No Matches On Tinder? 13 Reasons Why (+ How to Fix)

no matches on tinder

Tinder can be a hell of fun when things run smoothly.

But sometimes the dating gods don’t seem to be on your side…

You swipe one profile after the other to the right, but you just can’t get any matches.

“Am I really that much uglier than the rest of the men?”

No, bro.

With high probability, you’re doing essential things wrong with your profile.

Today I’ll show you which ones they are and how you can get a grip on them effortlessly.

Besides, I’ll tell you:

  • 13 Tips to turn your empty Tinder match pool into a fish filled ocean
  • “I get no matches on Tinder!”: Why you get 0 matches on Tinder and the main reasons you’re unsuccessful on it
  • How to get matches on Tinder and how you can get at the top of the Tinder hierarchy
  • How to create a good Tinder profile: The secrets of a star photographer to take attractive photos at any time that make you look like a model
  • A simple way to trick the complex Tinder algorithm and get more matches
  • And many more tips on how to get more matches on Tinder…

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If you get few or no matches at the moment, it isn’t necessarily because of an “ugly face.”

Rather, an ugly ELO score.

Because without a good ELO score, you have no chance to get spicy matches.


Each Tinder account has a so-called ELO score. An invisible value that determines whether you’ll be shown to popular, attractive women…

…or wart-ridden creatures of the shadows.

This legendary value is, however, NOT static.

You can raise it by the tips of your favorite dating coach and move up in the Tinder hierarchy.

“How’s it possible that I can’t get matches on Tinder?”

When men complain to me about their lack of matches, they usually tell me about one of these two problems:

They’re new to Tinder and only get a few matches.

They got matches for a while, but now everything seems to have come to a standstill.

The amigos in the first category usually don’t know much about Tinder yet – let alone how it works.

I’ll know that when I look at their profiles.

But after they’ve read some of my articles and applied my tips, they usually don’t complain anymore.

Next time I hear from them, they’re usually grateful and enthusiastic about the app.

Do you also belong to the first category of men?

Then grab your little cousin’s inflatable crocodile. Because after this article, you’re going to be swimming in a sea of matches.

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You’re someone who falls more into the second category of men?

A compañero who might have gotten a few matches in the beginning, but now only rarely gets likes?

Then you’re on the article you need to read.

I’ll give you 13 scientifically-based tips that will help you increase your ELO score to get more results on Tinder finally.

Let’s go!

Tip #1: Perform a Tinder reset

I know that it sounds drastic. But this is what you really need, and here’s why:

Tinder is smart. The app stores every single action you take and considers it in its complex algorithm.

Without you knowing it, you’ve probably done dozens of things that Tinder finds unattractive.

These things all migrated to your “ELO house.”

They tore your wallpaper from the ceiling, demolished your furniture, set your kitchen on fire, and stole your TV.

Your ELO house hasn’t been a pleasant place to be ever since.

The only visitors are just visitors who can’t find anything better (unattractive women without standards).

I know that you may have had the odd Tinder conversation or two that you don’t want to lose (and from which you learned a lot).

Take as many screenshots of them as much you like and then continue with what MUST be done:

Delete your Tinder account and uninstall the app from your phone.

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Only this way can you get a fresh start, reset your ELO score, and build a new house.

Pro tip:

If you want to be on the safe side, you can also link your Tinder account to a new Facebook account, a new email address or another phone number.

Tip #2: Be aware of where your selfies belong

I keep seeing them…

Countless dudes with selfies on their Tinder profile.

Am I surprised?

Not in the slightest.

A selfie is made within seconds, and you can take a picture of yourself from the side you find most attractive.

The latter, by the way, is a fatal mistake. Your self-perception can vary immensely from how women perceive you.

Thanks to sites like Photofeeler, you can have your photos rated by any audience for any purpose. For example, for “dating” “women aged 18 to 34,”

You’d be surprised how “good” your selfies are really perceived…


In a recent study, 82% of all participants supported the idea that fewer selfies should be posted on social media.

Another study even showed that selfies, on average, make you seem less attractive, less friendly, and more narcissistic.

Guys who use selfies for Tinder…

And all this while the selfie shooter himself thinks he looks better on a selfie.

Unattractive, unkind, and narcissistic? That’s certainly not the impression you want to make on women…

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So, by now (at the latest), you should know where your selfies belong…

Tip #3: “Me, myself, and I.”

“No friends.”

Researchers in a recent study came to this conclusion when they saw the brain scans of their participants evaluating Tinder photos.

The researchers found that a profile photo must be as easy for the brain to process as possible.

