Find Out Her Loyalty to Your Relationship With These 11 Signs

Dan de Ram

17 May 2020 by Dan de Ram

In this article, show you

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How do you recognize whether she is the one or just a fling?

Spoiler beforehand: Bro, even though you might think I’m a superhero (which I won’t deny) I have to let you know that I’m not a mind reader.

Trust me, I wish it was different…

That I could effortlessly suppress a fart, shoot laser beams out of my eyes and remove the toxic ‘dating tips’ of some of my competitors à la Thanos with a flick of my finger from the Internet.

Unfortunately, I can’t do any of these things (at least not yet). Just like I can’t turn you into a man who can read his partner’s mind.

What I can give you, however, are strong indications that she is cheating on you or no longer considers you to be the attractive man she may have seen you at the beginning of your relationship.

But before we get started, you must make me a royal vow.

And that is that you adhere to the following three rules at all costs.

Yeah, no matter how many signs you recognize in your relationship.

#1: Don’t be Mermaid Man

Maybe you know him, the retired hero from Nickelodeon’s cartoon classic Spongebob SquarePants.

A man who stands for justice through and through.

However, his age has made him more paranoid.

As soon as he hears about ‘evil’, he overreacts impulsively:

The result?

He needs to be calmed down before he devastates and damages whole Bikini Bottom.

You wonder what this has to do with your partner’s potential cheating?

Well, here’s the thing:

Maybe you will find many signs in this article that apply to your girlfriend.

Maybe even so many, that you’re sure she’s cheating on you.

However, if you don’t want to lose her for good, you MUST be able to deal with your paranoia and NOT act impulsively.

Because your assumptions may be wrong, so that your actions, which spring from uncertainty, motivate her even more to cheat.

Which you can’t blame her for.

Sure, there are some manipulative women who are toxic to you.

However, in 9 out of 10 cases there is a good reason for a fling, so you can’t judge her for it.

Women want men they can rely on.

When they can’t do that anymore, they break up with you or look for more competent men.

What this means exactly, I’ll show you now.

#2: Don’t fall into an existential crisis if your suspicions prove to be true

She cheated on you?

Okay, fine.

Can you forgive her?


You can’t?

Then stop whining about it.

Don’t get me wrong, of course it can feel like a chainsaw cut through your heart when one of the closest people around you betrays you.

Yeah, you’re allowed to cry too, to be angry and sad about it.

Just don’t lose yourself in it.

Will she be the only one in your life you’ll ever be able to stay with?


At least not if you follow the tips from our blog and let us help you (if you still have challenges with women).

When it’s not there for you anymore, you can high-likely still count on your friends and family.

And if they’re not there for you, you can count on my help, I promise you.

#3: Read in clusters

In the following passages, you’ll find 13 signs she could be cheating on you.

Again, I am NOT a mind reader.

I cannot see with my own eyes the dynamics between you and your chosen one.

Just like I can’t turn stones into diamonds, I can’t tell you to 100% if she’s cheating.

Nobody can.

Self-proclaimed gurus who want to make you believe that you can read women like a book just by their body language are lying about the nature of non-verbal communication.

If, for example, as if from nowhere, she puts more emphasis on her appearance (sign #1), the reason for this may be a completely banal one.

Maybe she just wants to experiment with a new style and find out if she feels more comfortable this way.

Therefore, it’s a must that you read all signs as clusters.

However, don’t let them rattle you, though. With that no one is helped.

What you can do if you find a bunch of signs, I’ll also show you in the course of this article.

Loyalty test for girlfriend: 11 signs she’s cheating on you

But first!

Can you promise faithfully to me that you’ll keep my 3 golden rules?

Then place your right hand on your heart and repeat after me:

“Oh yes, noble Dan, who helps me in difficult times, I promise to follow the 3 golden rules at all costs.”




Sign #1: She mutates into the Joker

Usually your girlfriend wears everyday clothes and makes up more like a natural sweetie than the Joker.

Recently, however, she has tons of hot underwear in her dress drawer. Especially if you don’t see anything of the new lace panties or the elegant straps yourself, there’s something slightly suspicious about it.

Especially when it seems as if she wants to impress someone (for example at her job or at university):

She might even do the following:

If these innovations are close in time, you should at least pay a little more attention and see if you notice any of the following signs:

Sign #2: She’s inspired by Gollum

Your lady never had a problem when you used her phone to check directions, the weather or the distance to the closest pizzeria, for example.

