15 Powerful Yet Subtle Ways to Tell a Girl You Like Her

how to tell someone you like her

You’ve known her for a while.

And you like her.

Maybe you’re secretly in love.

However, how do you tell someone that you like her?

The big mistake that you want to avoid is to pour out all your love on her suddenly. And make it awkward.

It is saddening that many men do this.

Therefore, in this article, you will find out exactly how you can make it clear that you really fancy her.

What you’ll get:

  • 15 tips on how to tell someone that you like her
  • How to get out of the friend zone easily, without making it super awkward
  • 7 signs showing she likes you
  • How to help you avoid ruining your relationship/friendship with her.
  • 3 Ways to make it clear that you are in love with her
  • 5 phrases to tell you that you like her without any cringe
  • 1 technique on WhatsApp to indicate you fancy her
  • Tips on how you will stand out among the women of your choice
  • Much more…


Let’s begin.

How do you get the message across without being embarrassed for an eternity?

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Tip #1: Do NOT tell her that you like her


I know, but not telling her is the best way.

Because by doing so, you prevent the awkward scene many men experience.

Something that could grow into something beautiful …

…Perhaps to a relationship.

These men all raze to the ground.

By one big mistake.

Knowing this error is crucial.

The most important thing is understanding where this error comes from.

Knowing this immediately gives you a huge lead over the rest of the men.


This will prevent your chances with her from disappearing like snow in the sun.

You won’t be surprised by the following that I’m going to say.

Within a second of spotting a woman, you have already decided whether you find her attractive or not.

Another second later, you probably also know whether you would like to share your bed with her for at least one night.

Was I right?

Thought so.

At the start, we men decide, for the most part, whether we like a woman, based on her appearance.

Based on what we see.

Of course, finding out along the way that your first thought is wrong is a normal thing. Despite her looks, it doesn’t have to click.

However, without talking to her, we’re able to decide if we want her.

Or even worse, fall in love with her.


Without even speaking a word to her.

This is partly due to the Limerence effect… fantasizing about your future.

This effect is also present with women, but with men (since we are more visually stimulated), the effect is stronger.

Women, on the other hand, generally do not decide within one second whether they find someone attractive or want to jump in bed with you. They can, however, be interested in the start due to your appearance.

Women need more time to find out if they’re really into someone.

Pro tip:

Women have a sharp eye for a good first impression.

Failing this is a detrimental start of your interaction.

So always make sure your first impression is good.

But how do you make a killer first impression?

Read this article to find out:

>> 5 Solid Ways to Make a Good First Impression (That Girls Love)

Why women need more time?

Where we men rely more on appearance, women decide on the inner.

Your character.

Getting behind someone’s character traits simply takes longer.

And now that this is clear, it will also become clear why the mistake many men make is disastrous for any chance with a woman they like.

But first, here is a tip that will make sure that you avoid being just friends with her.

And how you make it clear at the same time you fancy her.

Tip #2: Flirt with her immediately, but dosed

This is crucial.

Whether you have known someone for a longer time.

Whether you want to tell a new woman that you like her.

Or have sunken far away in the friend zone.

Start flirting right off the bat, just like this hipster cutie does.

This is how you prevent yourself from being pushed aside like an ordinary friend, helper or weak man that ends in the friendzone

You can flirt in many ways:

  • Teasing and challenging.
  • Getting physical
    Later I will tell you exactly how you want to proceed with being physical so that your photo does not end with the hashtag “MeToo” on Facebook or Instagram
  • Take away your attention.
    Might sound contradictory to you. But this is a strong flirting technique. In some tips later, I will explain exactly how you can best do this without creating the thought that you don’t like her.

A small side note about the first point: 

You might not be comfortable teasing girls.

Fair enough, man. Teasing is an art. An art you can learn.

Read this article to know exactly how to tease a woman:

>> How to Tease Women – 7 Ways She Actually Likes + 11 Examples

If you notice that it’s too late and you have been put in the friend zone.

Then climb out with the video that you get in the following tip:

Tip #3: Keep yourself out of the friend zone with these 3 tricks

Here’s a free toolkit to help you master the friendzone.

What you get:

  • Phrases to make it clear to her that you do not belong in her friend zone
  • Why not liking her and complimenting her doesn’t get you out of the friend zone
  • How to get back in her Lover Zone if she jailed you in the Friendzone already.

