Are These 3 Tricks from Neil Strauss’ The Game Still Effective Today?

Neil Strauss The Game

You are considering reading Neil Strauss’ book The Game.

You might think it’s PUA goldmine, but you might also be a bit skeptical about some parts of the book or even think they’re ridiculous.

Now you’re wondering:

“Nice story, dude. But do these routines in between the talks about DHV and AMOG also work for me?”

A fair question, if you ask me.

After all, we are talking about a gang of guys who seemingly thought it necessary to dress like a pimp checking up on his prostitutes.

That’s why, today, I offer you:

  • How to avoid embarrassing yourself with tricks from Neil Strauss’ book The Game
  • The cat-string principle: How to make a woman crazy about you, step by step, with simple sentences (Neil Strauss style)
  • Teasing decoded: How to really tease a woman and create ENORMOUS attraction within seconds
  • How to finally overcome your approach anxiety by using a simple hack
  • How to seduce women successfully in every scenario
  • And much more…

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About the Neil Strauss’ book The Game era

The Game awakened a striking insight in countless men:

Pitch-black nail polish goes great with dark fur hats.’

Okay, I couldn’t help making that joke…

Let me make a correction… The insight that a lot of men got was this one:

“What one man can do, another man can do too.”

In fact, the book has shown millions of men that they can grab their love life by its cojones and take full control to become the most attractive version of themselves.

For this alone, I pay my full respect to the pioneers of that time.

However, there are some techniques and principles hidden in the book that are nothing more than…

complete bullshit.

Like, for example, the infamous ‘3 days rule’, which, by the way, I have successfully dismantled and exposed in this article.

And, of course, there’s also the fashion advice that ends up making you look like an ’80s crack dealer.

Other principles, on the other hand, really work and are timeless. However, some of them were explained too abstractly in the book and, therefore, caused confusion among countless men.

In order to erase the question marks from your face for good (and in the grace of a fairy), I show you today…

Three tricks from The Game that REALLY work and how you can use them effectively on the attractive women of today.


You want to know how I am sure they work?

Because I have tested them ALL dozens, hundreds — no, probably thousands — of times on REAL LIVE women (crazy, huh?).

I will also share with you an unbelievable amusing, but nevertheless instructive story of mine — exclusively and unabridged.

It was through The Game that I first learned about seducing women, and on my first attempt to use tricks from the book, I unknowingly made a huge blunder (I’m still embarrassed about it).

So, grab a bag of nachos and throw your favorite cheese dip into the microwave…

Because now I share my story unfiltered with you…

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How you avoid embarrassing yourself with The Game

Long story short:

I was as good at seducing women as IceJJFish is at rapping…

I was aware that it couldn’t go on like this and eagerly combed the Internet for dating tips.

Until I found it… the one book that would change my life forever…

The Game by Neil Strauss.

After reading the book, I decided to attend a seminar in my hometown.

It was run by a self-appointed ‘pick-up guru’ who spent the first 3 hours parroting techniques from The Game.

After his eternal monologue, ‘his’ tricks had to be tried out in bars.

One of the tricks he swore by was the ‘best friend test’.

Here’s how the ‘brilliant’ technique worked (at least in theory).

When you meet two women who seem to be out together, you say this:

“Hey, I can see right away that you two are best friends. Would you like to know how I know that?”

Of course, they’ll answer with a euphoric:


Next you’re supposed to say this:

“Okay, here’s a question: What shampoo do you use?”

Women often look at each other before they give you an answer.

The moment they look at each other, you say:

“Stop! Well, look at this… This moment of togetherness – this is a kind of telepathy that only best friends have. I can clearly see that you’re best friends.”

Afterwards, both women of course immediately fall to their knees, while they fervently open your zipper and claw your lulu with their fingers…

At least… that’s what you hope for.

However, when I went to the first bar where we were supposed to try out our new tricks from the seminar (which were, of course, only a copy of the book), and I implemented the described steps of the ‘best friend test’, something unexpected happened…

While one woman let her gaze wander to her girlfriend as hoped for, the other looked at me with a stern, even pissed off expression, as if she would rather see my body burning on a spear.

“F*ck…This is going nowhere near as well as planned…”
– I thought to myself.

In my nervousness, however, I could only stammer a useless ‘uh… uhh… yes, g-good…’. My throat was welded shut.

Then, the lady who had given me the intense death look, finally revealed the situation:

‘How dare you?! That’s just a bad trick picked up by frustrated men from this sleazy wannabe womanizer book. You are already the fourth (!!!) this week to try this pathetic test on me. JUST GET OUT OF HERE!“

Ouch. Game over.

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Thanks, Neil…

And from that experience, I did learn something. I learned that:

Not all tricks work.

A few months later, when I had improved my seduction skills by going out on a regular basis, I became more and more aware of why some techniques actually offer far too low success rates.

