Inferiority Complex Cure – 3 Must Have Tips for High Self-Esteem

inferiority complex

Do you often recognize yourself suffering from self-destructive phenomena?

Chances are you are on the spectrum of having:

An inferiority complex.

And, as you probably already suspect, it can be HELLISHLY difficult to put an end to this torture.

It’s extremely dangerous for a fulfilling life.

Inferiority complexes nestle deep between your ears and affect you in most toxic ways.

  1. They permanently make you understand – in the form of negative thoughts – that you are worth less than a squashed fly in a dogpile (you are basically feeling inferior)
  2. By influencing HOW you THINK, they sabotage HOW you ACT until you lose absolute control over yourself (you are not only feeling inadequate but also acting like that)

But as of today, this all will be thing of the past.

Because in this article, I will show you:

  • The millionaire formula decoded: How to free yourself from your cage of negative thinking
  • Why inferiority complexes are the #1 success killers
  • How Michael Jordan can help you overcome your fears of failure
  • How you can develop bombproof self-confidence
  • Inferiority-complex-overcome-formula: My best tips on how to erase your inferior feelings
  • And much more to kill your inferiority complex…

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Inferiority complex 101

You’re invited to a colleague’s party.

In the mood for going there?

Nah, you’re not feeling yourself today…

…however, your colleague and friend convinces you to move your butt to the event eventually.

When he euphorically welcomes you to the party, you begin to observe your surroundings.

All the guests around you seem to be enjoying themselves.

With big smiles on their faces, they toast each other.

You, on the other hand, have now found yourself in a lonely corner.

“Why should I join the others? As if they would even be interested in my stories…”
Pops up in your thinking apparatus.

Different scenario:

Perhaps you ‘ve been already working for about four years in your current workplace.

Now you want to devote yourself to new challenges.

You decide to apply to 15 other companies.

The result:

One refusal after another hail down on you.

Your reaction?

You call in sick, lower the blinds on your windows and turn up How To Save A Life by The Fray to the maximum volume of your 5,000 watt speakers…

>>Inferiority Complex Cure – 3 Must Have Tips for High Self-Esteem.

…while you cuddle in your pillow and whimper that the unjust world should have more mercy on you…

Ok, change of scenes:

Today, your long-awaited salary has arrived.

‘Time to pay a visit to the bar,’ you think.

Your monthly payment is a ticket for you.

An entrance ticket to the world of being carefree.

That’s why today you’re going to have a bottle of whiskey, paired with a few glasses of vodka energy and dozens of shots.

Until the negative thoughts that haunt your brain non-stop finally shut the f*ck up.

In fact, you now need so much ethanol for your noggin that you almost blow your entire monthly salary in one evening.

For the rest of the month, you have to activate the ‘savings mode’ to make ends meet…

Ok, amigo.

If you recognize yourself in one of these scenarios, chances are you are suffering from an inferiority complex.

(All behavioral patterns mentioned above are typical inferiority complex symptoms.)

But jump with me into this article, and I’ll give you the tools to escape your inferiority complex and become the superior human being that you are.

Inferiority complexes = success killer #1?

Once upon a time…

… there was this young lad called Mark.

A good buddy of mine.

There was a time when simply NOTHING in his life worked the way he wanted it to.

At that time, Mark was a shy, introverted fellow.

Even though he was not very talkative, the only things that came out of his mouth were in the lines of:

  • “I wish I had as much luck with my job as [any other buddy], I always get turned down.”
  • “If I was blessed with a face like Brad Pitt’s, I’d probably have a beautiful girlfriend by now.”
  • “If I had Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DNA, other men would respect me a lot more.”

Can you smell it?

The giant bullshit leaving his lips?

Mark was brilliant at comparing his successes with those of others…

… creating an atomic disaster for his self-esteem.

He was 110% convinced that he was worth less than any other human being on this planet.

