7 Ways to Win Over a Girl You Don’t Want to Lose

How to win over a girl


This article must be read responsibly.

It has the potential to turn you into a perfect partner, a male slut, or an immoral heartbreaker… It all depends on how you apply these tips.

Don’t read this article if you…

  • Are desperate to lead a mediocre love life
  • Think that women should always be treated like innocent princesses and don’t want to change this view
  • Have a prissy disposition
  • Are unable to cope with brutal reality
  • Are a woman (you would be too shocked to learn what actually works on you)

Read this article if you want to know:

  • 7 Golden tips on how to win a woman’s heart
  • How you seduce women with radical honesty (and how to win her heart)
  • How women test whether you’re a strong man or a spineless rag (and how you pass these tests)
  • Why women don’t want to be treated like princesses
  • How you keep women from thinking you’re creepy
  • How you become a man who makes women weak through his masculine presence
  • And much more tips on how to win a girl’s heart (with words)…

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Tip #1: Be brutally honest

Many women manage to unravel my great secret:

“Dan is a dating coach and has a YouTube channel where he seduces women with hidden cameras.”

How do they find out?

Well, I tell them.

What they think about it?

Sometimes they’re excited, sometimes they find it interesting, sometimes disturbing…

But mostly they say something like:

“I may not get something out of it, but at least you’re honest.”


Women want to be seduced by you, but they don’t want you to fool them.

And that brings me to a sad fact:

Too many men lie.

They lie to other men, women and mainly to themselves:

  • ‘Money isn’t important to me.’
  • ‘Sex isn’t important to me.’
  • ‘I don’t care what a woman looks like as long as she has a cool personality.’
  • ‘Sure, I like a cuddle in the spoon position. I love it when my arm falls asleep and I have hair in my face.’

Why do people lie?

Mostly to achieve a goal. And they think that the truth gets in the way of that goal.

But that is a misconception, my friend.

Let’s say you want to become better at flirting and that’s why you go out on the street to approach women.

The first two women just keep walking, but the third one doesn’t just stop, but is genuinely happy about your compliment.

But then she suddenly becomes skeptical and asks:

“How many women did you already approach before you talked to me?”

You’re convinced that women can’t stand players. She also asks this question with a slightly negative undertone.

So you fib a little because you think that the truth gets in the way of your goal to conquer the woman:

“You’re the first. It’s not like I’m walking around just to talk to random women… I just liked you.”

Not a bad lie. But still a lie. And women can tell when you’re dishonest. And even if they can’t tell… …how about an answer that’s true?

For example:

“I often approach a woman when I like her and I’m feeling brave enough.”

If you’re 100% honest, what happens after that is the best thing that can happen.

You become a people’s magnet.

You attract women who like you for who you’re and repel those who don’t know what to do with your true personality.

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A win-win scenario, if you ask me.

But that’s just an advantage. There’s another one:

Dale Carnegie, the author of the classic ‘How to win friends, expressed it this way:

“Trust is better than being liked.”

And he sees honesty as the foundation of trust.

Dale knows that honesty breeds trust.

Dale knows that trust can turn into love.

Dale is wise.

Be like Dale.

When you watch my infield videos, you realize how far you can go when you tell the truth.

Sometimes I say extreme things.

Very extreme things…

In some videos I say sentences that women theoretically don’t like. But what they do appreciate is the brutal honesty behind these lines.

They have most likely never experienced anything like this at this level. No other guy would face them with such honesty.

And that is exactly why it works so well.

So, don’t bullshit women, but be honest.

Tip #2: 3 steps to win a girl’s heart

Step #1: Don’t sabotage yourself

Flirting’s not hard.

Yet men act like it is..

I understand that you need a challenge. Life is more fun that way. But my advice is:

Try seducing ‘difficult’ women rather than making it difficult for yourself.

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Because what I can observe again and again with men is that they talk to women about these things:

  • Work
  • Study
  • Origin
  • Weather
  • And other superficial topics

They have conversations in which only information is exchanged.

And seducing a woman through rational conversation is indeed difficult. Even for me.

Seduce a woman not by INFORMATION, but by EMOTIONS.

You can do this by, for example:

  1. Teasing statements (more about this later!)
  2. Interesting, profound topics of conversation

Step #2: Stimulating touches

When it comes to touching women, we find ourselves in a time when men are more careful than ever before.

I don’t know if it’s because of feminist campaigns like #metoo, or because men somewhere picked up on the fact that women are fragile.

Stimulating touches are one of the most essential ways to win a girl’s heart.


  • It shows that you are not having a friendly, but a romantic/sexual interaction.
  • They give you a clear picture of how far you have progressed in the conversation. A woman can be very open and friendly when you talk, but only when you touch her do you know how much she really likes you.
  • Women know very well that it takes an effort to touch them without restraint. That means you demonstrate that you have steel balls when you do it

If you follow these two steps correctly, a woman will become more and more fascinated by you.

So, all that’s missing is…

Step #3: Close the deal

Now it is no longer a matter of exchanging words or touches, but of exchanging body fluids. In other words: Kissing and/or sex.

