No Likes On Tinder – No More: 11 Ways To Beat The ‘Competition’

Trump as well as Putin and Merkel are already making their forecasts for this year:

The question, which will be more relevant than ever in 2020, is:

“How do I get more likes on Tinder?”

And rightly so.

Again and again I observe how men sabotage themselves because of unnecessary mistakes.

They flush all their potential for success down the toilet of demise.

And the king of dating apps can be a lot of fun if you act smart.

That’s why you get:

  • 11 Tips to start getting likes on Tinder immediately
  • Secret tips for an epic Tinder profile
  • Why you should unpack your cojones to seduce women through Tinder
  • What frogs have to do with no likes on Tinder
  • How to get more likes on Tinder: The myth of the golden hour debunked
  • “No one likes me on Tinder”: My best tip to silence you from saying “no one likes me on Tinder
  • And many more tips on how to get girls on Tinder…

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If you’re wondering from time to time…

  • How you can get more likes on Tinder (especially if you currently have 0 likes on Tinder)
  • The kind of profile pictures you would have to take to knock women off their high heels
  • If you make the same mistakes 90% of men make that get few or no matches…

…then I’ve excellent news for you:

You’ve landed on the right page.

Because today I’m going to erase all the question marks from your face.

I won’t only tell you WHAT works, but WHY my respective tip increases your chance of success in the first place.

However, you won’t find any mainstream wiki-how tips like “show the camera your biggest smile” or “be yourself” here.

Fµck NO.

Today you’ll learn which tips REALLY work as well as things that you really shouldn’t do.

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Scientifically sound and explained with the precision of an FBI sniper.

Tip #1: Listen to your parents – keep your back straight!

If you’re not a greenhorn at seducing women, you probably already know that your posture is damn important.

Studies repeatedly show that an open, broad and straight posture exudes strong self-confidence – which is f*cking attractive to women.

Some of my coaching participants are very big men. Often they’re taller than the photographer, so their photos quickly end up in a strange froggy perspective.

Or else: They use a group photo for Tinder, in which they stand out above all others.

An example of a “Froggy style” recording

Peter Hurley, one of the most successful star photographers of our time, advises these men to spread their legs instead of bending their backs.

This technique is especially practical if you want to take a picture of your head and upper body.

(Which, by the way, is statistically the most attractive position when taking a photo.  Read more about it in this article).

Tip #2: Show some Chocolate

Many men and women are firmly convinced that they have a “chocolate side”. A side of their faces they find more attractive.

But if you’re someone who for some reason finds the right side of your face significantly more attractive than the left...

…then you may have to get rid of your left aversion.

Researchers have found that people have a strong preference for photos that show the left side of a person’s face.

A creative participant I once coached suggested that I simply mirror the photos of the right side of his face (his “chocolate side”) in Photoshop to make him even more attractive.

Good idea, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

One theory says that our right brain hemisphere is responsible for controlling your emotions and even simultaneously the muscles of the left side of the body.

Therefore, the left half of our face should be more expressive than the right.

It’s therefore impossible to cheat and mirror the photos of the right side of your face.

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The moral of the story:

If you want to be perceived more attractively, the first profile picture you should choose is a photograph with the left half of your face in the foreground.

Fun fact:

You use armchair quarterback on a date or at a party: This “left side sympathizing” has been around for hundreds of years.

This is also shown again and again by portraits that have been painted in the course of history. Among many of them, the artists preferred the left rather than the right half of their model’s face.

Portrait of Louis Betts by William Merritt Chase

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Portrait of Julius Caesar by Clara Grosch

Tip #3: “Look into my eyes, baby!”

In your profile photo, your eyes should ALWAYS be visible.

A Photofeeler study shows that people judge you differently when your eyes are covered.

And not really positively…

People who wear sunglasses seem more dishonest, untrustworthy and shady.

People whose eyes are covered by their hair, on the other hand, leave a less competent and not influential impression.

So, your eyes MUST be visible.

This is also the reason why people have white eye skin (= sclera).

It’s there to signalize to our counterpart WHEREVER our focus moves.

One of the world’s brightest minds and a psychotherapist, Dr. Jordan Peterson says:

“Eye contact indicates interest and it also indicates, at least in principle, possibility of approach.”

According to Tinder’s in-house study, you can even get 20% more likes if you choose a photo as your main profile picture where you look directly into the camera.

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Two other surveys of the app even give more information about headgear:

  • If you wear a cap, you can expect 15% fewer matches
  • People who wear glasses receive an average of 12% fewer likes

So, leave your glasses at home and shred your caps. It’s time for contact lenses and a stylish haircut!

Tip #4: Group photos? Not without this golden rule

According to studies at the Royal Holloway of the University of London, you’re automatically considered more attractive if you’re photographed with less handsome people.

This phenomenon is also known under the noble name “Ugly Friend Effect”.

Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist and professor at Duke University, wanted to check whether these studies were indeed accurate.

Therefore, he conducted an online experiment by finding out that the perceived attractiveness of a person increases only under a certain premise.

This happens when a similar-looking person is added to the photo who is just a little less attractive than you.

This may sound a little confusing to you, but don’t worry.

I’ll now illustrate Professor Ariely’s experiment to you in a plausible manner.

His study proceeded as follows:

He showed women two CGI (computer-generated images) photos of men. One he christened with the lovely name Tom, while he called the other dude Jerry.

When the test subjects only saw these two photos, they found both men equally attractive.

But when a third person was added to the photo – an “uglier” version of Jerry, then the ladies suddenly found “normal Jerry” more attractive than Tom.

However, when the “ugly Jerry” was replaced by an “ugly Tom”, the “normal Tom” was considered the most attractive of the three.

A third study by researchers from the University of California found that people generally look more attractive in a group photo than in a snapshot where they’re seen alone.

This effect is also called the “Cheerleader Effect”.

For example, in the University of California study, the woman marked below was found more attractive in the group photo than in a photo showing her alone.


You should NEVER choose group photos as the first photo on your dating profile. What? You want to know why this is such a fatal sin? Then click HERE.

Tip #5: The underestimated importance of trustworthiness

Almost everyone knows that to take a great photo, you have to look attractive.

But hardly anyone is aware…

…how essential trustworthiness is to tons of likes.

You only have to ask a chica on Tinder once how she feels about her safety when dating online.

Before her first dates, she often considers how she can gallantly escape during the rendezvous if a guy seems shady to her.

And this is completely understandable.

I mean, how would you feel if you were dating a physically superior dude who seems shadier than a drug lord.

You would probably make contingency plans, which you can use if you feel uncomfortable during the rendezvous.

A comprehensible protection mechanism.

So, burn into your synapses:

Women who date online are concerned about their safety.

So, if you don’t appear trustworthy or even aggressive in your profile pictures – then you’re massively hindering your potential Tinder success.

“Understood, Dan… I want to seem more trustworthy. But how the hell do I even do that?”

Excellent question – one could almost think that it was from me… ;P

Laughing in a photo is probably the simplest way to create more confidence.

A second trick to appear more trustworthy is: Enlarged pupils.

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Researchers discovered that people with dilated pupils are on average considered more trustworthy than people with constricted pupils.

Now I can hear you thinking:

“But, Daaan?! How can I make my pupils dilate before I take a photo?”

It’s as easy as this…

  1. Buy a 1.5-liter bottle of Coke and a pack of Mentos
  2. Open the Coke bottle
  3. Hold it under your nose
  4. Throw all the Mentos drops in the bottle
  5. Try to catch the fountain with your nostrils while pulling the liquid up through your nose
  6. Voilà!

Or you can use this scientifically based and possibly much more pleasant method...

It works as follows:

Studies have shown that just thinking about a dark shape or the idea that you’re in a dark room is enough to make your pupils dilate.

Or maybe as a little boy you played the game where you close your eyes for a while and then suddenly open them.

Your compañeros could then witness how your pupils grew larger and then smaller again because of the sudden light.

This way you’ll achieve the same effect.

On the other hand, you don’t feel like doing psychological tricks or playing children’s games? Then you can also simply edit your photo…

If you should decide to do so, I also recommend editing your “corneal limbus ring” at the same time.

The “corneal limbus ring” is the outer, black ring of your iris

A study by The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology has shown that people are considered more attractive when this line is thicker.

Trustworthiness Fun Fact:

Women who are looking for a long-term relationship are preferring men who look especially trustworthy.

So, if you’re not just looking for hot affairs, you should apply as many of the tips above.

Tip #6: Use the power of the golden hour

A snapshot with artificial lightning only disfigures your face 99% of the time.

Natural light on the other hand creates the best pictures.

According to a study by the dating site OKCupid, the most attractive photos are those taken during the so-called “golden hour”.

“In photography, the period just after sunrise or just before sunset is called the golden hour. During this time, the sunlight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher. It’s the counterpart of the blue hour, which is the time before sunrise or after sunset when the sky is deep blue”
– Wikipedia

The blue line indicates how attractively a photo is perceived – the black / orange circles symbolize the position of the sun.

Pro tip:

If you want to find out when the golden hour strikes at your place, I recommend this page. With its help you can find out exactly when a shooting with the best possible light is feasible.

Tip #7: Avoid photos with flash

I’ll be brief. Don’t use the goddamn flash when taking pictures for your dating profile.

The artificial light creates an intense shadow that perfectly highlights every wrinkle, blackheads and redness.

It also gives you red eyes.

Furthermore, according to a study, flash photos make you look up to 7 years older.

So, if you don’t want to look like a sugar daddy – or as if there’s not much time till you finally retire… avoid the flash lights.


If you have a shoot with a photographer who knows his equipment and lighting, let him go for it.

