Seducing a Woman Over Text – 7 Examples of Building Tension

how to seduce a woman over text

Set the sails, amigo!

Today we ride on the vast seas of texting.

If you’ve clicked on this article, the chances are that you’re interested in one (or even more – you playboy) women right now.

It doesn’t matter where you met her. Whether…

  • Through your circle of friends
  • Via your studies/job
  • On the street, because you approached her like a boss
  • In a bar/club
  • Through your Justin Bieber fan club membership

Perhaps you’ve already had the chance to have a great conversation, flirted wildly, laughed heartily, and maybe even tore your clothes off mentally.

So, you exchanged numbers.

Or: She’s already known to you, and you want to initiate contact with her.

Alack-a-day! What am I talking about…

You want to WIN her heart.

That wouldn’t be such a struggle if your inner demons wouldn’t confuse you all the time.

They block you so much that you start to overthink every little thing, especially when it comes to seducing her via texting.

  • “How do I make her want to see me?”
  • “Do I ask her out directly? If not, how long should I wait?”
  • “Should I use emojis?”
  • “What do I do if she doesn’t replay?”
  • “Why is pi exactly 3.14159?”

Amigo, amigo, amigo! If you ask yourself these questions and randomly tap the buttons on your phone, then this is most likely the beginning of the end.

Because in your text messages, this uncertainty is transported subconsciously.

But, thank God, you clicked on this article.

Because today we’re going to pulverize your insecurities once and for all and show you how to get her excited.

You get:

  • 7 Tips how to seduce women over text
  • Seductive text messages you can shamelessly take over from me
  • What you can learn about attraction from the FBI
  • Funny things to text a girl:
  • A word that generates MORE results and MORE matches for you (according to science)
  • Seductive messages for her: How you add more spice to your messages than a bottle of Chili sauce
  • How you can easily get her on a date without looking like a needy maggot
  • And much more how to seduce a girl over text

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Tip #1: Don’t be an FBI agent

You have feelings for her. I’m happy for you.

But if you can’t control your emotions, it could be dangerous for you.

Why dangerous?

Because feelings don’t always help you, despite how strong they are.

Of course, it would feel fantastic to have a cup of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at the end of each day.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

The same applies to the feelings you may have for your chosen one.

Maybe you’re so drawn to her that you want to know everything about her.

This can lead to you bombing her in napalm of questions like you’re an interrogating FBI agent.

How was your day?

Do you have plans for the weekend?

How’s school, college, work?

What did you do yesterday?… Really?… And the day before yesterday?… Ah yes… And three days ago???

Your interest is well-intentioned, but in the best case, you’ll achieve that she ignores you or even better: Blocks you.



How would you like it if a rather strange dude put you on a hot seat shooting one question after another – without even contributing anything to the conversation.

These questions include a strong doubt on whether he’s REALLY interested in an answer or whether he’s just using them as an excuse to get any of your answers.

If your gut is whispering to you now:

“Man, that would be f*cking needy and would get boring pretty quick.”

Then you’re goddamn right with your conclusion.

So instead of just throwing out questions, it’s a better idea to share something every now and then.

I’ll give you an effective example of this in the next tip.

Tip #2: Use the power of THIS word for more success (according to science)

Sometimes success can be so fabulously simple.

Studies done on online dating have shown that you can get more matches with a certain word – which implies how powerful this simple can be for EVERY one of your interactions.

“Tell me, Dan. What word are you talking about?”

It’s quite simple:


Love is the sweet nectar that every lad and señorita on this earth wants to taste.

But how do you integrate it into your conversations?

Maybe in the form of 3,000-character declarations of love?


What you should instead do (if you want to profit from these studies) is the following:

Add an emotional twist to neutral sentences.

For example, if she tells you about a passion for which you’re just as passionate, then text:

Oh, cool. I like that, too.

Something like:

I love that shit.

This way, you mix your text with a portion of emotions and make it seem more alive.

The beauty of it?

