4 Ways to Show a Girl You Like Her that She’ll Love + Examples

Dan de Ram

16 Aug 2020 by Dan de Ram

‘She’s just perfect,’ you think to yourself as you build castles in the air with your crush.

Right now, there’s this one lady in your life who stands out from the mass of all women.

She shares the same passions as you, has the same black humor and is exactly your type.


Maybe you already went out or even slept with her.

Or: She doesn’t know about your existence, because you haven’t exchanged a single word with her so far.

Yet you feel the urge to let her know that you like her.

But instead of confessing your affection to her, you decided to check out this article.

And you know what, amigo?

That was the right decision.


Because countless men make fatal mistakes every day when it comes to confessing their affection to a spicy señorita.

The result?

“Sorry, I don’t feel the same way about you.”


But don’t worry, because today I will show you:

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Listen, bro.

There are many ways you can tell your flame you like her. Basically, there are no rules.

What there are, however, are 4 sins that ruin your chances tremendously.

Mistake #1: You don’t treat her like a woman

A not so unwise man once said:

“There are fundamental differences between men and women. Period. To deny them is to suffer, to understand them is to seduce.”

No, this is not a quote of Mahatma Gandhi or Albert Einstein.

This revolutionary insight comes from your coach Dan (yeah, me). With it, I advanced the science of seduction enormously in 1969.

It’s not for nothing that I was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by Donald Duck himself the same year (123.45% historically correct).

And if there is one insight that you should internalize here at AttractionGym, it’s this one.

Many men think women have the same mentality like them.

So, they seduce their mademoiselles the way they want to be seduced by them.

Not a good idea.

Because with this ‘tactic’, they blight any chance of winning over a lady…


For decades, scientists have agreed that attraction works differently for both sexes…


Within one second of seeing a woman, your brain decides whether she’s attractive to you or not.

Another second later, it makes the decision whether you would sleep with her or not.

Our brain orients itself largely to the physical factors of a woman.

It evaluates what we SEE.

To put it flatly: Fit body + tasty butt + firm breasts + symmetrical face = male brain:

Sometimes men even fall in love with women, when they haven’t even exchanged a word with them.

The reason for this is the so-called Limerence Effect, in which the beauty of a person is associated with a fulfilled shared future.

The more attractive the woman is to a man, the more fantastic the fairy tale looks in his mental cinema.

This effect also occurs occasionally with women, but since we men are more likely to be stimulated by aesthetics, it’s much stronger with us.

Women, on the other hand, need considerably more time to find out whether they are really attracted to someone.

Of course, an outstanding first impression will help you to help her decide.

And, of course, you can hook her on you in a matter of minutes…

However, winning her emotional interest is more of a marathon than a sprint.


Because women are more focused on attractive behavior than on physical factors.

And to find out if there really is an unshakable, attractive man behind your façade (and you’re not just pretending to be one), one second isn’t enough.

Please note:

If you’re currently head over heels in love with a woman, even though you haven’t even exchanged a word with each other, you know that you are a victim of the Limerence effect.

At the same time, you now (hopefully) know that your beloved is most likely not yet in love with you.

To do this, she first needs to get to know you better, to make sure that you behave like an attractive man in every situation.

So, don’t rush it with hasty declarations of love.

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Mistake #2: You are blind as a mole

Personal fail story incoming – one that makes you see crystal clear how you should NEVER signal your interest to her.


If you have already bought her a bouquet of flowers: Put it in a vase or feed it to your guinea pig Freddy…

If you have bought her a heart necklace: Take it back to the jeweler or give it to your great-grandmother Mary…

And if you’re busy putting a stamp on a love letter addressed to her: Use it as a barbecue lighter for your Angus steak…


Because these are effective ways to f*ck it up with her…

Don’t get me wrong…

There is nothing reprehensible about gifts and favors.

However, you should first have fulfilled an essential requirement before you even consider surprising her with gifts.

And what that presupposes, I’ll show you now in my story…

Years ago, I was in love with a girl from my parallel class.

One of my buddies knew her from his table tennis club and had her ICQ number.

‘Bingo!’, I thought to myself as I eagerly texted her on ICQ after school.

From that day on, we wrote back and forth – for weeks – even as the summer holidays began.

Until one day, I finally built up all my courage to let her know that I was in love with her.

Fun fact: If you want to make a woman excessively curious, tell her that you’re in love, but don’t tell her with whom.

It was the same with my ICQ love.

She was dying to know who the lucky girl was.

She started questioning me for an hour more tenaciously than an FBI agent.

Is it Lisa? Ummm… Hannah? Jenny?…

I answered with one no after the other.

Until she asked me if she was the chosen one.


I replied hesitantly, while I didn’t dare to look at my screen for 10 minutes – too nervous about how she would react.

