The 19 Most Practical Personal Growth & Development Tips You’ll Find

personal growth and development

Lately, you noticed you’re not on top of your game.

Maybe you’re slacking, acting out bad habits, or procrastinating your time into oblivion.

In any case, just like a hangover demands a detox…

You’re in need of a good ol’ fashioned kick in the butt.

It’s time to reawaken your inner badass and attack this behavior head-on.

So that you can feel just like G.I. Joe once again.

Don’t worry bro, you’ve come to the right place…

This article will be your guide to victory, your roadmap to living your full potential.

You’ll get:

  • 19 practical personal growth and development tips (taking a no-nonsense approach)
  • What most people do wrong when they work on self-growth
  • Why 99% of all men never engage in personal development (and why you are a badass for doing it)
  • Why you need to tidy your room
  • What are the best self-development books
  • And much more insights for your personal growth…

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Welcome dear reader,

Let me start today with a little question for you…

Have you ever seen or read this book?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then I’m not surprised at all…

Because The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck is one of the most famous self-help books of this time…

One of the most interesting things about this self-development book is…

That it’s actually not a self-development book.

Meaning that it’s not like all others.

Because the book goes against all principles of most self-development books.

As such the writer says you shouldn’t be ‘positive’ all the time and that there’s very much (a need for) all-time losers in our society.

The book is actually a big f*ck you (pun intended) to the traditional self-growth theories and principles.

That’s why the popularity of this book doesn’t surprise me.

Today we’re drowning in the wrong forms of personal growth and development

Personal growth has become so popular that we’ve lost sight of why personal development is important.

Nowadays, there are numerous ‘self-betterment’ experts that all speech the same pseudo-spiritual Instagram quotes:

  • “Just follow your dreams”
  • ”Stay true to yourself”
  • “Listen to your heart”
  • “If you can’t go right go left”

Or my personal favorite:

Haha, Gandhi knows what’s up…

But you get what I mean.

Vague spiritual statements fitted with a nice background aren’t going to help you to really undergo personal growth.

That’s why I find it such a shame that there are so many self-help gurus trying to sell you a positive feeling with those foggy generic truths…

The problem with this is that a feeling is temporary…

But here at AttractionGym we don’t do temporary.

We go for long term results in personal growth and development.

So today we’ll throw out all vague quotes together.

Today you’ll learn all ins and outs of self-development in an effective way.

Not only do you get 19 Practical Self-development Tips…

But also the biggest misconceptions most people have about personal development.

But before we start, I want to share one last thing…

I want to congratulate you.

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that they can develop themselves.

Even worse:

Most people don’t want to develop themselves, even if they know damn well it would be awfully good for them…

Why most people don’t tidy their room

Perhaps just like me, you’ve heard this statement a lot when you were younger:

Tidy your room!”

Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy cleaning my room.

But whereas it’s not an enjoyable task…

It’s not really a difficult task.

In reality, tidying your room is namely very easy.

You organize your stuff, throw out the trash and make sure everything’s nice and clean…

Overall: you know exactly what you need to do to tidy your room.

Just like tidying your room, you need to follow a certain set of steps to undertake personal development activities.

The big obstacle is usually:

A lot of people don’t know what they should do to develop themselves

An important (and painful) reason for this is the fact that some people don’t even know you can develop yourself.

Lots of people take (negative) things in their life for granted, without taking action.

For instance:

  • You have a crappy job but don’t look for a job you would like.
  • You don’t have money but you’re also not looking for work.
  • You’re not successful with women and don’t do anything about it.
  • You’re fat but you don’t exercise or eat healthy.

Nevertheless, some people know they can do something about the negative things in their lives.

These people know that they’ll live a more positive life by developing themselves.

But the weird thing is…

They still don’t develop themselves.

Lots of people find the idea of personal development too confronting.

Because the moment you realize you can live a more positive life through developing yourself…

You also understand that you can tackle all negative things in your life yourself.

And weirdly enough, tackling all negativity in your life is not something everyone wants…

After all, being negative is very simple.

When you’re being negative you don’t have to develop yourself.

You can simply go through life whining and moaning about everything that comes your way, without doing anything about it.

Whereas the negative life is simple, it’s not exactly loads of fun.

If you want to be positive and happy, then you’ll have to start developing yourself.