Through his negative self-image he manipulated his own success 24/7:

  • He avoided social situations, like an aquaphobic the bathtub – out of fear that he was not interesting enough
  • He overcompensated for his inner insecurity by boasting
  • Mark set himself unrealistic goals, which he wanted to fulfill all at the speed of light simultaneously and he, of course, failed mercilessly
  • He didn’t dare to enter a relationship out of fear that his partner would eventually leave him, recognizing how insecure he is
  • He couldn’t even look at himself in the mirror, because he couldn’t accept and love himself as he was – he saw himself as Quasimodo

In summary, he lacked one crucial thing:

High self-worth.

A positive image of himself that would have given him permission to be successful in every area of his life.

And how the hell you can manage to gain one (and with these tips Mark made his inferiority complexes his bitch), I’ll show you exactly…


Tip #1: The millionaire formula for glorious success

Imagine if you could improve 1% every day in one of the areas of your life.

“Sighhh, Dan, 1%… doesn’t sound very impressive, to be honest…”

I thought the same way, at first.

However, if you become aware of what a tiny percentage per day adds up to in a year, you will most likely change your mind rapidly.

Let me illustrate it for you.

*math geek mode activated*

If a day is one percent, 365 days don’t add to 365%. Finally, it must be considered that you are getting better day by day by 1%.

So, you’re growing exponentially.

Expressed in a formula, this would look like the following:

1,01365 = 37.78 = 3.778 %

In English, that means:

If you become a 1% better version of yourself every day, you will be a 3.778% upgraded version of yourself by the end of a year.

‘Sounds f*cking great,’ I can hear you mumbling to yourself.

But how the hell do you manage to grow 1% every day?

It’s easier than you probably think.

Start by setting yourself a goal that you want to achieve.

For example:

  • Become a well-trained fitness ninja and gain 10 kilos of muscle mass within one year
  • Quit your nine-to-five job and start your own business
  • Become an assertive, charismatic bulldozer that turns every social interaction into a memorable moment
  • Grow into a more self-confident women’s magnet who dares to approach the most beautiful women even in the toughest situations

Or any other dream you want to make come true.

Have you set yourself a goal?


Whatever you wrote down/decided on, it isn’t unlikely at all that the following thought has crossed your mind during your selection:

“I’ll never make it…”

The goal may feel to you as if it’s in unreachable distance.

It’s too big. Too difficult. Too unrealistic…

Until you finally decide to do nothing at all.

Your plans need to be reconsidered.

You think, brood and rack your brains.

What you don’t realize, however, is that the only guarantee by NOT PROACTIVELY doing anything is this:

NOTHING changes in your life. 100%.

If this is not the desired outcome you want to achieve, I recommend you do this:

  1. Divide your big goal into tiny steps
  2. Take the first steps as soon as your plan is set

By doing so, you don’t even give your negative thought flow a chance to slip between you and your goal.

Fun fact:

I got my inspiration for this tip from an eye-opening book.

The Slide Edge by Jeff Olson.

‘The Slight Edge way is to do small things every day, which in time lead to big successes.’
– Jeff Olson

In this book, the author explains with incomparable precision and shocking cogency how people who incorporate small steps in their daily lives to achieve their goals…

…are significantly more successful in the long run than the people who divide their visions into large blocks of action.

In fact, the research he mentions in the book proves that virtually ALL successful people on our globe use small, daily routines:

  • For example, Oprah Winfrey swears by 10 minutes of meditation before she starts her day
  • Life Coach Brandon Carter wakes up an hour earlier than his colleagues every morning to give his day an extra hour of productivity
  • Bill Gates and Elon Musk divide their gigantic everyday workload into 5-minute blocks to make structured use of every minute of their day

Most people think that success is brought about by ONE big event.

A TV appearance, a viral YouTube video or a casting show win…

“Boy, is he just lucky.”

What is usually completely disregarded:

The countless hours of hard work that these achievers have put in to be ready for their ONE moment.

