are numerous apps and sites where you can seduce girls.


  • You meet girls that you otherwise would not meet
  • From the comfort of your own home, where you can decide what text you’re going to send
  • In this way, there is no fear of talking to girls for the first time


  • A strong profile is required if you want to match with the nicest women
  • You must have a good skill in flirting via text
  • People show themselves as being more beautiful than they are

Now, perhaps you want to know where exactly you should go to meet women that fits with your personality.

If that’s the case, I got good news:

There’s an article about this! Read it here:

>> 15 Hotspots to Meet Women Near You that Are 100% Your Type

Alright, let’s keep going with the next tip.

Tip #8: Quick 3 hacks for successfully picking up girls

  • Do you regularly receive compliments about your appearance?
  • Do you look like George Clooney?
  • Do you get Super Likes on Tinder?
  • Are you already the guy picking up girls?


Then skip this tip.

If not?

Then make sure you read the following carefully:

I understand you want to know how you can make girls hopelessly attracted to you. And I will come to that in a moment. But if this part is lacking in you, there will never be any attraction.

Men often judge women by their appearance.

Fine, I think appearance is also important.

But be realistic about yourself, if you do not always look your very best and well cared for.

What is right is that women think of other things than men when it comes to appearance.

But they are not blind, and research shows that they have passed judgment on you in a split second.

Make sure that you always have a top appearance:

  • Your haircut
    Many men only go to the hairdresser once every three months. That means that you only walk around 33% of the time with a tight haircut. Go to the hairdresser more often. The Dutch (and also our neighbors) are notorious in that together we provide half of all the profit for the hair gel manufacturers. Use a bit, or rather, use a wax.

Yo Daan, Taft just called, they want to thank you personally for more than half of their sales.

  • Eyes
    Our tests show that you get more Tinder matches WITHOUT glasses. So, if you can, arrange contact lenses. This will also make a noticeable difference in real life.
  • Posture:
    Pull your head a little further up, as if you are smelling your favorite dish.
    Back. Stand and sit up straight.
    Chest. Push your chest a little forward.
    Legs. Stand with your legs apart, wider than your shoulders.
    Arms. Talk with your hands and pretend you’re holding a barrel. Dare to take up space. This shows self-confidence.

Pro tip:

Red makes a man more attractive and more important as a man. Maybe a point to pay attention to when you go shopping next time.

Now, if fashion is not your thing but you still want to dress correctly to impress women, read this article:

>> 10 Tips – Dress to Impress for Men (Ladies LOVE This)

So, fix your appearance, and ‘fix’ those women.

Now we continue with how you can make girls hopelessly attracted to you.

3 tips to make sure you don’t end up in the friendzone

I can talk long or short about this, but what it comes down to is:

Men are too sweet.

This is why girls don’t see you as a potential friend, a guy to mess around with or a one-night stand.

But as a girlfriend.

Therefore, 3 tips to ensure that the pit of the friendzone, for you, is closed forever by a heavy vault door.

This is very important if you have never had a girlfriend.

Tip #9: Pick up lines to get a girl

This is the easiest way to not end up in the friendzone …

while you act as a potential bed partner.


Challenge her.

Challenge her to a kickboxing party on the first date? Seems rather something for the second date

To challenge her, I have three simple methods for you:

Don’t say “yes” to everything

Too many men are “yes-men”.

They worship everything the girl says:

  • Is her favorite color pink, then suddenly it is also their favorite color.
  • Does she live in Boreville > “Oh wow Boreville, cool!”

Stop it.

A simple way to challenge her is to disagree with her.

For instance, say:

“Pink!? I hate pink”

(with a smile).

“You come from a farming village, I don’t think we’ll be a match”

(with a smirk).

Stop the boring questions, but do this

You know them…

The boring interview questions.

And my clairvoyant third eye sees you are sometimes guilty of questions like this.

Nothing wrong with that … these questions have their time and place.

However, not at the beginning of the conversation with a woman. At this moment you want to show her what kind of guy you are.

Friendzone-material or rock-solid Lover Wood?

Instead of asking questions, make your claims. Claims about her.


“You look like someone who lives in a farming village. With the morning rooster as an alarm clock.”

“I think you are someone who reads your horoscope daily and checks whether the prediction was correct in the evening.”

“By the look on your face, I know you’re planning something as soon as I give you my number.”