Through personal growth and development, you’ll become a better, more positive and happier person

That’s why I’m such a huge fan of personal growth.

At this moment in my life, I dare to say that I’m blissfully happy which is partly because I keep developing myself every day.

I make sure that I grow a little every day compared to the day before.

You want to evolve to the best version of yourself.

In short, my fellow Pokémon nerds:

Transform yourself from a Charmander to a strong, epic, and legendary Charizard.

“That sounds super awesome, Dan. But how can I actually make that happen?”

Good question, dear reader.

Self-growth of course remains a broad, abstract concept.

To make things clearer and concrete for you, I’ll show you the 4 most important elements of self-development.

The 4 elements of self-development

Developing yourself can be done in many ways: learning a new language, finding a better job, work out more, etc.

Because you can divide personal growth and development into numerous subjects, we need to grasp the importance of self-development.

The next 4 elements are the most important elements of self-development.

If you grow with and master all these elements, then you’re guaranteed to live a happy life.


Personal growth and becoming happy is extremely difficult (sometimes even impossible) if you are sick or unhealthy.

This makes health the #1 element of personal development.

Therefore, several tips in this article fall under the heading health.

You can develop yourself in many ways concerning health: exercising, eating healthy, taking enough rest.

But developing yourself in regard to health can also be much more concrete like setting a new personal record in your sport.


Good news:

Prosperity doesn’t mean that you need all the money in the world to develop yourself and be happy.

However, prosperity does mean that you have enough money to get around.

You can see and understand its importance in Maslow’s Pyramid:

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid ranks five basic needs of humans for motivation and happiness.

You see that physiological needs are the foundation of the Pyramid. This is the reason why health is the most important value for self-growth.

Prosperity comes second, as you see that safety needs are the second layer of Maslow’s Pyramid.

After all, without prosperity, there is little talk of security in your life.

This article also deals with various tips on developing yourself regarding your own prosperity.


Love is a crucial element of personal growth, which stands central at AttractionGym.

When you’ve indeed never had any affection with a woman (let alone a relationship) then chances are that you never felt romantic love.

And if you never felt loved by a woman, then you feel alone and lonesome.

Besides, getting love and attention is huge for the self-confidence of most men.

>> 12 Exercises I Used to Become More Confident Around Girls

No wonder all the AttractionGym coaches (including myself) put in loads of time and energy in helping men become better with women.

However, love isn’t only about the love you feel for a woman.

In Maslow’s Pyramid, love is also represented by social needs and esteem needs.

When you don’t have loving friends or family members that value you, it’s almost impossible to develop yourself.

That’s why this article also gives you tips to become a more social person in general, aside from only becoming better with women.

General Happiness

When you’re healthy as a horse, rich as a king, and receive love from the people around you, then happiness usually comes your way by itself…

But not always.

Have a listen to these successful, rich, and world-famous mortals:

Some people seem to have everything they need to be happy…

Yet, these people aren’t really happy.

General happiness is the top of Maslow’s Pyramid, self-actualization.

What absolute happiness exactly is, is obviously different for everyone.

To achieve ultimate self-actualization, it’s important to have a goal in life.

When someone has everything in life but still isn’t happy, then it’s mostly because a purpose in life is missing.

What that goal exactly is could be different for everyone, but often has to do with a sense of ‘being significant’.

Like Dale Carnegie wrote in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People:

Every person wants to be significant.

Every person wants to have a purpose, which is created by setting goals in life.

Because setting goals is so extremely important for self-growth it’s the #2 Tip in this article.

“But Dan, what is the first tip then?”

Good you ask.

Without further ado…

Let’s start with the most important personal development tip right away.

Tip #1: Start directly


Do you have New Year resolutions?

Personally, I find good resolutions … ehm good.

Yet there is something about them I don’t completely get.

Last December I met up with a friend of mine who decided to quit smoking on the 1st of January.

Great resolution of course.

Proudly she told me she was strongly determined to quit smoking directly on the 1st of January.

(Ironically she lit up a cigarette during this conversation).

“I’m still allowed now, but I’ll really quit in January”
– My awesome friend

The conversation dropped for a second and I looked her in the eyes.

“Is something wrong?”

“Well… If you are so determined to quit smoking, then why not start today?”