And guess what; nobody wants to guess who you are in a group picture.

This insight applies, especially to your first profile photo.

While a group picture is an excellent way to signalize you as a social person, it should NEVER be at the top of your profile.

Then it’ll only cause confusion…

Tip #4: Stay away from unnecessary distractions

The same is true for pictures in which several people can be recognized, and it’s also true for striking backgrounds:

They make it harder for the human brain to process them.

Let me give you an example:

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Under these two photos, the left photo would get more matches than the right one. This is simply due to the flock of bird sticker in the background.

“The devil is in the details.” – And here in an innocent flock of sparrows.

Tip #5: Get some fresh air

Let me get straight to the point:

Get some pictures taken of you while you’re out.

Whether photos with idyllic forest scenery, imposing skyscrapers, or in front of historical sights…

According to a survey, users with outdoor photos generally receive 19% more messages than users with exclusively indoor photos.

And that makes sense. After all, you’re not a guy who hangs around at home 24/7 – you’re experiencing adventures.

Tip #6: No matches on Tinder 2020? Use the underestimated power of your surroundings

Speaking of the background for your photos…

On your first profile picture, you don’t want to have unnecessary distractions in your background. In other photos, you can use a carefully chosen background to your advantage.

In general, with pictures, be aware that many women notice every detail of your photos.

Your profile visitors had likely looked at every pixel of your photos before they swiped.

If you look like a boss in these pixels, she won’t only see it but feel it.

In one study, researchers have discovered that men photographed in more luxurious apartments look more attractive than men with a more average interior in the background.

As you can see from the following count, our amigo was found more attractive in the yellow shirt in the lower picture than in the upper one.

Fun Fact #1:

Men found women more attractive in a more ordinary apartment than in a more upscale environment.

Fun Fact #2:

The same applies to photos of you in connection with cars.

If, for example, you were photographed sitting in a Lamborghini, you’ll be perceived as a man of higher status and, therefore, generally considered more attractive.

But when you take your car photos, make sure you’re there to see you doing something natural—for example, driving in it, getting straight out of it, or taking something out of the trunk.

Men who pose dull in front of a car tend to be perceived as tryhards who try too hard to prove themselves – which is f*cking unattractive to women.

“So, women only go for guys with big money or what, Dan?”

Heeeell NO.

It’s much more attractive character traits that women associate with successful men.

I mean, think about it… what makes most people successful?

Laziness, lack of creativity, and impatience?


Many successful men are determined, smart, and eager to learn motherf*ckers. They’ve realized their success through countless failures (and lessons learned).

Their success reflects their work mentality.

And ambitious, smart, and PROACTIVE men are more attractive than lazy ones.

Sorry, not sorry.

You would certainly prefer a lady at your side who is lively, smart, and determined, rather than a woman whose day consists solely of beer cans and Netflix marathons…

So, the lesson here should rather be for you whether you own luxury apartments and fancy cars or not…

…to present you in an attractive light.

So, choose an environment that complements you rather than one that makes you look less attractive.

This dude doesn’t exactly exude a lifestyle that many women would like to partake in. Don’t be like him.

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Tip #7: Woof, woof

If there are three things that are popular on the Internet at any given time, then these are the ones:

  • Pizza
  • P0rn
  • Dogs

And especially from the latter, you can profit enormously by taking a photo with a doggo.

If your face is clearly visible on it, you can even make it your main profile photo (and put it at the top of your profile).

By the way, one of my colleagues used this photo as his main profile picture for a while:

This casual doggo in the foreground doesn’t even belong to him, but to one of his girlfriends.

The result?

He got more matches than he could count.

And according to research, that makes perfect sense.

Men with dogs seem on average…

  • Happier
  • Friendly
  • More relaxed

Especially if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you can benefit from such an image.

After all, it requires responsibility and care to be able to keep a dog – which is, at the same time, indispensable characteristics for the upbringing of children.

Therefore, many women who are also looking for a Mr. Right almost feel a tickle in their uterus when they see a guy with a doggo.

You’ll also notice that ladies usually can’t resist opening a conversation about your four-legged compañero…

What? Don’t you have a dog?

Then do it like my amigo and borrow one from a friend or take a doggo for a walk from the shelter (which also brings you positive karma points).

Tip #8: Shine like a boss

This is a controversial point…

When it comes to laughter on profile pictures, scientists don’t always agree.

The dating site OkCupid came to this conclusion, according to surveys:

This graph shows that a man gets the most matches when he neither looks into the camera nor smiles.