The success in achieving your biggest goals is determined by small routines that you carry out every day.

  • You want to live healthier? Start your day with a healthy smoothie
  • You want to get over your approach anxiety? Start by talking to at least one stranger every day
  • You want to get rid of your potbelly? Start your day with a crispy 15-minute workout
  • You want to know how to become a more successful businessman? Begin to educate yourself through books

The same applies if you want to improve your self-esteem.

Start with little habits that give you a positive image of yourself and reprogram your brain to think in your favor.

For this, I give you 5 powerful examples:

  • Start your day with a meditation session (with apps like Headspace you can learn how to meditate step by step; by the way, this app was also my personal guide to learn the ‘art of meditation’): Through this, you train yourself to NOT identify yourself anymore with your negative thoughts
  • Keep a small journal: every morning, before you go about your usual workday, keep a record of THREE POINTS about these THREE THINGS…
    • What three things are you grateful for? (For example: ‘My friends; thanks to my car, I have the possibility to drive wherever I want; my home). With the help of this question, you will expand your awareness of the positive things in your life. You train yourself to find at least three things to be grateful for even in more difficult situations, so that you realize that not everything is ALWAYS hopelessly lost.
    • Which three things would make this day more epic? (For example: ‘When I’ll try out my new workout in the gym; drink a self-mixed cocktail; read 10 pages from the XY book). This way, you start to focus on how to get the most out of your day. You get used to striving for MORE. In addition: When you’ve completed your tasks, you’ll feel better right away.
    • Write down three affirmations about yourself (for example: I am creative; I am attractive; I accept and love myself as I am). In these affirmations, you can also indicate what you would like to be one day. By writing down statements about yourself every day, you are hammering your brain to start thinking about yourself the way you want to think about yourself.
  • Workout Time: Whether it’s 15 minutes of push-ups or an hour-long gym session, by exercising you’ll notice how every single cell in your body begins to blossom with life; you feel alive. The bonus: by exercising regularly, you’ll feel fitter, healthier and more attractive
  • Cold shower: ‘Why the hell would I do that to myself?’ is probably what your brain will be yelling at you as you turn the shower faucet to the coldest setting. You sense resistance and do it anyway. That’s the habit you’re forming with this simple hack. A beautiful woman? ‘Aaah, what if she rejects me?’ pops into your head, but you do it anyway. The positive side effect: Your testosterone level gets boosted and your skin texture improves due to regular ice cube cold shocks.
  • Knowledge Booster Deluxe (read 10 pages of a book a day): With this habit, you educate yourself effectively. 10 pages a day may not seem like much, but this is equivalent to 3,650 pages a year which are about 18 books full of the knowledge of successful people who have given you their most valuable tips of their LIFE in their masterpieces.

The important thing about your daily routine is that you CAN FULFILL it.

If your goals are too far from reality and you constantly fail to achieve them, they transform into frustraters in a flash.

You can be successful IN EVERYTHING without having a talent for it. However, you can’t be successful ANYWHERE without having to do something for it.

Tip #2: Fail like a BOSS

If your relationship with failure is like that of 99% of the people with an unhealthy self-image, it looks something like this:

Doing something wrong is the worst nightmare you can imagine.


  • You are starting a new job in a field of activity you have never done before
  • You are invited to a party where you don’t know a single person
  • You see a sexy señorita walking down the street

In a fraction of a millisecond, countless self-doubts overshadow your brain:

  • “What if I fail?”
  • “What if I get rejected?”
  • “What if I don’t get accepted for who I am?”

It pulses within you until you are completely paralyzed by your fears.

But look at the most successful people on earth.

Have you ever asked yourself why they are so ENORMOUSLY successful?

Do you think that one day they woke up and their little start-ups grew into billion-dollar corporations overnight?

Certainly not.

The most successful people in the world have always continued – DESPITE THEIR FAILURES.

As one of the best basketball players on the planet, Michael Jordan once said:

Or think about Elon Musk.

