How To Satisfy a Woman in Bed: 7 Tips for Breathtaking Orgasms

how to satisfy a woman in bed

Today I’m particularly motivated!

There’s hardly any subject I enjoy writing about as much as sex.

This is perhaps because the most memorable moments in my life were created during this mysterious, interpersonal act of intimacy.

Should it really be the case that life passes you by when the Grim Reaper comes to get you, then unfortunately the good old homeboy will have to wait a long time and watch real life HD porn playing in my head.

Maybe he’ll thank me for the free stream before he grabs me with his bony hands and takes me to hell (with the sex I had sometimes, I don’t think I’ll go to heaven…).

But I’m not here today to talk about my bed stories (at least not only).

There’s a problem… a problem of global importance!

At that exact second, some random dude didn’t satisfy his wife sexually enough.

>> 12 Kissing techniques to drive women crazy.

To put it more dramatically:

At this very second, millions of women are running sexually unfulfilled through their lives.

The shocking truth is that if you can’t satisfy your wife right, there’s a 99.9 percent chance she’ll either leave you or cheat on you.

I don’t want that fate for you.

Women deserve hot, passionate, and sweaty sex as much as we men do.

In the end, I’m the one who has to listen to complaints about “other men being bad in bed” (again) when a woman lies in my arms after sex, exhausted.

According to women’s stories, only 5% of men manage to satisfy them sexually.

The remaining 95% are either “meh” or a disaster.

How do you know which of these two groups you belong to?

Do you regularly receive messages from women that go something like this:

“I’m just sitting at home thinking about our sex from last night. To be honest, even now I still get wet just thinking about it. I’m so into being taken by you…”

If the answer is “no”, then this sex crash course, which contains 7 simple sex tips as well as some of my absolute secret weapons, is perfect for you.

>> 5 tips to dominate women in bed.

ATTENTION: With this arsenal, you can create a strong sexual addiction in a woman. So, don’t use these techniques if you aren’t in the least bit serious about the woman. Otherwise, you’re liable to hurt feelings…

Today you’ll learn:

  • How to satisfy a girl in bed (incl. techniques): Why you should respect the anatomy of her sexual organ
  • How you stimulate women without touching them
  • What spaghetti has to do with sex
  • This is what women really want: What you can learn from South American men
  • Stop premature ejaculation! How you can last longer than a porn star
  • How to satisfy a woman mentally in bed and make Christian Grey look like a complete fool
  • And many more tips on how to please a woman…

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Tip #1: It might not be you

The truth is: Getting women to orgasm can be a real challenge.

In fact, I know a handful of women who claim to have NEVER come, even though they’ve sex regularly.

Is it because most men are lousy in bed? Maybe it is.

However, this doesn’t always have to be the reason.

Some women are simply not able to get their bodies to experience orgasm.

One reason for this is that they think too much and therefore can’t give themselves 100% go.

On the other hand, however, it’s possible that she has a physiologically conditioned hard time. Her anatomy doesn’t allow it.

Prof. Dr. Dan Vagiloni de Ram enlightens you!

The female sex organ, also known as the “pussy”, is a complicated complex of several organs. The severity of these organs can vary greatly from woman to woman.

The vagina is just a tube that reaches inside, but don’t think that this is the only place where women can feel pleasure!

The labia majora and minora also have a high number of nerve endings and can trigger lust in women.

The prize question: Which organ can feel pleasure the most? That’s right. The clitoris.

It has the highest number of receptors in the smallest space (more than the entire male penis), so it’s also known as the “pleasure organ“.

>> 10 tips to becoming a sex god.

The clitoris is responsible for most of the stimulation that produces orgasms in women.

In some, the clitoris is particularly pronounced and the woman will come immediately if you fiddle with it slightly.

With others, you wonder if it’s even there and it requires more stimulation to achieve the same result.

In his book “Lasting longer”, Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D. describes that the distance between the clitoris and the vagina can be particularly decisive. It is – as you can see in the picture above – not directly next to it.

If the distance is particularly large, the clitoris is hardly stimulated in the missionary position during conventional penetration, according to Silverberg.

With one of my ex-girlfriends this was particularly the case. Every time I licked her clitoris or played with it with my fingers, she would orgasm.

I could shove my genital as much into her as I wanted, though… nothing happened…

If I wanted to make her come while I was inside her, I always had to stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

But enough female anatomy for today.

If you’re aware of the reasons why a woman can’t come, you’ll notice that it doesn’t necessarily have to be because of your sex skills.

Why she’s not coming:

  • You’re bad in bed
  • You’re not stimulating her clitoris enough
  • She can’t let go of inhibiting thoughts
  • Her pussy is numb (for example, due to sexual repression)
  • Her clitoris is too small
  • Her clitoris is too far away from her vagina
  • She has little sexual experience

>>Here are some tips to becoming an amazing kisser, 7 tips you must know.

Tip #2: Physiological vs. psychological stimulation

Many men are too obsessed with concrete sex techniques. They google, read books, and watch instructional videos to find out how they can offer a woman the most stimulation.

However, if you focus too much on sexual practices, it isn’t very sexy for a woman.