Download it here!

Tip #4: Do NOT trust your intuition when you like her

Now you know why women need more time to figure out if they like you.

Namely to discover your character traits.

The mistake many men make is the following.

The mistake is often not that you do not know how to let someone know that you are in love with her …

The failure is in you saying it too early.

  • Imagine you match with her on Tinder, already indicating via a text message that you fancy her (without seeing her in real life), it is way too fast
  • Even before you have spent a reasonable amount of time together, you say that you like her.
  • Many times, before you have slept together, men say things like, “you are the most beautiful woman I know.”
  • They often state their feelings before she can develop HERS for you

In short:




This way, you communicate impatience.

And thereby:


The uncertainty may cause the relationship to explode.

Because with your uncertainty, you communicate the following:

You want to secure her, so you know for sure that you two will end up together.

By your expression of love, you put a lot of pressure on her shoulders.

You give her the idea that the relationship must happen and succeed at all costs and that she must take care of it.

All because you have way too early indicated that you are in love with her.

However, because you are so fast, she hasn’t even yet made HER decision.

By indicating that you are already into her, she gets the idea that she must like you too.

Under that pressure, women succumb, they suddenly find you insecure, or it’s all going too fast for her.

And with that, the possible relationship fades right in front of your eyes.

Even though it is extremely useful to know how you communicate that you like her, without putting all that pressure on her.

It is more useful to know which signals she gives, which indicates that she likes you.

This way, you can use the signs to determine on what scale she likes you. So, you can act accordingly.

That is why you now get the 7 signs that reveal how she says she likes someone.

Pro Tip:

One way to get her is to become more attractive in general.

I have a toolkit for that, with flirty lines, WhatsApp tips, and The Friendzone Houdini.

It’s called the Transformation Kit. And guess what? It’s free!

You can download it here.

Tip #5: The 7 Signs she shows she likes you

Important to understand.

The signs women send out to show they like you are subtle.

In addition, one sign isn’t enough to conclude how she feels about you.

However, when you know the signs, they will start to stand out to you.

And by getting better at noticing these signs, you can make a more accurate estimate of how much she fancies you.

You can immediately notice sign number 1 when you meet.

Sign #1: She stood in front of the mirror for hours

On a recent Tinder date:

She showed up dressed in a sweater with sweatpants underneath. Above that, no sign of a feminine touch in terms of makeup.

On another date:

She arrived in a beautiful red dress with matching black heels underneath. In addition, she had put a lot of effort into applying her makeup.

My question to you:

Which of these two women shows that she likes me? Or at least cares to be liked.

I would give you some time to think about your answer.

However, it is overly clear that number two stands out as the correct answer.

So, sign #1 is whether she has put effort into her appearance to impress you.

Sign #2: She continually tidies up her outfit

Putting on beautiful clothes and powdering her cheeks is one thing.

But constantly making sure it’s well and neat is another story.

Therefore, pay attention to the following:

  • She always keeps her clothes neat and tidy
  • She reapplies her makeup during your date (for example, new lipstick after taking a drink)
  • She pays extra attention to her posture so that her female forms show better

Clear signs she is trying to impress you.

Sign #3: What do her eyes find more interesting

When you talk, note the following:

What are her eyes looking at?

Does she make deep eye contact, full of interest?

Or does she look around her because the environment is more interesting than what you have to say?

A good indication of how much she likes you.

You know enough if you say the most boring things, to which a plant would spontaneously wilt, and she still has eyes for you only.

Now, you might need more tips on how to read eye contact to know if a girl likes you.

Here’s an article about it:

>> Reading Eye Contact: 7 Signals She WANTS You

Sign #4: Is the interest mutual?

You take her on a date.

You ask her questions, and you share your own experiences.

Out of interest, you’re figuring out what kind of person she is.

But does she do the same with you?

  • Is she interested in your daily life?
  • Does she ask for your opinion or does she find her own opinion important too?
  • Does she continue asking about topics, and does she reconsider previous topics?

All signs that she places importance on the progress of the interaction.

Sign #5: She touches you

No shit Sherlock.

If she touches you, she certainly likes you.

A woman has zero reasons to touch someone with whom she is on date with voluntarily.

