If She Doesn’t Text Back Is She Not Interested? (+ 5 Repairing Texts)

In this article you learn:

  • “She ignores me!”: The real reason why she doesn’t respond to your messages (Note: It has nothing to do with your first message)
  • 4 Tips to make such a good impression that she waits excitedly like a little girl for your texts
  • The difference between a “Meh” and a “Wow” conversation
  • The best text messages, to which she answers even after weeks
  • And many more tips on what do text a girl who stopped responding…

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I hate it as much as you do. She doesn’t respond to your WhatsApp, Tinder or Facebook messages anymore, even though she enthusiastically gave you her number back then.

There’s nothing worse than being ignored. If she would at least tell you that she’s not interested, you’d be satisfied…

You just can’t understand it and you wonder:

  • Doesn’t she like me anymore?
  • “If she doesn’t text back, is she not interested?” – is that saying always true?
  • Did I send her the wrong messages?
  • Did I not make a good first impression?
  • What to do when she doesn’t text back?

These factors can play a role. But maybe you made other mistakes. Mistakes that are more serious.

It’s almost impossible to recognize yourself what you’ve done wrong. It’s often not obvious.

That’s why I did this for you.

By the end of this article you won’t only know how to prevent women from not responding to your message…

…you’ll also learn how to make women think dating you is a fantastic idea.

But enough talking, let us eradicate the problem from beginning to end for now and for all eternity.

How you get her excited at the first time meeting you

This should be a given for everyone: The better your first impression, the more likely she’s to respond to you.

And yet I see men again and again who, after having a boring conversation with a woman, ask her for her number and then wonder why she doesn’t respond…

Here are 3 tips that make it impossible for her not to find you great:

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#1: Making the evolutionary survival instinct your official wingman

Time is the most valuable currency today. It’s irreplaceable. You’ll never get one second wasted back.

I’d bet that people in the Stone Age were more careful with it. Because it was all about pure survival and if you wasted time and therefore energy on nonsense, you had to pay for it mercilessly.

So, energy was the Alpha and Omega at that time. Both – physically and mentally.

It’s a deep-seated human instinct to try to take advantage of energy spent. Just as you once hoped to get something back with the energy you put into hunting…

so, women today hope to win over the guy they’ve invested a lot in.

This evolutionary thought process is still anchored in us today. Fortunately.

So, you can take advantage of it:

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#2: Make her invest more in you than Dan Bilzerian does in escort ladies


So once a woman has invested a lot in you, she wants something in return. Be it…

…she certainly doesn’t want her investment to be in vain.

The biggest mistake most men make isn’t letting a woman invest in the conversation.

But how do you get a woman to do that?

There are several ways, but one of them is to talk about a topic that all women love.

Question for you: What’s a woman’s favorite thing to talk about?

About fashion? Hobbies? Don’t let me lead you down the wrong path…

The answer: About themselves.

Let her talk about herself and her life. Ask her interesting questions. The deeper, the better. For example:

If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to travel to?

Get ready to talk about yourself as well because your questions are often fired back.

As long as she talks about herself enthusiastically, she’ll invest in the conversation. And as long as she invests, you’re in the race. 😉

You never want to run out of conversation again?

Then look at these articles:

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#3: Be more than a robot

In my coaching sessions I always emphasize: Women are looking for a man who lets their emotions go on a rollercoaster ride.

But I go even further: It shouldn’t always be a great and exhilarating rollercoaster ride.

Maybe you didn’t know yet, but women desire not only positive emotions, but also (and for some men this is as free of logic as a Picasso painting) negative emotions.

Why else do they watch sad movies where they’ve to cry so much that a whole box of tissues is destroyed?

Women want a man who can trigger emotions in her. Not a robot.

They long for a man who has access to their feelings and understands them. Everything else seems unenthusiastic. Without passion.

She gets the feeling that what you say isn’t meant specifically for her and you want to be something special in her life.

If you’re like a robot, you’ll never hear from the women after you get their number.

5 tips if she doesn’t text back

Have you ever wondered why women have given you their number if they don’t respond to your messages anyway?

I’m also constantly busy myself and can rarely text back immediately, but usually every woman gets an answer sooner or later. Okay, who am I kidding? I don’t always answer either.

But in general, it’s strange to leave a message unanswered. Then why is it still so often that women don’t respond to your messages? And what is more important: What can you do in this case?

Tip #1: Don’t jump to conclusions

If she doesn’t text back immediately, it means: NOTHING… at least for now.

For example, you may still not hear from her after a week out of the simple reason that she has lost her smartphone. And if that’s the case and you lose your cool, you make a fool of yourself.

Of course, after some time you can recognize a pattern, but even that doesn’t always mean anything.

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Tip #2: The basis for fantastic conversations via SMS and WhatsApp

What is the starting point of your chat? A boring conversation without any sexual tension? If so, no wonder she doesn’t text you back, bro.

Your starting point should always be a gripping conversation that takes her on the rollercoaster ride of emotions we were talking about earlier.

Again, the more curious you make a woman in your previous conversation about you, the more likely she’s to respond to your message.

Here is a little exercise for you: Try to make such a good impression that SHE asks for your number.

If that’s the starting point, then it’s much less likely that she won’t respond your texts.