It makes you look more like a gynecologist.

Women long for men who can stimulate them psychologically.

In fact, if you’re a true master at it, you can make a woman so wet and horny for sex without touching that she begs you to finally give it to her.

And then when you penetrate her, it isn’t uncommon for it to come on the third hit.

The best proof that physiological (= physical) stimulation is secondary are orgasms, which women sometimes have while sleeping.

There’s no touch whatsoever, and yet they manage to get them while dreaming (= through their thoughts).

Once you f*ck her head, her pussy is all yours.

Women need a story, emotions and the right atmosphere during sex.

A few harmless psycho tricks, fantasies, and dirty talk can help you with this.

About the latter, I’ve written a detailed article, which you shouldn’t miss if you want to take your sex life to the next level.

>> Want To Turn Her On? Try These 9 Dirty Talk Phrases and Tips

I had my first, illuminating experience with the topic “psychological stimulation” with a model from Hong Kong.

I saw her in a club in Amsterdam: Black leather jacket, dark mini-skirt, pantyhose, high heels… She looked absolutely sexy in a badass way.

She danced with a guy, but my trained seducer eye immediately recognized that there was nothing going on between the two of them. So, I introduced myself, which apparently wasn’t good for the guy at all.

I quickly found out that it was a Tinder date, but she told me secretly that it was more of a flop and the guy was starting to annoy.

I saw her words as a green light to ignore his desperate attempts to scare me away and danced with my Asian beauty.

My bad conscience towards him was quickly forgotten (if it ever existed).

We kissed and I asked where she was spending the night.

She replied slightly hesitantly:

“I’m at a hotel in the city center.”

So, I assured her:

“If we promise not to have sex, we can spend the night in your hotel room.”

It was not very difficult to convince her, as she was obviously very fond of me.

The whole prequel must have been exciting enough from her point of view:

  • She meets a strange man who isn’t intimidated by another man and rescues her from a horrible Tinder date
  • He dances with her
  • He kisses her on the dancefloor
  • He’s direct but charming
  • He takes her by the hand and leads her into a taxi

Arriving in her hotel room, it didn’t take long before we lay on her bed and kissed passionately.

I undressed myself and her further and further, while constantly repeating:

“We won’t have sex tonight. That’s all you’re going to get.”

She would just lie on top of me in her underwear while I pulled her hair slightly and whispered in her ear what I would do to her if we had sex that night.

I added dirty talk:

“All you can think about now is getting f*cked by my hard cock, am I right?”

She moaned louder and louder and got so wet that she dripped on me…

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Even though I only touched her hair.

Well, you can probably guess how this story ends… We stopped and played with Lego instead, of course, what else…?

Write it on every wall, tattoo it behind your ears and bawl it out in every club:

Psychological stimulation > physiological stimulation.

Tip #3: Make art

Making love is an art in every respect.

I have a friend who spent a year in South America. She was fascinated by the men there and the way they practice sex.

What kind of dating coach would I be if I didn’t try to figure out these men’s secrets?

That’s why I just asked for it. She’s very open sexually and had no problem going into every detail.

The first thing she claimed was that it seemed to her that they were making art.

I wasn’t satisfied with that and so I probed a little: “That’s a very nice expression, but WHAT exactly did the South Americans do to you that made you think like that?

Fortunately, together we were able to decode what these men had done to her in bed that drove her so crazy.

  1. They enjoyed the process

The goal of most men during sex is to get the woman to orgasm.

Fatally, this isn’t only the reason why she doesn’t experience orgasm, but it can even lead to erection problems such as premature ejaculation or a flaccid noodle…

Performance pressure is unavoidable with this mindset and therefore it’s absolutely useless in bed.

The goal should ALWAYS be to create a delightful and exciting experience for both partners (or more), NO matter WHERE IT ENDS UP.

  1. They were eager to experiment

Too many men always do the same thing.

My cousin once bought a vibrator for her boyfriend because they usually did the same thing in bed: Missionary position.

He isn’t very good at licking and doesn’t try other things at all.

When he got the vibrator, he was beside himself. “Am I not enough for you anymore?”

My cousin was very disappointed and her sex life didn’t improve in the following months…

>> For breathtaking orgasms follow these 7 tips.

VARIATION and OPENNESS FOR NEW things are among the most important factors in sex.

The girlfriend, who is so fond of South Americans, reported that the men tried out different sex positions and that they were generally open to experimentation.

  1. They used their entire bodies

“They caress, lick, bite, grab, clasp, push…”, my friend claimed, while the awakened memories changed her facial expressions to such an extent that I interpreted it as fanatical enthusiasm.

You have many tools to satisfy a woman, not just your cock, so use them. (More on that later!)

Tip #4: Grab!

Since I was deeply motivated to become phenomenally good in bed, I often asked for feedback after sex.

This answer  I received more than once.

“You could have grabbed even tighter. I’m not fragile!”

I took the advice of the woman to heart and next time I grabbed her harder and continued to receive this answer.

I asked myself:

“How much harder do they want me to grip it?”

Women are far less sensitive to pain than most men think, especially when they’re having sex.