And yet I mention this.


Because this is an enormous green light from her.

But it often also means a final attempt to get confirmation from you whether YOU actually like her back.

Since touch is overall, the best indicator of attraction.

If you do not respond now, you have wasted your last chance, and she might think that YOU don’t like her.

 “But Dan, how I am supposed to distinguish flirt from friendly when a girl touches me?”

That’s a very good question. And guess what?

Well, there’s an article about exactly this. Check it out here:

>> 9 Tips to Distinguish Flirt from Friendly When a Girl Touches You

Sign #6: Distance

You can test this signal in two ways.

By reducing the distance to her and getting into her personal space.

Is she stepping back?

Then she is not yet at the point that she likes you enough and forbids you to get so close.

Does she stand still and let you come close?

Bam! A clear sign she’s attracted to you.

Even when she reduces the distance, it is a signal:

  • She gets closer to you
  • She leans in more during the conversation
  • She walks closer to you and rubs your arms regularly (so grab her hand too)

The closer you’re allowed to get to her, the more comfortable she feels with you.

And the more she’s attracted to you…

Provided that…

She doesn’t see you as an ordinary friend. Because if you sit deep in the friend zone, she feels extremely comfortable with you, but that does not mean she is attracted to you.

Perhaps you need some tips that will prevent you from ending up in the friend zone.

There you go:

>> Get Out of the Friend Zone & Into Her Lover Zone – 7 Magic Moves

Sign #7: Direction

The direction her attention goes to is a big sign.

When she is turned towards you, she’s more interested.

This applies to her eyes, as well as the direction of her body.

Even if you sit next to each other and she turns her body towards you, this is perfect.

Because when she, unknowingly, turns away from you, this indicates that she wants to leave you…

By pointing her entire body (including the direction of her feet) at you, she indicates she wants to stay with you.

Is she standing and crossing her legs? This is not a closed body language. She sets herself down firmly to give you all her attention.


7 signs from which you can deduce how much she likes you.

However, I have now only explained to you in words what you can pay attention to.

A good exercise is to see if you actually notice her flirts.

That is why in the following tip, I’ve made a video with one of my girlfriends who makes all kinds of flirty signs right in front of your eyes.

So that when you face a woman, you will recognize these signs.

In addition, I give extra signs that show you she is interested in you.

Furthermore, one large sign come forward almost throughout the entire interaction, to which you can see that she’s into you.

However, you can also misinterpret them and, therefore, get rejected.


This is a big one, I’ll share it later in the article with you.

Tip #6: The danger of waiting for her signals

Pay attention, master-body-language-signs-spotter!

There hides great danger behind waiting for her signals.

One that makes women write you off as a weakling.


Become biding.

Waiting and seeking permission is not a trait that most women like.

A woman wants a man who takes the helm by the balls.

And goes for what he wants.

But also, she will appreciate a man that will realize when he is going too fast and takes a step back. Or even excuses himself.

“Lean back, Lean back” – Terror Squad.

By grabbing life by the balls, you transform into a man who decides for himself what his life looks like, instead of life-determining for you what it becomes.

Later I come back to why awaiting a woman is just as bad an idea as starting about her weight or age.

Tip #7: How do you tell someone you like her: 5 Phrases


5 Rejection-proof sentences, you can say when you fancy her.

Later something else will follow that is even more IMPORTANT, but let us focus on these sentences first.

Since a lot of communication is verbal, you want to have some sentences in your head that you can always say.

Here they come:

“I think the dimples in your cheeks are cute when you smile.”

“I never thought about it that way, but did you know that you are a stunning babe”

(Also perfect if you are more in the friend zone)

“I could take a shot of tequila off your belly.”

“You know … I like you, but you can get the expectation out of your head that we will go to bed tonight”

(I advise you not to do this too early in the conversation)

“For the next 2 minutes, you are my girlfriend”

(and then continue with a bit of boyfriend-girlfriend rollplay)

Is saying this to her the only way?

Certainly not, bro.

You can also show it subtly.

I will come to that in a subsequent tip.

Use one of the above sentences in time to indicate that you like her so that you do not come across as permission seeking.

Tip #8: How you say she’s nice on WhatsApp

Below is a special way for you to say that you like her via WhatsApp.

During the conversation, just say:

“Will you marry me?”