The tech billionaire who founded SpaceX alongside PayPal and Tesla.

His mission: To shoot people to Mars.

Easier said than done.

On a small test site, Musk smashed countless prototypes, searching for the answer on how to build his rockets and equip them for further missions.

Countless experiments later, he finally achieved a decisive milestone:

He launched a rocket into space and landed it safely back on Earth.

Elon even invested his own fortune in the numerous tests.

If he had given up after the first failures, he would not have dozens of investors supporting him in his mission.

In other words:

Failures are NECESSARY in order to improve.

Yes, of course, they aren’t always the most pleasant experiences.

But it has even been scientifically proven that the lessons you learn through failure lead to greater successes in the long run.

So, it is better for you to change your relationship with mistakes.

Accept them as A PART of your success.

As soon as you think of them more as your teacher, something wonderful happens:

You lose your fear of failure and gain confidence.

After all, a failure signalizes you which ‘fragments you should rather not use to build your rocket’… 😉

You’re building a solid, reliable and robust rocket out of your experiences.

Tip #3: Activate the ‘Don’t Compare’ mode

  • ‘If I had a face like Chris Hemsworth’s, all women would be crazy about me.’
  • ‘If I was as fit as The Rock, I’d be way more respected.’
  • ‘Man, if I had as much money as Warren Buffett, my life would be so much more fulfilling.’

It isn’t uncommon for sentences like these to leave the lips of Homo Sapiens suffering from inferiority complexes.

These types of people constantly put themselves in a victim role.

The world has blessed them with bad genes, a mediocre job and too little discipline…

Why they think in such a self-pitying way, however, is no wonder.

In our society today, it’s common practice to compare people to each other.

It already begins in the rug rat years of elementary school.

“Look, Jimmy, your sister got much better grades than you. If you had done your best, you would certainly have done just as well…”

By comparing ourselves to others at a young age, it’s a LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE if some of us continue to compare ourselves with others for the rest of our lives.

The fatal part:

As we compare ourselves to others, we often only focus on the things at which they are BETTER.

  • You make a lot less money than your friends.
  • You don’t have a beautiful girlfriend by your side
  • You don’t have an Adonis body

Comparing is a game that you can NEVER win.

There will always be someone who is further along in one thing than you are.

Whether it’s because they…

  • Started their business earlier
  • Had an environment around them since birth that helped them enormously in achieving their goals
  • Or whatever…

Why the hell would you play a game you can’t win?

A game where every comparison makes you feel a gigantic chunk worse…

And why would you compare yourself to someone who grew up in completely different circumstances than you did and had incomparable experiences to your unique experiences?

As you can see, this is the TOTALLY WRONG WAY.

So, shift your focus and:

Activate the ‘Don’t Compare Mode’.

See successful people as mentors for your goals and inspirations.

But don’t compare anyone with your incomparable personal history.

That would be pure TOXIC NONSENSE.

By the way, if you still think that models always feel 24/7 self-confident, check out this ted-talk of a former supermodel to be thrown back on the ground of reality…

Just because someone has thousands of friends, millions of euros or is socially seen as someone with a ‘godlike body’, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are self-confident.

But how does this fact help us to overcome our inferiority complexes?

Self-confidence and self-esteem haven’t so much to do with how much we achieve.

Much more they are measured by the light in which WE SEE OURSELVES.

“I see, Dan. But how do I get more confidence in myself?”

Great question, muchacho.

Coincidentally, I already wrote an article for you in which I show you step-by-step how you can strengthen your self-confidence: < online soon

Hasta la vista, inferiority complexes!

Here you have it.

Three essential tips (and a self-confidence article) that will help you kick your inferiority complex in the ass.

But the fact that you have been PROACTIVE and even looked for tips for your mental stumbling block on the World Wide Web (and ended up on this blog post) has to be rewarded (at least in my opinion).

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Have fun with it! 😉

Your bro,
Dan de Ram


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