How to Rekindle Your Relationship – 5 Ways Back To Love  

You’ve been together for quite some time.

Love is in the air. Or rather WAS in the air.

Because at the moment you feel the relationship is slowly degrading. You fear the worst.

You wonder how you can reignite that flame that the two of you felt not so long ago.

I’ve got precisely the match for you that you need:

  • How to rekindle love in a relationship with my Passion-Formula
  • 5 Tips to reignite even the smallest relationship ember
  • How first dates is a way to rekindle your relationship
  • The key to bringing back everlasting romance in a long-term relationship
  • More rekindling tips…

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What a degrading relationship means

By now you may have been together with your lady for weeks, months or even years, which you found phenomenal at the beginning of your relationship.

You always called her your Bonnie and she called you her Clyde.

At least for most of your relationship, you seemed like an inseparable duo.

But for some time now, this seems to have been changing continuously.

  • The euphoria of seeing each other after a hard day at work runs – like a mathematical e-function – towards 0
  • More and more often you catch yourselves sitting in front of the TV to watch eon old soap opera reruns without even exchanging a word with each other
  • In the bedroom the most exciting thing that happens to you is a pigeon that tries to fly through your window – because you have sex less often these days than a flying rainbow unicorn can be seen on the horizon

In summary, since a few weeks/ months (or even years) you have lost sight of an essential thing for your love’s happiness…

One thing that determines how long you maintain a fulfilling relationship.

What I’m talking about?


Without passion in a relationship, every partnership on this blue globe remains platonic and soulless.

Its deficiency is the main reason for 90% of ALL separations.

So, if you not only want to keep your relationship spicy, but also want to know how to create a stronger feeling of infatuation between you, it’s time to get yourself a pad and sit up straight:

Because in this article I give you 5 simple tips on how to improve your relationship and with which you can achieve exactly THAT. Foolproof.

And without wasting any unnecessary time, let’s jump right into tip #1…

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Tip #1: Understand the Passion Formula

There is a simple formula for passion in relationships.

A formula that helps you to improve your relationship.

If you understand it, you can easily derive your own tips and actions to get your love life to the next level and rekindle your relationship.

“Sounds good, Dan. But what is the passion formula?”

Excellent question, brochacho.

It consists of two fundamental components:

Passion = Attraction + Connection

Here, attraction means the perceived attractiveness for your mademoiselle and connection means the perceived feeling of attachment to her.

For example, you may feel connected to a certain people and feel love for them, but if you are not attracted to them, no passion can arise between you.

“But what the hell does passion even mean?”

Let’s ask our homey, the dictionary:

I see.

And now let’s refer the definitions to our example mentioned above.

“To whom do you feel a connection, but not attraction?”

That’s right. For example, your mother.

You’ve probably spent most of your life with her.

Together you have experienced countless events and perhaps talked openly about all the things that once bothered you. You went through ups and downs together.

So, you feel a strong connection to her. Moreover, you are her own flesh and blood, and by nature alone you feel a sense of ‘familial love’ for her.

‘Barely controllable emotions’ in form of HARDCORE SEX, for example, you (HOPEFULLY) don’t feel when you think about her.


Because there’s no attraction between you two.

The same applies to women whom you find attractive, but to whom you feel no attachment.

So, you might think that Margot Robbie is super hot, but you don’t feel any love for her.

She isn’t close to you. You can easily imagine life without her…

How about you and your partner in crime?

Does a feeling of love spread through your synapses as soon as you think of her?

Or is she (by now) just another woman with whom you have had epic experiences in the past, but to whom you no longer feel affection?

If the latter is the case, I recommend you do the following:

  1. Break up with her respectfully
  2. Find a new flame that suits you better

Anything else would be a complete waste of nerves and time for both of you.

I mean, who the hell wants to be in a relationship based on half-heartedness

On the other hand, if the former is the case (you still feel love for her), congratulations, amigo.

In the following tips you will learn exactly how to bring both – massive attraction and an intense connection – (again) into your relationship.

Tip #2: Activate the ‘First Date’ mode

Remember your very first date with your chosen one?

You arranged to meet at night.

When you saw her at the entrance to the bar, you were flabbergasted.

Sh!t – did she look sexy in her black cocktail dress…

“One Long Island Iced Tea and a Caipirinha for me, please.”

You looked at each other enthusiastically as you got to know each other better and better and revealed the dirty secrets about each other.

“What? You’re a semi-professional guinea pig trainer? That’s amazing,”

“Really? You’re passionate about playing the clarinet? I used to do that too”

Your initial nervousness turned into more and more sexual tension as the evening progressed.

It was on a walk in the park after your first drinks that it happened…

Your lips touched for the first time.

God damned, how intensive that felt.

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You felt millions of metaphorical caterpillars transforming into magnificent brimstone butterflies in your rectum.

With leaps of joy you jumped home burning to see her again.

Your first date united dozens of memorable factors that not even a triple-A blockbuster can offer:

  • An emotional roller coaster, because you were talking from the death of her house rat to your first parachute jump
  • A wonder bag, since you didn’t know many facets of the other before
  • A festival of sensory stimuli – you both dressed up for each other, enjoyed exotic fruit cocktails, listened to harmonious bar music and experienced the most contemplative touches of the other

Your rendezvous premiere was simply overwhelming.

There’s probably not much left of all these sparks these days.

  • Going out together? The last time must have been in the Cretaceous Period, when you were riding a Brachiosaurus
  • Surprise each other? All you can think of is the socks you gave each other for Christmas three years ago.
  • Presenting other facets of yourself to your counterpart? Well, since eons your relationship has been in one permanent state: cracking sunflower seeds and staring at the TV…

If these bullet points sound familiar in any way, let me tell you something:

Your relationship is more boring than a moldy crispbread.