Wait for her response and then send the following image:

See below a chat conversation where I sent this image.

The structure is slightly different since we were talking about going to Las Vegas together.

(A perfect introduction to this flirting technique, by the way)

And then another bonus for you …

Pro Tip:

I have a cheat sheet for WhatsApp with all sorts of tips and sentences so that you’ll be fine while messaging.

You can download it for free here.

Tip #9: How to ruin your relationship with the special effects of Hollywood

A personal failure story is incoming.

One that makes it clear to you how you do NOT want to show that you like her.

In addition:

  • If you have bought flowers for her, put these in your own room in a vase for now.
  • Enjoy the bonbons yourself as well.
  • And did you go for jewelry? Wear it yourself or give it as a gift to your mum. She’ll appreciate it more than the girl you like at this moment.

Because these are all causes to explosively ruin the relationship you have with her.

However, one of these three things were not why I ruined it with a girl that I liked.

I did it as follows:

I was 13.

And in love with a girl in my class.

Every lesson she sits down in front of or behind me and together we chat for several hours

After school, I will go home immediately and then continue the conversation with her on MSN.

Then the summer vacation starts.

I know I won’t see her for 7 weeks.

What a long time …

What now?

In the chat, I started telling myself that I am in love with someone.

Pro tip:

If there is SOMETHING that makes a woman curious, then it is a man who shines a bright spot on something personal, and then becomes reserved about it.

So, of course, she wants to know more, but I didn’t say anything.

Then I had myself interrogated for an hour, and she mentioned every girl in school.

To which I said “nope” to.

Until she asks if it is herself …

I then cowardly answered, “yes.”

I don’t dare look at my chat screen for minutes …

To which I see the redeeming answer appear on my screen.

The answer that all my friends had already warned me about.


Fair is fair.

I presented myself as a friend … Not as a boyfriend.

And my way of being honest about my feelings towards her was more jelly than overcooked spaghetti.

A long, weak build-up with difficult emotional stories, to which the tomato sauce would turn green.

That is why in the following tips, you’ll get the tactics you want to use to make it clear to her that you like her, even when you are in the friend zone.

Tip #10: Be honest about which “zone” you’re in


13-year-old Dan dangled in this bottomless pit.

Did I realize it?


Did I admit it?

Certainly not.

And when you don’t admit something, you also avoid taking action to change it.


Be honest about which zone you’re in:

  • Colleague zone
  • Friendzone
  • Unknown zone

The context makes a big difference if you want to show your feelings for her.

This influences the “how” you want to apply to get out.

The Unknown Zone seems clear to me.

You have a girl in mind, and you know everything about her …

… From which color of underwear, she wears to the hairdresser she goes to.

But she doesn’t even know about your existence.

You circle around her as the latest version of stealth drones, hoping she notices you.

Well, forget it.

To be noticed by her, you want to stand out in the first place.

Like a Hughes H-4 Hercules aka the “Spruce Goose”

Is your name Spruce? Then you’re in luck 😉


First of all, introducing yourself to her is a great start.

In the two other zones, you are already familiar with each other.

However, she has placed you in one of the unfortunate zones — not the lover zone.


Tip #11: How you tell someone you already know that you are attracted to her?

You are in deep…

I’m talking about the Friendzone.

Or you are slowly sliding in.

By applying the previous tip, you will now know whether you are in the friend zone (or colleague zone).

It is bout time to take action before you are stuck forever like 13-year-old Dan.

I’ll get straight to the point with you on this tip.

Because there is only one reason why you are still her regular friend or (time after time) end up in the friend zone.

You don’t build sexual tension with her.

You manage to make sure she finds you nice, sweet, and kind.

Certainly, doing well, my man.

Comfort is needed when flirting with women.


You forget to make yourself attractive to her.

Or try it only afterward, when the stroke of the friend zone has already struck.

That’s why it’s crucial that you do one thing, with those whom you don’t want to end up in the friend zone.


Create sexual tension.