If your lady likes you, the higher the chances are that she’ll signalize this subconsciously by adopting your expression.

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Here you go:

This beauty sends me a funny song which is along the lines about this: “You must have money; otherwise, I’m not interested in you.”

As you can see, I answer her “love it” while she reflects my reaction in her next text. Nice.

I send her a picture.

A real stroke of genius isn’t it?!

If I ask such stupid questions, “the snapshot” is, of course, anything but interesting.

The “genius” lies more in the remark to the picture with which I tease her.

As you can easily see, you don’t need to have the craziest photos at hand to enjoy yourself.

Maybe now you feel a little pressured and think:

“Yeah, I can see how easy it is for you to be funny. But what do I do if I can’t think of anything funny to say?”

Excellent question, bro.

I’ll answer it now.

Tip #3: Seductive messages that will spice up your chat (How to seduce a girl over text examples)

There are moments when your text-back-and-forth is more captivating than an episode of Game Of Thrones.

But sometimes the air is just out.

The conversation is bursting with blandness as you try in vain to gain new momentum.

Let’s be real: It has happened to all of us before.

Yes, even your outrageously competent dating coach over here.

And it’s also completely normal that conversations have their ups and downs.

The only important thing is that this doesn’t remain a permanent state, and you know how to get the fire going again with your mademoiselle.

One of your most powerful wingmen is probably this one:

Your gallery.

It’s the formidable place on your smartphone where you can store the best photos, GIFs, and videos.

You can create as much emotion with a photo or video as with 1,000 carefully chosen words.

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Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you fantasize with a lady about the places you want to visit, while the first thing you have to think about is the northern lights.

Now, you could either describe to her in a text how the northern lights look like, or you could send her a saved GIF from the internet:

With videos, you go one step further. After all, you stimulate her ears at the same time.


Before you now start euphorically sending out your four-year-old pictures from your scout tour in the mountains…

… or last night’s shoot where your best buddy surprises a lamppost with his vomit…

… read on.

Your photos, GIFs, or videos should be able to answer at least one of these two questions with a “Yes,” otherwise you’ll most likely not achieve anything with them.

  1. Does the image/ GIF/ video have the potential to trigger emotions in her?
  2. Does she get an insight into your life through this picture/ GIF/ video?

While question #2 may sound relatively self-explanatory to you, you may be on the edge of your seat at #1.

But don’t worry.

>> These 7 Tips Saved Me from Awkwardness on the First Meeting.

Uncle Dan brought you an example:

Do you have a cat that rewards your affection in a “special way”?

For example, send your flame a selfie from it in your arms, followed by an:

I don’t know why my cat loves me so much.


The cream in your cappuccino is shaped like a palm tree? Then take a picture of it and write

The universe tells me I need a vacation.

Even an empty curd cheese cup can work wonders, as I showed you in the previous tip eXtREmEly sPecTaCuLAr.

With all my examples, you answer both the above questions with a huge “YES.”

Through your own hand recordings, she gets an insight into your life, and through your text, you add a dash of humor/ self-irony to the whole thing and make your message a seductive cocktail.

Almost too easy, right?

Tip #4: “All in position… and ACTION!”

If you love watching series on YouTube, Netflix, or wherever, you can turn your fondness into gold.

A woman from the following conversation got to know our Belgian coach Louis through Badoo (dating app).

In her profile text, she wrote that she’s “in search of her Chandler.”

In case you can’t figure it out yet: She refers to one of the main characters of the Friends series.

Because he used to be a gigantic nerd himself, Louis had an effortless start.

He starts with role-playing and pretends that she’s his Monica (Chandler’s love of life and wife of the sitcom).

And precisely the same principle I recommend for your conversations.

By giving her (and you) a character role, you can create a strong connection between you.

If you’re smart, you choose characters who are or have been together.

For example, you can describe to her how you, Bonnie and Clyde, take over the world through criminal activities.

Back to our Badoo, Miss.

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Here you can see what Louis wrote:

She starts the conversation on WhatsApp after he gives her his number on Badoo.

