In Love With a Married Woman – 7 Reality Checks You Might Want

In this article, you learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t listen to other people who judge you for your crush
  • What to expect when you follow your instincts (and how to deal with them)
  • Why Romeo and Juliet isn’t a love story, but a warning (is sleeping with a married woman a smart idea?)
  • A reality check: What your chances are of her leaving her husband for you
  • The secret trick to give her that extra motivation to give up her marriage for you (learn how to date a married woman)
  • And much more…

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Your dream woman doesn’t just have a temporary fuckboy at home.



You don’t know what to do because you’d hate to screw up her marriage. On the other hand, you’re 112% convinced that she would be much happier with you than with that greasy show-off who puts too much gel in his hair.

Maybe you know him and can stand him less than a pimple on your left ass cheek.

Or you don’t know him at all and are only interested in his person because you only have eyes for her…

Oh, she… that woman… who is driving you crazy.

In her presence, you feel inspired. Just the thought of her drives you crazy and motivates you to act impulsively.

You would love to take her by the hand, drag her into an old Mercedes Benz and run away with her. Preferably far away, where she can never get in contact with her husband again. Cuba or something. Or Alaska, if you have to, as long as you are with her.

Sounds romantic, right?

Only in theory.

In practice, a relationship with a married woman is cursedly complicated.

You feel torn and don’t know what to do.

None of your friends have a sympathetic ear for you…

“What’s up with you, dude? Just find another woman who’s not taken…

Usually the only advice you get.

They don’t get it.

You’d like to find another woman, but you have no choice. You can’t forget her. Other women interest you as much as the season finale of ‘American Idol’. You feel how you’re falling head over heels in love with a married woman.

You ask yourself:

“Where can I find honest advice from someone who doesn’t immediately judge me just because I’m in love with a married woman?”

Your search is over, my friend.

Because my job at AttractionGym isn’t to play the noble white knight of morality. I’m not judging. I want to make sure that people have a fulfilling love life.

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But be forewarned:

Reading an article from AttractionGym isn’t always pleasant. It’s a process with ups and downs. I can’t guarantee that you’ll always like my brutal honesty.

But what I can guarantee is that after reading these 7 tips, you’ll have a crystal-clear overview of what the overall situation looks like and how a confident man would approach it.

Tip #1: Don’t feel bad

I know what you have to hear again and again from other people:

  • ‘You’re taking her from him.’
  • ‘This man is determined to destroy a family.’
  • ‘What you’re doing is wrong.’
  • ‘Why don’t you just find someone else?’

There are dozens of scientific papers I could pull out now to show you that man isn’t monogamous by nature.

Monogamy was invented by our modern society.

This means that it’s always possible to win over a woman who is taken.

The disadvantages resulting from this are often exaggerated.

Free yourself from the judgment of others.

Most people have never been in your situation and that takes away any right to have an opinion about it.

I, myself, have never been in love with a married woman either, but among the thousands of men I’ve helped, it happened from time to time that some were in this situation.

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Tip #2: Expect the consequences

They always say, ‘He who plays with fire burns his fingers.’

You know, you’re playing with fire right now…

And you also know that there’s a lot at stake:

  • You could get hurt
  • You could be responsible for the ending of a marriage
  • You could get beaten up by her jealous husband

You’re not naive. You know what’s at stake. At least I hope you do.

On the other hand, you might be willing to take the risk.

Who says that these stupid sayings come from people who have a clue about life?

Finally, there are fire-breathers who can do spectacular things with a burning stick and a bottle of spirit without getting burned.


Without a certain amount of risk, humanity would have achieved nothing.

We would probably still be sitting on trees if the first brave monkey hadn’t jumped down to check if the coast was clear.

But, my friend…

Now comes the important part.

I almost see it as a kind of destiny to teach men one thing that is much more important than being happy.

Because life isn’t always Happy Land.

It’s harsh, unfair and ruthless.

It means that you have to strive for something higher than happiness.

A nice bonus is that women get weak when they realize you’re a man who does this one thing…

What am I talking about? I guess I have to tell you now, because you’re so curious you can’t hold it…

We’re talking about:

100% responsibility.

A competent man takes full responsibility for his actions.

Does that mean he’s a little scaredy-cat who doesn’t take risks?

Far from it.

This means that he risks things but doesn’t hide from the consequences.

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He stands there with an open posture, ready for the consequences of his actions.

And then he deals with them dutifully.

Let me tell you a story that you won’t forget:

I visited a friend of mine in Barcelona the other day. She shares an apartment with one guy.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t really enjoy the time we spent together.

But, of course, that wasn’t because of me. She was EXTREMELY worried about her roommate.

“It’s funny. He hasn’t been home in three days. He just wanted to go on a date.”

‘Maybe he read an AttractionGym article before and it went so well that he stayed with her right away,’ I joked to reassure her.

And I was right.

It went really fucking well and yes, he actually stayed with her.

But it didn’t turn out the way I expected…

One day later we learned that he was hospitalized with serious injuries…

What happened?

The woman he was dating was married. He seduced her and went home with her.

Unfortunately, her crazy husband came home unexpectedly, caught her red-handed and immediately pulled out a knife…

Hell of a story.

Now, you think I’m going to tell you about karma or how you always get what you deserve…


What I want to make clear to you through this true story is that there will be consequences if you shit on her relationship status and still seduce her.

I can’t tell you exactly what the consequences will be, but you can be prepared for some.