Questions in the first five minutes are a thing of the past.

Replace them with assertions that provoke her.

On to method number 3.

Be clear about what you want

Many men start to talk to girls with a strong compliment.

This shows 1000% that the friendzone is not the path these men want to take.

During the conversation, however, nothing comes out of them, which still shows this.

They may still tease the girls, or disagree with her as you just learned, or they apply one of the following tips on how to prevent entering the friendzone.

Yet there’s nothing left from the first intention with which they addressed the girl.

Therefore, there are a few sentences you can say during the conversation, so that you repeat clearly the reason why you addressed her.

“When I spoke to you, I wasn’t so sure, but you’re actually cool.”

“I could take a shot of tequila off your belly.”

“Don’t make such flirty eye-contact with me, I see here what you’re trying to do.”

In short.

Make sure that the conversations you have with women are not boring.

Now, I know it’s easier said than done.

It can be tricky to keep a girl interested during a date.

That’s why I wrote an article about it. Check this out:

>> Keeping Her Interested By Being Interesting – 3 Timeless Tips

Tip #10: How you pick up a girl with touch

The best way to indicate that a girl can’t see you as a girlfriend.


Yes, touch.

For most men, this is a huge step.

They think:

“Can I just touch girls without first giving me a contract with approval?”

Scientifically, the clearest flirt is through touch.

Does the saying not go like this?

“A touch can say more than 1000 words.”
– A saying that I just made up on the spot.


Good one, nice and important.

What I do understand is that you sometimes have doubts when touching.

Because you don’t *CERTAINLY* want to be the next #Metoo-er.

That is why you want to follow the following three steps to do it well:

  • Have a plan if she might not respond well to your touch.
  • Build it up so that it stays at her own pace and always check her body language to see how she reacts.
  • Make your touches as if it’s no big deal. Don’t follow your hand with your eyes.

If you go too fast, you will notice this from her.

It’s up to you to deal with this in a tranquil way and take a respectful step back. Just do it again later.

Say this, for example, if she notices it:

Haha oh, I got a little excited there haha. Anyway, [and continue talking about another topic].”

Show your social intelligence, and later you can calmly rebuild it.


By touching her, she realizes that you are a confident man who clearly shows what he wants. By touching, she immediately knows that you don’t just want to be a friend.

Tip #11: What immediately wins a woman’s heart?

I recently received this question:

“Dan, what defines a dominant man?”

I think for a moment and I say this:

“You may think that if you are muscular and large, you are dominant. Or that you have to be noisy. Or how many people listen to you on Instagram. No. Dominance is pure perception.”

I see him looking at me, as if he wants to say that I speak Chinese.

Let me explain.

What I mean by perception is that a man can be a hard boss in one environment and a soft puppy in another.

Think, for example, of Mr. de Vries here:

At work, he is the dominant boss.

Everyone bows to him when he comes in in the morning, so to speak.

With full authority, he hands out the orders.

But, in terms of administration, he’s not that nice. He is holding back from the tax authorities.

Which ultimately results in being locked up behind bars for six months.

Can you imagine Mr. de Vries arriving in an environment with drug dealers, murderers, and rapists?

Will he be the dominant boss here?

Haha, nope. Here he is at the bottom of the food chain. Suddenly, Mr. de Vries is no longer the boss.

Science supports my point of view, dominance is in perception.

But perception can be influenced. I noticed that when seducing girls.

Take these 5 tips with you, so girls see you as more dominant:

  • Make controlled movements
  • Wait with your reaction
  • Slightly lift your chin up
  • Make strong eye contact
  • Speak in commands

I’ll give you an example right away.

Many men have a very negative idea of dominance.

They think it’s wrong.

They think that dominance is the same as aggression.

They think that they are chasing girls away by dominant behavior.


You know better now.

Now you know exactly how to make her wildly attracted to you.


This is only one side of the coin.

You now know how to make her attracted to you.

And this is enough to score a playful night with a girl.

However, do you want her to stay longer with you… to mess around or as a girlfriend? Then you also want to build a connection with her.

I will tell you all about it in the following tip.

That way she will never want to leave you.

Tip #12: How to ensure you see her more than once

Yesterday, I read a piece by a journalist and master interviewer. Our very own Dutchman, Frénk van der Linden.

He is known for brilliant interviews with big names such as Johan Cruijff and Freddy Heineken.

