Surprise Your Girlfriend? 18 Creative Ideas that Trump Spending Money

You have a girlfriend, a partner, or you date a woman you love.

And you want to make that girl happy. Fair enough, man.

In this article, we go through a list of romantic things to do for your girlfriend that will turn her eyes into little hearts.

You get:

  • 18 tips on how to surprise your girlfriend
  • Romance and gardening: The perfect fit to make her happy
  • The Santa Claus Gift Technique to give her butterflies
  • Why your postman is the modern Cupid
  • How to turn a movie night into a memorable evening
  • Best way to make her laugh (and make you more attractive)
  • And much more ways to surprise your girl…

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Tip #1: Write what should not be forgotten

Some things are just better done the old-fashioned way.

Handwriting love letters is one of them.

Recently, one of my ex sent me a picture of a shoebox full of old love letters I wrote to her… ten years ago.

Do you want to make a woman happy?

Write her a love letter.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Shakespeare. You can write something short but powerful.

Here’s a tip to get you going: Pick one reason why you like her so much.

Her smile. Her humor. Her intellect.

And write a few sentences about it on a piece of paper the size of a Post-it.

But how should you go about giving her your letter?

Sure, you can do this in person. But there’s a more effective way.

Put it somewhere unexpected.

For example, in her jewelry box, on her pillow, between the pages of the book she’s reading, in her wallet… Be creative!

If you wrote a long letter, you can even send it by post. Which brings me to the next tip.

Pro tip:

A great aspect of a relationship in these modern days comes down to texting.

Even when you’re not together, you can keep her heart racing for you through flirty texts.

Now I know it’s not always easy to flirt with our messages as men.

That’s why I have compiled a Texting Toolkit for you.

With numerous copy-paste lines and lots of examples, so you can surprise your girlfriend anytime, anywhere.

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Tip #2: Make the postman your best friend

Ever noticed that most of the letters we receive at home are either bills or endless paperwork?

That’s why it’s VERY exciting when there’s something unique in the mail. (Like a love letter.)

A good alternative is to send a postcard.

Let’s suppose you’re abroad with your friends.

Send her a postcard!

It’s a great romantic surprise for your girlfriend.

You’re free to write whatever you want. But again, it doesn’t have to be too sophisticated. It’s the thought that counts.

You can write a short text like: “Wish you were here. xoxo”.

Or even a poem is a great option.

Pro tip:

Spray a bit of perfume on the card when you put it in the envelope.

For her it will feel like you’re right there with her.

Tip #3: How to combine love and gardening

Alright man, put on your prettiest gloves. We’re off gardening.

Once, I sneaked into my ex’s garden at night and planted a heart of flowers under her window.

She absolutely loved it.

Careful though, night gardening can be dangerous.

If the neighbors or your girlfriend see someone digging in the garden at night, the police will probably be there in no time.

It’s a great way to surprise your girlfriend, whether it be with a garden makeover the next morning, or by waking her up by the sound of the police.

I mean, her visiting you behind bars must be a first time as well, right?

Nah for real, don’t be stupid with this.

Tip #4:  How to surprise your girlfriend

One of the nicest things after a hard day’s work is to come home to a neat and tidy house.

Do you live with your girlfriend or do you have the keys to her apartment?

Then wait until she leaves the house and relieve her of some household chores.

But chances are you both work at the same time.

In that case, contact her best friend and include her in your master plan.

She can help you by planning a getaway with your girlfriend, so you’re guaranteed she won’t come home until late at night.

Take a couple of hours to clean the house spic and span.

Do the dishes, hang clothes, make everything shiny.

You can even burn some incense or scented candles. To set the tone for a hot night in bed.

Just watch the big smile on her face when she gets home. That’s called happiness, man.

Tip #5: The Santa Claus Gift Technique

Gifts like flowers, chocolates and teddy bears are nothing new.

Most men suck at coming up with original gift ideas. Not Santa Claus.

Santa Claus understands people. He comes up with a suitable gift for every one of them. He’s great.

Now, he’s got elves working for him nonstop. It makes things easier.

What about you? You have two hands and a brain. Take advantage of that.

Does she love chocolate? Don’t buy her a chocolate bar.

Put together your own personalized package of her favorite kinds of chocolates.

Does she like sunflowers? Buy a whole bouquet.

The trick is to focus on what she really likes and go a step further than usual.

And it’s not even about the gift itself. It’s about taking the time to really understand her. This is what she’s going to love.