Recently, however, she has been guarding it like Gollum guards the one ring.

Out of the blue, she suddenly protects her mobile phone with a password and makes sure that she either takes care of necessary information or insists that you should use your phone.

In the past, her phone was just lying around somewhere without her even having a clue where it was.

In addition, she has recently started to move to another room or even outside to make or receive calls.

Here again, the change in behavior plays the decisive role:

If your girlfriend has always been a phone addict, of course you don’t have to worry. But if this Gollum-breathed on attitude is new, then it can be better for you to become more attentive.

Sign #3: Ice, ice, baby

Sex has been a foreign word to you lately?

In a long relationship, that can happen. Therefore, it would be premature to directly assume that she is getting sex from someone else.

In most relationships there are phases in which desire increases and decreases.

In one phase you are totally hot for each other and want to let your body parts melt together at least 3 times a day to celebrate your love…

In other phases you are as dispassionate as two dried-up, stranded starfish.

To learn how to rekindle your attraction for each other during the ‘down-phase’, read this article that I’ve written for you:

>> 10 Tips to Have More Ups + Less Downs in Your Relationship


She not only avoids having sex with you anymore, but also keeps distance to you and doesn’t want any tenderness from you?

  • She’s avoids hugs?
  • She wants to kiss you rarely or not at all?
  • She doesn’t want to get naked in front of you anymore?

Then your lack-of-attraction-and-possible-cheating alarm should ring louder than a fire siren…

Sign #4: She wants to compete with Arnie

She’s never really been into sports and her only home workout so far has been the way from bed to the fridge?

But recently she has become a premium member of the hippest gym in town?

In most cases, she is just on a fitness trip, getting rid of a few pounds and getting a healthier body. So, keep your cool, cowboy.

What? She sets great value upon looking sexy for the gym? She puts on her finest makeup and tightest leggings? Then it might be that she uses the gym as a source for getting more masculine attention or as an excuse for other men she’s secretly dating.

Sign #5: She keeps an eye on you

Suppose you live together. Put yourself in her shoes:

Would you want to run into your boyfriend when you’re about to have your affair over dinner?

Hell no.

So, you would ask subliminally what he is up to and where he is most likely to be today.

To avoid a nasty surprise, you could plan your rendezvous in places where the coast is clear.

If this behavior seems familiar to you and your chosen one frequently checks what you are doing when and where, this could be an indication of an affair.

Sign #6: She’s a high achiever

“My boss wouldn’t let me leave early.”

“Right now, we’re working on this new project.”

“We’ve got a lot on our plate right now.”

If your lady is not working in a position where overtime makes sense or has never taken an interest in her career before, then statements like these can be excuses.

Especially when she is less and less available at work doesn’t respond to your calls/ WhatsApp messages.

If she’s also away on business more often than before without having been promoted in any way, you might want to pay attention.

Maybe her new dedication is just a pretext.

Sign #7: ‘Infidelity’ makes her disquiet

Perhaps you mention the topic ‘cheating’ randomly or it slips out in a phrase as you tell a story of a series you watch or a story a friend of yours told you.

Does your sweetheart suddenly get nervous, seem caught and immediately try to change the subject?

Or does she get angry or defensive?

Chances are you’ve stumbled onto a long rat tail.

Yes, her agitated response may indicate a fling, but it could also indicate to past emotional scars.

Because maybe she had a boyfriend who cheated on her or was traumatized by negative experiences with her parents (for example when the two cheated on each other)…

In any case, you should respectfully question her reaction here to make sure where her nervousness comes from.

Sign #8: She doesn’t punish you anymore

In the past, if you happened to look in the direction of another lady or didn’t stand on the mat for the evening tomato soup at 8:00 p.m. on time, she gave you hell.

Today, such an incident bothers her about as peripherally as a banana falling from a tree in Congo.

It could be that she has simply become more self-confident towards other women or that punctuality is no longer so important for her.

Or maybe your girlfriend is secretly plagued by a guilty conscience, so that she no longer dares to confront you for ‘minor crimes’.

Sign #9: Rumpelstiltskin 2.0

Not too long ago she told you 24/7 about this stupid new colleague from her work.

She spent hours complaining about him, telling you what an asshole he is.