You do that in the following ways:

  • Go work out.
    Exercising increases the male hormone testosterone in your body. This way, your body will naturally yearn for sexual excitement between you and women. Flirting then becomes a way of living.
  • Flirt with everyone.
    Flirting is not an action you do on a selected person. Flirting is a lifestyle. One that is naturally in your system, but may not come out yet due to circumstances.
  • Talk to other women.
    By addressing other women, you get the mentality that other women also find attractive. In addition, with it you will realize that there are other women that you find attractive. This way, you can easily build up sexual tension with women you have known for some time.
  • Find buddies that you can hang out with.
    Hitting on women is not a one-person army activity, but a social activity. Therefore, look for buddies that also want to meet women. That way, you support each other, and everything becomes easier.
  • Learn flirtatious sentences.
    There is nothing bad about having a number of flirtatious sentences that can make every conversation flirty. By knowing you always have something to say, you can immediately focus on other things such as becoming physical (how, and in a way she will appreciate it, I get to later) or by paying attention to her signals.

I told you at the beginning that there is a strong way to flirt with her while giving her less attention.

I will explain everything in the following tip.

Tip #12: Put yourself back on the market

This tip is not a sneaky flirting trick.

It is not meant to make that one woman hopelessly jealous.

This tip is for you.

To give you a mentality full of abundance.

Learn how you can easily meet women.

So that you do not depend on pure luck.

But you have control over your love life yourself.

Learn to meet women during the day.

Use my Greet to Meet template for this. This ensures you can make every woman stop for you flawlessly and start a conversation with her.

In addition, download Tinder (or another dating app) to increase your chance of love.


The more inflow of women you have, the less you have to worry about that one woman.

You become less claimant towards that one woman because you unconsciously know that you can have other women.

And because you become less claimant, the woman suddenly feels the space to get attracted to you.

Countless ways to indicate that you like her


  • You have known her for a while …
  • You are in the friend zone …
  • Or when you are dating a new woman.

Now you know exactly how you can make it clear you’re interested in her.

Not by saying:

“I like you.”

But by teasing and challenging her, and standing out to her.


How do you let someone know that you’re in love?

That is what the following tips are about.

In addition, I will explain the best way of checking whether she likes you too.

And I will give you a powerful way to show her that you like her. I hinted at this earlier in the article.

Tip #13: Do not ask if she wants to be your girlfriend: Do it this way!

I already told you above.

Asking conveys uncertainty.

By asking her if she wants to be your girlfriend, you seem uncertain.

You put pressure on her and oblige her to make her choice immediately.

Which is something she doesn’t want to do, and something she finds very unattractive.

Hence 3 ways to let her know you’re in love with her that make her ask for the relationship.

Show what you are doing

Do you dance, play in a band or are a cook?

It doesn’t matter what you do.


Just talking about what you do is ok.

More powerful is the following:

Take her with you to whatever it is you do.

Show what you do.

“If you tell me, it’s an essay. If you show me, it’s a story.”
– Barbara Greene

The power of vulnerability

I predict the following about you:

You have sometimes wondered why a supermodel walks hand in hand with a huge bastard/douchebag.

One that has a big mouth against everyone and does not get out of the way for older people.

Someone that everyone says is a huge dick.


But what does she say …

“With me, he is a sweet <3.”
– Supermodel next to shadowy bad-ass

Your lower jaw will probably fall to the ground like a brick, and you will look at her with disbelief.

I will explain:

With that woman, this bad-ass is a real cute-y.

He tells her what he is struggling with within his life, about the past and what he is uncertain about.

“I am interested in personal stories because that’s when people become expressive, spontaneous, and heartfelt.”
– Anna Deavere Smith

On the outside, he is harsh and blunt.

On the inside, he is sweet and caring.

A perfect combination of vulnerability and masculinity, so women start to see you as relationship material.

Circle of friends

How do you let someone know you are in love?

First, let me ask you a question.

What has been the biggest influencer of your life?


Your upbringing.

No, I don’t mean you have to drag her to your parents.

That is something you do after you have a relationship.

I’m talking about:

Your friends.

Go figure…

Perhaps your best friend is a career tiger. Your dreams are probably getting bigger, too, in terms of work.

Do you have a fitness fanatic in your circle of friends? Chances are high; you’ve also become more active and pay more attention to your diet.

Or do you only have drinking buddies? Then the number of glasses of beer that slide through your hands will also be numerous.

So, there is the truth behind the following quote:

“You are the average of the five people you most associate with.”
– Jim Rohn

By introducing her to your friends, she gets a better idea about you.

