11 Most Exciting Quarantine Date Ideas (Girlfriend / Tinder)

You’re dating someone or you’re in a relationship…

And you want fun and original date ideas?

Fantastic 🙂

There’s just one little problem…

It starts with a ‘C’ and ends with ‘ovid-19.’

But don’t worry, the dating coaches from AttractionGym come to your rescue!

In this article you will find the best and most fun date ideas during quarantine.

You will discover…

  • 11 Original and safe quarantine date ideas
  • How to use these times of pandemic to your advantage on your dates
  • The personalised museum tour, the minidate marathon and other fun home dates
  • Loads of extra dating tips to make your date a big success (+ the biggest turn offs you want to prevent)
  • And much more to spend your time during quarantine…

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After reading this article you will know how to organise an amazing date, even in these unsure corona times!

Dating during corona: Here’s how you do it


It messes up a lot of things in life:

  • We can’t lead our normal lives
  • Clubbing, partying or going out for dinner is out of the question
  • People look at you like you’re a serial killer if you dare to sneeze in public
  • It doesn’t make dating any easier

So, it’s not strange that I get the following question every day:

“Dan, help me! I have a date soon but I have no clue what to do. Everything’s closed! Do you have any original covid date ideas?”

Luckily, I come with good news in these rough times:

Yes, I do have fun and original covid date ideas for you!

11 fun, original quarantine date ideas

So, put your mask on, wash those pretty hands of yours and prepare for glory. Here they are:

Date idea #1: The creative date

One of our coaches recently had an amazing Bob Ross date with his girlfriend.

In case you don’t know him:

Bob Ross is an artist who has made loads of videos in which he makes the most beautiful paintings.

(A must-see for when you’re hungover after a party. I mean… when parties are allowed again of course.)

Anyway, not only is it incredibly relaxing to watch Bob Ross.

It’s also amazing to copy him with your girlfriend or date.

Grab a canvas and paint away on a safe 6 foot distance.

If you don’t want to get paint all over your table, drawing together is just as much fun!

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Date idea #2: A relaxing and unique city tour

I’m going to make a confession…

Even though there are a lot of downsides to covid, I don’t mind the quarantine that much.

Because I live in Amsterdam, in the centre of all places.

Which means I normally have to zigzag through drunk tourists to do my groceries.

But now, the city – next to being nice and calm – is beautiful to see.

These times make a simple stroll through the city a unique experience.

This doesn’t just apply for Amsterdam, it applies to almost every city in the world right now.

On top of that, a city often offers beautiful artwork that normally we wouldn’t stop to think about.

Socrates sculpture park in Queens, New York for example offers beautiful large scale objects with colorful patterns. Quite beautiful to see.

Like that every city has its own beautiful artsy places that would normally pass you by.

So, plan a fun city tour with your date in a city of your choosing. Map out a cool route along historical buildings, art, beautiful nature and romantic bridges.

Have a relaxed stroll through the streets and experience your city in a way you rarely see it.

Pro tip:

It’s also a lot of fun to turn your city tour into a ‘coffee to go date.’ A nice, hot drink during your walk never hurts.

More ideas for various cities can be found here:

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Date Idea #3: Get cooking, good-looking

Corona or not, this is always an amazing date!

UberEats may be working overtime, but not for you guys.

Because you will make your own yummy dishes.

Put on a nice playlist and make an amazing culinary dish that would even make Gordon Ramsay jealous.

(Or make a simple omelet. That’s fine too.)

Pro tip: do you rather not meet at each other’s home? Then luckily, there’s a cool digital variation for this date:

  • Agree to video-call each other.
  • Both make your favorite dish at the same time
  • Enjoy your cosy online dinner together

(Make sure you finish cooking at the same time 😉).

Date idea #4: Game night

This covid date idea comes in two variations:

  • 1: Classic game night

Whether it’s monopoly, 30 seconds, poker or risk:

A good old card- or board game is guaranteed to make a fun date.

And it’s corona proof too.

Pro tip from one of our coaches: play Jenga together. According to him, this game has a 100% success rate on dates.

  • 2: Digital game night

Not to brag or anything…

But I have already lost track of how many times I kicked my girlfriends ass with Mario Kart.

It’s not just about Mario Kart of course (how awesome this game may be).

Video Games in themselves offer an amazing dating opportunity!*

Take out your Switch,XBOX or Playstation (or dust off your good old N64) and enjoy a good old game night.