Now she looked me in the eyes intensely…

“Yeah but it’s still 2019… I’m still allowed now. But in 2020 I’ll really quit.”

Honestly, this answer belongs to the pile of “most stupid responses Dan has heard in his life…”

Look, I get it.

The new year is a nice moment to quit with bad habits and replace those with good ones…

But the big question is:

Why don’t you start directly?

Listen closely here, dear reader.

Awesome that you’re reading this personal growth article.

But if you really want to transform, make sure you directly apply these self-help tips after reading the last sentence of this article.

As the old saying goes:

“Tomorrow never comes.”

If you want to develop yourself: start today.

And to help you have your best chance at this, I recommend you get my Transformation Kit now.

It’s free so it can only help you grow.

Grab your kit right here, right now.

Then let’s have a look now at how you can start setting goals for yourself today to guide you to happiness and personal growth and development.

Tip #2: This is how you set the right goals

Another question for you:

Imagine you win the lottery, what would you do?

At my high school, there was a teacher who actually won the lottery once…

This science teacher is a filthy rich millionaire.

Nevertheless, the fine bloke still worked at the high school…

To the surprise of most of my fellow students.

My classmates often said things like:

“I really don’t get why he’s still working here”

“If I was a millionaire, I would never work again”

Most people would say the same if you ask them what they would do if they’d win the lottery…

They would vow never to work again, but would they really?

Now I myself (unfortunately) don’t have any hands-on experience to tell you what happens when you win a big, ol’ jackpot at the lottery…

Nevertheless, I’ll make a decent hypothesis:

After a while, you want to work.

The first years after winning the lottery you’ll undoubtedly live a free, splurging life…

Yet chances are that you’ll start working out of yourself again at a certain moment.

No, you’ll most likely not end up stocking shelves again at Walmart…

But you’ll at least do something to keep yourself busy.

This is because people want to have goals

Even if you have all the money in the world, life becomes so lame without personal goals.

Now I’m not saying you should immediately find and achieve your life purpose to be happy.

Because this is the problem with most self-development gurus these days.

They all say you should follow your passion…

But what if you don’t know what your passion is?

There are little people that exactly now what their passion for life is…

And if you don’t know it yourself, then that’s no problem at all.

It’s more about setting goals for yourself that give a purpose to live.

These goals can variate from super small to big as life.

For instance:

  • Traveling around the world
  • Helping other people
  • Writing a book
  • Starting a business
  • Having a happy relationship
  • Raising children
  • Exercising every day
  • Etc…

Different goals, small and big, help to give you give meaning to your own life

And as you know, self-actualization is an important part of the general happiness element of personal development.

Whatever your goals in life are, make sure you always them and that you constantly search for new goals that help you shape your life the way you want it.

The biggest problem for people that intend to set concrete goals for the first time is:

They set themselves far too large goals.

That’s why Kaizen is so important for personal development.

Kai… what?

Kaizen, dear reader.

What that is exactly and how it helps you with setting and achieving your goals, you’ll see in the next tip.

Tip #3: The power of Kaizen

Time for a short lesson Japanese.

Kaizen (改善):

“The changing to better.”

In other words: making sure you improve.

But the nice thing about Kaizen is that it’s not just about improving, but about improvement in little steps.

Kaizen means making daily, small steps that lead to a big improvement in the long term.

With self-growth, you must develop yourself in little steps on a daily basis.

For example, imagine that you want to learn a new language in light of self-development (let’s say Japanese to stick to the theme).

You want to learn that language because you’re moving to Tokyo next week.

You might ruthlessly cram Japanese words all week, watch Japanese movies and try to order your food in Japanese but small chance this will help you…

After a week it’ll still be impossible to survive in Tokyo with perfect Japanese.

This is because you want to do it way too fast.

If you would learn Japanese according to the Kaizen principle, then you would practice a little Japanese every day.

For instance, learning five new words a day.

The funny thing about Kaizen is that the step is so small that you don’t feel any unnecessary pressure.

With that positive vibe, you’ll do more out of yourself, instead of making the task so big that you scare yourself and end up doing nothing at all.

After some time, you’ll get better at speaking Japanese, and if you do this long enough it will become a habit.

This is because you made progress in little steps.

Kaizen applies to any area of personal development.