Tip #8: Show cojones

To all exhibitionists: No, this isn’t an invitation to unpack your balls.

You’ve already unpacked them? Then let them dangle freely. I don’t care.

But what I actually mean by “show cojones” is that you can benefit from showing yourself in courageous situations in some of your profile photos.

According to research, women are naturally attracted to men who consciously face challenges.

So, if you’re seen doing bold actions in your photos, you can expect some bonus matches.

Here are a few examples of such images:

  • A picture of you climbing
  • A snapshot of a bungee jump
  • A picture of you skydiving
  • A photo of you surfing
  • Pictures where you ride BMX, skateboard


The risks associated with your activity must be unavoidable. Only then will your photo make you look more attractive.

On the other hand, if you take unnecessary risks in your picture (for example, take a picture of you jumping naked into a piranha tank), it makes you even less attractive.

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Why this is so is connected to the good old Stone Age, when our ancestors were still collectors and hunters.

To preserve our species, they had to take as few risks as possible.

However, if they did take risks now and then (and, for example, chased a saber-toothed tiger), they didn’t do so out of boredom or to impress someone, but out of pure necessity and pure will to survive.

Therefore, you can make your main profile picture particularly impressive by choosing a picture with an extreme scenario. Nevertheless, your face must be easily recognizable and meet the essential criteria for a main profile picture (what I mean by that, you can find out in this article). < online soon

If you’re hard to recognize in your photo, it’s better for you to choose it as your second, third or fourth profile picture.

Tip #9: Flex properly

Many people love to complain about their appearance or their “genetic misfortune”.

Purely “by chance” it’s also mostly these naggers who neither groom themselves nor go to the gym.

Studies repeatedly show that muscular men are on average more successful in short-term relationships (such as affairs).

Also interesting is that muscular men not only have statistically more sexual partners than non-muscular men…

…but also have, on average, more sexual partners who are taken.

By the way, moderately muscular men were rated most attractive by women in the above-mentioned study.

Are you someone who is currently avoiding the gym or not doing any sports? Then I heartily recommend that you change that.

The benefits go much further than attracting women.

“Makes sense, Dan. But what if I already go to the gym? How can I benefit from that on Tinder?”

Excellent question.

Listen to this lady and stay away from third-rate topless selfies:


Cause they’re trying too goddamn hard.

Instead, show off your gorgeous muscles attractively and, for example, take pictures in a scenario where it’s more natural to run around topless.

The way these amigos do it:

The art of this shot is that the focus of the picture is on “surfing” and not on the muscles of the dudes (even if this compañero is no second Arnold Schwarzenegger, you certainly understand my point)

Another great way to show off your muscles less like a dull poser is via self-irony. This dude, for example, is posing in a ridiculous kiddy pool. By this he subcommunicates that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is highly attractive to women.

Tip #10: Shave for the kind of relationship you’re looking for

Do your friends challenge you to a “no shave” challenge every November?

Then respectfully let them know that they should leave you alone with their challenge.

>> My Tinder Experiences: 11 Must-Have Tips from my 300+ Tinder Dates.

A well-groomed beard can be a real wingman when it comes to attracting women.

According to some research like this, a stubble beard is, for many women, the most attractive type of beard a man can have. It even beat the clean-shaven beard and the light stubble.

A full Viking beard, on the other hand, scored worst in many studies (like the one above).

However, this doesn’t mean that you should chop it off.

Further in the study, most women agreed that full-bearded men look the healthiest. In fact, they attribute to them the biggest father potential.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a family, experiment with more beard.


If you’ve less hair growing on your jaw than a 7-year-old schoolgirl, there’s no need to panic.

Because regardless of whether you grow a gorgeous schnauzer or not – it’s much more important that you generally look well-groomed.

Tip #11: Don’t be a boozer

This point sounds like an absolute no-brainer to me and probably to you as well.

However, I keep catching guys wondering why they get few results on Tinder even though they put the craziest party pictures on their profiles.

People, with an alcoholic beverage in their hands, are statistically perceived less intelligent.

Some guys actually think they can impress women with their drinking skills. A fatal misconception…

So, save your drink for another time.

Bonus tip: Talk to a chica before you take a picture

Aaaaaah, here it is.

This is probably the most difficult tip to apply for most readers.

Even more reason to implement it anyway.

David Ian Perrett, professor and researcher at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, concluded after research that men are more attractive in photographs if they’re taken within 5 minutes of talking to a friendly woman.

If you’ve a spicy conversation with a woman, you look much happier in your picture. You’re also seen as a more attractive option for long-term relationships.


Talk to a beauty before your next shooting and get to know her… If your photographer is a lady, flirt a little with her and thank me later.

“Sounds challenging, but like it’ll eventually paying off, Dan. But how the hell do I even approach a woman properly?”

Excellent question, amigo.

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See you on the other side,
Dan de Ram

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