5 Epic ways to surprise a girl you like: This will blow her mind

how to surprise a girl

Even in the 21st century, not a day goes by in which I don’t see them:

Countless aimless men who…

  • Try in vain to adorn their chosen one by drowning her in a sea of presents… until the attentions lose their effect, and their beloved is fed up with her wannabe Romeo
  • Surprise their señoritas with small gestures less often than the flying spaghetti monster has ever shown up – and by that, I mean: NEVER
  • Disappoint their ‘darlings’ constantly with impersonal gifts

It’s precisely these actions that can cause a relationship to break up more quickly than Usain Bolt runs a 100-meter race…

Why is this so? I will show you next to these topics in this article:

  • How to surprise a girl you like: Why surprises are INDISPENSABLE for a fulfilling relationship
  • What my preference for spaghetti with tomato sauce has to do with cute surprises for her
  • What you can learn from cold-blooded kidnappers to get your lady into endless excitement
  • How a bush can help you achieve long-lasting love happiness
  • And many more tips on how to surprise a girl…

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This is why surprises are INDISPENSIBLE for a fulfilling relationship

Listen, amigo.

I am a simple man.

When I’m not playing Twister with a noble Mademoiselle and testing her agility on a scale never explored…

…this is what I do:

I put my white face into a gigantic mountain of scientific reading.

During my regular reading sessions, I studied the mating behavior of koalas – one crucial thing down to the last detail:

How you can bring a relationship to cloud nine and what things can cause you to destroy it within seconds involuntarily.

And since you most likely want to avoid the latter (unless you are in a relationship with a manipulative woman), let me present one of the most essential factors for a fulfilling relationship:


I quote according to the official Wikipedia definition (which, by the way, overlaps with countless other explanations on the internet):

“Attentiveness is the action of assiduously attending to the comfort or wishes of others; politeness or courtesy.’”

More specifically, in relation to our case:

Attentiveness means the ability to listen to your chica Bonita and react smartly towards it.

So, if you’re celebrating your anniversary, don’t surprise her for the 15th time in a row with 10 pounds of chocolate (apart from the fact that it’s not very creative anyway), even though she’s told you about 2,597,289 times that she’s lactose intolerant…

“But Dan, why the hell are gifts and gestures so important anyway?”

I was hoping you’d ask me that.

As you may have already read in this article, about every second American cheated on someone at least once in their lives.

Let that savor slowly…

Whether it’s due to monotonous sex life or just pure boredom within the relationship.

The crucial two things that countless strangers lack in their relationships are:

  • Variety
  • Surprises

So, you can increase the love’s bliss of your current relationship or romance tremendously for the long run, if you surprise your lady occasionally with original gestures – as countless studies prove again and again.

“That sounds good, Dan. But how often should I bless her with these attentions?”

Excellent question, muchacho!

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I’ll give you a simple rule of thumb:

Once a month.

You can, of course, adjust the frequency according to how often YOU surprise your loved one with some little thing.

However, if she NEVER returns your attentions in any way, you should seriously consider whether she is the right one for you.

This may sound harsh, but then there is a danger that you will feel much more attracted to her than she feels to you.

Which doesn’t really sound like a balanced and happy relationship…

However, at any of your actions, you should keep in mind that LESS IS MORE and VARIATION is absolutely critical.

I’ll show you exactly what I mean by that with a little example:

Maybe you used to have a thing for spaghetti and tomato sauce, just like kiddo-Dan.

Back then, I wanted to live on it 24/7.

In my opinion, the menu of our household could’ve looked like this:

  • For breakfast? Spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  • For lunch? What a question – spaghetti with tomato sauce!
  • For dinner? Eeeh… spaghetti with tomato sauce?

Because I was nagging my mother non-stop about not eating anything else until she complied with my request, she decided to follow my ‘vision’.

And so, the plan for the next seven days happened to be ‘spaghetti with tomato sauce’ in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

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I am firmly convinced that it won’t surprise you that my long-awaited wish transformed into a complete nightmare from the third evening on.

The noodles got stuck in my throat, and my stomach couldn’t get anything out of the menu.

In hours of deep disappointment at the illusion of how horrible my plan was in reality, I came to a realization:

If I only eat noodles with tomato sauce every few weeks, they keep their shine.

With the ideas I am about to present to you, the exact same thing applies.

Don’t surprise your beloved with the same thing every time, get a different stuff.


Bueno, you’d better keep those peepers of yours wide open.

How to surprise a woman – Romantic ideas for her

Now I’m going to give you five unique ideas on how to put your muse in a constant state of fascination.

3… 2… 1… GO!

Idea #1: Turn her car into a live concert

Whether it’s country sounds from Billy Ray Cyrus, bass drops from Tiësto or deep beats from Drake.

Play Sherlock and find out which melodies make the heart of your chick beat faster.

When you have completed your intensive research, here’s what you do:

You check the way she can listen to music in her car.

Cassette, CD, SD card or even record – whatever it is…

  1. Create a playlist on your computer or laptop
  2. Burn the songs to the medium of your choice (trust me, even if it has a tape, you’ll find to 111% YouTube tutorials about how to do it)
  3. Sneak the record carrier into your mademoiselle’s car and put it into the reader
  4. Enjoy her enthusiastic face while ‘her song’ is playing as you go to visit her grandmother and she activates the ignition of her vehicle.