When Frénk talks about “interviewing”, you had better listen carefully…

Because it is guaranteed that you can learn something from him about the subtle art of letting people uncover their souls.

He knows better than anyone how he makes a connection with his guests and lets them say things that they would normally never reveal.

And Frénk has learned something genius in four decades of interviews…

That you can use when you want to get a deep connection with a girl, and really want to give her a special feeling.

Journalist Ischa Meijer once said:

“Every interview that I conduct is actually a self-portrait.”

And Frénk acknowledges that…

Looking back on 40 years of interviewing and all the times that it didn’t work out really well…

His reason for that:

“An ego that is too big, a pain that you have not overcome.
You cannot avoid exposing your soul, just as you would expect from your interviewee.”

Let those sentences soak in for a moment…

When you really want to get in touch with a woman…

Really want a DEEP CONNECTION with her…

That’s only possible if you don’t wear a mask.

If you are first in touch with yourself and you really dare to show yourself completely.

You can’t fake it or act it.

You can’t do that with some sort of “I will get you” trick.

And I don’t mean tell all your vulnerable stories and start moaning about how tough it used to be


I’m talking about male vulnerability.

When you dare to show the real you.

Then you get reactions like this (which I saw happening with Patrick):

Wow it feels for the first time as if someone really sees me and really understands me. This is so special.”

(after which she jumped, trembling, with wet eyes, into his arms).

When Frénk is asked what his ultimate lesson is after all this time:

I know much better how to live: Not being so rational, not being so tough, not always wanting to be the best because of your ego.

But look at people, listen to people and treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Feel and live.”

Amen bro!

When you realize this, you open the doors to intense connections with girls…

The only thing you still need is to ask the right questions.

Questions that go right through her “camouflage” and bring out her deepest desires.

More examples of questions right here:

>> 111 Non-Boring Questions to Get to Know Her -Real Self- Better

You now know what to do to make any woman fall in love with you.

Only use this power if you really want her…

Not to feed your ego.

How do you pick up a girl who does NOT speak your language?


If you don’t speak the same language …

Then you communicate with her through modern technology.

Google translate.

Might sound stupid. Or maybe you feel too good for it (I know I’ve felt that way).

But if you get over that thought and just communicate in any way possible, lots of beautiful things can happen.

Tip #13: Don’t be cliché in your conversations to keep her interested

Recently, I was listening to a conversation a few meters away from one of my participants of the weekend course in seducing women that we offer.

He talks to her and immediately a huge smile appears on her face.

Immediately I think:

“Ah chill, this is going to be a great interaction.”

They start talking and after about 5 minutes they exchange names.

Her name appears to be “Isis”.

Yup, I know what you’re thinking.

I hear my participant repeat her name and I hope he doesn’t make the next cliché mistake:

“Oops, is he going to be a cliché just like the “Average Gert”, or is he taking a smart approach?”

Because how would Average Joe respond to this?

Probably something that refers to the terrorist group.

And this is a bad cliché you can’t make in a conversation with a nice girl.

Because she continuously hears this comment:

“So, you are also a little terrorist.” *Smiley face*

But what does my participant do smartly:

He refers her name to the Greek goddess Isis.

And what do I see…

Again, a huge smile appears on her face.

I can already hear her thinking:


“Finally, someone who is different.”

This is exactly the tip I want to give you.

Don’t do the standard things. The standard things she has heard 1000 times.

Do something she has never heard of. That’s how she feels special. And that is how you make yourself special.

The best of everything…

When exchanging numbers, she told my participant that she was relieved that he referred her name to the goddess Isis and not the terrorist group.


That is a nice compliment to take home with you.

Tip #14: How to pick her up without a word

Success with women…

Like success in so many cases …

…comes for 90% down to one thing.

A powerful quote makes this beautifully clear:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Or, as I would interpret this:


“Give me six hours to get into a relationship with my dream woman, and I will practice the first four hours on all women for a fun connection except that dream woman.”
– Dan de Ram

What it comes down to:



In theory, a conversation potentially has an infinite number of conversation topics, questions, sentences, jokes, and so on.

In reality…

At most, there are around five responses per given situation.

So, you know that if you are in a great conversation with a woman, she will eventually ask:

  • “Where do you come from?”
  • “What kind of work/study do you do?”
  • “What are your hobbies?”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “What is your name?”

