3 Ways to Make an Irresistible Online Dating Profile Text (+ 5 Examples)

online dating profile text

You don’t live on another planet, and that’s why you’ve heard of dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

You have also heard that many relationships today are the result of successful online dating. Yes, some men even use it to sleep with countless, hot women they have met through the comfort of their smartphone.

What glorious times we live in!

I can fully understand that you want to get a piece of this delicious feast as well.

But instead of dining like a Roman emperor, far too many men have to settle for barely any matches or responses to their first message…

Sure, I could tell you that the quality of your pictures plays a big role, but you’ve already figured that out for yourself.

The fact that you clicked on this article shows that you already have a hunch:

It’s probably your profile text.

Yeah, right. This small text field, which is actually supposed to describe yourself in more detail. Or is it?

In this blog post you will learn:

  • The surprising influence of your online dating profile text on your success
  • The #1 mistake women make when they use online dating (and how you can benefit from knowing it)
  • The fundamental formula for creating authentic and captivating dating profile introduction lines
  • 5 tested Tinder profile text examples, which you may simply copy + paste
  • More killer online dating profile text tips…

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Why Your Online Dating Profile Text is Important


I’ve studied female swipe behavior on dating apps like a mad scientist.

I have come to the scientific conclusion:

Women usually swipe faster than a machine gun, and usually dont give a flying f*** about your profile text.”

It’s simple:

  • If your main photo is amazing, you get a Like without further thought.
  • If your main photo is insufficient, you get a red X – mercilessly and at record speed

But what happens if your main picture is in the in-between area (from a certain woman’s perspective)?

Then she does two things:

  • She checks out your other pictures (which are, of course, epic too if you want to join the imperial feast).
  • She reads your profile text.

The hard truth is:

If the rest of your pictures are sufficient, but your profile text provokes at best a “Well…“, and at worst an “ouch”, it looks bad for a match.

A bad profile text can therefore lead to fewer matches.

But there is one thing for which a clear description is even more important:

For replies to your first message.

Suppose you got the match and you text her. A woman knows that an answer leads to a certain amount of investment of time and energy on her part.

How will she know if YOU are worth the time?

Two things give her an indication for this:

A bad profile text can therefore lead to fewer responses.

If you want to become a living online dating legend, my heartfelt advice for you is to get a killer profile text.

Don’t worry, I’ll help you with that.

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The Formula for Creating Good Profile Descriptions

Later, I will give you five prime examples, which you may shamelessly copy.

Think of me in return, if you succeed. The only challenge for you will then be to maintain your erection, although science has yet to establish a correlation between erectile dysfunction and thinking about Dan de Ram.

However, I would prefer if you would create your OWN profile text.


Because authenticity is highly attractive.  

Design your own text and consider my suggestions merely as inspiration.

For this, I will give you a formula with all dos and don’ts, which will turn your description into a poetic masterpiece.

If you are less creative than a glass of mayonnaise, you can still decide to copy my profile texts 1:1.

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Profile Text Tip #1: The biggest mistake almost everyone makes

It is important to find the right balance between funny and sincere.

Don’t get me wrong, women love humor.

But humor is not the crucial point that decides whether a woman wants to jump into bed with you or not.

In fact, too much humor can even seem as if you are desperately trying to make an impression.

I call that the “Clown Effect.

If your profile text on the other side doesn’t even show humor, if you are generous, slightly squinting your eyes and tilting your head, then it is boring.

Most men (AND WOMEN!) make this one mistake:

They use their profile text to pass on FACTUAL INFORMATION about themselves…

Gaelle loves to eat and exercise? Oh, really? Just like everybody else?

Danielle loves to travel. As do 99% of the remaining 24-year-olds.

No matter where I travel around the world, I see these profile texts.

Sometimes I see “inspirational” quotes like, “without a goal, you cannot score“…

… but most prefer to talk about themselves. And they do that as factually as possible.

Does your profile text look something like this: “Music, party, friends, food, traveling…”?

Then you just have to click on “select all” and press the backspace key ←.

It’s best to press it at least 10 times, just to be sure it is gone for good.

The Golden Online Dating Bios Rule is: Be different from the rest (and keep your life story for your diary or your grandchildren)

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Profile Text Tip #2: The modalities of a good profile text

On Tinder, your profile text can have a maximum of 500 characters.

But that’s not a problem, because an attention-grabbing description should not be longer than that anyway.

A long text sub communicates the following: “Look how much time and energy I put into my description. I hope you think it’s great and give me validation.”

The first 20 words are especially important.


Now, if you paid attention in school, you know that the introduction to each essay should always be written in a way that arouses interest.

If your first two sentences are dull, there is the probability that a woman will not even read through the oh so fabulous rest.

So think of a way to shamelessly tickle her curiosity.

In the first sentences of my current profile text (I write a new one every two months for YOLO reasons), I did it like this:

My mum once said during the peak of her wisdom:
“Dan, every woman deserves the truth.”

Since I trust her advice, I am going to be real with you…


Grammar and spelling mistakes are not sexy.

Not all women are as allergic to typos as I am…

… but with every mistake you make, you seem less intelligent.

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If this is a challenge to you, just have one of your bros proofread it or paste it in here.

Profile Text Tip #3: How to stand out effectively

Just by avoiding the profile text clichés discussed above, you already stand out from the crowd.

The question is, however, how you do it EFFECTIVELY.

