How to Tease Women – 7 Ways She Actually Likes + 11 Examples

Teasing the right way is the key to attraction.

When your tease becomes bullying, you’re doing it wrong.

That’s why I will explain to you exactly how to tease someone with words in a way so she will become attracted to you.

In this article, you will get:

  • 7 Methods how to tease someone with words
  • 11 Practical teasing lines that you can use immediately
  • The body language secret to giving extra power to your words
  • 2 Ways to tease and seduce her in a sexual way
  • Multiple how to tease a girl over text examples

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Without further ado, let’s dive right in with 5 powerful teasing lines.

Method #1: How to tease someone with words

Unless you are the sign language interpreter for the 6 o’clock news:

The biggest part of your interaction will consist of talking.

That’s why you want to become an absolute master in teasing her verbally.

Here are three ways of teasing her verbally.

Later you will even get a method from me to tease her sexually.

This will make her sexually attracted to you.

But first…

Using her own words against her

You’ve probably heard a woman say this before:

“Hey, do you think I look fat in these jeans?”
Some things, men simply never say.

But if you incorporate this in your flirting formula, you can have a super fun way to tease her.

Here are 2 examples for you:

“I just don’t know yet if we’re right for each other babe, let’s take this easy.”

“You know, I don’t really feel a click, so….. I’m just gonna friendzone the hell out of you.”

Men hardly ever say such things.

Men often think:

“She looks good, she will do.”
- Men

Instead, be one step ahead of the rest of the men and flip the script.

Don’t be that guy who gets a finger and takes the whole arm.

Tease her a little by playing it cool.

Are you deep in her friendzone, and are you desperate to get out?

If so, here’s an article to help you master the friendzone:

>> Get Out of the Friend Zone & Into Her Lover Zone – 7 Magic Moves

Creating drama

What this is all about is that you take everything where women can’t get enough of:

Scenes from soap operas and reality tv.

In short.


Especially drama that revolves around relationships.

Because the man is usually very laid back in these situations.

So the tease becomes really strong when you muster your best improv theater-skills.

“I can’t take it any longer, [her name], this is the last straw! I love you, but I’m breaking up with you! It’s not me. It’s you.”

Check below to see how you can create even more drama with women to make them attracted to you.

Let’s continue with the third way to tease her verbally.

Flirty teasing? Say this.

A compliment wrapped in a minor insult.

This is what it all boils down to when you tease her in a flirting manner.

You make her a tad self-aware, which will increase the tension between you two.

But what a lot of men do wrong, is destroying that tension by adding a little ‘’haha’’ behind their sentence and laughing it off.


What you want to do, is look at her confidently, with a cheeky little smirk on your face, while enjoying her reaction.


“I could do a shot of tequila from your belly.”

“Wow. You have a really theatrical face. It’s all over the place, you should be on stage!”

Later you will get more lines to tease her in a sexual way.

Making the whole interaction a lot more intimate.

But first, something fundamental about teasing:

The power of teasing

Goddesses and women…

Nowadays, it seems like there is little difference between the two.

Because women are seen as Goddesses.





By men.

Compare it to a 100 years ago.

Then they were still awkward, hairy creatures 😉

Nothing to be worshipped.

So, how did that shift happen?

Partly, because nowadays, there are all kinds of possibilities to glorify women and women are being ‘used’ as a marketing trick:

  • Botox (if that’s your thing)
  • Photoshop
  • Make-up
  • Plastic surgery (same thing here)
  • #Instagramfilters

And because we see these kinds of images all the time, we’re being brainwashed into believing they actually are goddesses.


There is another cause for this.

A long time ago.

A long time ago, and I mean, a veeeery long time ago! People looked up to the constellations and other celestial bodies.

Then the church rose up; something else was worshipped.

A while later, everything was about art.


Exactly, now there isn’t anything that is looked up to so strongly.

We know that constellations and celestial bodies do not possess magical powers; the church has had her time of glory and art. Well, it’s just that nowadays: art.


We start to look at ourselves.

The result is that women are being worshipped, aided by current technology such as described above.

Women are very aware of this.

Some like it, some just see it as the way of life, others want to make you realize what’s really going on.

By the way. Are you interested in the real story behind this instagramselfie?

I wrote about this myself. You will start to understand women through and through, not knowing which way to turn is a thing of the past. For example, why she breaks up with you or leaves you for another man.

I’m straying.

The truth remains that women are worshipped by men nowadays.

Or as I like to say:

Men put women on a pedestal.

Are you getting there?

Women are not attracted to this behavior.

Women find it more attractive when you see her as equal. Or you secretly even think you’re above her a little.

So she looks up to you.

That doesn’t mean that you should behave like a crude asshole.


