11 Rainy Day Date Ideas to Make You Glad It’s Raining 💦

Rainy day dates ideas

“Uhmm… Dan, it’s a rainy day and I have a date with a mademoiselle. What should I do? Should I cancel it?”


I understand your point. Still, any amount of rain is no reason to cancel everything and just curl up in bed lonely.

Heck, you could curl up in bed together. Sounds a million times better if you ask me.

That’s why I share with you my rain-busting rainy date ideas:

  • Rainy day first date ideas
  • Rainy day dates for couples
  • Fun rainy day dates
  • Rainy date ideas at home
  • And much more things to do in the rain…

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I don’t know exactly where it comes from, but for many women, rain has something magical about it.

I don’t know if it was brought to life by kissing scenes à la Mary Jane and Spiderman or songs like Singing In The Rain, but there is something about it that fascinates many people.

In addition, the ‘bad weather’ gives you the chance to prove yourself.

Because how do most people behave when it rains?


They stay at home, whine around or complain about the dear God.

Even though our homey rain makes the plants grow, provides clean air and flushes the dirt from the streets down the drain.

It’s nice.

And as an unshakeable man you are of course aware of this, which is why you will nevertheless take your lady out on a memorable rendezvous.

So keep your umbrella ready, because now I share 11 groundbreaking rainy day date ideas with you…

Idea #1: The ‘forbidden’ date

With this rendezvous you will give your chosen one an unforgettable experience that she won’t forget the next weeks, months, maybe even YEARS so quickly.

Here’s what you do…

You’re breaking the rules.

And no, I don’t mean kidnap the neighbor’s dog, steal a free balloon on free balloon day or break into a cemetery at night.

With this date idea you dare to go to the limits of the American legislation (of course WITHOUT breaking it).

From a trip to the Ikea, where you smuggle in a bottle of wine with glasses and make yourself comfortable in a furnished showroom, to a naked ride in a car (yes, this is actually legal – but when you get out of the car you have to be dressed again)…

With this idea, the feeling of doing the forbidden is in clear focus.

The adrenaline rush that runs through your body cells ensures that you not only feel more connected to each other.


But also that electrifying tension arises between you.

Research shows that excitement during a date leads to MORE attraction between the two of you. Among psychologists, this phenomenon is called ‘misattribution of arousal’.

But what if you get caught? (for example, if you are admonished to ‘stop your behavior’)

Well then, you just look around for the next café/bar, laugh at your failed ‘outlaw attempt’ and forge a new master plan.

Idea #2: Play Mario & Peach

Have you always wanted to test your mademoiselle’s driving skills?

Then this date is exactly what you were looking for:

You go go-carting together.

Embarrassing silence? Boredom?

On this rendezvous, both are impossible.

After your adventure, you can relax in a cozy bar and let your adrenalin rush fade away.

Idea #3: Awaken your inner Vincent Van Gogh

No, I’m not going to recommend you to cut off each other’s ears on this tip.

What you do here is this:

Go to the nearest stationery / junk / corner shop and get a canvas, some paint and some brushes (with 10 to 20 dollars you should usually get everything you need – which by the way shouldn’t be more expensive than the amount of money the average dude spends for his drinks on his first dates).

After that, look for a quiet place where you can freely develop your creativity.

(If you think that I imply with this that you should go to your or her apartment, you’re absolutely right).

Paint portraits of yourselves, play a cultivated round of Pictionairy, recreate world-famous paintings or create your own masterpiece and give it a fancy name.

This way you will create a memory that connects you.

And if you ‘misfire’ some paint, you can simply start a body painting contest.

Pro tip:

Rate your portraits and swap your pictures at the end of your session. So your date may soon have a picture hanging on her bedroom wall to remind her every morning of your epic time.

Onto the next one.


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Idea #4: Car-Date Deluxe

You want to give your date a memorable getaway? Then your search for inspiration ends here.

The ingredients: A car (if you don’t have one, in the modern age of the 21st century you can simply borrow one), plush cushions, a blanket, music, non-alcoholic wine and an umbrella.

Turn your car into a cozy romantic place and drive with her to a beautiful viewpoint where you can share a pizza, for example, and enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory.

While it’s raining outside, you can make her the DJ and let her play her favorite tunes, followed by a tasty pizza and drinks.

Excellent conversations are thus created in a completely natural way: After all, you’re inspired by a magnificent view.

Dare to get wet with an umbrella and cuddle up together. A beautiful view combined with crackling raindrops creates an unforgettable romantic ambiance (I have to admit this even though I’m allergic to kitsch…)

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A place near a lake/beach, a hill, or even on the top floor of a parking garage can give you an amazing view.