Whether you want to learn a new language, become better with women, start your own business, turn yourself into a bodybuilder or become filthy rich: make sure you make progress in little steps on a daily basis.

Make sure that personal growth becomes a daily habit for yourself where you make progress little by little.

This brings me directly to my next point:

Daily habits.

In case you want to improve yourself with women, let me help you with the first step.

Namely, finding the places where YOUR type of girl can be found.

For those places, go here:

>> 15 Hotspots to Meet Women Near You that Are 100% Your Type

Tip #4: Why you should never begin the day with Instagram

So with personal growth, it’s important to sprinkle your day with small habits that help you move forward a little every time.

The problem of the Average Andy is however that he has terrible daily habits.

For instance, check this research which reveals that more than half of all smartphone users check their phone within the first 5 minutes after waking up.

Starting your day with your smartphone is absolutely devastating for your personal growth.

Because you receive way too many triggers and stimuli that your brain can’t really process yet after you just woke up.

Besides checking your phone far too often, most people are also guilty of numerous other destructive habits like:

  • Eating unhealthy
  • Not exercising
  • Smoking
  • Drinking excessively
  • Using too many drugs (especially an increasing problem among youth)


I’ll be honest with you:

I’m also no goody-goody who does everything right and NEVER does something “wrong” or “bad”.


Yet meanwhile, I have daily habits which help me to stay positive and healthy and with which I can develop myself a little every day.

For instance:

  • The first thing I do when I wake up is 15 minutes of meditation (see tip #15)
  • I read every day (see tip #9)
  • I practice a language every day
  • I exercise daily (see tip #6)
  • I mind what I eat (see tip #7)
  • After every day, I write down three positive things about my day

Of course, these daily habits can be different for everyone.

So make sure that you develop habits for yourself that you do every day.

Because eventually, self-development is something you do…

And that’s something many self-help gurus will never tell you.

Tip #5: Stop thinking

“Huh, what? Dan? Are you really saying I should stop thinking?”


I think that stop thinking is a bad idea (pun intended).

But what I notice is that in the personal growth industry the focus is far stronger on thinking rather than on doing.

You cannot develop yourself by only thinking about it

You can read every book about seducing women from cover to cover…

But eventually, it’s all worthless if you don’t take any action.

Obviously, this goes for any kind of skill:

The only way to make progress is to take action.

Self-development is mainly something you do and not something you think.

That’s exactly the reason why it’s so important to create the habits that’ll actually help you to develop yourself.

To maximize your own development, it’s crucial to get off the couch…

Especially with the next tip.

Tip #6: Move your ass

In this video, the personal growth expert Tony Robbins helps people with their problems by changing their physiology:

This video shows you that the movement of your body has a gigantic influence on your overall self-confidence and thus on the way you develop yourself.

Make sure you actually use your body.

Because look:

The human body is simply not made to sit on the couch for days on end.

Back in the day, we were hunters and gatherers that had to run, jump, and scramble to survive.

Nowadays all that isn’t necessary anymore…

But luckily there is another great something that makes people move…

“Sex, Dan?”


Fair point.

But that’s not what I meant here.

I meant sports.

If self-development would be a building, then exercise would be the cement.

Sports and exercise are a fundamental component of self-development.

Physical needs like living healthy and exercising form the broad base of Maslow’s Pyramid.

You really don’t need to become the new Arnold Schwarzenegger but at least make sure you exercise once a week.

Without sports and enough exercise, your personal growth will become a whole lot more difficult (what did I say? Impossible).

Tip #7: Eat the rainbow

Ehh… no.

With eating the rainbow I do NOT mean this:

I actually mean this:

Or, to make it completely bite-sized for you:

Eat healthy for fucks sake.

I rest assured telling you that Hercules didn’t develop himself from zero to hero by just eating McDonalds and Taco Bell.

Be aware of what you put in your mouth.

The Average Andy stuffs himself with so much disgusting shit it scares you.

You don’t need to refer to a scientific article to know that eating healthy and plenty of vegetables and fruit is good for your personal growth.

But you know what, because it’s so important that you learn to take care of yourself I still got you scientific research that tells exactly the same what your parents used to say to you:

Eat your fruits and vegetables!


