5 Tips I’d Use If My Girlfriend Still Talked to Her Ex

My girlfriend still talks to her ex

In this article you will learn:

  • What a reset button has to do with long-lasting love affairs
  • How rats can help you find out if your new girl still has a secret crush on her ex
  • How to find out how STRONG your new girl’s love for her ex is by answering 3 simple questions
  • ‘My girlfriend still loves her ex’: My #1 tip for erasing any desire your señorita has for her ex

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“Is my girlfriend still in love with her ex?”

Whether by

  • Carrier pigeon
  • Message in a bottle
  • E-mail
  • MSN
  • or during coaching…

… lately I’ve been getting one persistent question, and it’s a question to which I have a simple but quite disappointing and depressing answer for many men.

“Dan, I am currently in a relationship with a fantastic woman/dating a wonderful señorita, but she’d only been split from her ex for 3 months when we met…”

I wonder: Is she still in love with her ex?


Perhaps you are currently in a similar ‘dilemma’ and the exact same question is burning in your mind.

After all, what you want to prevent at all costs is this:

Your lady throwing out your relationship and getting back together with her ex.

Therefore, you desire absolute clarity about the extent to which your beloved still longs for her ex.


Although I have no idea how fabulous your mademoiselle’s relationship with her ex was, I can give you a plausible answer.

And it’s the exact same answer that I have already given to countless men in similar circumstances…

Pay attention – here comes the myth-enshrouded answer:


Yeah, of course she still has feelings for her ex.

And it also makes sense if your girlfriend is still talking to her ex.

Why? I’ll explain it to you now via a thought experiment.

Imagine you’re in a relationship:

The first few months are amazing.


  • Have exciting dates as a dream team
  • Travel to the most exotic places (for example, adventuring in the Canary Islands or backpacking through Europe)
  • Experience more ups and downs than the Dow Jones index (from the funeral of her guinea pig to moving)
  • Learn each other’s bodies and get continuously better at helping your partner achieve intense orgasms

After some time, however…

  • You start to grow apart
  • You no longer feel love for each other
  • One of you embraces a golden professional opportunity, while the other is not enthusiastic about moving
  • Or, one of you cheats, and the other cannot forgive that

… and you decide to go your separate ways.

How probable do you think it is that even after a few months you still feel something for your former crush?

That’s right.

The probability is EXTREMELY HIGH.

The same is true of your current chosen one.

Of course, she might say something like:

“I hate him.”

“I no longer feel anything for him.”

Or my personal favorite:

“Yeah, things haven’t been so good between us for a while. I’m over him.”

But let me tell you something:

This is absolute bullsh!t.

There is no secret reset button that will simply dissolve all of her unique experiences with him and her strong sense of connection during that time.

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Whether it’s an old song that they used to dance to in the past or a visit to a place they used to go regularly, her memories will pop up again and again and without her being able to do anything about it.

“Then why does she pretend that she’s already over him?”

There is a benevolent intention behind her statements…

She says all these things to calm you down.

Your lady knows that she can easily upset you if she communicates her true feelings for her ex, and she doesn’t want to bury you in a mountain of paranoia.

But, just because she might still wallow in memories of him and maybe even feel some love for him, it does NOT mean that she can’t feel or develop love for you too.

So, ‘Does she still have feelings for him?’ isn’t a great question.

Way more relevant are answers to these questions:

  • How much is she already over her ex?
  • How much does she long for contact with him?
  • How many times does she think about him?
  • Does he mean more to her than me?

In other words, you should ask yourself:

“How can I tell if my crush is over her ex? Does she still have one foot in her old relationship, or is she REALLY open to a new one?”

Now, to remove every single question mark from your disconcerted face, you get…

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*drum roll*

Does she still love her ex? 5 signs your girl is still not over him

However, before I give you any signs, you have to be aware of this:

All of the ‘signs’ you find in this article are to be read as indicators.

The more signs that apply to your current situation, the HIGHER the probability that your crush is NOT over her ex – and vice versa.



Sign #1: ‘This one time at band camp…’

“I remember when [name of her ex] and I were in Spain together, and we pet a pregnant mountain goat in the Barcelona zoo.”

“Funny, that reminds me of when [her former Malakka] and I used to play “I Believe I Can Fly” on a recorder with our nostrils.”

In these cases, it is not unlikely that these memories have slipped out of her mind or she simply wants to present you an idea.

If your chica bonita, on the other hand, lapses constantly into flashbacks and stories about her ex and resembles Michelle Flaherty from American Pie

…it’s a strong indicator that she’s not over him yet.

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Sign #2: She’s doing the Messi

By this, I am not referring to her penchant for throwing herself into blue and red striped jerseys, bleaching her hair and ‘hammering’ one untenable ball after another into a rectangle.


