Is She in Love with Me? 9 Hidden Signs that She’s Totally Into You

“She loves me, she loves me not…

she loves me, she loves me not…”

*Slaps daisy out of your hand*

Buenos días, amigo.

You’re seeing that special girl. But this thought keeps haunting you:

“Is she in love with me, or not?”

Mind boggling, I know.

Luckily, you can stop picking daisies to answer that question.

Take a deeeeeeep breath, and dive with me into this article. You’ll get:

  • 9 Subtle signs that answers your ‘is she in love with me?’ question
  • Insights wannabe dating coaches will never tell you
  • The Bambi moment, aka the moment she wants you
  • How Tinder, Badoo, and co. will show you if she is in love with you
  • How to make her completely crazy about you, even if she doesn’t give you any signal
  • Way more…

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There’s this beauty in your life.

She’s adventurous, shares your passions, and she’s open to all your crackpot ideas.

With her EVERYTHING just seems to fit.

Perhaps you’ve been dating for a while already and shared your nights together. Or the two of you are simply spending time together often.

Maybe you’re dreaming about being with that perfect girl.

Either way, huge self-doubts drive you to madness… And every time you see her it happens:

Your heart jumps triple backflips, as if a thousand ant colonies were dancing inside your corpus, and you feel an intense tingling sensation in every single cell of your body.

Seems like she’s got you bro…

You’re head over heels in love with her.

In your imagination, you can already visualize marrying her with lots of pomp and ceremony at a luxurious affair at Windsor Castle. Then spend your honeymoon in a presidential suite in Malibu and subsequently give birth to 27 beautiful, snotty brats.

But the question remains:

“Does she even love me the way I love her?”

“Could I get her to go on a date with me?”

“What if she never wants to be my girlfriend?”

“What if she doesn’t feel anything for me and eventually leaves me for someone else?”


Let’s stop wrecking daisies and start diving into the signs, so you know for sure if a girl loves you.

How to know if a girl loves you secretly

Let me tell you something, bro.

I fully understand why you want to find out if your chosen one has a crush on you.

But while we’re talking about that, I have to draw your attention to this:

In countless articles by dozens of wannabe dating coaches, I see again and again how the reader is promised THE magic signal.

Let me tell you something:

This ONE secret signal does NOT exist.

If you saw your lady nodding her head when she actually meant ‘no’, you should be aware of this…

It should be clear that solving the puzzles of female psychology takes more than a flick of the fingers.

To be precise:

An understanding of the sub communication behind her behavior.

That’s why I will provide you today with 9 ‘is she in love with me signs’ that are focused on her attitude towards you.


These signs MUST be read as CLUSTERS.

The more signs she gives you, the higher the chance that she’s actually in love with you – and vice versa.

These love signs are slightly different than what behavior women show when they are flirting with you.

However, you can combine these love signs with flirting signs for an even better understanding.

Get to know all her subtle and unnoticed flirting signs here:

>> 27 Subtle Flirting Signs from a Woman You MUST Recognize

How do you know she is in love with me?

Fair question.

How did I come up with these 9 signals?

Through years of experience and hundreds of dates.

And yes…

Countless misinterpretations of her ‘level of infatuation’.

But you don’t have to go through  the same pain that many frustrated past-Dans have experienced, because you’re about to learn the signs.

Sit up straight and grab a fresh piece of paper.

Sign #1: She showers you with attention

No matter whether you tell her about your holiday to the Canaries or diarrhea experienced by your great uncle Gustav:

Your señorita gives you 100% of her attention:

  • She’s glued to your lips.
  • She listens to you meticulously and even MEMORISES every single detail of your stories.
  • She drills you and shows she’s genuinely interested by asking lots of questions.
  • Even if you have a lapse in your conversation, she looks straight into your eyes.

She equals a sponge that absorbs every drop of your stories. A clear sign she secretly wants you.

Sign #2: She gives you the Bambi look

Every time you do something, she does it:

She tries to maintain strong eye contact with you.

But she doesn’t look at you like a serial killer who wants to stab you.


Her pupils dilate, while her other facial muscles around her eye region remain relaxed.

The eyes of your chosen one literally can’t get enough of you.

You have nothing to tell each other for a few seconds?

Your chosen one continues to maintain eye contact with you. Especially when you aren’t talking, she can’t get enough of you.


Because she feels a tingling sensation in her whole body that makes her feel alive.

