10+ Messages to Bridge the Radio Silence Between Dates

You have a date scheduled!

However, it’s a few days from today, so it seems like a good idea to do some texting in the meantime.

But what are interesting message to break radio silence?

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Because now you get 10+ messages to bridge the radio silence between dates.

How much, and how often should you send a message?

Before we get to the messages, here’s a crucial bit of info:

Messaging after scheduling the date is, in fact, important for maintaining emotional momentum.

Is your first date scheduled for next week, but you haven’t let her hear from you?

Then it’s possible she won’t show up to the date because she has doubts about whether it will go through.

On the other hand, if you bury her inbox with an avalanche of messages every day, she might be put off by your needy behavior.

IMPORTANT: If it is date two or beyond, the level of trust between you and your date is a lot higher. In that case, she has more clarity about what to expect from you and there is less need to be reassured.

So, bridging the radio silence before the date is very context-dependent.

More on this later.

First, I’ll give you the messages.

#1: What to send AFTER the date

If you’ve just finished the date, you’ll want to avoid the following as much as possible:

Dull and predictable messages.

Did you get home safely yet?

Thanks for a great date! 🙂 Let’s meet again next Saturday if you’re up for it

Or the next day:

Hi, I just wanted to check how you were doing

The thing you want to do most is continue the coziness of the date in the chat.

Reiterate a private conversation or a topic you had fun talking about.

This makes your message more authentic and personal.

Something like this.

(She pronounced Switzerland wrong three times:)

Hi, miss Switfeadflerland. Tonight was cozy

(She practiced hula hooping:)

It was fun. Sweet dreams, hula hooping star.

(She had cold hands during the goodbye kiss/hug:)

Tonight was amazing. Sleep warm, polar bear.

Check out more example here:

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#2: Between dates, send this message to bridge the radio silence

The following is something you really want to keep in mind.

She wants to date a nice guy, not read a nice guy’s messages.

Therefore, keep your chat conversations between dates (relatively) short.

What do you send?

Simple messages like this:

I’ve now gotten sick of every song on my workout playlist. What are your go-to jams?

Nothing tastes better than your first glass of wine after a long day of work

#3: A flirty message between dates


You only want to send this message if she’s already responding positively to your crazy jokes.

Otherwise, you run the risk of scaring her off.

After all, you’re going to playfully suggest marriage.

These kinds of playful and flirty vibes work incredibly well if she already likes you a little.

Here’s the laugh-out-loud Elvis picture for you to send:

For more flirting techniques, see the following article:

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Now it’s time for a brilliant technique.

#4: My formula for funny messages to bridge the radio silence

Women almost always respond to the following genius technique.

And for good reason.

If you’re around women more often, you probably know how they sometimes react ecstatically at the sight of a little puppy or a cute kitten.

You can easily use this reaction to your advantage. Especially now that the Internet is about 69% littered with videos of animals.

Hence my formula:

[animal] + [action] + [auto complete]

Just the other day I demonstrated this technique live in a coaching call.

I asked the group for a random animal and verb.

Someone roared, “Squirrel!”

Another said, “Drive.”

I typed that into YouTube:

A squirrel riding a cat is something we have to see, of course, so I clicked on the following masterpiece.

Premium content!

Important: Be sure to choose a video that is MAX one minute long. Time is precious.

A video like this can be sent on its own. And if you prefer, you can add another joke.

#5: Another simple but powerful flirting technique

If there’s one thing women love, it’s…

Imaginary points.

It’s in our nature to work for trophies and other rewards. #Do it for the gram

So, if you suddenly start handing out points, she will do her best for more.

For example, she sends a picture of her new shoes:

Love it. +2 for Sarah

Or if she makes a stupid joke:

Wow, that was really lame. -2 for Sarah

In some cases, she’ll even complain about not getting enough points.

Fantastic. It means she’s doing her best for you.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Note: Don’t go rating each of her messages with minuses and pluses. That comes across as very manufactured and robotic.

#6: Tell her what she reminds you of

One of my favorite videos to send her is the following.

I’ve literally never gotten a bad response to this.

And that’s not surprising either. The video is ideal because:

It is incredibly short (everyone has enough time for this)

It is about a toddler (always nice)

It is hilarious (it gives you a sincere boost)

What is this brilliant video?

Watch and enjoy.