Now you know that you’ll be exercising hard and eating healthy, it’s now time to do something more relaxing…

Get comfortable and grab a book…

Tip #8: Listen to my mother

It’s no secret my mother is a bookworm.

Her whole house is filled with numerous books that she’s read from cover to cover…

My mom always really wanted that her literary interest would jump over to me and my two brothers.

She felt it was very important that we were also reading enough and I remember a time where she even scheduled a mandatory reading hour in which we were forced to read…

At the time I hated it…

But nowadays I’m extremely grateful she did it.

And I rest assured saying that her ultimate goal is achieved: I also became a real bookworm.

I read every day with great pleasure.

And do you know why?

Because books are stacked with useful information and reading makes you smarter.

He who develops himself reads.

There’s a saying that goes:

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”

Reading helps you to develop yourself in many different ways.

Be different than the rest, put your smartphone down, and grab a book.

Talking about books…

If you read books to develop yourself then it’s not a bad idea of course to read books that are actually about self-development.

That’s why in the next tip, I’ve added a list of some rock-solid books about self-growth with help of all AttractionGym coaches.

Tip #9: 9 self-development books that you must have read


Like I said in tip #5, self-development is something you do.

Whereas it surely helps to read about it (like everyone at AttractionGym does), you still have to take action (like everyone at AttractionGym also does) to get real results.

Because personal development is a broad concept, the angle or subject per book can differ.

Moreover, this is not a top 10, but just a list of 10 excellent book recommendations on the topic of personal growth.

Every book has a link to its description so you can exactly find out which book fits you.

Here they are:

If you’re looking for more book specifically about seducing women then check out this article:

>> Top 10 Best Women Seducing Books < online soon

Tip #10: Always stay a student

Now we’re on the subject of books, let’s talk also about the subject of studying…

I know man…

Studying is not really a word that makes me very happy.

But chill out, I don’t mean the kind of studying where you’re forced to sit in a lecture hall listening to useless information for which you’ve also even paid thousands of dollars (yes… the pain is real).

I mean that you should always stay a student of life


If I would ask you who the scariest people on earth are…

What’s your answer?

“Terrorists? Bandits? Women that drag their hot friend away right in front of me?”

Ehmm… no. But thanks for thinking along.

I meant these people:


Because you know,

It is very worrying when someone claims to know everything better than the rest.

These kinds of people constantly impose their point onto others, without being understanding or listening to the other side.

They think they know everything best themselves.

And you know what’s so disappointing…

We live in a society full of these types of people.

(For instance, think of people that nowadays think they’re smart than their doctor, purely because read something on Wikipedia).

Always be modest when it comes to knowledge

A big part of personal development is the willingness to keep on learning new things.

But to learn new things, you’ll have to open yourself up for it.

For instance:

As a coach at AttractionGym, I help other men with seducing women and increasing their self-esteem.

But that doesn’t mean I myself stopped learning about seducing women or increasing my self-esteem.


I am a lifelong student of life itself.

If you are willing to be modest and learn new things every day, then you’ll grow immensely in terms of knowledge.

And he who grows in his knowledge grows in his personal development.

>> 7 Art of Flirting Myths that Keep You Lonely + How to Find Love

Tip #11: The law of 5

Since I moved in with my best friend, he’s suddenly become a lot more active with seducing women.

And that’s logical.

The law of 5 from Jim Rohn states that you are the average of the 5 people you spent the most time with.

Whether it’s five, four, or seven people…

The most important is this:

Who you spent time with, influences you.

No wonder that my housemate is now more active with his pimping skills…

After all, he has the privilege of living with an AG coach.

Because he sees me doing it, he’s motivated sooner to take action himself.

And this works the same for all forms of self-development.

Surround yourself with the right people

To develop yourself optimally, it’s important to have the right people around you who support you in your personal growth.

Have motivated, positive people in your environment at all times and avoid toxic people as much as possible.

Because toxic people will do everything possible to drag you down if they see you’re moving forward.

You have been warned.

Tip #12: Meditate

If there’s one thing all self-help gurus say that I do agree with, then it’s this:

Meditate every day.

The sad thing is that meditating is quite a… daunting word for most people.

Most people think meditating means that you sit in a cross-legged position like a monk for hours making “uhhhmm” sounds.

Luckily meditating isn’t half as spacey (or difficult) as most people think.