On top of that, there are a lot of cool online games you can play, so you both don’t have to leave the house. (I highly recommend Among Us).

*Note: make sure to pick a game that’s fun for the both of you.

Awesome that you’re a pro in FIFA but if she’s not into soccer, think of something else.

(The same goes for very violent games. Some people are really into them, others not at all. Whatever you choose, it has to be cool for the both of you.)

Date idea #5: Netflix & Quarantaine

“So, what about dating in the evenings, are there any cool quarantine date nights ideas?”

I’m glad you asked my dear reader.

How about a cosy night of Netflix & Quarantaine?

Put on your favorite movie or show and watch it during an online zoom or facetime session.

This form of ‘lockdown dating’ turned out to be really efficient during these times of covid.

Why, you ask?

Well, because during these kinds of dates, I watched an entire season of Temptation Island.

Which allowed me to make all kinds of reaction videos.

Would you rather have some more quality time together?

Open a bottle of wine, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the most relaxed online get together you’ve ever had.

Is having drinks together online impersonal? Absolutely not!

You can make this date as cosy and romantic as you want.

That’s how I recently had an online Zoom date where both she and I lit every candle in our apartments.

Date idea #6: Quarantine pub quiz

This one comes highly recommended.

I know so, because I had one last weekend.

Pro tip: if you’ve known each other for a while, make a personalised pub quiz about each other.

That’s how you really get to know your date/girlfriend.

Do you need some inspiration for what to ask her? Check out this article:

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Date idea #7: Work out together



I let myself go.

But for real: working out together is a great date idea during quarantine.

  • It’s an original date
  • By moving together, you release feel good hormones such as endorphins and serotonin
  • Research has shown that exercising lowers your cortisol levels, also known as the stress hormone. We can definitely all use that during these times.

Not to mention the simple fact that exercising regularly is good for your immune system. Which is a huge benefit these days 😉.

Are the gyms closed?

No problem, you can easily work out in the outdoors.

Run a few miles in the woods or challenge each other for a crossfit session in the park.

Date idea #8: Minidate marathon

If you want to make your home date a true spectacle, then do the following:

Organize multiple dates in different rooms in the house.

For example:

  • Have a picnic in the kitchen
  • Then play Battleship in the bathroom
  • Followed by having drinks in the living room
  • And end by watching a movie in your bedroom that you transformed into a home theater

In short: have a true minidate marathon in your own house. Not only is this one of the most original quarantine date nights ideas…

…it’s also amazing for your attraction.


Because doing a lot of things together in different places will create the feeling that you’ve experienced a lot together. This will make for a stronger connection.

Watch out: I also have less pleasant news.

No matter how original your date might be, you can always blow it if you’re not aware of potential turn-offs that ruin all attraction.

Date idea #9: A personalized museum tour

This is an amazing date idea for quarantine to get to know each other better, even if you’re already in a relationship.

Visiting a museum in itself is already a fun date idea…

But you can up the ante with this personalized museum tour.

This is how it works:

  • The museum tour takes place at your home
  • You place pictures of all sorts of events from your life in different places in your house.
  • Walk past these pictures with your date and tell a story about them

(You can also put down objects instead of pictures or make a combination of the two.)

Whether they are funny, touching or downright embarrassing stories: you will definitely have enough to talk about during this date!

Date idea #10: Get out in nature

Let me be honest…

I’m gettin a bit tired of all those ‘Sorry, we’re closed’ signs lately.

It seems like covid is taking every fun thing away from us…

But if there’s something that can’t be closed, it’s nature.

Go out into the woods, have a nice walk along the beach or visit your favorite park.

In fact, research has shown that visiting nature is good for your wellbeing and brings about a calming effect.

On top of that, the beauty of nature is the ideal romantic setting  for an amazing date.

(By the way, are you looking for romantic date ideas for the night time? Check out this article).

Date idea #11: A private silent disco

Even though going out is out of the question in covid times, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little party for your date.

Make a cool playlist for each other, put on your headphones and enjoy the music!

Next to that, you really get to know someone by his/her taste in music so that’s a great bonus.

To get to know your date or partner even better, check out this article:

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How to use this time to your advantage

“In every crisis there is opportunity
- Old Chinese proverb

This saying, my dear reader, is crucial to remember in these times of corona.

Because if you play your cards right, you can come out of this crisis more powerful and more attractive than before.

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You download the Kit for free by clicking on the link below the article.

Enjoy it and remember well:

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Enjoy your date!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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