Do you want to prove that you know her more than anyone?

Then use the next technique to make her happier than ever.

Tip #6: Know her body inside out

No, man. I’m not talking about sex.

I’m talking about her body’s measurements.

Buying lingerie is a great way to show how well you know her.

Of course, it’s not just about knowing the size of her tits.

It’s about her taste. Clothes are incredibly personal.

Do you know what color she likes? If she wears underwire bras? Whether she prefers a thong or panties? What kind of material she prefers?

There’s a lot of stuff involved. But if you do it right, she’ll love the surprise.

On top of that, she’ll think of you whenever she puts on her new sexy lingerie.

So next time you see her, pay extra attention to what she’s wearing before you take it off.

And when you do take it off and things get sexual, it’s time to give her what she needs.

That’s right. Women have needs. And I covered all of them in an article, so go ahead and read it:

>> What Women Want in Bed: 10 Ways to Be Her Sex God

Tip #7: Like back in the days

It’s 21st century. Cassette, DVDs and CDs are all outdated.

But music? Music is timeless.

Make a mixtape for your girlfriend. And describe with music your feelings for her.

How do you go about making a mixtape?

First, make it personal.

A mixtape doesn’t just include songs you like, but songs you think she’s going to love.

Second, avoid big hits.

Not that the Top 40 sucks, but because she probably already knows those tunes. For maximum impact, find songs she’s never heard before.

Pro tip:

Cover songs are PERFECT for mixtapes. They give her the chance to experience a familiar song in a new way.

You should also take into account your relationship with her.

Have you just started dating?

Then don’t go too crazy with love songs. It might scare her off.

Rather, focus on songs that are poetic and songs that transport her into a nice memory (like the first song you ever listened together.)

If you’re both madly in love with each other, then love songs are fine (and recommended.)

If you make a mixtape for her, chances are she’ll remember it for the rest of her life.

Tip #8: Go artsy

Here’s a great idea for a personal gift that she’s guaranteed to love.

A photo collage.

Never done one? Let’s start, step by step.

  • Collect all the photos of you and your girlfriend since you met
  • Select the most memorable photos: the first date, your first Christmas, the first romantic getaway, and so on. Then sort the photos and make sure to select the best ones.
  • Look for small physical mementos. It can be a restaurant’s bill from your first date, a cinema ticket, or a foreign currency from your first trip together.
  • Now think about how big you want the collage to be. I recommend A4 or larger. And think about whether you want to give the collage a specific shape, such as a rabbit or a heart.
  • Stick all the pictures strategically (if you have a shape in mind) or randomly on a piece of paper.
  • Finally, put your masterpiece in a frame, and… voilà.

A collage is a great way to surprise your girlfriend. It’s personal, thoughtful and very touching. Disclaimer: She might burst into tears when you give it to her.

Tip #9: Organize a scavenger hunt

Is your girlfriend adventurous? Then surprise her with a romantic hunt.

Make up riddles. Hide them in the house. Put some clues in bottles all over the place.

Write secret messages that can only be read with UV light.

Be creative. The point is to make her feel like she’s Sherlock Holmes.

Pro tip:

A good way to make the game even more fun is to get her a Sherlock hat. This way she’ll be completely absorbed in her character.

Before organizing the hunt, think about what her reward will be. Are you going to give her one big present at the end?

You can also hide several small gifts she’ll pick up along the way.

But how do you go about inviting her to the game?

My favorite: Hiding the first clue somewhere she can’t miss it.

Like next to her toothbrush for example.

Don’t make it too hard. The hunt should be fun, not frustrating.

Tip #10: Food as an ingredient for love

Getting out of bed can be tricky sometimes.

One day, let your girlfriend sleep a bit more and get up to make her the best breakfast in bed she’s ever have.

Now that’s true love.

Of course I’m not talking about bringing her a natural yoghurt and go back to bed straightaway.

You’re not going to win any points that way.

Do you really want to surprise her?

Buy all the ingredients you need beforehand to make her a delicious healthy breakfast.

If cooking is not your thing, here’s a great and easy recipe:

  • Mix some muesli with some fresh sliced fruit in a separate bowl.
  • Pour a layer of yogurt into an empty glass.
  • Pour some of your muesli-fruit mix over the yoghurt.
  • Pour another layer of yoghurt over it.
  • Finally, a layer of muesli and fruit.

Serve it on a nice plate with a cup of coffee. And voilà.