“Women don’t want to be the best, women want to be wíth the best.”

And how you achieve that is by teasing.

By teasing, you show that you don’t really see that whole image of her as a goddess.

Like I said before, she secretly likes if you place yourself above her a little.

Science agrees.

Use the following lines:

“At first, I thought you were a little crazy, but now I kinda like you.”

“I’m not quite sure if we’re right for each other.”

“My mom warned me for girls like you.”

Dare to play hard to get and to challenge her.

Got it? Great.

You might need some more flirty text examples now.

Here’s an article on how to flirt with a girl by text:

>> How to Flirt with a Girl over Text (7 Tips + Examples You Can Use Right Away)

Further on, we will continue with other ways to tease her verbally. Including how to get her sexually excited by teasing.

You will also get a method on how to always tease and flirt in your text messages.


Your words are not the only tool you can use to tease her.

You can also do it with your body language.

A compelling method…

That’s what the next tip is about.

Method #2: How to tease with body language

“My heart skipped a beat.”
– My date earlier this week

Later, while we’re spooning in my bed, she explains again.

She tells me that she wouldn’t have thought l liked her.

Even though our conversation – much like the wine – was flowing and I was conversationally interested, I didn’t communicate the same with my body language.

I often looked away.

My body wasn’t directed towards her.

And I was sitting back on the couch.

This made her think that all in all, I didn’t find her attractive enough.

Until I suddenly took her hand while we were walking.

And it became clear to her that I was teasing her by making her question if I liked her or not.

Your body language often communicates much more than your words:

So instead of teasing her with your words constantly, tease her with your body language.

  • Turn your body away from her
  • Look disapproving, or don’t look at her
  • Lean back in your chair or on the couch (instead of leaning in, interested by her every word)

Some other fun things you can do:

Look disapproving, but with a grin towards her hairline on her forehead, or another specific spot for a while.

Odds are that after a few seconds, you will hear a very self-aware:


Push her (preferably, you push yourself away from her) away from you gently while you tease her. As if she’s your little sister.

And finally:

Suddenly let go of her hand or make a light ‘throwing away’ movement. As if you suddenly have had enough of the lovey-dovey stuff.

Perfect way to tease with your body language.

There’s a big chance that she is responding very reactively to you now.


Later, I will give you more methods to tease, with a few other practical lines you can use.

Including how you tease her in a sexual way.


You will get the biggest and strongest tease you could ever use on a woman.

But first, we will talk about online teasing.

These days a conversation over text is just one of those things you can’t escape while interacting with a woman.

So, you better make sure that you are well prepared to tease her hard in this area too.

Method #3: How to tease a girl over text (examples)

There’s simply no escaping this.

You will always have to text a woman, whether you want to see her again or take her out on a date.

This is unless you limit it to a one night stand.

So online, you will also have to tease.

You can’t suddenly get all serious and start talking only about things like the weather.

Then, her profile picture will be the last thing you’re ever going to see of her.


Online teasing is a trade of its own.

Luckily I have designed a few simple techniques to send to someone you like.

The perfect training wheels.

You don’t need much creativity when you internalize the principles of online teasing into your system and can improvise as an online Lord of the Tease.

One of these ways is the point-system.

Reward her for things she does right.

Punish her for things you don’t like.

It doesn’t even have to be about serious stuff.

The most trivial things can be rewarded or punished.

Here, I’ll show you an example of how to tease over text:

Just a second.

I have a question for you.

What if she has a smart comeback about the fact that you’re the one who’s distributing the points?

Or as the screenshot above shows, that you’re not ‘nice to her’.

You’ll find the flirty answer here:

Cut-and-paste lines to always keep your online conversations flirty. Get my Texting Masterclass right here.

Then, all that is missing is the way to seduce her with your teasing in a way that gets her sexually aroused.

Doing so, you will get her in the right frame of mind, giving you the possibility to go home together after the date.

But first, how you can always tease her with your lines or texts, without needing any creativity.

Method #4: The only time when I allow ‘a little.’

I have to confess something.

Chronic drama plays in my life. One I’ve had for many years now.

I was scouting for phenomenal dating coaches to enhance the team.

Unfortunately, I recently had to kick two guys with a ton of potential out of the training program.

Because there are so many details to coaching. Details that all have to be correct.






And a clear vision in the next step for the Bootcamp participant.

I could continue with the list for a while

Because ONE thing in which I’m a real nazi:

(Definitely not sp3lling)

(Neither grammar, as you might have noticed in the Trump meme above… ‘your’ fired)


Your choice of words!

The words you choose to express yourself with have a massive influence on the trust the Bootcamp participants have in you.

And when you’re a coach, trust is crucial for effective progress with the participant.