It doesn’t matter how good you’re at steps 1 and 2… A woman will perhaps once in 100 years take the initiative to take you home with her, push you on the bed and pounce on you.

That’s your job, my dear homey.

And many men don’t even take advantage of these opportunities when they’re served to them on a silver platter.

Mostly because they fear rejection.

But let me take away that fear:

  • If you have implemented steps 1 and 2 correctly and she’s still standing in front of you with open body posture, there’s no reason why step 3 shouldn’t work.
  • You can be a little narcissistic. Of course, she’s crazy about you. Of course, she’s dying for you to kiss her. You’re a badass maddafakka who works hard on himself.
  • The signs of women are very subtle. They certainly don’t want to seem like they’re easy. The fact that she lets you touch her and shows no sign of aversion is reason enough to assume that she wants more. If you don’t give it to her, she’ll go home disappointed.

Here you have it: 3 reliable steps to seduce women.

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Tip #3: End your desperate behavior

I have good and bad news for you.

The bad news is you’ve been lied to.

From movies, songs, books, magazines, your teachers and even from your mother.

Our society has injected you with the idea that women are innocent princesses and men should treat them accordingly.

By showing his sensitive side, sacrificing himself for her and courting her for months, he shows that he deserves her love.

And if the woman is touched enough, sooner or later she gives him a ‘chance’.

As a result, you read and hear dating tips like:

  • Always be a gentleman
  • Pay her drinks
  • Don’t be intrusive
  • Always speak well of her and with her
  • Keep complimenting her
  • Give her flowers
  • Throw your coat into the mud so her high heels don’t get dirty…

This all sounds wonderful. <3

At least for a 15-year-old who, apart from his mother, has never seen a woman naked.

He thinks about how great he finds women and hopes that this romantic step-by-step plan will work.

After all, he wants to take a cute girl to his prom…

But that’s not how it works, teen boy!

It’s time to leave this fairy tale world and look reality straight in the eye.

90% of my clients are too nice to women.

They always treat her like a princess, whether she deserves it or not.

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Women don’t find that attractive.

They can (and will) exploit the naivety of such a man. And quite often he still finds them super-duper great afterwards.

As long as the myth that a woman falls in love with you immediately if you treat her like a princess is told in our society, men will continue to treat women that way.

If they’re turned down, they will only think that they didn’t try hard enough and try even harder.

Have you ever done any of the following:

  • Confessed your love to a woman via WhatsApp, Facebook or a love letter?
  • Told a woman ‘I love you’ even though you weren’t sure she felt the same way about you?
  • Invited her to dinner and paid it, even though she hardly invested into your conversation?
  • Did a lot for her when she hardly did anything for you?
  • Are you striving daily for a woman, hoping to win her heart?
  • Write desperate messages like you miss her?

An absolute classic was what a 19-year-old texted a girl on Snapchat (he’s still young, so I forgive him):

Hey Christina, I know we haven’t written in a while, but you’re my dream girl. I know that now. I want to start a family with you someday, live in a house nearby a lake and never let you go.

More news will follow, but now you have an idea of what I have to deal with every day as a dating coach…

Text messages like this are a bad idea even if a woman is crazy about you.

But if you write this to a woman who has no feelings for you yet, it’s just creepy.


A word that is used to describe a man who wants a woman unconditionally but has less backbone than a sponge.

Women have absolutely no problem making fun of such men.

And it’s easy to prevent from coming over creepy:

  • Never confess your love to her before she does
  • Don’t bombard her with messages when she barely texts back
  • Learn to interpret the signs of women
  • If a woman isn’t interested, don’t try harder, but move on to the next woman

I feel obliged to go into the last point in more detail.

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Tip #4: Recognize when it’s time to give up

No matter how good you’re with women, it may happen that a specific senõrita doesn’t like you.

Or doesn’t want to meet with you for reasons unknown to you.

Sure, you should develop some kind of killer instinct when it comes to women. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention when a woman says she’s not interested.

I can give you the most effective tips to win a woman over, but I’m not a magician.

I can’t swing my magic cock to make her in love with you.

The same is true if you have a crush on a woman who has had a boyfriend for 4 years, is strongly religious and doesn’t want to lose her virginity until the wedding night.

Sure, if you’re good, you can tempt her.

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But why the hell would you bite your teeth out on a woman like that?

If you insist on having a great woman by your side, I’ve got good news for you:

Planet Earth is teeming with amazing women.

So, recognize when it’s better to give up and meet the next woman.

Tip #5: ‘Teasing is a sign of affection.’

I mentioned earlier how important it is to tease a woman.

We men are brought up to be such kind gentlemen that we think it would be wrong to tease women. She might take it as an insult…

Yeah, I’ll be honest with you. It’ll happen from time to time.

But you’ll have to risk it, because teasing is a central aspect of flirting.

In this tip I will give you a simple but effective tip on how to tease her right at the beginning of the conversation.

In the beginning, you usually exchange names – the perfect opportunity to tease her:

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Lisa, and yours?”

“Lisa? Really? No, you look more like an Anna.”

Bonus bro points if you give her an old-fashioned name like ‘Carol’. Or an exotic one that doesn’t fit her at all.