I myself simply meditate by sitting with my eyes closed for 15 minutes and counting to ten.

Once I reach ten, I start again…

Meanwhile, I make sure I take deep and focused breaths.

That’s it.

“But Dan, what is the use of meditating then?”

Well, in short, it’s good for everything that has to do with personal growth.

Research shows that meditating has a bunch of benefits:

  • Lower the chance of depression
  • Helps you to regulate and control your emotions
  • Enables you to make better choices
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Trains your memory and helps you to learn better
  • Helps you to deal with stress better
  • And whole lots more…

Besides, we live in a fast-paced society.

There is no more time for serenity.

People are transfixed to their phones, feel stressed constantly, and are busy with everything at once while they don’t take a moment of peace for themselves.

In short: your brain needs to process so many impulses every day that it becomes very difficult to develop yourself in the right way.

If you want to optimize your personal growth then start meditating.

When you haven’t meditated before, then start with five minutes.

That should be enough.

Sitting still for fifteen minutes or longer can be quite the challenge for most people.

If you want to know more about meditation and the various ways to meditate, then check out this video:

Tip #13: The importance of traveling

In the good ol’ days of hunters and gatherers, our ancestors never stayed long in one place.

Nomads constantly moved from one area to another in search of food and ways to survive.

Only when the first people start cultivating the land, some groups decided to stay in one specific place.

But yeah, I get you’re not here for a history lesson.

Still, you can learn a lot about the nature of man through history.

Travelling is in our nature

We are simply not made to stay in one place.

Also, traveling has many benefits for your own personal growth.

Research has indicated that traveling reducing stress and increases creativity.

By traveling, you’ll grow as a person and create unforgettable experiences.

You gather more knowledge about other cultures and are in contact with new people.

In short: traveling is a must for your personal growth.

“But Dan, I don’t have any money to start traveling.”

First of all, traveling doesn’t need to be expensive.

You don’t need to travel far to gain awesome experiences and there are loads of websites that offer budget travel options.

Secondly: if you don’t have any money then it’s time to do something about it.

Remember: prosperity is the second most important element of self-development.

Let’s have a look at what you can do to improve your own prosperity…

Tip #14: How you become as rich as Scrooge McDuck

Disclaimer: I myself am not as rich as Scrooge McDuck.

Well …

I don’t know how much money the dear duck has but I do know that I don’t have a swimming pool full of cash.

Neverthelss I do know how important money is.


There are loads of floaty people who claim money can’t buy you happiness…

And I surely will not say that money is the key to happiness…

But it does help a damn lot in your personal development and in increasing your general happiness.

But no worries,

You don’t need to be as rich as Jordan Belfort or Scrooge McDuck to become happy.

In fact,

Some research even claims that your general happiness does not increase after a certain threshold in income ($75000 a year).

In short: no need to become filthy rich for your self-development.

However, you do want to make sure that you don’t get in financial trouble and preferably save up as much money as possible.

Money falls within the safety and security needs in Maslow’s Pyramid.

The more you have, the safer and securer you are.

Whereas this seems quite obvious, loads of people still struggle with financial issues every month even though this is completely unnecessary if you watch the basics.

For example:

  • Make sure that you like your job and make good money
  • Constantly look at ways to increase your income
  • If you’re on payroll, venture a chat with your boss to (re)negotiate your salary
  • Don’t spend money on things you don’t need
  • Save money in accounts for different saving ends
  • Loan as little as possible and pay of debt asap
  • Make sure you keep your standing charges as low as possible

And I know:

For many people this advice is obvious and as plain as day.

Nonetheless, there are still way too many people that have little awareness of the importance of their own prosperity and don’t see the possibilities to increase it.

(Even though it’s simple as that).

If you want to know more about growing in your prosperity, then check out these self-development books dedicated to the topic.

Tip #15: Transform yourself to a social superstar


Social people have a headstart in life.

In fact:

Socially skilled people have the potential to get the most out of life and to become really successful.

As a social person, you have the upper hand in life

“But Dan, I’m naturally introvert so that’s not really fair…”
– The average natural introvert”

Listen, pal,

Even if you’re an introvert by nature, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a social person.

In fact:

Even I see myself as an introvert. Nevertheless, I am a social motherfucker who helps other dudes with becoming more social and with seducing women.