Tip #11: Become a chocolatier

Candies are tasty. Homemade chocolates are better.

What do you need to make your own chocolates?

  • Baking chocolate
  • Silicone molds
  • Some cake flavors and fillings

Although I recommend following a recipe from an expert, here are some simple steps to make your own chocolates:

  • Melt some chocolate in a saucepan at low to medium heat.
  • Carefully pour the melted chocolate into a mold up to the edge.
  • Wait a few seconds and empty the mold. The outside remains, leaving a chocolate ‘bowl.’
  • Place the fillings in the bowl. My favorites: coconut and dried pineapple.

Why make your own chocolates when you can buy them in the shop?

Because the effort you put into cooking is a hundred times more powerful than buying chocolates in a shop. She’s really going to appreciate it.

Tip #12: Bring the Backstreet Boys back

Ever wonder how to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday?

Let me tell you a story:

One of my friends made his girlfriend happy for one entire month with this tip.

You know what they say… “Happy Wife, Happy Life”

Couldn’t agree more.

What did my buddy do?

First of all, he knew his girlfriend was a huge fan of The Backstreet Boys.

So when the band started touring again after a 25 years break…

My friend knew exactly what to do… He bought a T-shirt from the merchandise stall.

Hahaha, just kidding. He bought two tickets for a concert so they could go together.

You can imagine how happy she was when she got the ticket.

So keep your eyes out for any concerts or events in your city.

She’s going to love the show and be impressed by your effort.

Tip #13: Sweet things to do for your girlfriend

One of our dating coaches came up with the most romantic surprise ever.

Use it and you’ll make an unforgettable impression on her.

Here it is:

This dating coach had been hanging out with a beautiful Argentinian girl for a few months.

They had very good chemistry. Only she lived in Barcelona and he lived in Amsterdam. So they could only see each other every few months which made it impossible for them to have an official relationship.

One day he went to Barcelona to see her, and she confessed that she was dating another man…

Now he liked the girl so much that he was willing to have a long-distance relationship with her. So he did everything he could to win her over.

One day they were walking in the streets and a musician was playing The Passenger by Iggy Pop. She started dancing and singing and told him that it was her favorite song.

Do you know what our dating coach did?

He managed to find this street musician again, he paid him to sing The Passenger, but then creatively incorporated their own names into the song!

So the next day, together with his lady he walked in a park, the musician saw them coming and started playing the song.

At first she was very surprised to hear this song again, but then she heard their own names and… Well, guess how amazed she was.

It was without a doubt the most romantic surprise of her life.

Yeah, at AttractionGym we mean business. 😉

Did this story inspire you to come up with the best romantic date idea?

If not, no worries, I got you.

Read this article for some inspiration:

>> 10 Romantic Date Ideas to Make Him/Her Melt For You

Tip #14: 1-2, cha cha cha

In this tip, I show you how to surprise your girlfriend AND makes you more attractive.

Take her out to dance lessons!

She’s going to love the idea, PLUS you become more genuinely attractive to her.

Research has shown that having good dance skills is a sign of good genetics.

If you got some moves, then you automatically win 2 ‘sexy’ points.

Think about what kind of style you want to dance.

Do you feel chic? Go for the Waltz. A romantic classic.

Are you more in the mood for Latin vibes? Then Salsa is a great option.

Do you want to see the spark in the relationship? Then there’s nothing better than the Tango.

Tip #15: The magic of a simple touch

Here’s a perfect idea if you’re short on time.

“Romantic” … What comes to your mind when you think of this word?

An expensive dinner, some roses and a ring with diamonds as big as your fist.

Not your cup of tea? No problem.

The only things you need for this romantic getaway are:

  • An empty house.
  • A bottle of wine.
  • Candles
  • Two hands

That’s right: you’re going to treat your girlfriend with a relaxing massage.

Research has shown that couples who give each other massages experience a healthier and stronger relationship.

But before you rip her clothes off, an important announcement:

A massage is worth nothing if the atmosphere sucks. So turn off all the phones. Put a relaxing playlist on.

This also makes it clear that she’s going to get your full attention.

Then turn on a few candles and put the lights as low as possible.

Pro tip:

Before the massage, ask her to take a shower so she can wash away all the stress of the day. So you have time to surprise her by creating a nice atmosphere.

After the shower, take out the bottle of wine.

As soon as the glasses are empty, lead her to the bedroom, where she can undress.

Put a towel on the bed and grab some oil.

How you proceed is up to you.