The reasons why the ‘fancy’ best-friends test can be disastrous are as follows:

  • You run the risk that some Joe has already tried it on her (after all, The Game sold millions of copies worldwide)
  • There are much better phrases that you can use and that are much more natural and authentic. And besides: Do you really think that an attractive man is dependent on third-string psych tests? Do you think that Brad Pitt or The Rock need such tests to make a first-string impression? Probably NOT…
  • Maybe some women think that the test is quite funny if they don’t know it yet. Then, you create a tiny bit of attraction with it. However, if she already knows it, you lose about 90% of her attraction for you. After all, she knows that you’re just another monkey who has learned unoriginal lines by heart. The win-risk ratio makes this test more like a lottery ticket of attractiveness — only without a jackpot.

Nevertheless, there are some tricks from the book that work universally, and I’m going to show them to you now, so, keep your peepers wide open.

The Game – Trick #1: The Cat String Principle

*harrumphs* I quote (possibly modified with a personal note):

‘Did I ever tell you about the cat-string principle?


Then listen to me carefully.

Have you ever seen a cat playing with a cotton string?

If the string dangles in front of her head but is still out of her reach, Miss Kitty goes completely crazy.

She jumps doggedly around the string and stretches her paws as far as she can.

But, as soon as she grabs the string, it takes less than 10 seconds until she loses interest in it…

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…and no longer wants the string.’

Yes, I completely agree with you, Monsieur Strauss.

As soon as the magic of the unattainable string for the four-legged fur ball disappears, its attention for it goes down the drain.

What the f*ck does this have to do with seduction, you ask? Let me show you.

The hidden principle behind this comparison is this:

The more available you make yourself to a woman, the more unavailable she makes herself to you.

And this is exactly what 90% of all men seem to fail to grasp.

They text back to their beloved in seconds, although she always answers them days later.

They throw out their own plans just to be able to meet their chosen one, and if she cancels at short notice, they write her something like

Oh, what a pity. Just text me when you can. I’m always available for you. :))))) <3333

… Phew, do you smell it too? The cringe?

These cronies don’t seem to realize how unattractive their behavior actually is.

Maybe after their rejections, they search for tricks on the Internet that might work in their situation and find some third-string flirting phrases…

But eventually, they can’t win over their chosen one…


Because they perform the tricks blindly without understanding WHY they work, while every woman realizes that they are just copying the techniques that others perform better.

Why is ‘copying techniques’ so indescribably unattractive, you ask?

Let me explain it to you through a thought experiment:

Imagine that one of your buddies starts acting like a woman from one day to the next. He puts on makeup like a drag queen, paints his nails in bright pink, pees sitting down in the bush, and decides to date beer-bellied bikers…

His destination? To be considered and loved by heterosexual men as a full lady.

Prize question:

Is he merely behaving like a woman or have his actions actually turned him into a full-fledged woman?

Correct. Of course his copied behavior didn’t directly turn him into a woman.

He still has a penis between his thighs, he is as hairy as a yeti, and he wears a mustache (best regards to Conchita Wurst at this point).

It’s the same with flirting:

If you want to be a full-fledged, attractive man, it isn’t enough to act like one on a superficial level. You must grow in yourself and become one at your deepest core.

How do you manage that?

By starting to focus on and understand the basic principles behind attractive behavior patterns, derive them into methods, and implement them.

In this case:

  • Accept that unavailability makes you more attractive to women because you create a space for them to crave your attention
  • Try the following method and make yourself successfully rarer to women, as if you were the unattainable string and she the cat from Neil’s story.

Here it is:

The next time you face a señorita, do the following…

  1. Say: “You know what’s interesting about you?”
  2. While she looks at you with a question mark, pause for 3 to 5 seconds, frowning and slowly letting your eyes wander from her head to her feet. Wordlessly.
  3. Then, continue, “That you… Yes… You have this thing about you… Hmm… how shall I put it…“
  4. Now she should feel ‘the string’ over her head. An intense feeling of ‘What’s next?! Keep talking!’
  5. After you notice how she’s getting more excited than a shark that’s smelled blood (because you don’t finish your thought), you say: “Oh, wow! There’s a buddy of mine over there I haven’t seen in ages! I’ll just say hello to him and talk to you later.”
  6. Go away.
  7. Enjoy how her eyes stick to you and she longs for your attention. Often, she even follows you to find out what you wanted to tell her.

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The Game – Trick #2: Teasing (+ 3 example sentences)

Again and again, I catch men buttering women up by giving them kitschy compliments like these:

“Oh, my God, your eyes are so beAuTiFuuuuL!

“You are so gorgeous… you look like an angel.”

Or a more primitive version:

“Yo, you’re f*cking hot a$$ b!tch – lemme’ put a ring on dat’ fingur!”

Through their exaggeratedly positive attitude they hope to win their chica bonita over.

Until the unstoppable happens…

The beloved banishes them to the hellfire of friendzone-land.


And, as if that wasn’t disastrous enough, Mrs. Right also meets a ‘disrespectful guy’ who acts like an ‘asshole’ towards her.

At least that’s how the rejected Homo sapiens perceive the new worshipper of their chosen one…

“He gives her a hard time and tells her, for example, that her dress looks nice on her, but his grandmother would wear the same… Really rude of him – what a bum!!”