The same goes for addressing her.

In theory, 1001 different things can happen.

Eventually what happens is one of the following:

  • She walks on without looking at you
  • She responds very positively to your compliment
  • She responds suspiciously to your compliment (do you say this to everyone?/do you do this often?/where is the camera?)
  • She responds neutrally

And so it is for every situation.

Theoretically, you can get an infinite number of responses from her.

However, actually, you only end up getting roughly one of five expectable responses.

So, to come back to the tip.

You can prepare for each of these “standard” responses.

Have your answers ready to go with which you can immediately tease and challenge her. Instead of just giving one-word answers to her questions.

Prepare yourself.

For example, she asks:

“Where do you come from?”

Say this pick up lines to get a girl:

“China. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I don’t look Chinese at all. But because I ate so many potatoes my skin turned white.”

You only have to have 2 funny answers to all the boring questions, and you can turn any conversation into a flirty one.

For another 12 funny example sentences, click here.

Tip #15: Go fast, but don’t haste

This is super cool.

You can sometimes kiss women in minutes after you meet them.

But the final result:

The tension between you is so high up so early that you’ve already reached the ceiling.

You can’t go any higher unless you take her home with you immediately.

More kissing only fades the tension and connecting with her now is boring.


You see her leave the club 3 hours later with another man.


You went TOO fast and ultimately achieved nothing.


You want to go fast in the interaction because boring her is not a good strategy.

But you don’t want to go in a hurry.

How do you do this? I will now explain to you with literal steps…

The traffic light principle

See the tension building as a “traffic light”.

You want to push her buttons until her light turns to “green”.

First, you do this by being verbal with her.

If her light turns to “green”, then you can cross and get physical with her.

Now press her buttons again and she will quickly turn to “green” to be kissed.

So, you want to press her buttons every time to go one step further. Until you finally make her light so “bright green” that you can take her home.

However, sometimes it takes you too much time, so the traffic light turns “red” again.

But sometimes you have the chance to bring her light back to “green” again…However, more often in the case of a woman, this traffic light almost always remains red. She no longer sees you as the powerful man who goes for what he wants.

You are emotionally rejected, even though she often still talks sweetly to you.

So, just like when crossing a road, wait until the traffic light turns “green” before you cross, to get home safely with her on your arm.

Tip #16: How to prevent a rejection to your date-proposal

You have just met for the first time in real life or have been matched via an online dating app.

Everything looks great.

Now it’s time to ask her for a date.

The last hurdle before you see each other again.

For many men, however, this last hurdle always appears to be the highest.

And then they hook with their feet and they fall flat on their face into the water basin.

Because here it goes wrong:

The conversation is completely on and flirty. Green lights as far as you can see.

Then you plan a date with her:


Let’s have a glass of wine at the Champagne House on Friday evening at 21:00.”

“Oh no, I’d love to have a drink with you, but I can’t. I have plans, I’m going out with friends. Sorry.”

“Aah sounds like fun! Saturday night then?”

“No, I have to go to a birthday party on Sunday morning.”

“Oh, congratulations in advance, then the Sunday after the birthday party?”

” No, I can’t. ”

”Ok, ok. When do you have time?”


What went wrong?

Men often skip the agenda check and go straight to the date proposal.

And so they slowly let the conversation sink to its grave.

This could have easily been prevented in three steps:

  • Get information about her plans earlier in the conversation.
  • Suggest a place that she is probably going to love.
  • Suggest two options.

Tip #17: How to pick up a girl in school

Do you want to flirt at school with a nice girl in class?

Let me give you the golden tip so that you don’t make a big fool of yourself.

The biggest pitfall is to give her TOO MUCH attention:

  • Sit next to her every time
  • Visit her during her break
  • Staring too much at her during the lessons

The advantage of seducing a girl at school is that you come across her often.

Daily, weekly, whatever. At least at known moments.

You should see seducing a girl at school as a seed that you plant.

A seed that slowly grows into something from which you can reap the “benefits” over time.

You seduce a girl at school by giving her all of your attention, every now and then.

Give her a flirty compliment. Here are some pick up lines to get a girl:

“Hey, I’m going to sit next to you because you’re always so good at the work.”

“Are you chasing me again during lunch break?”

“Hey, my favorite buddy to copy homework from!”