You are clearly missing VARIATION.

And to give your relationship a proper portion of this, there is a simple method you can use:

Activate the ‘First Date’ mode.


By bringing into your relationship the things that spiced up your former golden days:

Et voilà – your relationship gradually takes its course towards ‘exciting togetherness’.

Tip #3: Let’s get it on!

The sex life of the Average Andy and Joella often looks like this:

Once a week both must somehow satisfy their need for flesh.

So, what do they do?

They are performing coitus…

…or something like that.

After three thrusts in the missionary position, Joe moans like a dying Galapagos turtle, while Joella is already asleep.

And so the weekly goal has been met…

Because Joe is so incredibly bed-dowered, Joella often has to satisfy her libido with the help of the shower head the following day.

Lovely… – NOT.

Listen, bro.

There is NOTHING wrong with occasional flower sex or a quickie.

However, if these two types of sex are the only thing your sexy time repertoire has to offer, the air between you and your girl will run out within months.

And as soon as this becomes permanent, you can assume that one day your lady will find new ways to orgasm…

In the worst case:

By entering an affair with a more competent man (and eventually leaving you).

However, you can NOT blame her for this.


Because mind-blowing sex is learnable.

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But before I show you how to begin your transformation to a sex god that outshines even Johnny Sins

…let’s decode how fantastic sex looks like.

Basically, there are three key factors (in the respective sub-item you’ll find our guides on how to learn each key factor):

  1. Psychic stimulation: ‘F*ck her mind and her body will follow.’, is not a popular saying for nothing. As a loyal member of the AttractionGym family, you probably already know that women are significantly more EMOTIONAL than men. The same applies to sex. If you know how to mentally stimulate a woman, she will experience MUCH more intense orgasms. A powerful way to do this is Dirty Talk.
  2. Physical stimulation: Countless men hammer their eggplant completely uncontrolled into their goddess. In doing so, they don’t realize that by monotonously rubbing together, they are letting go of immense potential of sexual tension. Even when stimulated orally, they often resemble a 4-year-old boy who hastily slurps off a melting chocolate ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Not to mention their dexterity: In many cases they clap their chica uncoordinated on the clitoris while their fingers resemble an uncalibrated machine gun.
    • By the way, in this article, I tell you how you can become a king of physical stimulation and give women one orgasm after the other.
  3. Variation: As I already mentioned, your sex life will get boring faster than you can look, if you perform the same position 24/7. Therefore, a fresh impetus in your bedroom is UNALTERABLE to maintain long-term love happiness. So, try out new positions (for this you can find countless apps on Google as well as on the App Store of your smartphone, which reveal dozens of exotic sex positions). Sex toys can also bring more spice between your blankets. BUT be communicative with your girlfriend about this. Go to a sex shop or look at interesting vibrators or bondage equipment online. The times that sex is a taboo subject in our society are gone. In addition to toys, you can also play hot where you throw yourself into costumes. Furthermore, it’s also recommendable to move your contemplative nude time to other places (from the kitchen table to the garage – have the courage to experiment; your señorita will thank you 😉). In many couples the infamous flower sex creeps in during their relationship. To prevent monotony here, play with dominance

Tip #4: Spend less time together

“What, Dan? I want to bring more passion into my relationship. Why the hell should I turn my back on her? How contradictory is that?!?!”

Whoa, easy, cowboy.

I’m aware that this tip comes unexpected for some.

But once you strain your grey cells, it doesn’t seem so illogical anymore.

What happens when two people who get along really well do not see each other for a certain period of time?

Damn right!

They start missing each other.

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You will find the same phenomenon when a person generally has less time for you – perhaps because he or she is quite busy at work.

But once you meet again, you will appreciate her time even more.

And you can also create this effect in relation to your girlfriend through these two ways:

  1. By setting new priorities: Most men are true clingers. They want to spend every spare second with their chosen one, respond to her messages in milliseconds and can’t imagine a day without her. However, in doing so, they become effeminate, appear more and more needy and increasingly lose their masculinity, which considerably diminishes the attraction of their lady for them. To get a grip on this, I advise you to reset your priorities. Instead of making your ma’am the number 1 of your life, focus on things you have always wanted to achieve or do. Work hard at your job to get to the next level of the career ladder, learn instruments you’ve always wanted to be able to play and do something with your bros – so you’re not available 24/7 and make yourself scarcer for them.
  2. By occasionally travelling with your compañeros (or alone): a weekend trip to Prague, London or Toronto, an adventure week in Thailand or whatever. Through traveling, you don’t only get to know interesting cultures and incomparable impressions. No. By being absent, you and especially your lady become aware of what you love about your counterpart. You begin to miss your quality time together and appreciate it even more when you are reunited.

Tip #5: Seduce her CORRECTLY

In our modern world, there is one species of man that is extremely widespread:

A type of man who stops seducing his flame the moment they’re in a relationship.

  • Tease her playfully?
  • Give her a roller coaster of emotions?
  • Keep on becoming the best version he can be?


None of this is part of the everyday life of his relationship.

The consequence of this:

His mamacita leaves him faster than a Lamborghini Aventador accelerates from 0 to 220 mph (100 km/h) – which it achieves in 2.9 seconds, by the way…

“I see, Dan. But how do I seduce a woman even correctly?”

Excellent question, amigo.

This wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t show you exactly how you do it.

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Have fun with it!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram


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