‘Eyes are the gates to the soul,’ as my great-grandmother Fatma used to say.

And this intimate connection is exactly what your lady wants to feel with you.


Backed by research, this sign is big.

However, this doesn’t mean that every girl who’s secretly in love with you does this.

If she’s not used to ‘electrical’ eye gazing, it is common for her to behave shyly.

For example, if she occasionally:

  • Giggles uncontrollably because she can’t handle the tension between you; or
  • Interrupts eye contact

Both flirty eye contact and shyly looking away are subtle signs that show she’s in love with you.

Want to read her eyes like Sherlock Holmes reads the crime scene clues? Because it is possible to read a lot more from a girl’s eyes than just if she’s in love with you.

Think of boredom, interest, lying and even if she’s looking forward to some private workout session with you:

>> Reading Eye Contact: 7 Signals She WANTS You

Sign #3: She sticks to you like glue

She’s visiting you.

After you’ve ‘played with Lego’ and you’ve shown her ‘your Pokémon card collection’, you’re cuddling.

You both know she has to get up early the next day and has to go home the same night.

But instead of looking panicky at the clock, burning to get on her way, she does this:

She takes up every second you spend together.

With all her senses.

She enjoys:

She just can’t motivate herself to leave you.

Even if you hang around in her apartment, she only manages to take your leave – if at all – after a number of hours.

In the end, you’re the one who must throw yourself out most of the time.


  • She asks you if she can join you and your friends when you grab drinks
  • She invites you to parties with her friends, or even her family
  • She wants to do simple things with you that she can normally do better on her own (cooking for example, even though she knows you have two left hands)

Noticing any of the signs with the girl you want? Clustered with other signs it’s clear to know that a girl loves you truly.

Sign #4: What her texting tells you

Did she just send you pictures of the most boring things on the planet?

For example, how she has had a cheese sandwich for dinner?

Every day she sends you a ‘good morning’ text with dozens of embarrassed monkey emoji faces.

🙈 🙈 🙈

And asks you every evening how your day was – even if you didn’t answer her last messages.

Congratulations, bro.

Your lady is doing her very best to keep your attention.

Even if these messages don’t trigger a lot of emotion in you, they demonstrate one thing:

You are on a good path – she thinks you’re fantastic.

If you want to know more about these texting signs, check out my article:

>> 15 Subtle Signs How to Tell if A Girl Likes You Over Text / Tinder / WhatsApp / Messenger

After all, she regularly puts time and energy into staying on your radar.

She can’t stand a moment without you.

Your question ‘is she in love with me?’ gets more and more answered with YES.

Pro tip:

There’s a catch!

Unfortunately we men can’t slack too much with our text messages.

You always want to keep the general tone flirty, fun, and challenging. Trailing to boredom with your messages to the girl you have a crush on could very well end up in rejection.

Stay on your textgame!

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Sign #5: She uses every trick in the book on you

Once upon a time, not so long ago…

… there was a graceful mademoiselle named Larissa.

Wavy, blonde hair, hazel eyes and a body that almost outshined Irina Shayk.

Larissa was a feast for the eyes.

I met her during a bus ride.

After some back and forth texts we arranged our first date:

A walk through a park followed by a pool game in a bar and freshly mixed cocktails on a roof terrace.

An absolute killer date idea, if you ask me.

The date ended with Larissa inviting me to her place for a ‘green tea’ (which I hadn’t tasted until this day)…

The night was phenomenal, so we quickly agreed that we should meet again and again.

But even though we had agreed on a friendship with benefits (because I wanted to stay single, especially as she wasn’t the best match for me character-wise), I noticed it:

She developed stronger and stronger feelings for me.

How did I know she became in love with me?

She indulged me by using every trick in the book.


  • Cooking for me all the time when I visited her
  • Dressing sexily, although I told her that she could wear joggers because I wanted to start a trash-movie marathon with her
  • Offering me massages without expecting anything in return
  • Cleaning her apartment before every visit, although she was actually chaotic in person

So, if your ma’am acts similarly, I can tell you… that’s an excellent love sign.

You want to know how the story ended for me and Larissa?


Because our ‘relationship’ was more based on unrequited love, I ended up talking to her.

She was a wonderful woman who offered me everything, so it was even more important to me not to shamelessly exploit her efforts, especially as I could not reciprocate her love.

Sometime later, I introduced her to a good friend of mine who had been secretly swooning over her for several months.