So, the first word-error I obliterate in people’s vocabulary:


At AttractionGym, we never say:

“Try to tease her in the following way…”


“Tease her in the following way…”


Every time you use the word try, you doubt the skill of your coachee. If you’re already doubtful as a coach, how can your participant have faith?

Another one:

“Tease her a little more next time…”

Hell no!

We are NEVER going to try to tease women or go for a little personal growth.

We go the full 169% percent and aim for AT LEAST epic personal development.


There are moments where I actually would advise ‘a little.’ Or similar words.

For example, when sexualizing your teases:


“You’re up for a little mischief. I can see it in your eyes.”

“I love it when you look at me with those flirty eyes. I know what you want, c’mon, do it a little more.”

“If only you were a little more adventurous, we would end up kissing at a romantic corner there later in the next minute.”

See the difference?

One way of using ‘a little’ comes across as doubtful; the other way creates a playful and sexy vibe. Inviting her to show her sexiness.

Ready for the next way to tease?

Let’s go.

Method #5: Misinterpreting

Don’t tell me this:

That you actually think of an eggplant and a peach when you see these emojis in an online conversation.


Very different things are being talked about here 😉

Misinterpreting what she’s saying or what she sends over text is the perfect way to make things sexual very easily.

Another example of how to tease over text:

But what she says in real life, you can also easily misinterpret.

Here are three examples of situations of what she might say and how you can misinterpret them from now on.

For example, if she forgot your name or something that you said. You can also provoke this by asking her if she remembers a specific thing you said recently:

“You never listen to me, women only think about one thing!”

When she touches you when there are other people around:

“Hey, calm down you, not in public. I’m way too shy for that.”

If she asks you where you live (in real life or on WhatsApp). The last part of the sentence, you can also adjust if she asks a different kind of question:

“Don’t get carried away. I don’t trust you enough yet to already show you where I live.”

With a bit of effort, everything that is being said can be misinterpreted.

A simple but powerful way to seduce her sexually.

For more ways to elicit sexual attraction from her…

Which will make her see you as a potential bed partner…

I advise you to read the following article:

>> 7 Tips to Make Women So Horny They Booty Call YOU

Method #6: Teasing always continues, even in bed

This, you will understand.

You want to stimulate a woman emotionally.

Only this way will she become attracted to you.

Only playing the sweet guy who agrees with her on everything and worships the very ground she walks on, will often cause you to lose the race when you’re only just out of the starting gates.

You will probably understand that you want to make a woman feel anything but:


As soon as a woman feels boredom around a man, she will be gone faster than a flatscreen TV on sale on black Friday.


At the last hurdle, you will still fall if you don’t use this next way of teasing.

You approach her, you make her attracted to you and you forge a connection with her.

You go on a date, or you spend the whole night together…

Eventually, you take her home.

While you keep teasing her along the way.

Until you end up in bed together.

Now that the opportunity arises, you pounce on her like a vulture who has been tracking a wounded animal for miles until it has finally collapsed.

You immediately give her your all.

While this, too, is a perfect opportunity to keep teasing her.

  • Imply that you will be sharing a wild night together, but keep her in the dark of when it will happen.
  • Slowly undress her and avoid her erogenous zones as long as you can.
  • When she’s finally naked, make the route towards her private parts as long as possible.

In short.

Continuously mislead her with your next move and make her yearn for the climax.

So you will come across as a man who’s not just there for his own pleasure and make her come back to you for hers.

Now, perhaps you’d like some more information on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

It’s such a broad topic that I had to write an article about it. Check it out here:

>> How to Please a Woman in Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

Method #7: The biggest tease you can make

We saved the best for last.

You have finally arrived at the last step on how you can tease her.

Up until now, you have received different ways on how to tease her verbally.


How you can mess with her physically by using your body language.

Give her the emotional rollercoaster of her lifetime by combining the two.

In which you will attract her using one way and reject her using the other.

For example:

“We’re really no good for each other”

While you give her a hug.

Or push her away, while you say:

“I love you.”

The best way is to attract her physically and to reject her verbally.

Play with it and see how effectively this scientifically proven method works for you.

How to make sure you become her guilty pleasure

You hear the following a lot:

That you always have to be sweet to women and that they always have to be treated like princesses.


When you remove the words ‘always’ in that sentence, we already get closer to the truth.

Women love a man who isn’t afraid to play with their emotions.

Who challenges her and knows how to put his foot on the brake.

A man who thinks he’s just as hard-to-get as she is.

You will reach this mindset by using my Transformation Kit.

Especially designed for you to become her guilty pleasure.

Get it here, it’s free!

Start teasing your first women right from today.

Your Bro,
Dan  de Ram

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