She gets to know you better.

She finds out another part of your life.

What these 3 ways are based on is that you want to show her your life.

By taking her into your personal life, she gets the idea that she is special enough for you.

Because of this, the idea of a relationship with you slowly comes to mind.

Tip #14: The best way to see if someone is interested in you

If she laughs at your jokes, she’s into you, right?


But with that being said, I have arrived at the best way to see if someone finds you attractive.

See if she’s smiling.

Because if you talk to women in a monotonous, serious tone, your conversation is doomed to end up in the grave.

However, the question is:

Is she really smiling, or is it fake?

View the following image:

What do you see?


My creative Paint skills.

It seems that both left and right are smiling.

Yet one of the two is fake.

A woman does this too.

If they don’t actually like your jokes, they will put on a fake smile. You think she likes it that way, but actually, she only puts on a smile not hurt your feelings.

Sweet bunch those ladies.


Even without seeing the eyes, I know that the image on the left is a genuine smile.

Research has shown that smiles have a huge effect on how people perceive you.

Do you know why?

First, check the image below without my creativity added.

The eyes, of course, reveal it immediately.

Your eyes are also the biggest tellers of your body language.

Now, only look at the lower teeth.

When these are visible, it is often a fake smile — a sign of social discomfort.

If the lower teeth disappear because of the tightening of the muscles that cause a real smile, then it is a genuine smile.

Tip #15: The most powerful way to show that you’re interested in her

You have probably experienced the following situation.

You are on a date with a nice woman.

The conversation is smooth, and even intimate, and you notice attraction from her side.

You start to wonder if you can go in for the kiss.

This idea continues to gnaw in your head, and slowly you become more and more nervous about whether you can kiss her or not.

So, what do you do?

You start scanning for her signs…

However, you do not notice any signs from her.


Your stress level rises.

Researchers have established the following:

Suppressing body language signs is possible.

But because she is not honest about what she feels, and you do not notice anything about her… it causes you to stress.

Yet, there is anything but a man overboard.

Even if you do not notice any signals, she can still boil of attraction.


I have been on a date with women with whom I’ve had extremely open and sexual conversations.

A good sign, you’re thinking.

Yet when I went for the kiss, they were totally surprised and thought it was way too early

These girls just turned out to be very open-minded.

On the other hand, I also had women who were incredibly shy and just listening without saying anything back.

It sounds like a typical case that the date has failed, and she is not interested in you, right?

However, when I tried to kiss them, some turned out to be secretly longing for my lips.

While there was nothing to notice about them.

To get to the point:

“Touches say more than 1000 words.”
– Quote that I emit from my fingertips

Because touch tells much more about how personal you are together than any words can.

So, start being physical with her from the second one. The hurdle, for most men, is thus immediately broken, and it doesn’t become more difficult to make the first touch as time passes.

At the same time, this is a test to see how receptive she is to your attention.

By the way. Did you know that the average female body has an area of ​​1.62m?

Where is best to start your tender touch?

*Conjures up paint skills again*

I have put together a picture for you that shows which parts of her body you can place your hands at certain moments.

The green parts are almost always safe (unless you grab her firmly by the arms as if you want to kidnap her).

For the yellow and red parts, she must first feel much more at ease with you.

Yet there are minor exceptions again …

You can almost always remove a hair from her face or brush her hair behind her ears at an early stage. And the back is safer to touch than her belly.

Keep in mind that the more vulnerable a body part, the more comfort and attraction you need before someone is ok with you touching there.

Check out the following video for more tips on getting physical with her:

Transform yourself into someone that every woman likes

You now know exactly how you can show a woman your intentions without scaring her.

You can also read off from her signals how far you are with her in the interaction.

You have all the tools to get out of the friend zone by yourself.

However, make sure that this is going to be your standard so that you don’t have to fix the problem with every woman afterward.

But that it is clear from the first second what your intentions are and where it could eventually go.

Use my free Transformation Kit to obtain this flirty lifestyle.

It gives you a strong foundation that will allow you to engage with every woman.

Download it with one click right here.

Your package will then appear directly in your inbox.

From your bro,
Dan de Ram

Stop awkward conversations
and painful rejections

My free Transformation Kit will make you irresistible to women.

  • 12 Opening Lines that Actually Work
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