Include the following message:

I think I found a video of your childhood

And now wait for the wahaha’s and XD’s.

#7: Become her personal memelord

Let me explain the title in case you don’t understand.

A “memelord” has the “dankest” (read: coolest) memes of anyone.

We can all appreciate someone like that, provided of course the memes are really good.

Fortunately, the Internet is chock-full of them.

Think for example of Reddit, Instagram or Facebook.

For your convenience, I’ve already picked a winner for you.

CALL TO ACTION: Scour the Internet for memes and treat your crush to a big laugh.

>> 12 Must-Know Ways to Flirt With Your Crush (With Examples)

#8: Tell her about your day and test if she likes you

Sending a message doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can make it as difficult as you like.

Because I like simple, I send simple messages.

Like this:

Btw. A bird just shat on my head 👶

Hahahahh poor you

Thx 4 the info

I do know how to turn on a lady

As long as you keep it playful, then the message doesn’t matter that much.

Furthermore, in this screenshot, I do something very important.

I write a fun, emotionally stimulating message that she doesn’t have to respond to.

Does she do so anyway?

Then that’s a pretty good indication that she likes me and that I don’t have to try very hard via text.

For more signs of whether someone likes you, see the following article:

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#9: Share your hobbies with her

A big mistake most men make is the following:

They are too playful and clowney.

Every message is a joke and that gets old fast.

The playful and light-hearted vibes are especially important in the beginning when you still want to set yourself apart from the rest.

But the moment you have her interest, you want to be more normal.

Just yourself.

Therefore, share your hobbies with her.

As in the following examples.

If you like to go into nature

Just took a super chill forest walk and feel like a zen monk

If you like to cook

Just made a scrumptious chocolate mousse, and you can’t have any 😘

(Bonus points if you send a picture.)

If you like to play soccer

Just played soccer for three hours and I can’t fukin’ play anymore.

(That typo gives it just that extra bit of oomph.)

If you like making dumb comments

I just saw a fire truck go by, and it’s raining cats and dogs

How do those poor people not have time off?

#10: A laughing joke for when you know each other a bit more

If you’re not building sexual tension, then you might as well jump off a cliff into the friend zone.

After all, without sexual tension, you will undoubtedly become “just friends”.

How do you create that magical power that leads to attraction and an exciting night in the bedroom?

The following message is a good start.

I have decided that I want to become a gigolo

Would you please leave a Yelp review?


Not only does this message lead to fun replies.

It leads the conversation to erotically-tinged topics.

Here you go.

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#11: What to send her right before the date

It really shouldn’t happen, yet it happens over and over again:

She doesn’t respond to your last message, even though you have a date planned.


After all, now it’s not clear if she’ll show up tomorrow.

So, most men send a message like this:

Are we still on for tomorrow?

Not only is this message boring, but it reeks of insecurity.

Mega turnoff.

That’s why you want to send her something that exudes fun and self-assurance.

Suppose the date is tomorrow, and it’s now 9 pm.

Then remind her of the next day with this thought-provoking message:

I’m eating a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s now, so I’ll be extra sexy tomorrow

So, what makes this message so great?

  • It’s playful
  • It drips with self-assurance
  • You assume the date will go through


#12: The importance of value when you’re wooing women by text

If you want to get better with women (over text and in real life), you need to do the following.

Be able to sell yourself.

Listen, you’re the best asset you will ever have.

And your company and attention should be in tremendous demand.

But if you’re like the rest, your phone won’t be ringing red.

Do you know why?

Because you most likely don’t know how to sell yourself.

And if you want to get better with women, you MUST be able to show:

  • What you’re worth
  • How great your life is
  • What you can offer people

IMPORTANT: You don’t want to boast otherwise you come across as an arrogant jerk.

Your value should be self-evident.

Kind of double, huh.

So how do you reach that point of obviousness?

Well, the paths you can take are endless.

You don’t want to brag or share a picture of something cool you’re doing right now

Not to be easily impressed

Tease her playfully

Suppose you just asked her a question that she barely answered. Then you can playfully tease her in the following way:

(After a long and detailed post about your epic weekend.)

So what did you do last weekend?

I saw a friend

That answer could be better, Shakespeare ✨✨

How does this show your worth?

You playfully show that you want her to try harder.

For more ways to show how valuable you are, download the Transformation Pack.

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Have fun.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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