There is a “strangely different” and an “interestingly different”, and the line in between can be narrow.

This brings us to the most important profile text tip I can give you: Be a man with teeth.

What do I mean by that?

99% of men write their profile descriptions as if they wanted to show her mother what a perfect son-in-law they would be.

They are nice, polite, and exclusively positive.

Hey, this is not a job interview, nor is her mother going to decide whether her daughter can meet with you.

You want to show your Tinderella or Bumble Bae that you are Mr. Pimpman Smoothovic himself, don’t you?

A nice and friendly description will not close the deal, my friend.

Be a little provocative instead, so that your text will definitely leave an impression whether it is 100% positive or not.

One way you can do that is by…

  • Writing about things you don’t
  • Sarcasm
  • Being a bit of a narcissist.
  • Making fun of someone or something playfully.
  • Being brutally honest.
  • Acting as if you were the prize.

To give you an example: For a while, I had the simple profile text “No, I wont follow you on Instagram”, and it worked great!

5 Tested Online Dating Profile Writings that Really Work

With the formula for first-class profile texts, you are able to create attention-grabbing and impressive masterpieces yourself.

With the following 5 examples, I would like to show you what this formula looks like in practice, so that even the last question mark in your head is erased.

You also have my permission to copy them 1:1, but first, try to create a top profile text yourself!

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Sexual and innocent

Being obviously (and tastelessly) sexual is the fastest and most effective way to scare women away.

But are sexual references always taboo in every profile text?

Not quite.

You are a man who owns his sexuality, instead of hiding it like a 13-year-old hides his men’s magazines under his mattress.

So how do you manage to innocently put the image of both of you exchanging not so innocent body fluids into her head?


You do this by using:

  • Innocent words: sweet, cute, Disney, Snoopy, cuddle, etc.
  • Innocent role-plays: Olympic Spooning Champion, professional tongue wrestler, wannabe Magic Mike
  • Innocent emojis: stars, shooting star, rainbow, unicorn, etc.

Example #1: Olympic Spooning Champion

This is an excellent role-play. No woman will expect a boring conversation when she reads this.

Instead of writing that you’re humorous – like some dudes do – you DEMONSTRATE it.

Optionally, you can show with this addition that creativity is also no factor for you:

How this profile text is received? See for yourself.

By the way, “professional tongue wrestler” works just as well, if that suits you more.

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Playful narcissism


I usually go for very confident women who are a little crazy.

Shy women can be cute, although they don’t really knock me off my feet.

Even though narcissism is not a likable trait, it serves as an excellent filter to weed out all those women who take themselves and online dating way too seriously.

For this reason, profile texts where women think, “Omg what an arrogant bastard. Definitely a player. No way! “, are my absolute favorites.


The short answer: fewer matches, but better matches.

The bottom line is that you have filtered so much that every match is like a “Superlike”.

Yeah, I know… You would like to see examples.

Example #2: Not in your league

This profile text is from our Belgian coach and Tinder specialist Louis.

When he showed it to me, I immediately thought, “Nice!”

Funnily enough, weeks later I had a match with a cute Dutch girl, and I recognized Louis’ profile text immediately. Word for word.

Of course, I did some research and asked her where she got this text from. She admitted that she stole it from a cute Belgian boy.

So this profile description works across countries and gender. 😉

Why it works so well?

Because you playfully challenge her.

She’ll think, “Out of his league? Is he really that badass or does he just have a big mouth?”

The only way she’ll find out is by chatting with you.

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Example #3: According to Aunt Elizabeth…

The genius of this profile text is that you can be as narcissistic as you want, with no one to hold it against you.

… you’re only quoting your aunt after all.

An example:

According to Aunt Elizabeth a charming and lovely son of a bitch

But how do you convey factual information about yourself?

Factual information about yourself is FORBIDDEN for a normal person on Tinder or Bumble.

But you’re a creative motherfucker who knows how to break the rules.

If you do it the right way, it is not necessarily an online dating faux pas.

The next example was one of my profile texts with the highest response rate

Example #4: The passionate collector

The text:

Passionate collector of great memories. A fetish for adventure, pizza and the word “yes”.

Travelfreak, world-ugger, shameless leader and part-time-nerd.

Swipe right. I am somewhat friendly and charming at times 🙂

Why it works:

  • It triggers positive emotions.
  • It sub communicates attractive qualities.
  • It contains a lighthearted command to swipe right.

The most unattractive man

You should always make it clear that you’re the coolest motherfucker in town, perfect for any woman, right?

99.9999% of men on dating apps try to present themselves in the best light possible.

It is outrageously easy to stand out from the crowd when you deliberately and HUMOROUSLY put yourself down.

This makes a woman think, “Wow, he’s not trying to sell himself. He must be really confident…”

Presenting yourself as the least attractive man can make you look more attractive. A wonderful paradox!

Important is that it’s very clear that you’re just joking.

If you write: “I have a badly paid job and still live with my parents”, shots can backfire.

Let me give you a prime example from one of our coaches.

Example #5: The Unwanted Son

The text:

The result:

Why it works so well?

Of course, no woman would buy this absurd story. Rather, she thinks that he is a modest man who does not take himself and online dating too seriously.

Online Dating Tips from a Dating Coach

I don’t think I have to tell you that a good profile text won’t get you very far if you don’t know how to flirt with women via chat.

For that, I have created a Texting Masterclass.

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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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