You don’t say the whole thing too seriously, but with a mischievous smile on your lips, as if you were teasing your little sister.

This ‘name trick’ may seem like a small thing, but it sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. Because it’s a good idea to tease her in a conversation as early as possible.

This will break the ice and prevent her from later resenting you for teasing her. You make her understand that this is ‘just your way’.

If you start the conversation superficially, it will later be difficult to move on to teasing or become sexual.

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Tip #6: Disagree with her

Two places where you can get the most honest dating tips:

  1. From your ultimate bro Dan
  2. During after-sex-talks

‘After-sex’ is an excellent moment to explore the psyche of women, because now she shows herself from her most feminine, vulnerable and open side.

One of my girlfriends once revealed to me after a wild night that she finds nothing more unattractive than ‘yes and amen’-boys.

Men without backbone, who are as malleable as spit-out gum.

These men are sorted out in seconds – by the following test:

At the beginning of the date she says:

“I hate lying on the couch all day doing nothing”

And then pays attention to the man’s reaction.

Suppose you agree with her.

Ten minutes later she says:

“Oh, there’s nothing like a full Netflix day at home.”

Is your head nodding again?

She’ll lose respect for you.

You’re contradicting yourself. And that brings us back to the subject of honesty.

Because it means that somewhere you aren’t telling the truth because you want to please her.

But what many men don’t understand is:

You don’t have to agree with a woman to please her.

Often the exact opposite is even the case.

If you can stand strong to your opinion, she knows you’re a strong man.

And that’s exactly the technique I’m about to give you:

Disagree with her.

Even if your mother taught you that women are always right…

This is an excellent way to add tension to any conversation.

For example:

“I’m a fan of techno.”

“No, this is the worst music in the world. If I want a headache, I’d rather drink alcohol.”


“I’m a vegetarian and I don’t think anyone should eat meat.”

“Don’t be so selfish. What if there are animals whose biggest desire is to be eaten by you? Do you want to deny them that wish just to be a moralizer?”

Is it logical what I’m saying? Not at all.

Do I really have to express my opinion? No.

Does it make the conversation more interesting? Definitely.

Pro tip:

It’s best to contradict with things that are irrelevant. For example, whether it is a good idea to put milk in the coffee. Or how you dislike green. This turns a friendly conversation into a cheeky flirt.

So, disagree with women radically. You’ll find it’s a welcome change for them.

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Tip #7: Show her there’s a beast inside you

Do you know Charles Manson?

I hope not.

He’s a wonderful example of a psychopath.

Charles was the leader of a sect, and by that I don’t mean a secret crochet club that your grandma attends every other Sunday.

He is responsible for several murders…

Damn, he’s got a fu*% swastika on his forehead. How obvious can it be that we’re dealing with a man who wouldn’t help your grandma cross the street on her crochet trip?

He didn’t seem like a nice man, did he?

Well, his 20-year-old wife would disagree here.

And just like Charles, other criminals have received hundreds of love letters from women.


I’m not saying you should become Charles Manson Jr.

I’m trying to make you understand that being Mr. Nice Guy is not a good plan.

It’s no feat being nice if you can’t help it. Kindness has power and can only be truly appreciated when you have the capacity to NOT be nice.

In Amsterdam, I met a 30-year-old man. He was a fanboy from one of our competitors, who teaches men to be as charming and sweet as possible.

I asked him if he was satisfied with his love life.

He confessed to me that he has only slept with two women, but that he is surrounded by women since he follows the tips of said flirt coach.


This man has built a harem of women…

… but none of them want to sleep with him.

This is how I imagined his situation…

You can decide what you prefer:

  • Do you want women to think you’re an ass sometimes, but secretly find you irresistible?
  • Or do you want to be surrounded by women who all think you’re super nice, but then go home with an asshole at the end of the evening?

My advice to this man was simple:

“It’s great that you’ve developed a gentleman side. That’s going to come in handy. But now it’s time to connect with the masculine beast inside you.”

I have left it at that because I have reserved detailed tips for AttractionGym-bros.

But since you’re one, I will tell you how to become an irresistible beast:

  • Interrupt her occasionally.
  • Be interested, but skeptical.
  • Don’t be afraid to disagree with her
  • Learn to control your emotions and don’t react impulsively
  • Increase distance if she behaves in a way you don’t like
  • Dominate the conversation through strong eye contact
  • Don’t be afraid to show sexuality (e.g. by touching her or expressing your thoughts shamelessly)
  • Don’t be hesitant. If you do something, you do it. Without hesitation, without doubt.

These things make sure that women get weak in your presence.

Did you see that show ‘Peaky Blinders’?

If so, I think you have good taste.

With the character Thomas Shelby, the screenwriters have surpassed themselves.

They’ve created a fictional man that women find wildly sexy.

It isn’t for nothing that you can find countless internet posts about it, in which women argue about who finds him the hottest.

This is how to win over a girl’s heart

Now you know what you need to win a woman over.

Whether it’s your ex or a new woman who could enrich your life.

Don’t forget your bonus download under this article.

It will make your love life a lot more vibrant.


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