I’m talking about your potential Mrs. Right guarding all of the mementos of her past relationship like a compulsive hoarder.

  • She still falls asleep next to the I-love-you teddy bear that he won for her by knocking down cans at the fair.
  • She wears the necklace he gave her for her birthday every day.
  • She still has countless pictures of him decorating her apartment.
  • A lot of his things (shirts, for example) are still cluttering her living space.
  • She repeatedly plays songs they both danced to and spent passionate nights with.

Don’t get me wrong.

A break-up/divorce has many frightening parallels with the death of a loved one.

After all, in both cases, you’re ‘saying goodbye’ to someone you loved.

Often, you can observe how people in mourning leave old mementos unchanged in their home to gain the protective feeling that the person they’ve lost is still with them.

Your lady behaves similarly?

This is human and simply a part of her coping process.

So, if your ma’am still has dozens of mementos distributed around her life (or still wears them, for example, in the form of a chain around her neck) instead of keeping them tucked away, it means…

She’s not quite over him yet.


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Sign #3: She avoids encounters with her ex like Neo, lead balls

As if your chosen one was Neo from The Matrix, she literally ‘ducks’ to avoid seeing her ex.

Go to Olive Garden to grab some lunch?

Not even in her dreams.

Places where her ex regularly goes, she avoids like a cat does a shower.


Because she is aware of the rollercoaster of emotions she experiences when she encounters him.

In these moments, her thinking apparatus throws old memories at her, which can easily upset her.

And, as if that weren’t enough, you notice this:

When your lady gets wind that her ex is dating someone else, her mood sinks to the floor.

She may even tell you how happy she feels for his newfound love, but you can clearly see the tension and jealousy on her face.

If she’s feeling bad for a day after such an encounter, you’ve nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, if she seems to be bothered by it for a week (or longer), you can be sure that she’s not quite over him yet.

Give her time.

Sign #4: She’s comparing you

“Hmm, well, [insert name of her ex-us maximus here] always cleaned the chimney with a mop.”

“Interesting suggestion, but [nombre de el exos] used to take me to the lake to catch frogs. That was swell.”

Does your chica compare you to her ex as if she was the reincarnation of an online price comparison site in a living corpus?

Yeah, muchacho – I know.

Such comparisons can truly hurt sometimes.

Even if she emphasizes what is better about you, she actually proves only one thing to you:

She’s still thinking about her ex.

Every time she compares you with him – whether in a positive or negative sense – she is indulging in old memories of him in that very second.

A clear indicator that she’s not over him yet…

Sign #5: She is still in contact with him

Before you panic, let me tell you one thing:

If your partner in crime is still in contact with her ex, it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.

Contact is a broad term.

A poke on Facebook? It’s a form of contact.

Meet regularly? Yup, that’s contact.

Probably your brain cells are already ringing, and you are aware of what I am ‘driving’ at.

To find out if your sweetheart is over her ex, there are three crucial things to find out:

  1. Why are they still in contact?
  2. Manner: In what way does the contact take place?
  3. Frequency: How regular is the contact?

Let me give you two vivid examples.

Example A

Imagine your girl has a child with her ex.

Every day (frequency) he sends her a message (manner) to find out how his child is doing (why).

Can you blame her for answering him?

Hell no.

Here, you are lucky to have a caring partner at your side.

Example B

The following scenario:

He broke up with her four months ago, but because she doesn’t want to lose sight of him completely, both agreed to stay friends. (why)

Since then (manner), both meet weekly (frequency).

I wonder if that really sounds like she’ll get over him soon.

Not really…

So, find out why, in what manner and at what frequency there is contact between her and her former lover to get an idea of how she feels about him.

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Bonus sign: She hasn’t introduced you to her family and friends yet

And by that I don’t want to imply that she has to introduce you to her la familia within your ‘eternally long’ two-month relationship.

Rather, your ‘she’s not over her ex’ warning bells should ring deafeningly when:

Even after a year in a relationship, you have NEVER been introduced to her parents and siblings, nor to her ‘BeStiiiEes <33’, as her new partner.

In this case, this strongly suggests that she is keeping room open for her former flame.

After all, she seems undecided about you.

Because, if she introduces you as some kind of fantastic catch and then leaves you for her ex in no time, she will have to justify herself to EVERYONE…

…something she definitely doesn’t want.

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The Ex-Eraser#1

We’ve come a looong way, bro.

If, after reading all of these signs, you might have come to the conclusion that ‘She is still talking with her ex.

Stay calm.

Through panic attacks and fear of losing her, you only achieve this:

Well spotted, NOTHING.

So, because your girlfriend still seems indecisive toward you and can’t emotionally separate from her ex, do her a favor:

Take over her burden of not being able to get some closure with her former flame.


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