And just as if it was the happy ending of a kitschy Hollywood romantic comedy, the two are still in a happy relationship.

Well f*cking played, Dan.

The ‘tricks’ she used to seduce me are the obvious ones.

Women however often do this way more subtle. Suddenly you are head over heels in love with her. Or she actually isn’t in love with you.

To test this, use my love test:

>> Does She Love Me? Test It With ONLY 9 Surefire Signs

Sign #6: Sex orchestra

“And I can’t wait for you, and the things you make me do

My heart is ringing so I’m singing this song for you

I’m horny

Horny, horny, horny.”

When your lady thinks of you, her head plays ‘Horny’ by Hot ‘n’ Juicy in a permanent loop.

In fact, she likes you so much that her basic instincts are literally cheering her on to reproduce with you.

She feels safe and secure with you.

So, she wants to push for one hot shag after another.

Of course, the sex drive is wired differently in each woman.

However, a chica bonita who has a hardcore crush on you has an unusually high desire for bed parties with le toi.

So two to three sex sessions per week can be already far too few on her ‘scale’…

Want to give her the workouts in bed that will make her sleep in glow and wake you up the next morning with a blow, use these tips:

>> What Women Want in Bed: 10 Ways to Be Her Sex God

Sign #7: She shows withdrawal symptoms

This is a clear sign to see if she is in love with you. Especially when combined with sign #4.

  • You are on the road for a few days and not available to her 24/7
  • You’re tinkering on your career and don’t respond to her messages within milliseconds
  • You leave her apartment and make your way home

If your chick has a crush on you, she will react to every one of these kinds of scenarios the same way:

She misses you.

Maybe she doesn’t tell you directly, but you’ll notice it within seconds through reading her messages.


She reminisces about your past adventures and in each of her messages you notice how she tries to maintain a strong connection with you (for example, by teasing you with insider jokes).

If a woman misses you, she is motivated to see you again.

But if she gets everything she wants around the clock…

…her need for you will be satisfied faster than you can shout ‘Wubba lubba dub dub!’.

So, it’s better for you to give your attention carefully.

Sign #8: She’s afraid to lose you

You’re having some small talk with one of her friends, or you’re typing a message to someone on your phone.

As soon as she sees you flirting with other women, you notice it:

The gruesome jealousy in her face.

Of course, I can’t judge her for that.

Because when we men are in love, our sweetheart doesn’t have to do much to make us jealous.

“Who will be with you?”

She gets jealous when you go to an event without her?

Sí hermano, she shows she loves you truly.

Maybe her jealousy can be very exhausting, but trust me, she just can’t help it.

Some women may be good at hiding it, however, it’s there…

Sign #9: She takes herself off the market




‘Hell no’, your senorita thinks as she uninstalls all of these apps and avoids dating other men as if she was a hurdler jumping over obstacles.

Maybe she still flirts harmlessly with other men, but…

Dating insight:

This attitude is natural and will never truly disappear, even if you are in a fulfilled, monogamous relationship. She just wants to keep her seducing skills sharp for you.

What she will NOT do if she feels unconditional love for you is:

To leave all opportunities open so that strangers have a chance to step into her life.

If she still communicates ACTIVELY with many men via WhatsApp and co., this is obviously not a good sign she loves you (especially if she doesn’t have many male friends).

With that she sub-communicates:

Hey, I’m still unsure about you and want to keep a place free for a man who is a better fit with me.”

At least this is the case if she is NEITHER incapable of relationships, NOR has fear of commitment.

If she fantasizes about other men all the time, you have a problem…

But if she just can’t help but sing your praises, talk about how wonderful you are and doesn’t give the impression of secretly meeting other men – great, Muchacho!

This is a strong indicator that she has tremendous positive feelings for you.

If you want to flip the script and show her that you want to take it to a relationship, try out more and more romantic dates.

In short: do things couples do.

Here are ideas and subtle ways to communicate your love to her, without coming over as a needy boy:

>> 10 Romantic Date Ideas to Make Him/Her Melt For You

She’s not showing you any of these love signs?

Ok, bro.

Let me be honest with you:

If she doesn’t show you any of the signals above, your ‘is she in love with me?’ question gets a clear NO.

You now have two options:

  • You enter into a friendship with benefits with her
  • You start seducing her correctly from TODAY on

I don’t have a clue what you’ve done wrong so far, amigo…

…but what I can offer you is CRUCIAL advice:

My genuine assistance.


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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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