Suddenly, from one day to the next, she doesn’t say a word about him…

When you confront her with her former archenemy, she likes to steer the subject in a different direction and otherwise has nothing negative to say about him.

To suddenly change your mind about someone who has triggered strong emotions in you, something drastic must have happened.

Maybe she couldn’t admit to herself all this time that she secretly thinks her colleague is attractive and doesn’t want to talk about him in order not to have to lie to your face…

In a moment I will explain to you exactly how you can talk about it with her, it if you have such a suspicion.

Sign #10: She turns into a house dragon

You feel like your girlfriend’s been in a bad mood for two weeks straight?

Suddenly she never misses an opportunity to cheer you on, no matter how absurd the reason may seem to you.

Everything about you is bad lately:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your habits
  • Your taste
  • Your memes collection

She begins to compare you with others and doesn’t do you any favors on her own initiative. She is no longer interested in joint activities such as going out for dinner etc..


If this sign appears in isolation, it may also be unmanly behavior on your part or general stress in her life.

Sign #11: Her language has changed

The successful entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said:

“You’re the average of the five people you spend most time with.”

That also means:

You adapt more and more to the people who are in your life.

Your language changes accordingly.

Does your girlfriend suddenly use certain words remarkably often that she never used before?

She suddenly starts making jokes that she would have found unfunny before.

Then there is the chance that she unconsciously adapts to someone you might aren’t supposed to know about.

Bonus sign: Special gifts

If she suddenly receives gifts such as flowers, perfume or jewelry more often, which was less often the case in the past, you can allow yourself to become more skeptical.

At the same time, be aware that these gifts aren’t clear evidence of infidelity. It could also be advances from desperate colleagues or nice gestures from customers who adore your girlfriend.

When is it time for real talk?

Ok, bro.

Now, what the hell are you supposed to do if several of these signs apply to your girlfriend?

It’s very simple.

In this case you should take responsibility and call her out respectfully and with a clear head.

To conceal your fears would only lead to more distance and wouldn’t help you to progress as a couple in any parallel universe.

By ‘respectful,’ I mean listening to what your girlfriend has to say without prejudice.

You try to find out what her wishes and motivations are and what she really wants out of your relationship. You can’t do that by bombarding her with interrogation questions like an FBI agent.

Instead, try to focus on her WHY and her feelings.

You can say the following, for example:

“Hey, I noticed that you’ve been having some…(insert signs here you noticed). Frankly, I’m curious about what’s going on in your life right now.

Admittedly, I have a suspicion that sounds ridiculous in my mind. But I share it with you anyway, because I know you would never judge me for my frankness.

It almost seems like there might be someone else in your life right now. I would like to talk to you about it and understand your point of view better.

Maybe I’m just a paranoid yokel. So, I think it’s smarter and healthier to talk to you about it, instead of eating it into me and giving up our relationship at the same time.

Yeah, maybe it would be painful to hear you say you’re seeing someone else, but I’m a man who prefers honesty and wouldn’t judge you for it, and you know that.”

The advantage of this approach?

You show your sincere interest and don’t seem like a morbidly jealous person, who is easily rattled.

In any case, you should save yourself the trouble of following your impulse, which might lead you to spy on her paranoidly.

This would only make you feel more frustrated, desperate and bitter, which would only make you less attractive in her eyes.

What if your suspicions are confirmed?

Assuming your girlfriend admits it – she cheated on you. She wasn’t loyal and faithful. And she almost didn’t fulfill any of the mentioned loyalty signs.


Yeah, it hurts like hell at first. You’d probably rather drink a bucket of nitric acid than hear that confession.

But does that mean you have to end it right there?

Even if this is an extreme test for a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break up.

Yeah, it’s not going to be easy to get you two back together either. You must both be willing to enter a new relationship with the same partner.

The next challenge (besides forgiving her and enhancing your communication) is to rebuild trust with each other.

I will explain how you can do this in the following article: < How to build trust in a relationship online soon

Maybe you’re wondering now:

“Can I minimize the risk of my girlfriend cheating on me in the first place?”

The answer is:

You’d be naive to think that it isn’t possible.

So, to show you exactly how this works and how you can develop into a sexually attractive man who no woman wants to cheat on anymore, I have something for you.

My free Transformation Kit my most effective flirt tips.

With this Kit I’d like to welcome you officially in the circle of men who have a sexworthy life and not only dream about it in front of the screen.

See you on the other side.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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