Tip #3: Exploiting biological processes

A simple technique with high effectiveness:

Make her laugh more.

This applies both to the previous conversations and during the chat.

It’s already known that humor is important for flirting, but recent scientific researches underline the importance even more.

Research suggests that the level of romantic and sexual interest can be measured by the frequency of laughter during a flirty conversation.

And now comes the trick: The body functions in a bidirectional way. Although this is known in science, very few people take advantage of this bidirectionality in practice.

Examples of bidirectionality:

  • When you’re confident, your voice is deeper. When your voice is deeper, you become more confident.
  • When you’re happy, you smile. When you smile, you get happy.
  • When a woman thinks you’re great, she laughs a lot. If she laughs a lot, she thinks you’re great.

So… What do you think my proposal is now? That’s right. Be more humorous. Learn what constitutes humor. Watch stand-up comedy and read our article on humor. < online soon

Tip #4: The right mindset before you text her

One of the most fundamental things I teach in my coaching sessions is the law of energy transfer.

This isn’t just some hocus-pocus jumble, but behind it there’s actually a well-known phenomenon from psychology and that is:

Emotions are contagious.

Yes, even via text, my friend!

Women have sensitive, infinitely far-reaching sensors when it comes to neediness and insecurity.

So, don’t text her until you feel strong and independent. You don’t need her. You respect yourself and your time so much that it’s okay if she doesn’t respond.

You play the leading role in your own exciting life and others are (at most) supporting actors who are there for your amusement.

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Tip #5: Trigger her attention – like a boss

If you haven’t followed these principles, the probability that the woman won’t respond to your message is much higher.

If this is the case, you have only one option left: You wait a few days and send her a completely absurd text.


What are you wearing right now?

I hate you

Three beers

It isn’t about the content, but about triggering her attention.

These messages are so direct/extreme/illogical that it’s almost impossible to ignore them. And that’s exactly what you need right now!

3 copy-paste messages that make her curious enough to answer

Disclaimer: There’s no 100% guarantee that women will always respond to a message.

The following texts, which you’re allowed to use 1:1 with my permission, come surprisingly close to 100%…

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Text #1: I dreamed about you…

This is one of my favorite messages. I use it every time my previous conversation was fleeting, and I got her number in record time.

The amazing thing is that this text can still have an effect months later!

“Dream text”:

I had a dream about you last night.

A woman becomes very curious when she receives this text. So much so that she’s dying to know exactly what happened in your dream.

Then preferably invent something funny or exciting that reminds her of your previous conversation. The more creative, the better.


We met at [place where you met] and then robbed a bank. We were pretty sexy in our tight leather matrix outfits; you should have seen it. Then you jumped on my back and we ran away at the speed of light…

Text #2: Send her a dick pic with niveau

It’s always said: A picture is worth a thousand words.

You know me, I like to experiment. That’s why I’ve tested a hundred times which pictures are good for flirting and which aren’t.

As you’ve probably figured out yourself: Dick pics don’t work (been there, done that… bad idea).

But what works great is if you took a picture of the two of you together and send it to her. Text something like:

Look what I found.

This reminds her of the time you spent together and from there it’s easy to build on your connection.

I know what you’re wondering now:

“But what if I don’t have a picture of her and me?”

Relax, bro. Because it’s not necessarily about the painting itself, it’s about the emotions you’re creating.

An example:

I once discovered a totally extraordinary car at “BMW-Welt” in Munich.

I sent her this picture.

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…and added:

Put on your hottest dress, I’ll pick you up.

Side note:

I haven’t had any contact with this woman for half a year.

But guess who was suddenly interested again and had fun writing with me…

Text #3: Let it bounce off you

The biggest mistake men make when a woman no longer responds to a message is the following: they take it personally, are offended or feel rejected.

Super unattractive…

Show her that you’re different from the other guys. Be like Clark Kent and let it bounce off you.

After all, Superman wouldn’t get upset if you threw cotton at him.

Show her through humor that she’s dealing with an unshakable man.

Text examples:

Missing: Nice girl. Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes and a snub nose. Last contact on WhatsApp: Thursday, July 8

Here is a little secret: My grandma answers faster than you and she sends letters!

At first I thought you were playing hard to get. But now I think it’s more likely that you haven’t paid your phone bills!

You’re so sexy when you ignore me!

Hey, did you end up in jail again? I’m definitely not paying your bills this time!

What? You want to have even more copy-paste-lines you can use to effortlessly attract her?

Alright. Just this once… 😉

Get my best lines for free right here. All part of my Texting Toolkit.

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She’s still not texting back?

I guess there’s only one thing left to do: Move to the next woman.

It may sound harsh, but women who don’t respond don’t deserve your time and effort. Period.

Forget the illusion that every woman has to be convinced that you’re wonderful.

It’s always said: Every pot finds a lid at some point.

I personally consider this statement to be far too simplistic. What is true, however:

The better you become at dealing with women, the more matching lids you’ll find.

Nevertheless, there are simply lids that don’t fit on the pot. And that’s a good thing.

Always keep in mind that it can happen at any time that a woman doesn’t text back. Especially if you paid too much attention to her.

Think of it as something to learn from and apply the knowledge you gain to the next woman who is at least as delightful.

Feel invited to leave a comment with further questions and suggestions for upcoming articles.

Hasta la vista, bitches!

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