The role-play is already running, which is why she calls him “Chandler.”

Thereupon Louis makes an inside joke, referring to a famous episode in which Ross sleeps with another woman. Rachel accuses him of cheating, while Ross claims they were on a break.


In his last message, you can see him asking her out.

If you want to know how to get her on a date, listen carefully…

Tip #5: She doesn’t text back? Do THIS

This is, unfortunately, a painful problem that you’ll have to deal with sooner or later: She stops replying out of the blue.

There can be countless reasons for this:

  • She’s busy as f*ck with her job or is in an exam phase
  • Her week is more planned than Donald Trump’s calendar (and she has to go to weddings, birthdays or visit her family, for example)
  • She has a bipolar disorder and is currently lost in negative thoughts (I know it sounds crazy, but that’s how life can be)
  • Someone in her circle of acquaintances is seriously ill and doesn’t prioritize you over him/her (which of course you can’t blame her for)
  • A homeless man stole her mobile phone while she was tying her shoes (Fun fact: This actually happened to a friend of mine recently…)
  • Or, or, or, or…

As you can see, amigo, you don’t always have to be the reason why she thinks it’s a good idea not to contact you right now.

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In addition, there’s the following:

Most likely, your chica Bonita will be spammed by dozens of men every day via social media (especially if she’s beautiful).

It’s no wonder she misses your last messages.

So calm down!

Wait before you bombard her with three new messages. Otherwise, you’ll quickly look like a needy lapdog that goes crazy if it doesn’t get any attention for a moment.

Wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before you think about contacting her again.

In many cases, she’ll come back to you as if by magic (especially if your conversation has been extraordinary so far).

So if there’s one thing I want you to remember from this tip, it’s this:

Don’t be him…

If there’s still a yawning emptiness in your inbox after 2 days, I allow you to hit her up again.

What can you text her?

Well, I wouldn’t be your favorite dating coach if I didn’t leave you any inspiration.

The following screenshot is from a conversation with a cute tinder lady.

We were about to set a date for our rendezvous…

Admittedly, I forgot about her as well, so I only realized 4 days later that she had not contacted me yet.

At which point I sent her the following message:

As you can see, I behave quite honestly and shamelessly towards her – but without being disrespectful (!).

And I suggest you do the same.

Pro tip:

If you’re sending a relatively dominant or provocative message, you can give your text a certain amount of lightheartedness by adding “innocent” emojis like shooting stars, fairies, or white doves.

Does that sound trite?


Does it still make the message appear much more lighthearted?

F*ck, yeah!

So, don’t be ashamed to be radically honest with her and let yourself inspire by my more provocative (but authentic) message.

In the worst case, she respects your openness and appreciates your authenticity.

Tip #6: How to easily get her interested in a date (Seducing through text messages decoded)

Listen, bro.

I’m not going to pretend.

When it comes to asking women out on a date, countless f*ckups can get in your way if you don’t have a clue, which can ruin your chances with her.

I could write you a complete guide on how to ask a woman for a date effectively.



I already have.

You can find it here:

>> The 9 Keys to WhatsApp Flirting + Easily Stealable Texts

De nada.

Tip #7: How to make your date a glorious success

As much as I have to suppress a man’s tear, we’ve now almost reached the end of this article.

If you apply all the previous tips to seduce women over text, you’ll be rewarded with a tight calendar full of dates in no time.

But like Mahatma Gandhi already said.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Or was it Uncle Ben from Spiderman?

Anyway… it’s nice to know how to fill your weeks with Bueno rendezvous.

However, this is of little use to you if you have no idea about how to make your dates fruitful in the first place.

After all, texting is one thing, facing an intimidatingly hot woman at a date is another.

You’ll most likely be more nervous than an acrophobic person before a bungee jump. (a person with a fear of heights)

So, you need a waterproof plan that’s a faithful guide in situations where you’re overwhelmed, insecure, or nervous.

However, this wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t provide you with exactly that in the form of a free Transformation Kit.

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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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