Of course, there are certain parts of the body that should be gripped less tightly, but the hip region and buttocks are very well padded with body fat and can normally withstand a lot.

Sure, it can be very arousing when you are gentle. But if you’re only gentle, she may not find you dominant enough.

So, feel free to get a little harder and read this article:

>> The Art of Dominating a Woman in Bed in 5 Tips

Tip #5: Throw spaghetti

I hope you’re not thinking:

“Aah, I’ve heard that you should include food during sex, like strawberries or cream. I didn’t know about spaghetti, but you wrote that I should be more experimental, so I’m going to try that.”

That was merely metaphorical, my friend. If you still plan on throwing noodles at women during sex, you didn’t hear it from me!

Back to business: When my mother used to cook spaghetti for me, she had the strangest technique to test if they were ready to serve:

She took a single noodle from the pot and threw it against the wall. If it stuck, my mother knew that the food could be served.

You can also use this technique metaphorically (!) in bed. Throw some pasta at her and see if it sticks.

You’re licking her right now, but her breathing remains unchanged and she hardly moves her pelvis… Try another noodle.

You play with her boobs and she’s into it? Bingo! Lick, suck or bite her nipples gently until you feel she’s had enough.

Not all women are into the same things during sex. Some like certain positions more than others, some don’t like giving and receiving oral sex and some don’t (always) like hard sex.

Especially with anal sex, opinions can differ greatly.

Your goal should be to get to know her sexually.

Try different things until you find a noodle that sticks and with which you push her to her limits and beyond (= orgasm).

Even with sex fantasies, you have to find the common denominator.

I once had an amazing sex with a woman where we lived out the idea that I was her father. I know it sounds a little weird at first, but amazingly, more women have this fetish than you might think.

Because the sexual intercourse was so hot, I wanted to try this fantasy right with the next woman …

She detested that fantasy. No problem, the noodle doesn’t stick, just fish another one out of the pot and test it.

>> Hook up easily with a girl from ‘Hi’ to Bed, follow these tips.

Tip #6: You have more than one sword

The master sword is an excellent weapon, but certainly not the only one in your arsenal.

In fact, you’re a handsomely equipped warrior with a lot of hidden blades that other men don’t even think about.

When you learn how to finger and lick a woman properly, she can’t help but love you even more.

As good as the master sword is, it, unfortunately, has one weak point: It isn’t always reliable.

Therefore, it’s essential to develop the confidence that you can make her cum without your main weapon.

Finger and tongue techniques are especially valuable when the situation isn’t suitable for penetration, you’ve already come, can’t get it up or are simply tired.

You may also have sex toys in your arsenal.

I know a lot of men think it’s weird to use sex toys. “I’m a man with a penis that isn’t too small. Shouldn’t that be enough to satisfy them?”

In some cases, the answer is, “Yes, it’s enough.”

But it’s okay if sometimes the answer is “No, it’s not! “.

Here and there you’re just too tired to go all in. Or the woman needs some extra stimulation on certain days to reach orgasm.

The good thing about sex toys is that there are so many out there that you’re sure to find one that you like to use on her.

My personal favorite: A Magic Wand. These things are truly magical. I’m just saying: Bzz orgasm, bzz orgasm, bzz orgasm…

Tip #7: Increase your endurance

Women often don’t come because men don’t keep up with them long enough.

And I’ve to admit I had a lot of problems with it myself.

I masturbated before sex, tried the stop-start method, read books about it … nothing helped.

It took me a while to come up with the solution myself. What took me two years to figure out, you’ll find out in five minutes.

These are things that will help you last longer than a porn star:

  • Speaking of porn stars: Don’t watch pornographic material. I used to be addicted to it and since I stopped consuming porn, all erection problems have disappeared.
  • Breathe deeply and relaxed. If you make your body believe that you aren’t yet as aroused as you actually are, you can delay the ejaculation process. Especially at the first penetration, I breathe in extremely slowly and deeply.
  • Sex isn’t a race. Just slow down a little when you feel you’re getting to the point. Just push slowly, don’t move for a few seconds or even take it out completely and go back to kissing.
  • Change position. The change itself gives you the opportunity to regain control for a short time. There are also positions with which you can minimize the stimulation on your side. Suggestion: Get her on top of you.
  • Avoid the missionary position. In this position, your prostate is strongly stimulated, which can quickly lead to ejaculation. If you do get into the missionary position, you can make yourself thrust with help of your elbows instead of your pelvis.
  • Masturbate less and longer. If you constantly teach your brain to bring your body to orgasm after 3 minutes, you can’t blame it if it does it during sex.
  • Get to know your body’s reflexes. No man can naturally control his ejaculation. It’s like peeing. As a child you must learn how to suppress or stop peeing. The same goes for ejaculating. Take your time to focus on the signs of your body. This is best done by masturbating attentively with the aim of getting to know your body. If you do this often enough, you’ll eventually know exactly how to last longer.

With these tips on what you can rock a woman’s world and know how to take control in the bedroom.

You give her things that no other man, or at least not many can give her.
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Use these techniques with caution.

And don’t drown in pussy juice. Dangers lurk everywhere you know.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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