Idea #5: ‘Hole in one!’

18 holes of pure entertainment…

No, I will not encourage you to go to the next swinger club with your beloved.

Of course, we’re talking about 3D glow mini golf courses.

“3D- glow mini golf?”

Yeah, it’s basically like mini-golf on steroids.

The ‘3D glow’ variant adds a twist to the classic mini-golf.

The halls are often hand-painted with a 3D effect (you are wearing 3D glasses) – so your eyes get an illusion orchestra and through golfing you can challenge your dexterity at the same time.

Don’t forget to lead her like a real Tiger Woods and show her ‘secret hacks’ of the pros.

Physical contact is essential and in the self-ironic way you show her your tricks (although you obviously don’t have a clue), a lighthearted vibe emerges.

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Idea #6: cooking contest

Women (and in fact every inhabitant of this globe) literally melt away when you conjure a sumptuous dish onto their plates. Challenge yourself to cook/bake something tasty.

Rate each other to see whose cake/pizza/ dish tastes better and evaluate your results.

Put on your favorite jams and set your table nicely.

So your creative effusions taste better right away.

Pro tip:

You’re not very hungry?

Then mix your own cocktail and serve it in a glass with two straws. Bonus points if you serve it in a coconut shell.

Idea #7: VR Gaming

You wish to go to other places because of the rain? Then this date is an underrated secret hack. Chances are your flame has never seen VR glasses before and doesn’t know what to expect.

From shared deep-sea diving in virtual coral reefs to crazy roller coaster rides. At VR, there are endless genres that can give you the most diverse adventures.

In some game rooms you can even fight zombie herds as a team. Never before has virtual blood welded together like this.

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Idea #8: ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane!’

With this date idea you test your climbing skills at different difficulty levels in a bouldering hall. And don’t forget to bet on a round of cocktails / ice cream / etc., for example in a competition to see which one of you will reach the top first.

Adventure, adrenalin, and laughter are guaranteed here.

Idea #9: Pub Crawl

At this rendezvous you make it your ‘insider’ to secretly rate bars.

Taste the snacks, drinks and check out the atmosphere as you make plans about what your bar should look like if you opened one together.

  • What theme would you choose for your bar?
  • What music would it play?
  • What would your menu offer?
  • What would distinguish your bar from others?
  • What role would you take on – who mixes cocktails, who perhaps even sings for the guests now and then, who cooks and who waits tables?

After you’ve picked up your verdict on Bar #1, you move on to the next..

While you stroll from bar 1 to bar 2 or from bar 2 to bar 3 you can kiss your lady perfectly.

As cheesy as rain-kissing is depicted by the movie industry, no one can deny that they’re damn hot.

Or why do you think many women are so obsessed with films like the Notebook?

Pro tip:

In case you meet during the day…

You meet at noon when all bars are still closed? No problem.

You can also simply invite your chica bonita on a café tour so that you can choose the best cappuccino in town together.

Et voilà – she experiences a rendezvous with a certain twist that she has probably never experienced before.

As easy as that.

Idea #10: Take an Olympic bath

Let Thor hit his hammer and Gaia fertilize the ground while you take a royal bath in the next spa.

With a fresh sauna infusion, muscle-relaxing thermal springs and soothing whirlpools, it’s impossible not to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

With mutual massages, you can easily heat up your bath.

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Idea #11: Play Sherlock Holmes

What person on this planet doesn’t find mysteries interesting?

Exactly. Nobody.

In order to follow your puzzle instincts, you go to an escape room for this date idea.

Locked up in a room, absolute teamwork is required here, which will test and strengthen your connection to each other. I don’t even need to talk about the potential for sexual tension that can arise here…

Every time you find a piece of the puzzle, celebrate it! With a hearty hug or a high-five (where you are welcome to hold her hand a little longer).

Extra advantage: When you try to escape, adrenaline is released, which, according to science, creates the same feeling of excitement as falling in love. Win-win.

Bonus idea: Kneading (18+ version)

If you used to be an easy to impress bubblehead like me, you probably found playing with Play-Doh as dope as I did.

On this date, however, you use your clay-making skills in conjunction with a special recipe…

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Massage oil
  • Candles
  • Pleasant background music

On YouTube, there are countless tutorials on how to exquisitely massage your chosen one.

And if you play your cards right, she’ll crave for more of you. And either massage you or reward you in some other way…

Oh, how relaxing dates can be, huh.

Pro tip:

If you want to spoil your lady with an extra amorous massage, then grab a blindfold, a feather and other ‘toys’.

Don’t forget to take a massage break now and then or just run your hands lightly over her skin. Even that, she will feel. Through this you can really make the tension between you explode…

Thank me later!

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