However, the 24/7 women respecters don’t realize that their positive attitude hasn’t worked because it was one thing above all else:

One dimensional.

In contrast to the ‘asshole’ who dared to arouse negative emotions in her playfully, they haven’t offered their chosen ones any emotional variety. Instead, they’ve bombarded her non-stop with only one emotion … positivity.

But, without occasional playful negativity, every conversation lacks an essential secret ingredient that creates gigantic attraction:


Like the shot of chili that makes every chicken soup from Grandma Hilde so bueno, tension is the necessary spice that breathes life into your conversations.

One of the most effective ways to bring tension into your conversations is…


Here, you give your señorita a compliment, but add a slight negative twist.

However, when you do this, NEVER forget to smile while you say it.

This way, you make her understand that your intention isn’t to insult her; rather, you are being playful.

You want some examples?

“You’re cute, but there’s something kind of geeky about you too. I can imagine that you know all Star Trek characters by heart and could even classify them by function ;)”

“You have a really expressive face. I’m sure you’d make an excellent actress in a play. Ha ha… now you’re doing it again, your expression goes in all directions.”

“I like you. You can be my new bro.”

Pro tip:

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The Game – Trick #3: A simple hack to overcome hesitation

I still remember my first pathetic attempts to approach women.

After months of doing ANYTHING, in which I kept on theorizing about the lessons from the book, the pain of doing nothing got more and more unbearable.

Seducing women is like swallowing the red pill and diving into the Matrix like Neo: As soon as you find out that you can learn it and do something PROACTIVE about it every day to improve your skills, there is no going back…

You’re aware of every goddamn chance you’re missing.

One day, when I couldn’t stand the pain of my missed opportunities any longer, I decided to go into the central station of my city (where a f*ckton of mademoiselles were around).

When I arrived there, more and more self-doubts started to grow inside me.

Every time I met a beautiful woman, my brain was bombarded with ridiculous excuses:

  • No, she’s on the phone. I can’t possibly approach her right now – this would be impolite.’
  • Naah… that one probably has a boyfriend.’
  • And she? Nah, she’s just waiting for a friend. I’d probably just annoy her right now.’
  • Nooo… not her, she looks like she’s in a hurry.’

But deep down I knew that every single thought was just bullshit — a protective mechanism from my fear of rejection.

It was clear to me that I could start small at first:

Just one compliment, and then I could go away again.

And even when I took on an (objectively speaking) easy task, the pressure inside me grew immensely.

Until it presented itself to me… THE big chance.

Freckles on the nose, ocean blue eyes, and wearing the most feminine dress.

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Sitting reading a book. Completely alone.


It couldn’t get any easier for me…

But, as I took my first step in her direction, even more self-doubts shot into my already completely overwhelmed brain.

I got more nervous with every second. My heart was pounding harder than before a bungee jump, sweat was dripping from my forehead as if someone had poured a canister of water over me, and my legs were getting wobblier than the milk teeth of a 7-year-old.

I tussle and tussle.

10 minutes elapse.

And then it happens.

McCutie Pie puts her book in her pocket and stands up.


And I’m doing it, waddling over to her on my Jell-O knees.

“H-h-hey, I just saw you, and I thought you were really nice.”

I stammer at double-speed and in a whisper that could not be heard in even the quietest library on the planet.

Since I approached her so hastily (true to the motto ‘I just want to get this shit over with now’), I scared her.

When I mumbled my compliment so incomprehensibly, she looked at me with a ‘Is everything okay with you?’ look and answered me in a creeped-out tone of voice:

“Thank you, but I have to go now.”

This, of course, was more than understandable given the hesitant way I had approached her.

Even today, I still catch dudes struggling for minutes to walk up to women, and once they overcome their physical hesitation, it simply moves to their conversation, whereupon most women reject them within milliseconds.

Don’t get me wrong.

Women do appreciate you approaching them bravely, but if you do it without any signs of self-confidence, she will dry out faster than a slice of cucumber in the desert.

They’re hoping to meet a confident, cool guy, which you are, if your inhibitions don’t permanently destroy your noble plans.

‘Coincidentally’, however, there is another trick from The Game that can help you with this dilemma, and it works great.

It’s called:

*drum roll*

The 3-second rule.

All you must take into account is this…

As soon as you see a woman that you want to approach, you have exactly three seconds to address her.

With every additional second you don’t approach her, you lose 10% of your attraction.

So, you count down from three inside and move your legs straight in her direction.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, surprise. It is.

All you have to do is move your feet before your thoughts even get a chance to speak.

“But Dan, what if I have no idea what to talk to her about?”

Don’t worry.

For this, I’ve already written you a foolproof, step-by-step guide on how to approach a woman properly and have a memorable conversation with her that will lead to a date.

You can check it out over here:

>> 17 Follow-Along Tips to Start a Conversation with a Girl Anywhere

Neil Strauss – The Game debunked

We just stripped the book down to what works and what doesn’t.

Use the information smart, so you don’t end up with blue balls day after day, night after night.

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Happy sarging, amigo!

Dan de Ram

PS: Don’t forget to leave me a comment about your experience with The Game (and the tips from this article)!

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