Though it probably won’t be long before you’re done.

That’s right, we all know what’s going to happen after you give her a massage.

Now it’s time for you to please her. And if you want to make the night even more special, you should experiment with new things in bed.

Need some inspiration? I wrote an article about this, check it out:

>> How to Please a Woman in Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

Tip #16: A journey into the past

This tip is going to make her melt. Much more than any bunch of roses or a fancy restaurant.

Make her relive your first date!

You might have been with your girlfriend for years, but the first date is probably still on your mind.

Wouldn’t it be magical to create a second first date?

Of course, it’s not going exactly the same.

But with a little thinking you’ll get close.

So how do you go about this?

Do you remember what you were wearing? Wear a similar outfit.

Pro tip:

Were you wearing a perfume?

Then spray yourself with the same one. Scent activates memories better than any other sense.

Go to the same place where you had your first date.

If you don’t live in the same city, then find a similar activity.

For example, did you go bowling for your first date? Then find a local bowling where you live.

But even more important than the physical aspect is… The mental aspect. Focus on it.

What the hell am I talking about?

What I mean by focusing on the mental aspect is this:

Pretend you don’t know anything about each other.

When people know each other for a long time, they tend to talk always about the same things. Work, bills, and gossip about people you know.


Talk about her dreams and ambitions. Take the time to discover her childhood again.

Ask all the get-to-know-you questions you normally ask on a first date.

After that, you’ll walk home together with a new appreciation for each other.

Now, have you been in a relationship for many years?

If that’s the case, perhaps you need to refresh your memory.

What kind of get-to-know-you questions could you ask your girlfriend to make the date even more memorable? Read this article to find out:

>> The Only 111 Get-To-Know-You Questions for Dating You Need

Tip #17: The ultimate movie night tip

Whether you’re watching a movie on a small tablet or a huge flat screen, movie nights are awesome.

Here are 5 simple tips to make a movie night more interesting:

  • Create a cozy atmosphere with some lights. Best option: Color-changing LED lights! But some candles or Christmas lights do the trick too.
  • Be 100% comfortable. Inflate an air mattress, pull out your sofa bed or cover the floor with blankets and pillows.
  • Cosplay. Dress yourself in clothes that match the theme of the film. Or bring an item. For example, if you’re watching Harry Potter, buy a magic wand.
  • Be creative with the food. Even your snacks can match the movie. For example, kittles or other colorful candies will go perfectly with The Avengers.
  • Cook something. It doesn’t have to be too crazy, but a movie is more enjoyable when there’s some good food at your disposal.

Tip #18: It’s bath time

In winter there’s nothing better than soaking in a hot bath with your girlfriend, unless…

The bathtub is full of half empty shampoo bottles, old razor blades, and curly butt hairs.

Not very romantic, right? That’s what you get for not planning your bath session.

Do you really want to impress her?

Then follow these steps:

  • Buy a bunch of roses and hide them under the bed. Or another place where your girlfriend won’t find them right away.
  • Clean up the bathroom and polish the bathtub until you see your own reflection. If your girlfriend’s wondering why, don’t reveal anything about your plan.
  • Is the bathroom clean? Then come up with an excuse to make your girlfriend go outside for a bit. Maybe you can convince her to go buy some food.
  • The moment she closes the door behind her, run to the hiding place, and get the roses. Then get the petals off the flower and throw them into a blender, or chop them with a knife.
  • Now go to the bathroom and fill up the bathtub. Place your candles strategically (you don’t want to burn the whole f*ckin house.)
  • When the water is warm, throw the petals into the water. It smells delicious! And add some bubbles to the water.
  • Before your girlfriend comes home, hang a piece of paper behind the front door saying “You are cordially invited to a candlelight bubble bath.”
  • Wait for her in the bathroom with some music and two champagne glasses.

Now, you got something super romantic right there.

Want to make it even more memorable? Add a sexual atmosphere to the equation.

In other words: turn her on.

How do you do that? I wrote an article about this, check it out:

>> Want To Turn Her On? Try These 9 Dirty Talk Phrases and Tips

Now you know how to surprise your girlfriend

You have 18 effective tips to show her how important she is to you.

Apply these tips and you’ll have a happy girlfriend, guaranteed.

Now, if you want to take things to the next level, here’s what I suggest:

Work on yourself. Improve your life.

Why? Because as a result, you’ll become more attractive to your girlfriend.

This is the best way to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

You might be wondering how do you go about becoming more attractive.

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