A recent study by Photofeeler, on the other hand, says that you’re perceived most attractively when you look directly into the lens and smile.

However, whether you smile or not while not looking into the lens is no longer important, according to the study.

“Okay, Dan. So, then I seem to get more results when I smile at the camera… But how do I do it properly?”

Photofeeler has also investigated how you smile more attractively.

With a smile to which you show your teeth, you appear more competent, charismatic, and influential.


A superimposed, unnatural smile achieves the exact opposite effect.

So, make sure that you come across authentically in your photos and, for example, make a few jokes with the photographer before you take the picture.

Also, make sure that your mouth isn’t too wide open when you smile. Men with a gigantic laugh are perceived as friendlier than guys with a little smirk – but at the same time, they’re less competent and less influential.

Fun Fact:

If you don’t find yourself beautiful, then I have got a glimmer of hope for you…

Swiss researchers have found that a happy expression can compensate for even a relatively unattractive face.

According to a British study, by the way, you look much healthier when you’ve white teeth.

And by healthier, I mean more suitable for human reproduction. So, it might even help you if you edit your teeth a little whiter in your pictures.

Of course, the best thing to do is to brush your teeth thoroughly on a regular basis and visit the dentist from time to time to ensure that your gorgeous teeth are shining.

Tip #9: Wear red

Research has shown that red clothing makes you stand out from the crowd of all plain-colored wearers.

According to another study, women and men found themselves more attractive in red clothing than in other colored garments.

Still not convinced?

Researchers at Tinder analyzed 12,000 photos and concluded that no less than a proud 72% of all men wear clothes with a neutral color.

So, it’s apparently easy for you to stand out.

Bonus fact: Guys who wear red clothes in their pictures are perceived as men with higher status.

So, leave your gray sweaters in the closet, bro. It’s time for red.

Tip #10: Don’t show more than your torso

Regarding the main profile image on Tinder, several studies have already clearly shown that it’s best for you…

…if you present only the upper third of your body.

A photo of you from your chest to just above your head.

That’s it. No more, no less.

Tip #11: “Squinching”: The secret to more self-confidence in your pictures

How do you feel about being photographed?

A little tense?

The chances are that you’re neither completely relaxed nor completely tense.

And it’s exactly this atmosphere that you can observe in most of the photos. Many men open their eyes very wide.

But this signalizes FEAR and UNCERTAINTY.

The most effective trick to counteract this effect is:


Squinching means the squinting of your eyes.

You reduce the distance between your lower and upper eyelid by slightly lifting your lower eyelid.

It sounds more complicated than it actually is.

On the left side, this guy does what everybody does who isn’t a professional model:

He opens his eyes widely.

On the right side, however, he does what star photographer Peter Hurley tells him:

He squints his eyes slightly.

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This makes him look much more casual, masculine, and focused.

If you want to know how to master this look step by step, watch this video from the photography luminary Hurley:


Don’t overdo it with the “squinch,” however. According to some studies, this makes you seem less suitable as a long-term partner and more suitable for an affair. (Unless that’s your intention.)

Tip #12: “Manspreading” like a champ

Maybe you’ve been practicing your authentic laugh in front of a mirror…

If you still have trouble getting an authentic laugh out of your face, think about this next time you’re photographed:

I won’t say any more about the ridiculous controversy about manspreading.

The only thing I want is for you to know how you can benefit from targeted manspreading (aka taking up a lot of space with your body).

According to science, you look more attractive to women if you adopt a wide posture (for example, making your arms and legs wider and signalizing an open posture).

One of the reasons for this is that a large posture exudes power and self-confidence.

This is also confirmed by Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist working at Harvard University:

Tip #13: The secret to a perfect jawline

A prominent lower jaw is considered damn attractive in the female world.

Every woman loves it, and every man wants it.

You’re not in top shape or don’t have a chin by nature that you could cut coconuts with?

Then you’re in the same boat as this homey:

With a tip from the legendary portrait photographer, Peter Hurley, he managed to set his jaw perfectly in the scene (how the result looked like in the end, I’ll show you).

The star photographer’s tip was something like this:

“I want you to imagine that there’s a hook on the top of your skull that pulls you up. When you’ve raised your head, I want you to increase the distance between your earlobes and your shoulder blades. Finally, I want you to tilt your forehead forward slightly.”

To sum up:

  • Straighten your head as if someone had attached a hook to the top of your skull and was pulling on it
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together and down
  • Tilt your forehead forward a little

The result?

From no jawline to a razor-sharp one in 3 seconds.

You’re welcome.

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