It is unfair but true:

Shy, introvert people are seen as boring

That is because you don’t say anything.

You don’t add anything.

You just “are”.

People want to be with other people who are social and have a positive attitude towards life.

The need for social contact is the third layer in Maslow’s Pyramid, making it of large importance for your self-development to learn to be social.

So make sure you become a social person.

“But Dan, then how do I do that?”

Good question, dear reader.

And the answer is in the form of an article.

An article with at least 23 tips to transform yourself into a social superstar.

You can find them here:

>> Be more social: 23 tips to become a social superstar superfast

Tip #16: Work on your self-confidence

Just like becoming more social, you can also practice to increase your self-esteem.

The sad thing is that most people don’t understand this.

The Average Andy is under the impression that self-confidence is something you have…

Or don’t have.

And if you don’t have it, you’re unlucky and personal growth and development becomes a lot more difficult.

Yeah right…

That is complete bullshit.

You can grow your self-esteem.

In my opinion, training your self-confidence is one of the greatest ways of personal growth.

Tips on how to become a confident badass are found here.

Tip #17: Compare yourself with yourself

I can hear you thinking it:

For someone who doesn’t want to be a vague self-help guru, compare yourself with yourself sounds pretty vague.

True that.

Yet there’s quite some truth in the title of this tip.


Like you’ve just read, you can train your self-confidence…

Some people are well aware of this but still have a poor self-image.

This is because these people compare themselves with others

By constantly looking at how other people do “better” than themselves, you’re continuously talking yourself down.

Comparing yourself with others is one of the biggest problems people have in this social media era.

Even so, I won’t say you should stop with comparing yourself…

Because it is indeed important to compare yourself…

With yourself.

Like Jordan Peterson says in his book 12 Rules for Life (see tip #9):

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday”

The great thing about self-development is that you grow on a daily basis (see tip #3).

Whereas it’s pointless to compare yourself with others who are supposedly doing better than you, it’s very useful to compare yourself to yourself.

I myself know that I make progress purely and simply by comparing myself with the Dan of three years ago.

Comparing yourself with yourself is your personal indicator of your personal growth.

Tip #18: Develop yourself by helping others

Terms like personal growth and development make you think that self-help is only about… yourself.

Surely nothing is less true.

There are certainly other people engaged with personal development

After all,

You’re not the only one on earth.

And luckily so.

Because helping others is a perfect way to develop yourself.

First of all, helping others helps you with your own self-growth.

For instance, take my work as a coach.

Every time I write an article, or every weekend that I’m coaching I learn something new myself.

By helping others that aren’t successful with women, I get better myself.

After every session, I become aware again of everything I’ve learned and sometimes even get new insights that enable me to help other people even better.

But not only that.

By helping other people, you make the world a better place

By helping others, you don’t only grow yourself, but also help someone else to move forward.

That’s why helping others is such an essential component of personal growth.

The great thing about helping others is that it can be done in many ways:

  • Go and visit your grandma
  • Help a mate with moving houses
  • Give someone a gift or compliment out of the blue
  • Keep the door open for someone
  • Give to charity

How little or silly your help may seem: it makes huge progress in your personal growth and that of someone else.

Tip #19: Take charge of your love life

Love: as you know the third and mucho importante element of personal development.

If you feel loved by friends and family right now then that’s awesome.

But what about a lovely lady at your side?

“Uhhmm,… well… she’s not there yet, Dan.”


It is high time we do something about that.

Whether you’re looking for a relationship, want to improve your current one, would like to have a fling or want to improve your general pimping skills:

AttractionGym is your go-to place.

Because our team is full of coaches that made self-growth their passion and helped thousands of men attain the love life of a rockstar.

To give your love life the boost it needs I still have something for you…

The Kit for fast personal growth

In the Transformation Kit, you’ll find various tips to take your skills with women to unprecedented high levels.

In the Kit, you’ll get tips for starting conversations, a Texting Toolkit, and multiple conversation techniques to never have boring conversations again.

“Sounds good Dan, how much does cost?”

That’s the best part:

It’s completely free.

Because you can download the Transformation Kit free of charge through the link beneath this article.

I wish you lots of fun and success in your continued self-growth journey bro.

That you may develop yourself to your brutal badass within.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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