And the next day you don’t interact with her at all.

Let her guess a little and long for your attention.

However, do not fall into the following trap:

Only verbally flirting with her can ensure that she will actually only see you as a homework buddy.

You also want to touch her now and then or take her to another place, in the canteen or outside.

Tip #18: How you will be stalked (positively) at school

A story from one of our coaches.

He went on an exchange to Singapore.

Sounds cool.

One problem:

He knew NO ONE on the exchange.

And everyone there, so to speak, knows EVERYONE.

Where do you start?

Immediately, by getting in touch with the local students, instead of sticking around with the exchange students.

Make sure you become one of the locals.

He made sure that he got to know the “leader” of every group that had already been formed.

However, he himself remained solo and turned each group into his group of friends.

He made sure that he had thrown out all kinds of lines and maintained contact with each group so that they all liked him.

It didn’t even cost him much effort.

Where you sit with the same group every day, he joined a different group every day.

Needless to say…

No party went by without our coach being invited.

And those who are invited to parties come into contact with women.

Women who you can seduce 😉

Tip #19: Become the party at school and kickstart your dates production factory

Years ago:

I wanted to expand my group of friends with new people:

  • Cool people to party with
  • Nice women for dating



Do you do that?

Be the organizer, the founder of an event.

Now it may feel like you have to organize the Olympic Games, but this is not that hard.

The only thing you need is:

  • A space to play
  • 8 people

And since you are one of these 8, you have already arranged 11.1% 😉

What I started to organize were “Werewolf” evenings. The game “Werewolf” is a social-psychological game where you get to know each other very quickly.

Everyone plays the first game in a safe place, after that it goes like hell.

The objective of the game:

“The players are divided into two groups: the citizens and a smaller group of “werewolves”. The game is led by a neutral game leader and runs in a sequence of days and nights: at night the “werewolves” eat an innocent citizen, during the day the inhabitants of the village (together with the “werewolves”) seek revenge and one of them is thrown at the stake. The civilians try to kill all the “werewolves” from the village, conversely the “werewolves” want to eat all civilians.”
– Wikipedia

Once you have organized the first evening, it goes like a running fire.

The 7 people tell two others.

And next time there are suddenly 21 people knocking at your door.

What you achieve with this:

  • Once I kissed the girl during the “night time”. Exciting and cute.
  • I got to know good buddies because of this. I still speak to them.
  • One evening such a night ended in a trio, because two women came by from another city. They needed to stay the night (okay, a little bit of luck here).
  • Countless, enjoyable evenings and a number of connections that make Mark Zuckerberg jealous…

Now the point is not that you are going to organize this specific game.

(Although I definitely recommend it.)

Find something that you like so much that you enjoy doing it with a group of people.

That can be frisbee in the park, BBQ days, film evenings, board games, and beer evenings.

You name it.

Reverse engineer your success with girls

With the last tip of this article, I want to ask you something very important.

The answer to this question determines how far you will go in pickup up girls.

Here it comes:

What does success mean to you?

I myself only settle for the top 1%.

For you, your goal can be completely different, of course.

  • Do you want a relationship with the perfect woman?
  • Do you want an open relationship?
  • Do you want a different woman every day of the week?
  • Do you want to decorate the edge of your bed with as many stripes as possible?
  • Do you want to experience social freedom in such a way that you can have a great conversation with someone at any time, in every situation and in all circumstances?

Anything is possible.

However, this is the problem with 99% of men:

They don’t have a clue about what they want.

They say things like:

“I want more success with women.”


Good for you.

And if you have never approached a woman and talked to her and then you do it one time…

Then you have achieved your goal “more success with women”.


No, you will say, you didn’t mean that at all.

But what exactly do you mean? Make your goal crystal clear!

Make it so clear that only one interpretation is possible.

Instead, say:

“I want a dream woman as a girlfriend, the type that I find intimidatingly beautiful, with a soft creative side and an ultra-fit body. I want her in my hands within 6 months.”

And this is more than possible; every month I receive thank you emails from readers of my Dutch newsletter (an email with a daily tip).

Only by making your goals this clear can you achieve them.

Then you know what you are doing, and you can reason what steps you need to take to get there.

This way, how to pick up a girl suddenly becomes a lot easier.

And to help you on your way, I have made the Transformation Kit for you.

Download it here, it’s free!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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