  • she will hate you
  • you’re going to ruin her marriage
  • you lose interest once she falls in love with you
  • she already has children that you need to consider

Whatever happens: Take the fu*#ing responsibility.

Tip #3: Interpret the story of Romeo and Juliet correctly

Romeo and Juliet… the most famous lovers.

If you’ve never heard of them, you must live on the moon.

Their love for each other is undeniable…

… or is it?

Here is the professional short summary by your favorite writer Daniam Ramspeare:

  • The rivalry between the two most powerful families in Verona, Italy, has reached a new peak.
  • Romeo, a member of one of these families, is madly in love with Rosaline, but she doesn’t want to know anything about him.
  • Romeo is a spineless rag who can’t handle baskets, so he sneaks into an enemy family party to see Rosaline.
  • He meets the beautiful Juliet, who is just as psychopathic as he is, and it’s love at first sight.
  • They kiss and find out that they belong to the enemy family, which means that their love for each other is forbidden.
  • Romeo is challenged to a duel but shirks because he is a rag.
  • In his place, his friend Benvolio fights and dies in the process.
  • Thereupon, Romeo takes revenge and kills the murderer of his friend.
  • Meanwhile, Julia gets a kind of poison to make her appear dead for two days so that she doesn’t have to marry the man her father intended for her.
  • She sends a message to Romeo saying that she wants to see him as soon as she wakes up again.
  • However, this message never reaches Romeo, which is why he thinks she is dead.
  • Pathologically in love as he is, he takes his own life.
  • Juliet awakes, sees Romeo dead and rams his dagger into her stomach to be united with him in death.

So, my friend, what do we learn from this story?

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We learn how not to do it.

I can’t believe that Romeo and Juliet is being sold as a romantic love story.

What if Shakespeare didn’t intend it to be a love story, but a WARNING?

What if he actually wanted to warn us about what happens when we blindly and doggedly follow our instincts without considering the consequences?

I also find it an interesting question of whether Romeo would ever have fallen so deeply in love with Juliet if he had been allowed to court Juliet.

We all know it: The tantalizing scent of the forbidden fruit.

Instead of leaving the forbidden apple hanging, Adam and Eve must pick it, bite into it and atone for it.

Even the Bible warns us, but nobody wants to recognize the warnings.

Instead, we put Romeo and Juliet in a romantic light and sing songs about their love…

Don’t close yourself off from warnings but learn from the mistakes of others and ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Would I want her so much if she was 100% single?
  2. Do I idealize my love for her?
  3. Do I really need her to be happy?

Tip #4: Leave it if it’s just a pipe dream

You realize that you don’t like her as much as you thought you would, but that you were just horny and needed an interesting challenge?

Then press the eject button now and get out of this mess before it escalates.

I know that it isn’t always easy to control yourself, but the reward will be huge:

For example, you’re given time without drama and heartache.


Tip #5: What if she’s the ONE?

Finding a woman you can fall in love with is a cornerstone for many people to become happy in life.

Consequently, you should never leave it to chance or fate.

On the contrary:

You should cherish it as if you were CEO of a multi-million-dollar company and this cornerstone would be one of your most important products.

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Getting a woman you love is extremely important in life.

And if you think this married woman is worth it, then you should take the risk.

I don’t believe in this concept, but what if you were meant for each other?

And she’s growing old with a man who doesn’t make her happy.

Or her husband misses the chance to get to know a woman who fits him even better.

In this case, you would harm yourself, her and her husband if you didn’t go after her.

But what if she loves her husband infinitely?

Then it’s still a good idea to try.

Your happiness is at least as important as other people’s. Why would you back up for a man you don’t know?

It isn’t up to him to decide with whom his wife would rather spend her life.

Tip #6: Don’t assume she’ll leave her husband for you

The chances of her leaving her husband for you are very slim.

A survey by Gary Neumann, an American researcher and marriage counselor, found that 40% of women have cheated on their partner at least once.

And yet only very few affairs lead to a divorce.

Only in exceptional cases – for example, if she finds out that he’s cheating on her – does the woman think about giving up the marriage.

So, don’t count on her leaving her husband, even if you’re in love.

Tip #7: Go ALL-IN

She’s the woman of your dreams? Then don’t be afraid to give 100%.

And by that, I mean you flirt with her shamelessly as if she were single.

Ignore even the fact that she’s married and lead the topic in another direction.

She will keep mentioning her marriage, but it’s important that you interrupt her, or at least don’t contribute to it.

You don’t care what happens between her and her husband. From now on, it’s just you and her.

Most women will only allow themselves to forget their husbands to a certain degree.

It’s annoying, but statistical reality.

If you want to maximize the probability that she will forget him, you can only hope that the fire of her marriage will automatically go out.

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You can’t contribute manually.

The only thing you can do is to give the fire as little oxygen as possible.

If a fire doesn’t get air supply, it stops burning.

So if you’re dealing with a married woman, make sure that you have no capacity to talk to her about her husband.

Let her thoughts of you become so strong that those of her husband recede into the background, so that in the end she can only think of you.

Competitive behavior and needy clinging won’t help you with this.

The final ingredient to get a married woman

Flirt with her as lightheartedly as if life were a rock concert: carefree, exciting and open to challenges.

This way, she becomes a sweet little Dalmatian who doesn’t want to let go of the rope. You pull her further and further out of her basket until she forgets that she actually wanted to go back there.

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