12 Kissing Techniques That Will Drive Any Woman Crazy

kissing techniques

You’ve earned my respect, my friend.


To actively search the internet for the best kiss techniques? That’s a boss move!

It immediately shows me two things:

  • You want to improve yourself and give women a great experience.
  • Instead of thinking that you already know and can do everything, you don’t let false pride stop you and educate yourself.


But while you’re here to learn how to kiss properly, there are walking catastrophes out there, some of them traumatizing women.

As far as kissing is concerned, there are too many gross motor skilled men (and women!) that have the intermuscular coordination of a cotton swab, which would be perfectly ok if they at least worked on it…

Because nobody is born a top kisser. It’s a skill that needs to be learned and practiced, just like flirting.

Today, we’re making you a pro so that you can join the national team at the Tongue Wrestling Olympics in 2024.

In this blog post, I’ll show you 12 ways to kiss a woman that every Olympic athlete should know.

>> 12 kissing techniques to drive a woman crazy.

(It’s best if you start training right away. You wouldn’t believe the level the Brazilians are at these days…)

I would say…

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The best kissing techniques (for beginners) #1: The lip bite

Let’s start with a tried and tested classic.

This technique is perfect if you want to give a regular kiss more spice. And it makes sense to want that.

Let’s say this is your very first kiss. If you want to drastically increase the chances that it won’t be that one kiss, then your goal shouldn’t be to kiss her the way any bumpkin would kiss her.

Besides, there’s something naughty about a bite that makes a kiss more erotic… You certainly wouldn’t kiss your grandmother like that.

To perform this technique like a pro-level athlete, you can playfully bite her lower (sometimes upper) lip after a few sensual kisses.


The bite should stimulate, not hurt.

Sure, there are plenty of women who have a sexual relationship with pain, but you should never assume that before; unless you’re determined to ruin your chances with a woman who isn’t into it.

So, you better start off gently and see how she reacts.

Good kissing technique revealed #2: The Eskimo kiss

During this kiss, you gently lead and rub your noses together. Because the lips don’t touch, many consider it childish.

But let me assure you: Anyone who thinks that is missing out…

Two reasons:

  1. It’s a very lighthearted kiss that can make your day
  2. It’s innocent, which is why you can often use it as a kind of “excuse” to get closer to a woman’s lips (super effective!!)

>>  15 tips to kiss a woman properly.

Kissing technique #3: The cheek kiss

Why don’t we just stick to the innocent among kisses?

Throughout Europe, a kiss on the cheek is a formality – both as a greeting and a farewell.

The number is variable and depending on the region you start with either the right or left cheek.

But I’ve never been particularly interested in formalities…

I like the cheek kiss for three reasons:

  1. It’s super easy to implement to your dates due to its acceptance
  2. It can still be the first step towards intimacy
  3. It has a goosebumps factor if you give it a very sensual touch

A former classmate gave me a cheek kiss at the end of our prom back then. She cleverly placed it so close to my lips that I spent the whole evening thinking about whether it was a friendly kiss.

I didn’t fall in love with her, but it was amazing to see that she could capture my thoughts with such a simple method.

Kissing technique #4: The kissless kiss (3 step kissing technique)

Oooooh… how much I love this kissing technique.

If one may call it that at all, because in fact it’s the conscious decision to not kiss a woman.

Through it an enormous tension gets created that could supply Tokyo with electricity for 69 hours. True story.

I often use this technique until the woman can’t hold it anymore and pulls me towards her to force the kiss.

It works as follows:

Step 1: Open your mouth slightly, as if you were about to kiss her.

Step 2: Wait for her to open her lips.

Step 3: Increase the distance again.

In practice, the whole thing looks something like this:

Here, the woman uses this technique on the man, but you know what I mean.

Kissing techniques – #5: How To French kiss like an expert

You’ve probably been waiting for this, haven’t you?

You’ve reason enough to want to perfect your French kiss because this is exactly the technique that has caused the most trauma in women so far.

When you ask all the chicas bonitas in the world about their worst kissing experience, you almost always get the same answer:

“The man used TOO MUCH TONGUE!” A phenomenon they affectionately refer to as “the washing machine”.

A kiss with too much tongue is the boogeyman among kisses: Women fear him.

I realize I’m exaggerating a little bit.

There are women who like it. (I’ve never met them, but hey, there are also people who get sexual arousal when they’re wearing diapers. Nothing surprises me anymore…)

What I’m getting at is my main advice to you about using your tongue:

Hold back at first and build it up slowly.

Got it? Okay, so I can give you a little French kiss 101…

Oh, one more thing: Your tongue has no place in her throat. The quality of a kiss isn’t shown by how far you can penetrate her digestive tract with your tongue.

Well… here we go:

  • Approach her lips (the slower, the more erotic!)
  • Open your mouth slightly
  • Touch her lips with yours only gently (pressure isn’t necessary)
  • Kiss her for a few moments without using your tongue, by pursing your lips as you close your mouth
  • Now extend your tongue slightly when you open your mouth
  • Now you can leave it open and let your tongues dance with each other, for example in circles or up and down movements (Here too: Gently and slowly is the new sexy thing)

>> 7 Tips to becoming an amazing kisser.

In practice, for example, it looks like this:

Kissing technique #6: The cross-through-the-space kiss

You’re at a party with your girlfriend or a woman you care about and your eyes cross?

Send her your affection at a distance by pursing your lips and making a kissing gesture in her direction.

It’ll feel like a secret message to her, which is what makes this technique so exciting.

Kissing technique #7: The wild make out

To keep the romantic-fu*kboy ratio of this article in balance, I’m about to introduce the next kiss that will explosively release the tension between you.

You’ve already preheated the oven by other kissing techniques or by flirting with intense sexual tension?