Of course, your exclusive tape is a fit occasion for:

  • Crazy duets
  • Sing-to-end challenges (start a song and switch it off in the middle, the one who can continue singing his song the longest wins)
  • Song guessing (shuffle the playlist and stop after 5 seconds – the one who guesses the song faster wins)

Of course, one of you who is currently at the wheel should keep BOTH hands on the steering wheel.

The games should NOT distract you from traffic in any way.

After all, you want to have each other a little longer.

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Idea #2: Kidnapping 2.0

Put on your balaclava, take out your spade, knock your darling out with it and carry her off into the next forest on the ground of which you have burned your names with a heart.

On with the next idea!

Okay, I really hope that you didn’t think that description was a serious suggestion at any millisecond – otherwise you’d better get yourself admitted to the loony bin right away, bruh.

Even if the title of this tip seems a bit shady, the idea isn’t.


If she’s not home right now, pack up all the things you need for a sleepover.

As soon as she gets home, you blindfold her and lead her to the car.

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In the car, you play your favorite songs and drive to the wondrous place you have secured in advance for a night together.

Surely you already have an idea of the greatness of this surprise:

In the uniqueness of the location you ‘abduct’ her too.

Let me give you some inspiration – spend the night in:

  • A castle
  • A treehouse
  • A tepee
  • A houseboat

„Cool idea – but where the hell do I find all these things?”

No problemo.

Providers such as nolimits24 and sleepero offer unique overnight experiences throughout the world.

Just use your homey Google and enter ‘extraordinary places to stay at’.

If you’re short of pennies at the moment, you can also use the kidnap to take your chosen one to a fireplace by a lake (including marshmallows and stick bread).

To bring up the obvious:

Of course, you don’t have to tape your chica’s eyes shut during hours of driving. Just stop a few meters before the surprise location, blindfold her and take her there.

Bonus tip:

Would you like to fulfil your lady’s long-awaited wish to travel to a certain city?

Then find accommodation on Airbnb. Here you will find huge apartments that you can rent for a few nights.

And all this in the most central location of your chosen city and in a way more affordable than with a conventional hotel booking.

This usually not only gives you more room for yourself.


Because an entire apartment is left for you, you can even swing the frying pan together and have a candlelight dinner par excellence.

Idea #3: Picnic deluxe

Is the sky clear and shows no traces of rain?

Is your señorita not at home right now?


This is your chance, Hermano!

Grab a picnic basket and fill it up with:

  • Fruits and small snacks
  • A fluffy picnic blanket
  • Two champagne glasses with wine, prosecco or whatever you both like
  • Tea lights (including holder) or oil lanterns – don’t forget the lighter ;P
  • A music box for maximum, romantic chill vibes

… and hide it well at a nearby beach, lake or park (for example between some bushes).

When you have done this, and your sweetheart has returned home, you invite her for some ‘fresh air at sunset’.

As soon as you walk along with the bushes ‘, your eagle eyes will notice something’.

“Hey, you see that in the bushes over there?”

“Yes, yes… I’m quite sure. Something is there.”

As you head straight for the bushes and out of nowhere pull out the picnic basket you have prepared.

Et voilà – see how your lady gleams more than an X-ray machine on overvoltage.

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Idea #4: Play the master chef

ThE wAy tO sOmEonE’s hEArt iS through hiS sTOmAch. <33’, you’ve probably already seen this phrase in the form of dozens of kitschy quote pictures in your Facebook news feed.

And yes, it’s certainly no secret that a stomach filled with tasty dishes is a happy stomach.

So why not transform this effusion of knowledge into a surprise?

Find out what your lover loves to eat and cook that her favorite dish when she has had a stressful day.

You certainly don’t have to be a professional chef to prepare the dish.

For example, recipes on sites like Allrecipes are written absolutely IDIOT PROOF.

Trust me; even I haven’t set fire to anything (*cough* at least nothing worth mentioning *cough*) thanks to tutorial sites like this.

Whether you use your skills for breakfast in bed, lunch brunch, or dinner is up to you.

By the way, if you’re looking for a guide on how to take your cooking surprise to the next level, check out this article I wrote for you:

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Idea #5: Kill her bucket list

Whatever age you two are:

Every human being has at least one thing that he has always wanted to experience before he falls to eternal ashes.

It’s no different with your lady.

Be it…

  • Go bungee jumping
  • A king penguin that she always wanted to pet
  • A boat trip in Amsterdam
  • An exotic sex fantasy that she always wanted to live out
  • A concert visit that she has wanted to attend for ages

Supporting her with her almighty bucket list is a crystal-clear WIN-WIN situation.

  1. You most likely gather EPIC experiences together, which you can still tell your great-great-grandchildren about
  2. You strengthen your bond.
  3. You inevitably increase the urge in her to support you as well.

Sounds like a good deal, huh.

Surprise alone = long-lasting love’s bliss?

I am 100% sure that you could answer this question within microseconds.

Of course, surprises are an essential factor in bringing variety into your relationship.

Even with little gestures like…

  • Sweet post-its, which you stick into her pencil case on the day of an important exam
  • A relaxing oil massage you give her after a hard day at work
  • A casual bouquet of her favorite flowers

… can make your lady’s day.

However, even the most innovative surprise ideas WON’T bring you anywhere, if you forget one crucial thing:

Seducing her.

There is a type of man who stops seducing his girlfriend from the day he has adjusted his Facebook status to ‘in a relationship with’.

A fatal mistake.


Because his relationship will burn out faster than tinder.

“That makes sense, Dan – how do I seduce my girlfriend properly anyway?”

Today you really have it with your excellent questions, brochacho.

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