And then I got the answer I was most afraid of.

Dan, I really like you. But I only think of you as a friend. Sorry…

For years, it was a mystery to me why she had reacted so dismissively.

Until I realized why she had given me the cold shoulder…

It wasn’t just the fact that I had gone all Ted Mosby on her and told her I loved her way too soon.


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But it was much more about what my hasty move sub-communicated.

With my rash declaration of love, I signalized her that I lacked emotional intelligence.

Had I revealed my affection to her when there was more attraction between us, perhaps something more positive might could’ve happened.

But at that time, I didn’t have a clue how to tell if a girl was attracted to me or not.

I handed out declarations of love as if they were balloons on Free Balloon Day – without considering where I stood on a woman’s attraction scale.

I can’t blame the inexperienced past Dan, because women can be damn subtle about showing you their sympathy.

But don’t panic.

Quite ‘coincidentally’, I’ve already written an article in which I show you, with the precision of a sniper, how you can tell if she has a crush on you.

You can find it here:

>> 27 Subtle Flirting Signs from a Woman You MUST Recognize

Mistake #3: ‘If you hesitate, you masturbate.’

Professional sign discoverers watch out! (Is it just me or does this sentence sound like the headline of the latest Mickey Mouse magazine, which includes a free ‘detective magnifying glass’)

You’re taking an enormous risk by constantly waiting for signs before trying to get more physical with her…

The risk…

that she’s losing interest in you.

Again and again, I observe how men go out with a woman for weeks or even months without getting even one step closer to her.

They hadn’t even kissed their beloved, sometimes not even after the fourth date.

Shit, some of them hadn’t even held hands with their chosen ones after the 10th date.

The result?

They are banished to the eternal hellfire of the friendzone, while their crush gets into bed with the next guy who is more daring.-

With good reason.

Because by waiting, you sub-communicate one thing above all else:


You look like you’re waiting for her permission. Permission to act like a man who’s sexually interested in her…

And she finds this hesitation anything but attractive.

Women prefer courageous men who know exactly what they want, take responsibility for it and put it into practice – WITHOUT hesitation.

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Mistake #4: You’re more spineless than Ditto

At the least, since mistake #1, you should know that women need more time to find out how attractive you are for them.

As an experienced dating coach, I have noticed that most men act too slow sexually and too fast romantically.

They match with a woman on Tinder and send her a declaration of love with the first message…

They date a woman and tell her what they would do for her even though they haven’t even slept together.

Time for real talk, bro.

I think it’s great when you find a woman you like.

But if you pressure her with unnecessary love hymns, you destroy your chances with her.

It makes you look..:

Because you don’t seem to have any preferences regarding her personality apart from her attractive appearance.

Which is quite pathetic.

Women want a man who has his own boundaries and knows what he wants and avoids.

So first and foremost, check that she really has what you value in a woman.

You can do this, for example, by taking her on a memorable date and getting to know her better.

Only when you are sure that she is  the right one for you, I allow you to play with the idea of revealing more of your affection to her.

“How to tell a girl u like her?”: + 5 example sentences to show her your affection like a badass

Alright, amigo.

Now you know the mistakes that wipe out any chance you have with your chosen one.

The only question now is:

How you do it right.

On the one hand, you should not wait too long to approach her – on the other hand, you shouldn’t rush.

You should pay attention to signs before you open yourself up to her and then again not pay too much attention to positive signs.

‘Where’s the middle ground???’, I hear you screaming into your screen.

The solution to the riddle is:


By doing this, you show her from the beginning that you’re a man who is sexually interested in her – not her (new) gay best friend.

Words are powerful, so you should have a few sentences ready in your skull that you can use at any time.

That’s why I have 5 sentences for you to say in a badass way that you like her.

Sit up straight and grab ink and pen.

>> The Art of Dominating a Woman in Bed in 5 Tips.

Here they come:

I think your girly laugh is f*cking cute.”

“I never thought about it before, but did you know you’re quite a hot lady?”

This’s an ideal phrase if you’re in the friendzone.

“You know what? I could drink a shot of tequila from your belly.”

“You know… I like you, but don’t expect more from me than to just lie still in your bed tonight.”

(I recommend that you do not use this sentence too early in the conversation; only after more sexual tension is created between you)

“For the next two minutes, you’re my girlfriend.”

(After that, continue with a boyfriend-girlfriend role-play)

Are these sentences the only way you can show her your affection?

Obviously not– duh…

You can show her you’re into her in a much more subtly.

You can do it by…

I agree with my homey Barack. Because if you really want to seduce a woman, you must get physical with her.

By the way, you can find out how to do this step by step in this article I’ve written for you:

>> 7 Tips to Make Women So Horny They Booty Call YOU

But enough theory for today.

Now it’s time to put your new knowledge into practice.

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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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