Perfect, then you can shove the roast in and kiss her wildly.

Now press her a little harder against you and press your lips against hers with a little more pressure.

Yo, the point where you wonder if you find each other hot is already passed, so you can now let her feel how hot she makes you feel by pressing your pelvises together as well.

Kissing technique #8: Press her against the wall

This is a dominant killer move, which you should definitely try out – if you’re not already doing it.

It makes women absolutely melt away.


Because it shows dominance. And in case you didn’t know: Women like dominance.

I’ve written a provocative article about this topic, which you can find here:

>> The Art of Dominating a Woman in Bed in 5 Tips

You know what the interesting thing is?

When I look at the statistics, I notice that it’s mainly read by women and the comments they leave can be shocking, especially for nice guys…

I especially liked this comment:

“You express exactly what I feel. My husband was always totally careful and always waited for signs from me that I wanted sex. He didn’t take my hint seriously that he should show that he’s the man, that I should submit to him and just take what he needs (always with a certain respect and consideration, e.g. when I’m not feeling well), because it makes me totally horny. He thought I was just doing fun dirty talk to get him excited. And the vanilla sex went on. Until our marriage finally broke up completely and we just fought out of frustration.


 Fortunately, he finally understood and gives me the dominance I need. Since then our marriage has been going great again.
And to all those women’s libbers who now cry out in indignation: “How can you talk like that? Where are the rights for the woman?…”
I’m a very emancipated woman.
I see it as my true freedom of choice to say: I decide freely about my whole life and usually set the tone.
And if I love it, when my husband tells me “go kneel down and suck my co*k!”, then enjoy kneeling in front of him and getting his part shoved deep down my throat before he fuc*s me hard, then so be it!!!!

Alright, men, get up and try it out. Like Dan said, you’ll know if she doesn’t like it.
But as I can tell you as a woman, most women love it.”

So, you see, it’s a good idea to give your kisses a boost with calibrated dominance.

You can do it super easy with this kissing technique. All you have to do is push her against a wall. Women aren’t fragile. Homo sapiens have well-developed back muscles that support and protect the spine, so gentleness isn’t necessarily here à as long as you make sure she doesn’t bump her head.

Pro tip:

Push her against a door. The loud bang it can make without causing pain to the woman will positively shock her lust.

Kissing technique #9: Lean against the wall

Now we turn the tables.

Many men think they have to choose between dominance and serenity.

My objection: Why not just both?

If you want to feel like a Roman general who is courted by women on all sides, you can lean casually against a wall and let her kiss you.

This doesn’t only look jamesbond-ish, but above all has a great advantage:

You give the woman space to invest in you.

The man should always take the first step, but sometimes we’re happy when the woman takes the lead. At least for a moment.

That way we know that she really cares about us.

>>  Step by step guide to pleasing a woman in bed.

Kissing technique #10: The Hollywood kiss

Biuu Biuuu… Attention, attention, warning: Now it’s getting romantic again.

Okay, who are we kidding? We men do (sometimes) love romantic moments, even if we don’t always want to admit it.

The Hollywood kiss is definitely one.

You see it again and again on the big screen during love scenes.

This is how Jack and Rose kiss on the Titanic.

And what about that kitschy kiss from The Notebook?

Even Spiderman makes use of this technique in his famous head-over-kiss.

You get to see it so often in movies because that’s exactly the kiss with which you can emotionally shoot a woman to the moon.

>>  15 Tips to becoming an expert kisser.

Start with a gentle kiss with closed mouth and then open it slowly.

The goal is to trigger a deep desire for more in the woman, so don’t use your tongue.

Break off the kiss before it turns into an intense make-out session, but remove your lips from hers in extreme sloooooow moooootion…

You’re going to light little fireworks in her head.

Pro tip:

If you want to make the kiss even more magical, you can hold her face with one or two hands.

This doesn’t only look good, but also feels good.

Kissing technique #11: The paternal kiss

If you’ve known our blog for a while, you know that you’re not getting a politically correct version of the truth here, but the naked truth.

In her early, most formative years, the father represents the most dominant figure in a girl’s life. As a result, many daughters develop a sexual desire for him but are quickly forced to suppress it.

Very few women would admit this openly, but you can use this suppressed desire to arouse sexual arousal in them.


I’m not saying that all women are into father-daughter fantasies. Even if these are more common than most would assume, it’s far from the norm.

Nevertheless, most women like fatherly behavior.

This is exactly the reason why the next kissing technique makes women feel valued and safe.

You can do this by gently holding her head and saying nice but serious words during empathic eye contact, after which you give her a caring kiss on the forehead.

Expect her to be girlish and sweet.

How to kiss her neck technique(s) #12: The Bunsen burner

In tantra – a current within Indian philosophy – the female sexual arousal is often compared to water.

To bring water to boil, it must first be heated.

This is also the reason why foreplay in bed is a MUST.

I know you don’t need it, but women need it, so it’s a logical conclusion that we should learn how to make the water boil the fastest.

The fact is that if you only stimulate her lips with kisses, you’re severely limited.

The neck of a person is a very vulnerable place, which is why it’s equipped with a lot of free nerve endings.

In plain English: Kisses on the neck send a pleasant shiver through her entire body.

That way, you heat up her excitement like a Bunsen burner.

Pro tip:

You get extra dominance points if you grab her gently by the neck and turn her head to the side so you can kiss her along the neck. Combine this with technique #8 and she’ll melt away.

How to become a great kisser

So now you know some secret weapons that can make a woman weak.

As already explained, kissing is a skill that you have to practice if you really want to master it.

Of course, you can also test the techniques on the back of your hand, but I think we agree when I say: Practicing on real women is more fun.

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